Santa Monica Boardwalk the Perfect Summery Spot for Kim Yoo Jung’s Fila 2020 S/S Campaign

Spring 2020 feels so surreal so a jolt of familiarity combined with splashy color on radiant youth is a much needed dose of positivity. K-actress Kim Yoo Jung was in Los Angeles earlier this year, it was still cold out but sunny in SoCal and she shot her Spring/Summer 2020 Fila ad campaign at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Boardwalk. It looked empty and now is actually empty as it’s been closed for the past month due to shelter at home orders of the city and state. Normally it’s bustling with people on any day but seeing Kim Yoo Jung so vibrant and exuding young vitality is such a happy balm to remind us that things will go back to normalcy soon and by then people can don these cute sporty outfits (I love the sneakers!) and head outdoors for sunshine and socializing.


Santa Monica Boardwalk the Perfect Summery Spot for Kim Yoo Jung’s Fila 2020 S/S Campaign — 71 Comments

  1. The first 3 lines of the post are so ironic considering what happens here . I know what u did there?????????

    Anyways she has quite good cfs. Fila is also what BTS endorse. Biggest sk sportswear brand

  2. My beautiful and smart baby Yoo Jung! You are the prettiest Korean Actress. Your visuals and charms are INCOMPARABLE. You are the most successful former child actress who transitioned to become south korea’s leading actress!
    Cant wait for your new project Convenience store. Im pretty sure that this will be a big success. The best drama of 2020. This drama will surely get the highest viewership ratingz in 2020.
    #BestCouple (with Ji chang wook)

    Quuen Yoo Jung!!!

    • Yes, she is sooooooo pretty. Her visuals are to die for. Your photos, btwn are so awesome.
      Cant wait for the broadcast of CSSB. we know that it will receive immense popularity both locally and internationally. its viewership rating is expected to cross 30%.
      So excited for June!
      Kim yoo jung and Ji chang wook- Power Couple of the decade.

      • Our Queen, Kim Yoo Jung, looks good and charming in these photos.
        To all her haters, stay bitter, envious and salty for this is her decade!!!! Watch out, she is just starting!
        -the hallyu star
        -the Rom com queen
        – the Sageuk Fairy
        – The most beautiful Korean Actress
        – The Award winning actress Queen Yoo Jung
        we love you! we will always support you no matter what our queen!

    • Nothing special. Only SK will get this type of model for sporting outfits. In Europe we see tennis athletes, tall volleyball athletes to model Fila, more convincing than a short girl with heavy makeup.

      • Oh really?!She is very very pretty and beautiful!I beat your an insecure in and out dude!Hahahah Dont hate her coz She’s Beautiful! You heard that song Insecure Dude???!!Thats for YOU!

      • Big clumsy beefy personalities don’t look good in ads. They don’t sell in Asia. They’re selling in Asia right? And FYI, she didn’t have thick make up on. She’s not short. She’s 1.6m. She’s petite…..not elephant like.

    • Hi, kyj the goddess of beauty… Congrats for your upcoming drama…keep up the good works.. Keep safe and healthy.. God bless you always ..

  3. Thank you Koala, Finally a blogpost solely about KYJ the pictures that you have posted are all awesome. What a beauty!!!

    baby KYJ, we are so excited about your new drama. this drama is expected to be the next Descendants of the sun in terms of viewership rating.

    Take care of yourself while filming your new drama. stay safe and healthy. Dont let other people take advantage of you. Stay smart.

    • She is so beautiful. An amazing actress in her young age. She is an effective endorser, thats why big companies get her to be thier model. What she endorsed, it sold out.. That’s KimYoojung’s Magic. ?

    • how many products she endorse? i know she has fila, arena, and laneige under amore pacific. quite good ones. Is she a cf queen?

      • Not just that she have gaming cf which is afk arena and an eye drop cf and she’s shooting a cf just this week we don’t what it is yet. Idk if she’s a cf queen yet but as of I know she’s the only actress that has a lot of cfs this year.

      • that is quite good amount of cfs. I think cf queen title is given when u have double digit brands. Like 10. so she can be in future.
        Only senior actresses like jjh shk etc have more brands. she is on right way and might join them in future

  4. She’s definitely a top beauty and a successful actress along with her rival. Please stop the hate and lies. They are good friends in real life.

  5. Nobody is PERFECT But there is likely someone more PERFECT than many. Beauty and talent is in born and inner beauty is cultivated. So spread love instead of hate on this EASTER WEEK END.

  6. See, the ones who always bring KYJ name in other posts arent here. They absolutely the haters of her. And im pretty sure when they come here, they will badmouth other celebs.

    Thanks koala for this post so her fans can appreciate their idol. They can talk anything about her. Good luck for her and her upcoming drama.

    • I think it’s possible that their comments got deleted. I saw many comments got deleted on other articles. They were too extreme and causing fan wars.

      • Gone are the days when one just drops positive comment/s on the blogpost about his/her faves.

        Now, theres too much hate in the comment section. So many inappropriate/ degrading words are being used. Is this the effect of lock down or quarantine.

        Comment sections have become a “dark place” already.

        Fans are always arguing who is the most handsome, the prettiest, the most talented, which are all subjective. Some are being racists as well. they must learn to agree to disagree

        Hope they would stop. especially the toxic ones. Dont Bash me please. just my two cents

        BTW,Im a fan of some of the commenters here like @ady, sayaris and kimchi adjuhma and adal

      • @ady

        i know right.
        these fans/antis are…Bless them!)
        they are now in the latest post of koala

    • Lev there r daily dramas which can average 30% and peak 40% but they are not considered profitable compared to miniseries of 16 episodes and 20.episodes which most A list stars dom
      Yes there r drama which did average 30% in past but it is thing of past now. For eg last year biggest hit on sbs fiery priest had one episode over 20%. Getting 30% is not easy at all. Last time miniseries got 30% was like im 2016 with dits i remember. That is peak rating not averagem averaging 30% is just delusion lol. That is the current new era blockbuster.

    • @lev just remember u can get daily or cheap dramas with 40% but no A listers do that. channel earn money from miniseries bcoz most sponsors and overseas sales come from them. Product placement etc. Today a miniseries peaking with 20% plus is considered a blockbuster. Infact my love from star didnt have a single episode with 30% rating and it is one of biggest k dramas of all time.30% is very tough to get today for miniseries

    • So, KYJ is a force to reckon with coz she has two dramas which averaged over 30% namely DongYi and METS. So, ady please swallow the bitter pill that LMH cannot match my faves in terms of TV ratings. And yes, he is a swine flu

      • Lmaooo she was a sidekick and child rolem noone cresit kid???
        As a main lead hee capacity is 1%. She is crona virus of ratings

    • @laura lol let it be. If people take online comments so seriously. I m bored anyways. I can handle such people easily???? i wish crona ends soon???
      Yeah ur r ight but sometimes it is necessary to give their own dose of medicine lol

  7. I’m pretty sure there’s some people who really want to bring more hate towards KYJ by pretending to be her fans and bashing other celebs. Ugh jobless people. I can’t imagine myself trying to bring other people down when I don’t even know them personally.

    • Btw whole world is jobless currently ????????her fans r calling other actors swine flu. U saw that? Thats why she gets bashed

  8. Kim yoo jung is an amazing actress but her extreme stans manage to get most people to dislike her and I find it funny coz kim hyang gi is far more talented than her even movie directors prefer to go for kim hyang gi than kim yoo jung. Her stans be exaggerating alot of stuffs about her success, calling MTETS her project when she only appeared for 4 episodes or saying she is the only actress with the most CFs this year when Jun ji hyun, suzy and song hye kyo are still breathing *deep sigh* stop setting her up for drags if you really care about her. She is doing well for her age and love in the moonlight is her only successful project for now. You guys are already exaggerating ratings for her next drama because its with ji chang wook but you forgot his last drama was a total 1% flop and his image in korea ain’t really good right now especially after he posted a picture of himself smoking. I don’t like to drag other actors and actresses since I don’t want others to drag mine but kim yoo jung stans are brainless idiots and I often wonder if they really like her.

      • Not its not a crime but bragging about it by posting a selca while smoking can damage your image in a conservative society like SK (an actress got dragged because her old pre-debut selca of her smoking resurfaced). Ji chang wook got alot of drama for posting a smoking selca and his image took a hit.

      • He wasnt drunk and driving.he was smoking.
        And the only scientific effect it has is on health.

    • To you she’s flat face. To majority and those people who supports her shows, fan meetings, products she endorses, she’s very, very beautiful. Your minority negative personal opinion matters not.

    • More than the smoking, I think it’s his nickname as “Arena Prince” for frequenting the controversial Club Arena as well as his pic with the infamous Madame Lin that tarnished his boy-next-door public image. Not to mention that his circle of friends is questionable, i.e. Lee Jonghyun, which is why they always bring in those “birds of feather” comments towards him.

    • Well I am soooooo sorry, truly,on behalf of my fandom i’m sorry that your hater a*s came inside an article wich is literally all about HER, saw her fans hyping her, and got annoyed… I mean why wouldn’t you? It’s not like it’s an article about her and fans like to hype their bias…
      I don’t know who you stan but i’m 100% sure it’s not hyangi, so do us all a favor and put your head back inside your biase’s a*s and out of ours ^^
      Yours truly

    • suzy? she not hyekyo level. haha she not even a cf queen anymore. she has even less cfs now than other female idols and doesn’t make kobaco list anymore despite being active last year lol. her career is on downfall.

      • Lmao so true. Bringing suzy with real queens like jjh n shk. Suzy has already lost lots of cfs. By jjh n shk age she will be doing those chrap daily dramas lmao

      • exactly! her fans so delusional and always bash other actresses, but so many ahead of her now in both ratings and cfs, so how is she be s-tier like shk jjh? lol

      • Lol they r other level delusional. Shk n jjh r self made queen without idol companies to back them up. They earned it. Btw i want lmh to work with goddess shk. He says she is his bias. I hope it comes true. So we can enjoy

      • same! this is my long-awaited pairing. when it happens, the impact of the hallyu king and queen will revive hallyu wave for k-dramas.

      • People here can’t keep the queen’s name out of the mouths huh? JJH fine, but Suzy is bigger than that has-been tax evasion divorcee SHK. And what actresses her age are bigger than her? Maybe only Kim Taeri, but the rest wish they could have the buzz, big offers, and A-list production/cast Suzy gets with her dramas and movies lmao.

      • Lmao has been shk? Lmaoo she earns more thsn her per cf. Face if biggest korean brand of amore pacific has more cf deals. Shk is not desperate like her to accept every flowerpot role. She will come on hee own terms. Bcoz she is not going to accept showpiece roles. By her age woozie will be finished.
        Kim tae ri, kim go eun, iu ,yoona all are ahead of her in projects. They dont do multistar projects to save their career lmao

      • And shk has refused multi million cf deals from china japan etc over the years. Suzy was known for accepting every cheap cf deal when she was new thing.
        She is not despo like her lmaoo. Call me when woozie finished 20 years at top and remains most popular hallyu actress. When shk comes she will have a great role where she will be centre not flowerpot

      • Lmao Kim Tae Ri and Yoona do multi-star films too. Yoona next drama going to ride off popularity of Hwang Jung Min and IU going to ride off popularity of Park Seo Joon. Neither can carry a drama or movie. Kim Go Eun was horrible in Goblin, but she going to look like an acting goddess next to mediocre Lee Min Ho though.

      • Suzy is the one ALWAYS riding off popularity of her costars. Now she is merely a wallpaper in movies with well known veterans. IU holds up on her own in HDL and receives good ratings. Yoona does very well in movie Exit and can hold up on her own there. KGE may be horrible in Goblin but now she can redeem herself in the King. Suzy gets no more chance because she has blown it too many times. She has proven to be a mannequin.

      • lmao even jun ji hyun coudnt overshadow him. No way kim go eun gonna do it but u can dream and drama is centered around him. Noone gonna write big budget drama around woozie after last disaster. Kim tae ri kim go eun bring ratings themselves. Kim go eun carry small budget movies that is why she is respected movie actress! Yoona was on equal footing in movie not a showpiece lmaooooo

      • @marryanne noone is gonna offer an author backed big project to woozy. she rides of men all the time. Even lee seung gi couldnt save last drama lmao. her next one looks even bigger flop! Iu yoona has proven their star power. whereas woozie is showpiece in movies. Kim tae ri was ranked number one by audience in movie land lmao. Kim go eun has carried cheese in trap on her own and will get another bb with king.
        @mary woozy isnt even mediocre, she is just terrible lmaoo

  9. Kim yoo jung is a pretty cute girl and her crazy fans just ruined her in most people’s eyes. When it comes to beauty pageant of her generation then Jung da bin should be consider the prettiest but its a pity she doesn’t have a signature drama unlike the Kim trio but most of you should remember her as the child actress in She was pretty.

  10. what i know is kim so hyun fandom have no problems to support kim yoojung (go to ig.. tons of ksh ig fans always posted about yoojung to show their support). but kim yoo jung fans will never support kim sohyun. they even pissed off if someone not even ksh fans commented in the comment sections if the posts about are kim yoojung. you know why? because they felt insecure with ksh. and they see her as kyj rival. but i think this is too pathetic and painful on kyj sides. she has pathetic fans.

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