CNN Indonesia Runs Incorrect Story About Kim Jong Un Near Death with Picture of Hyun Bin’s Fictional North Korean Officer in Crash Landing on You

OMG, finally something just so totally funny without anyone getting hurt. This week there was a story that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was in critical condition after surgery which was later debunked. When it was still breaking CNN Indonesia jumped on it and during the television reporting broadcast a picture of South Korean actor Hyun Bin playing a fictional North Korean officer from the K-drama Crash Landing on You alongside a picture of Kim Jong Un. Hahahahaha, seeing the Leader side by side with Binnie is a screenshot for the ages. I don’t know who is more offended, Kim Jong Un or Binnie. CNN Indonesia apologized profusely for the complete screw up and someone got a lesson in how not to Google and use a picture.


CNN Indonesia Runs Incorrect Story About Kim Jong Un Near Death with Picture of Hyun Bin’s Fictional North Korean Officer in Crash Landing on You — 38 Comments

  1. OmGoodnessGracious! They’re gonna start using King of Corea photos soon ? jk… have y’all seen Eccentric Chef Moon? ? it has the typical classic Kdrama but done quite well.

      • Rating dip courtesy of both the writing of the story ( so confusing) and the female lead (who’s over acting so crazily obvious she can’t hide it).

      • Don’t need to compare them as they belong to different genres and channels. CLOY is definitely my absolute favourite. But so far I m enjoying The King. If you ignore a few confusing things ,the plot has a strong potential to keep us at the edge of our seat. I feel like the writer will surely take us in a rollercoaster ride and it would be sad if this doesn’t happen. My major problem is the chemistry. I m not able to feel that between the leads although their individual scenes look great. Maybe it could be an after-effect of watching HB-YJ in CLOY.?Apart from that it is still early to judge the script cause the producers are not fool to invest so much money in a crappy script. Have patience and just enjoy the watch without thinking much like I do.
        I m saying this from the point of a neutral audience as I didn’t like KES’s DOTS and Goblin. And nor am I a LMH fan having watched him in “Personal Taste” only.So I went in with low expectations and some reviews didn’t help either. However I didn’t regret it. This drama hasn’t disappointed me and it is so far entertaining.
        Regarding the ratings,it doesn’t matter to me as I loved Vagabond (Seung Gi was there.. ofcourse)
        .If I find it entertaining I will watch whatever the ratings are. And regarding the ending it didn’t bother me as anyhow I was not happy with the FL..a.k.a Suzy.

      • @Astar

        Not comparing… Since @guccibear mentioned Kingdom of Corea and this article is about the slipping of CLOY’s character in actual news which suffice to say, a testament of CLOY’s popularity, thus the reasoning.

      • @ Alexa
        I see your point now and I agree that this happened due to CLOY’S popularity which at this point seems much greater than The King.

      • CLYO popularity is a bubble for Netflix anyway. OST ia nowhere memorable , nowhere topping the chart, wasn’t a phenomenon like Itaewon class or hotel del Luna and already down in the back of the world of married. Isn’t critically acclaimed as hospital playbook.

        the story line is as bad as cheesy can get.
        Wait for 2 years , you’ll have heave of mind saying “CLOY is overrated”, it has always been that overrated.

        CLOY is popcorn flick that is overrated, it’s good but nowhere a phenomenon nor a masterpiece. The fans should settle with that realisation rather than insist that it’s near Goblin, YWCFTS or DOTS level.

    • @Tart

      Bitter much, aren’t you? You are fooling yourself by saying that IC and HDL are more of cultural phenomenon than CLOY. Go ahead, there is no need to be reasoning to someone who wants to continue living in her delusions.

      • @ Alexa
        She is exactly delusional because her favourite must have been overshadowed. IUs ost had a perfect kill topping all the three charts. Other 2 osts were in top 5 continuously for many weeks. Maybe she is in korea thats why she can enlighten us as to which songs are being played currently there. Okay I m not talking about kpop but only OSTs. Once read a comment of a korean visiting some place where CLOY osts were still playing at the back.

      • IC had a great start but it went downhill in the later half. Such is the case with HDL. And this is not me claiming that .Go check forums such as Dramabeans .Most people felt that. However it can’t be denied that they were popular during its run surely. I don’t get it where you got an idea that critics panned CLOY cause I never read an article comparing CLOY with Hospital Playbook or any other drama. Check some international articles as well.

  2. Buhahahahaha… this is beyond funny. It’s CNN. Lol, probabky the one who made the news was working from home, she probably watched too many dramas while being at home lmao… so funny. Thanks for a good laugh CNN Indonesia.

  3. Omg…I read it yesterday and literally laughing my a** off..??.. How can such a big news channel commit a blunder of this type. Putting the picture of one of the most loved character against a tyrant which is hated by almost the whole world ..Such an irony ..??
    CLOY fever is proving to be lethal!!! But I can watch Binnie anytime..??

  4. Lol! Funniest blunder ever and a great testament to CLOY’s big popularity. I’m guessing the journalist googled Kim Jong Un and found pictures from the KIm Jong Un/ HB comparison articles – firstly about the similarities btwn Captain Ri w/ KJU eg studying in Swiss etc, and secondly how HB won’t be considered handsome in North Korea vs Kim Jong Un Lol!

  5. both CLOY and this drama bored me to death. yeah, I have not finished CLOY, I don’t get why people like it so much….?

    • Majority of the people still like CLOY even if it may not be their favourite. But here the question should be..”I don’t get it, why some people don’t like it?”??
      This would result in very few number of responses and easier to asses.
      And if your question “Why people like it so much?”is posted ,millions of answers will be recorded and it will be a hectic task.
      I was just joking and people are entitled to have their opinion. Even I dislike many famous dramas but CLOY is an exception. So it is better not to question other’s choices.

      • Yeah sure Netflix boosted its popularity. But even that recycled mediocrity was able to garner enough domestic audience to break tvn’s record. Am I right??
        After all who knows korean dramas better than Koreans themselves. We as international audiences watch only few dramas periodically. Whereas Koreans are daily flocked with immense number of dramas filled with mediocrity. And it is great that they found a gem out of those mediocre stash and chose CLOY. Even the first lady loves it..You may love it or hate it but the fact is fact and the ratings speak volume. CLOY has got the status of national drama in Korea which was not based on Netflix viewers but due to its ratings and popularity.
        It resonated well with their sentiments involving the Korean Peninsula scenario.
        It is okay to not like hyped dramas .But downplaying its quality based on one’s individual opinion is also not good.

      • @Astar
        oh rating,
        the record that will be broken by The world of married in a mere week? World of married that exceed 23 % in 9th episode when the CLOY only get 24% in the last episode?
        even critics put itaewon class, hospital playlist and world of married above CLOY, what should we do if it lost the rating title? oh just used as the highest rating only in TvN but not even garner as high phenomenon as their Reply Series?

        what OST that actually trending from CLOY to see domination?

        Talk when it reach at least DOTS level or even Itaewon Class level to make is a phenomenon.

        Not even a month after it aired, people now are moving on to the world of married, see how fragile it is?

        Even Maximus meme is more popular than CLOY ever be, have you been to Naver?

        CLOY is weekend drama popular, yes high rating, yes people love it but it will be forgotten in matters of months because it was mediocre and bubble popularity.

        The face of 2019 was Dong Baek in Camellia blook and Kim Nam Gil in Fiery priest. The Face of 2020 will be Hospital Playlist, Park Seo Joon and The World of married, where does CLOY place in that? nowhere> because no one will remember as good at the end of the year, just a mediocre passable drama that was meant to pass the time, not meant to be remembered.

        You know what also garnered domestic audience? Weekend drama,
        you know what ost doesn’t enter chart? Weekend drama
        you know what drama that doesn’t leave any mark beside “oh it has a good rating?” Weekend drama
        not a phenomenon, it doesn’t even reach My Love from the Star level, just high rating doesn’t mean more than high rating, have never seen any high rating drama with such a less buzz and overrated rating after weekend drama. My Golden Life (popular weekend drama) wave is even bigger than CLOY yet the fans are so desperate to call it a phenomenon, yeah the word “phenomenon” is my problem, it’s popular but not even more than When the Camellia bloom or even Itaewon Class.

      • @aquarius The same here, I’m the biggest Hyun Bin fan who has followed him for the longest time. Sadly I dropped him too after all the dating playover. I also don’t like CLOY. Don’t like his acting in there and the Captain Ri role. Dropped the drama after 5 episodes. Not worth the hype. Sadly no longer his fan.

    • You are not alone in not liking CLOY. I find the drama so cheesy and nothing extraordinary. The love story between the leads was kinda far fetched too. I barely able to finish the whole drama. I watched it simply because of Hyun Bin and I just can’t believe he would actually agree to accept such a drama. His character is so lame and nothing new and different as he claimed he wanted to do for every new work he choose. Anyway, I am so much looking forward to his movie Bargaining in order for me to erase his character RJH for something more challenging and original.

      • Count me three. I was so excited about CLOY and have such high hope because I love Hyun Bin dearly as an actor. But his character in CLOY really throw me off. He was bragging about how his role in CLOY is a must watch but little did I know it’s a disappointment. I really don’t like his role because he did nothing but just being handsome. Such a let down. I follow him since My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. Love all his role but sadly not Captain Ri. I drop the drama after episode 7th. I look forward to his new movie as well.

      • I dropped HB and CLOY partly bcoz the media play too much or his agency overplayed it. The other part was the plot gotten too over-dramatic that I didn’t bother watching the ending after the second male died. Funny how HB never got caught with supermarket dating photos when dating Hwang Ji Hyeon, Song Hye Kyo and Kang So Ra but so many “scandal” news and hype for a whole year for CLOY. Sick to the teeth about the media hype and dating denials. Sky Castle and The World of The Married show the way in no hype, no dating scandals/denials to get good ratings.

  6. oh yeah, rating that will be broken anyway in a mere weeks by another drama, poor them
    have you seen naver? have you actually read things that trending?

    CLOY trending is that it’s forgotten over a month,
    let’s time see it, I hope you wake up from your rose colour glass,
    CLOY is like a mediocre weekend drama, people love it for a while, give it rating, forget it and move on because it’s not worth revisited

    • Sure go ahead. Remember CLOY is a rom-com and I m not saying it is the best drama out there. Also critics …come on .Just go to IMDB and check the reviews .I m not talking about general public but the reviews given by professionals. And why should I believe you that critics panned it when I already googled dozens of reviews and articles related to it.Go to forums such as dramabeans etc..most agree that IC started great but went downhill in the latter half. . Don’t know about rest cause I don’t follow them..TWOM ,IC ,HP are surely great but belong to different genres and they have their fare share of fans. Did I downplay their success nope. And it is obviously plausible that currently airing dramas will garner more buzz than the previous ones. Many articles are still coming out over the world related to CLOY. In US it was in trending even after two months of airing. Washington Post suggested it in its list which had CLOY as the only kdrama.I can provide you with links to those articles as well. But I guess you won’t be bothered to check.
      People can’t stick to a drama for ages. Surely they will move on at sometime and these days competition is stiff and brilliant dramas are coming out.Even IC was overshadowed by its succeeding drama..
      Just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean you have got the right to water down its success. You are in no place to call it poor. TWOM is a solid drama and it is airing so surely people will talk about that and it is on its way to top the ratings. Ignorance is bliss…No need to get butthurt cause your favourite drama’s popularity may have gotten overshadowed.. plus there is no point in arguing with you cause what a hater would know what impact CLOY is creating. Only fans like us keep its track and have a pile of articles all over the world. And sure in the future its ratings will be broken but it doesn’t take its title as the first tvn drama to break 20pc. Hope you get some peace in your life. Such toxicity is not good for health.
      PS : You said Maximus memes are more popular than CLOY. Are u stupid?? King is an ongoing drama so more buzz…And the basis of this article by koala is itself the biggest meme ever involving CLOY.What more do you want
      There is no point in arguing with someone who doesn’t no how to compare significant things.

    • Disagree. My friends are still rewatching CLOY on Netflix. It is the type of drama that can be rewatch over and over. You may have moved on but others have not. Speak only for yourself but not the general public. You do not know all “people”.

      • Exactly that’s what I was saying .Some may not like it but it is wrong to generalise. Google anything related to CLOY and dozens of articles will show up all in praise of it. Why bother comparing it with other genres. All can be good at the same time. I didn’t like DOTS or Goblin either but I never said anything downplaying its success cause my opinion is confined to me only and it can’t be applied to all people. And it is common that ongoing dramas will have somewhat more buzz when such good dramas are broadcasted back to back. I have read many comments where people are still rewatching CLOY.

      • See Netflix, ofc, as my previous comments established, Netflix watcher who has no idea how it fare in other places chase Netflix’s the best (best season ever….)

      • Excuse me …by faring in other places what do you mean??. Netflix has the distribution rights for international viewers so where else should we watch and compare.And domestically it is already proven. You may not know it but many variety shows not only in Korea but across asia are still referring CLOY scenes .You are talking as if you come straight from SK ??. Online platforms like naver, twitter etc . ofcourse are too busy with TWOM and other new dramas. Let them end first. Is it too hard to understand.. The point here is not about you not liking it but behaving like an ignorant brat who is spewing nonsense without facts and figures and predicting what will happen in future. Seems like you are a DOTS fanatic. Even I will present my opinion regarding it. DOTS was full of cheese ,and an over the top patriotic drama. The fl lead clueless most of the time, endearing a beautiful face laced with wooden expressions.Felt like only the ML was trying for the chemistry.Most importantly ,they made finding the cure to a deadly virus such a joke which can only happen in drama land.How about some COVID cure?? However as an individual these were my opinions and I won’t paste it on the general public nor question their choices.
        Better live in ur own bubble ignoring all CLOY related news cause they come out left-right every now on them.It will be a difficult job to read all the praises at such a large scale. And we will talk at the end of the year. Washington Post may be interested in NK but it was the main focus of the drama which was never seen in anywhere before.NK adds the thrilling experience and uncertainty to it.First of properly read the review. Atleast the team dared to touch such a sensible topic.

    • Dear let the year end first as well as these on going dramas. New dramas will come and replace these naturally.Then we will have a talk about where CLOY stands. I m confident of my choice. You decide where ur loyalty lies.

    • Hi tart, u know what, CLOY attracted many non-kdrama watcher.. people who nv watched k drama before actually watched and got addicted to CLOY.. and why are you pissed with CLOY popularity?? Like did it made you have less salary seems like it made your life miserable..

      • Nah, I think CLOY get over their head with the said “popularity” when they can only brag about click baited paid post in western media and IU song.

        IU song will be played no matter what she sings, the fact that the song is not bigger is a testament that it’s not that big.

        The drama is alright but it will be forgotten because there is nothing in it, no story to be remembered since it’s a recycled mediocrity nor actually memorabilia because the OST not the scene Has no popular scene.

        As much as people loathed on the king, the maximum meme has its status on the internet and culture already.

        CLOY fans is like the people who think they need to get full score just by attending when they have no better quality more than 6 and attendance award since they dress well. Claimed to be bigger than DOTS is laughable since even the Washington post is more about “is this how life in NK like?”
        They only interested in NK than the actual drama. False superiority.

  7. Aiyoh, nothing is funny or earth shaking when US president said we can “put” disinfectant into our bodies . Hope he drinks some during his virtual briefings .

  8. @tart, alright then ms/mr know-it-all the way u talks seems like U r so right and u know the future so well. Dont be sour and in denial when the year ends come and ppl stil talk about CLOY.. wondering which part of the world u live in that gives you the opinion that CLOY is overrated, its been 2 months since the last episodes and ppl r still talkin about it..

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