Ahn Hyo Seob in Talks for Leading Man of Sageuk Romance Hong Chun Gi From the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal

There is finally movement on the long discussed K-drama adaptation of romance historical fiction novel Hong Chun Gi. The novel is from the same writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon Embraces the Sun so clearly there is high interest and excitement for potentially another hit in the works. The novel is on a world class beauty Hong Chun Gi who is a painter and enters the palace, and her love triangle with the blind royal astrologer Ha Ram and the flirtatious charming Grand Prince Anpyung. The first main lead cast is Ahn Hyo Seob who is coming off the hit medical drama Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 and if he accepts it will be his first main sageuk role as he had a supporting role in Splish Splash Love. I don’t know, I feel he’s still inconsistent when it comes to his acting but I really want to see this drama so bad so bring it on!


Ahn Hyo Seob in Talks for Leading Man of Sageuk Romance Hong Chun Gi From the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal — 18 Comments

  1. Hoping for KSH to be the female lead. AHS really missed Love Alarm which turned out to be a hit. Nevertheless, he still have Romantic Doctor under his belt.

      • Yes LA is a hit in Netflix. Better than Abyss where he is the lead. Don’t try to bash KSH because of your dislike. Comparing dramas only not just the actors.

      • @joane

        Yes. Love Alarm is a hit. So, stop turning a blind eye and get a slap of reality. Further, as comapred to Abyss, LA was one of Netflix’s top series of 2019 and as of this date, it continues to be one of the most popular searches in the site.

        On the other hand, congratulations for your new account @Moonlight Yoo. I know you got suspended by ockoala last time. Hahaha

      • @myrrana
        No they’re different accts, I remember seeing them post at the same time and their writing styles are different.

        It’s a concrete fact that love alarm is a success.

  2. He may be better suited to play the blind astrologer as I cannot see him able to play the flirtatious role at all with his very limited range.

  3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal… my biggest second lead syndrom! Yoo Ah In
    was so great in this role and way better than Yoochun…

    I like fusion sageuks. I’m not convinced by AHS as a lead in a drama, in RTDK 2, I was more interested by the resident and the nurse’s story. But he’s better than in Splash Splash Love now.

    • AHS is really not a lead material yet. I will wait for the castings of FL and the other male role. Saguek can be a hit and miss, but in general, S Koreans like to watch historial saguek, not fusion. The Moon Embraces the Sun is an all time classic.

      • Agreed, unfortunately my country didn’t get the attention it deserved last year being one of the few traditional historical dramas that came out last year.

  4. Good projects seems to be rolling his way, lucky guy. From second lead then upgraded to lead, he better be prepared for more criticism. Sageuk is harder but if he could pull it off, it will be good to his career in the long run. I wonder who would be the female lead?

    • I thought he has been downgraded back to supporting role in Romantic Doctor. Better stay as supportive, he cannot act.

  5. His acting is very bland. I am disappointed that they could not secure a better actor considering the popularity of the source material. Sad to pass on this one. Please don’t cast kim so hyun or park bo young opposite him. I really dun wanna have to bother to watch it.

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