Episode 8 of The King: Eternal Monarch Drops to Another Rating Low of 6.1% and 8.1% and Reveals a Clown Car of People Traveling Between Parallel Worlds

Veteran screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has the longest K-drama hit streak among her peers so it’s likely she’s getting her projects scooped up on concept and casting alone. It’s too bad she’s too big for oversight because someone could have read her early few episode scripts for The King: Eternal Monarch and told her this ambitious plan was too big for her britches because she’s not good at world building with momentum and reveals and that this drama would work better with zero romance and just a cool fantasy sci-fi detective yarn coupled with palace intrigue. Instead 8-episodes in this is undeniably SBS‘s biggest flop drama in recent years in terms of ratings compared to budget, big name cast, and hype. Congrats Vagabond, you’re not wearing that crown anymore lol!

Vagabond still holds the stupidity meter as The King is starting to make more sense but goodness it’s a slog to get there. The big reveal is that baddie uncle Lee Rim is moving dopplegangers around from Republic to Kingdom and vice-versa depending on whatever is his grand plan and it involves our woobie Shin Jae too who finally figures out the reason for all his angst. Knowing that to travel the parallel worlds needs to walk that pink backdrop bad CGI knockoff of the Rainbow Bridge makes me die laughing at all those characters who have moved between worlds ambling along with Lee Rim. See, this shit don’t make any sense and honestly a lot of what Kim Eun Sook wrote prior didn’t make a lot of sense too (but more than this one) but with good chemistry, good acting, and good directing those dramas were hits.

For a big budget fantasy drama the PPL is really extra awful here. The boba shop The Alley is just so awkwardly shoehorned in, I cannot ever image a King and his detective girlfriend drinking giant bobas on their evening date out. And the awkward cutaways to everything that is a PPL even an Aston Martin is just cheap, please do better production team.


Episode 8 of The King: Eternal Monarch Drops to Another Rating Low of 6.1% and 8.1% and Reveals a Clown Car of People Traveling Between Parallel Worlds — 193 Comments

  1. The term ‘good acting’ is nowhere to be found in this drama. Yes, I am pointing at you, LMH.

    • Just becasue it’s doing mediocre numbers on SBS dosen’t mean it has flopped. Don’t get ahead of yourself. We are also half way in

      • It’s not mediocre. It’s abysmal. Big name-scriptwriter, an actress w/ a blockbuster drama (Goblin) and acclaimed movies (A Muse, Coin Locker Girl), an actor with several hits and making a comeback after military service, airing on free TV and w/ a big budget on top of it all. Lots at stake here.

        The ratings are bad, thus, they add another PD into the mix to try and salvage what they can during the remaining episodes.

        I’m seeing LMH fans (in particular) pointing out that it’s a hit on Netflix and that people now are watching online more. Well, CLOY and IC has similar airtime method as TKEM, and they still got good ratings on TV (cable channels, at that) and on Netflix.

        And if those fans want to go to the specifics, Netflix only cover a minor percentage of viewers; they say it’s a hit on Netflix PH, Indonesia? Netflix Indonesia only have 900 thousand plus subscribers, and I bet not all of them are watching TKEM.

        Same goes to Netflix PH, based on this 2019 data, https://www.comparitech.com/tv-streaming/netflix-subscribers/ it only has around 130,000 subscribers.

        Fact of the matter is, the storytelling is bad, acting is bad, directing is bad, CGI is bad, even the product placement and OST are mediocre for a KES drama. And Koala is correct in saying that all of KES dramas have been cheesy and over the top but she was saved by stellar casting, directors, writing team and production team.

        This is not the case for TKEM. And no, we, the international audience are not their main target, never has been, never will. The South Korean movie/music/drama industry will continue to seek approval of their main target, the South Korean audience, whether you like it or not.

        And for those of you that don’t care about ratings, good for you, but obviously the production team cares, the network cares, the sponsors care, and the cast care.

        Don’t compare to low-ratings of dramas that don’t carry the same A-listers and budget as KES dramas. It’s like comparing oranges to apples.

        People expect DOTS/Goblin/Mr.Sunshine/Secret Garden-level of quality (be it story, acting, directing, OST, etc), and they are right to expect that. It’s just a pity that KES has failed to bring all those aspects in this drama.

      • @Mel

        Netflix is no minority at all. It is the biggest deal these days. You forget to account that for each subscription there may be multiple people using the same. Like in my circle, there are 5 people who access Netflix using our friend’s account. So, a 100,000 subscription does not necessarily mean 100,000 people. It can mean 1,000,000 because of the scheme i said.

      • @myrrana

        So, that means for you all 1 million are watching TKEM?

        There are algorithms/parameters implemented by each company to consider which shows are popular. Say, popular on Netflix PH (130 thousand something subscribers, 1 million viewers according to you) does not automatically translate to 1 million or 500,000 people on Netflix PH are watching the drama.

        Stranger Things for instance, Netflix reported 40.8 million watched on Netflix (globally). Netflix has 182.8 million global subscribers (and if each account has up to 5 viewers, than more than 200 million subscribers). 40.8 million out of 182.8 million means not even half of the subscribers are watching the show.

        And Stranger Things is Netflix’s biggest show.

        So, the argument that “It doesn’t matter that it hits low ratings on free for all Korean TV as long as it’s big on Netflix” is a bit illogical IMO.

        Of course it matters, the network paid a huge sum of money for this big-budget, A-lister drama to be aired on their channel. The cast, crew all work in the South Korean movie/drama industry, of course it matters to them.

        And feel free to compare the trend and social impact of dramas such as DOTS, Goblin, Secret Garden, CLOY, IC against TKEM to the South Korean AND international viewers. The latter has no impact at all, In fact I’ve only seen a few memes, have yet seen song covers or memorable dialogues about/from about TKEM circulating on the net when compared to the dramas that I’ve mentioned.

        That says a lot.

      • @mel

        Lol at “That says a lot”! Hahaha.

        Girl, you better have your comprehension skills check. I didn’t say that TKEM has 1,000,000 viewers in PH in account for 130k subscription. What I am trying to say is there is a possibility that there are 1 million viewers in Netflix’s PH because of the scheme I discussed above.

        Further, as ST’s viewership figure, please note that Netflix counts only the subscribers who viewes a particular release. Hence, the 48 million views account only for subscribers who watched the series. The other 4 users who used the subscribed account to watch are not taken into consideration. So, the maximum numbers for Stranger Things is 240 million (48m x 5).

      • @myrrana

        You argued that Netflix audience is not only 100,000 subscribers (the only number near to the 100,000 number you pointed out in my first post was the PH one), thus I concur, and take into account 1 subscription per 5 viewers. Still not enough to say that it’s better than TV broadcast (especially in terms of ads).

        The Netflix argument made by LMH fans (in particular) for me is weak as when compared to audience for a TV broadcast, there’s just no comparison.

        TV still wins, especially free TV.

        I pointed this out because I’ve been seeing a lot of the TKEM (LMH) fans trying to make it as if the Netflix deal is better than the TV deal. To the production house, maybe, as they got the $$ deal. What about the impact on the reputation of the cast? the network? KES?

        It is still in low ratings in its home country, majority of the viewers are leaving the series. Every article and think pieces about the drama always highlighted its weaknesses.

      • @mel

        You still don’t get it. What I said is 100k subscribers do not translate to 100k maximum viewers because of the scheme that multiple users (5) may use a single subscription to watch a series/movie in Netflix. Hence, a 100k subscription may mean 1 million viewership in maximum.

        Further, please stop downplaying the role of Netflix in today’s age of social media. You need to know that the buying audience (a.k.a. 20/49 group) is more into online viewing than TV nowadays.

      • @Mel its true that the pd team may make so much money with ppl and Netflix but one thing will remain Eternal (pun intended ?)..i.e its ratings being plastered on Wikipedia page. After few years,leave it even after few months no one will remember for how many days it was trending in Netflix and in which countries. In the end only the ratings count.
        Even when I want to watch a drama , I would check the ratings to get the gist of its popularity .Usually if a drama has high ratings,it draws my attention quickly and I read the synopsis and if that appeals to me I watch it.However I have been deceived by high rated dramas many a times.
        Most of the time I get to watch an underrated drama if it is recommended by a friend or I happen to read about their rave reviews online. Whereas this drama neither has high ratings to pull audience and nor good reviews. It will be long forgotten among the gems being produced these days but at the same time people will still remember it for its grand failure.
        PS: Found on twitter that CLOY was no. 1 and IC was no. 3 in Japan a few days ago,that too so many months after they finished airing. I couldn’t find TKEM in that list or maybe it was not in top 5 as I checked the top 5-6 series only.I think Japan has taken their defeat against Kim Tan of Corea seriously.?
        However these trends can change on a day to day basis and TKEM may be trending there on some other day for exa Fri-Sat.

      • Listen, I know LMH has a lot of fangirls and he keeps getting projects that are high profile in theory but he is not necessarily respected as an actor in his home turf. So, this poor performance of his first work post military with a writer who has given hits after hits before this and with lackluster reception of his acting won’t really help his case. I will give you an example. Kang Haneul was barely there 2nd lead in Heirs, he has a Baksaeng nomination with a very successful return to Dramaland post active duty and solid reputation as an actor with range. There there’s LMH. So, his contemporaries are zooming past him in both critical acclaim and as a bankable actor, people who did not rise to Hallayu fame overnight. So, he has some major work to do if he doesn’t want to be that pretty popular boy with handsome face who can act kinda well, not worth a second glance forever.

      • @Gem i m kind of worried now that KGE will be blamed by SOME of his fans for the drama’s failure as their weak chemistry is already on radar. This has happened before as well when actresses were bashed for the failure of a project. Plus people were already wary of her pairing with LMH even before the drama aired saying LMH deserves better.
        I personally think she is doing a decent job here atleast better than Goblin. LMH may come out unscathed due to his star power and has enough time to bounce back if he chooses challenging roles next time. But KGE already gets so much hate ,I just don’t want her to suffer more when she clearly is not to be solely blamed cause the writer, director and co-actors are at fault as well.

      • @myrrana

        No, you’re the one that don’t get it. I didn’t downplay Netflix influence, my post was always about providing the logic to TKEM fans on why ratings in South Korea are more important than if it is considered only “trending” on Netflix.

        CLOY and IC are hits and became trending in South Korea and at the same time, internationally -> fact. (Same goes for KES’ past dramas, DOTS, Goblin, Secret Garden)

        It ruled the TV landscape, online and Netflix -> fact. (Same goes for KES’ past dramas, dunno about Netflix though as the three dramas I’ve mentioned were available on stream platforms way after they were aired)

        Everything about those dramas went viral (wardrobe, hairstyle, gimmicks, dialogue, OST) -> fact. (Same goes for KES’ past dramas)

        Now, apply those same parameters for TKEM, can those fans still think that TKEM is successful because “It trends on Netflix”?

        Like the drama by all means, but don’t defend the drama w/ the pathetic excuse of “It trends on Netflix”.

        It’s a KES drama and a big budget/grand production at that, where are the viral moments? Where’s the social/talk-of-the-town impact?

      • @mayy

        I agree with you. the ratings are low and it’s not even a gem of an under-rated drama.

        You know what bugs me about the fans? They keep saying “Ah, the majority don’t get this because it makes them think”. Excuse me? It’s not Sherlock or House or even Signal type of show. It’s a KES drama, for god’s sake! And LMH can’t act. He really can’t emote.

      • @may
        I wouldn’t worry about KGE…she has solid filmography…Memories of the Sword, Coin Locker Girl…a good film script and she will bounce right back. LMH support group may try to pin it on her but I know for a fact that even if KGE is not perfect, she has her way of getting her groove back. If not in drama then in films. Same with Woo Do Hwan, he is fresh of success of My Country, he will bounce back provided he gets a good script. Lee Min Ho needs to decide if he plans on playing it safe with same roles over and over again or means business in terms of acting reputation. Okay, lets for sake of argument, let us pin it all on the writer, bad writing can still be salvaged by good acting or chemistry. Case in point, DOTS so we will see.

      • @Mel yeah it is ridiculous when people say that we don’t have the ability to think deeply.I guarantee even they didn’t get it in one go . I mean there are many complex shows which viewers have appreciated. It is just that the storytelling is soo bad here that it can’t garner enough interest. Signal was also a great show maybe not complicated as this .Even W having a parallel world concept was quite intriguing in the initial episodes although I accept it faltered a bit towards the end. We were able to connect with the lead who had a tragic past in W but not in this case.
        Regarding Netflix, Japan has the highest no. Of subscribers in Asia based on your article. And I just checked that CLOY and IC are top 2 and it has been same for quite some days. TKEM was at 9 position yesterday. I don’t know about today’s list. But one thing is sure TKEM is losing its audience especially in Japan cause I remember it premiered at top 3 but its numbers are going down each week. So it has failed to make an impact unlike other KES dramas.

      • ….sorry, but SBS did not fork over the money for a Kim Eun Sook drama to get ratings like these.

        I get that fans are defensive but don’t fool yourselves, if Arthdal Chronicles (which was on cable) is a commercial failure then so is this.

      • @mel

        You’d gone over the board. My comments were about Netflix not TKEM. It is you who has a problem answering an objection straightforward. Further, stop lying that you didn’t downplay Netflix. Lol! You just said that the numbers of Netflix is just minority – a crystal clear evidence that you downplay Netflix’s numbers.

      • @myrrana Multiple people using one Netflix account to watch a show is actually detrimental to the success of the said show. Why? Because Netflix’s first and foremost intention in investing in new shows is to gain more subscribers. 100k accounts is still 100k accounts, total views mean little. If fans want to help their favourite shows, they should go buy more Netflix subscriptions, and not share keys which is against Netflix TOS anyway. Netflix can ban your IP whenever they like.

      • @mayy

        Yeah, not a surprise. Especially when compared to KES past big budget hits. A bit skeptical that the ratings will pick up, but will be pleasantly surprise if it does.

        KES should learn from this. Get good screenwriting team, competent writing room. And did she changed casting director or what? the past three dramas have been good casting selections, especially for the main male leads.

      • I strongly agree with you. Let’s further episodes play out before bring overly judgemental

      • @Mel – thanks for the detailed breakdown on Netflix etc, shame that people are getting all defensive and refusing to listen to logic.

        Netflix has various tiers of membership that allow you to either have a single screen only (cheapest tier) or to have Netflix on multiple devices. The latter is perfectly legal but it’s delusional to pretend every ‘household’ that watched a show must be yielding 5 viewers. Also, the Stranger Things example was on point, it is their biggest show like you said and a legitimate hit by every possible Netflix metric (trending, has pop culture influence and impact, viewership figures are known). That was a Netflix hit. Tiger King was a Netflix hit. CLOY was a Netflix hit and literally the 3rd most watched show globally. TKEM might trend, but I agree that pretending Netflix is some bigger deal than SK ratings because of ~global success~ for a failing drama that was absolutely EXPECTED to get those ratings, is ridiculous.

      • @Abigail – “just started” lol, the drama is half over already and with declining numbers every week, getting its butt kicked by a dark-horse jtbc drama with exactly zero Hallyu stars and no megastar writer.

      • Agree. I’ve watched plenty of high review dramas and wondered how it was possible and vice versa.

    • He indeed fumbled in his role here and so did most of the cast members but the majority of the fault lies with the writer and the director.

      • @laura agree
        there isnt much cast could do to save this project. they are limited to script of course.
        yet I think suitable pairing can save a drama from bad story and keep audience. LMHxKGE dont have that kind of chemistry to do so.

      • @artemis

        Hmmmm, yes! No could save the script, good chemistry can temporary make it a little more attractive but it can only go so far. A bad script is a bad script overall.

      • It also depends on genre.

        If a drama was completely romantic comedy, great chemistry could save a bad project. Just like my princess.

        Eternal is a mixture of many genres, so almost impossible lol

      • @Laura agree again.
        I hope cast move on after whatever happens to this project

      • I honestly don’t think it’s a case of bad casting. All of the actors in this show are giving pretty decent performances, if we’re just going to stick to analyzing the performances. KKN for one. No idea who he is prior to this show and I truly think the dude can act. Hope he gets more projects after this. But I fall asleep every time the focus is on him because the scenes are so disjointed and are jumping from one angle of the story to another it is so difficult to emotionally invest in any of characters. It’s a shame because I really like the concept of the show. Concept wise, it is more interesting than Goblin. I never bothered with DOTS and Goblin. I saw few episodes of both and both shows ran in circles. I remember watching I think it was episode 6 or 7 of Goblin and thought nothings happening. But it clicked to a lot of viewers because the universe of Goblin isn’t that complicated and can be carried out pretty easily by the actors. TKEM is too complex of a show and relies heavily on the skills of the writer and the director. KES is out of her depth here. It’s a shame because the actors aren’t really talentless. It’s just that, they can only do so much to salvage a technically deficient show.

      • Maybe it’s not to ypur liking but saying that Lee minho is a bad actor is just too much and you guys are comparing the king eternal monarch to goblin just because if the female lead and the director which is not fair to anyone and the storyline is bulding up you’ll just have to wait and see the drama isn’t a terrible drama as up I guys are saying these comment are just hate comments and hate while the actors/actresses are working there butts off trying to please you guys but guess what they can’t please everyone so…… you’ll just have to wait and see if the ratings go up at the end of the drama

    • Hahaha… but you were still watching to know what time of acting he gave and you better just get over it too.

    • @myrrana minority because their main goal has always been the South Korean viewers. The Netflix deal was for the production house to get a quick and easy $$.

      I thought you understand the meaning of my “minor percentage” of viewers. Netflix has never provided exact numbers of viewers, only subscribers, even then, if multiply by 5 viewers per account, it still doesn’t add up that ALL of that accounts are watching TKEM.

      That’s why majority of the industry still aims for the masses, i.e TV, movie theaters.

      Netflix helps with hyping a show. The real deal is in the network. They paid big for this drama. Way more than only getting these abysmal ratings.

    • That’s because they are trying to turn him into a beautiful dummy, just showcasing his looks and nothing else. He needs a better vehicle to show what he’s really made of as in BOF for example,where he was outstanding. It doesn’t help that there is zilch chemistry between him and the female lead. It is cringeworthy…

  2. Directing is a mess, some scenes focused more on the product placements than the actors. The writing may be slow but starting to make sense, but it still fail to catch any excitement in my part. Just watching it bc of Kim Kyung Nam who steal the show.

    This drama added to the list of failed high-budgeted dramas like Arthadal Chronicles and Vagabond…at least AC’s reason aires cable channel while VB may be flop but still abled to got double digits in most of their episodes despite having the 3 parts per episode.

      • @bam my sympathy
        it has happened for me before and it was so long I just decided not to retype it lol

  3. Directing is mess, the some scenes focused on the product placements than the actors. The plot is starting to make sense but still failed to catch any excitement. Just continuing to watch this bc of Kim Kyung Nam who steal the show.

    Honestly, TKEM added to the list of failed high budgeted dramas like Arthadal Chronicles and Vagabond. At least, AC only aired in cable channel while VB still got double digits in most of their episodes despite having 3 parts per episode.

    • I understand there are a sizeable fraction of people who didn’t like AC but it wasn’t a bomb because if it was there wouldn’t be a second season haha

      I agree people expected higher ratings for AC but it did well enough and satisfied investors.

      • If it dosen’t turn into a big hit on Netflix TKEM will also become a flop like AC and Vegabond. I will be the first person to call them out. There is no shame in getting a flop once a while. It happens but I don’t know why I just have this weird feeling that things will turn surprising good for TKEM despite doing bad numbers on SBS which is just one location Tv channel. If it trendscends all that then that would be it’s saving grace but will it happen is another question. Its sort of 50/50 now and if it fails to climb high on Netflix than it will most certainly flop. Both LMH and KES will have to take their first FLOP with good grace but they are still not out

      • AC was a bomb im pretty sure it never even passed the 10% mark and yes the ratings would be considered average (or even a hit) for a normal medium budget drama but for the amount of money invested into that production, not to mention the A list cast, the results were a complete flop. The first 2 seasons were completely pre-produced so they really had no choice but to air the second season but the fact that they aren’t going to be making another season and left s2 on a cliffhanger and instead gave it that animated full ending when they initially marketed it intending for it to be this epic story spanning multiple seasons goes to show that it was a disappointing project.

      • @ Jonas @cheese

        Why is AC a bomb?

        AC was not shown on a public channel but on tvn, so the ratings it got was pretty decent.

        They announced they were planning to film AC second season this fall.

    • Well, I am enjoying this drama! But you also need to appreciate all the dramas being made now are during a global pandemic- that surely affects many production aspects.

      • Actually, I expect most ratings to go up due to the lockdown measures. People stay home more (in Korea & internationally) and are no longer working long hours. So I would expect that most would tune in to watch shows. So if the ratings are this low, then it’s not good. I’ve been been stuck at home and watching A LOT of dramas and shows – even re-watching some of my old favourites – especially one about another Korean king. *wink*

  4. I’m kind – I liked ep 8 the best although it took me
    3 days to finish ep 7, I had it on and off while cooking, watching tv and everything else …it was such a snoozefest so I can understand why the audience have left and some just didn’t come back.
    They should have played on the doppelgänger earlier
    And perhaps they should have let LMH stop being so regal – I’m beginning to feel he’s the boring one.
    The drama is such a train wreck I feel bad for the team. This means one thing – KES dramas need to be preproduced and that means someone needs to watch ep 1-4 at least first and give honest critical comments- like do a test audience screen. All the problems with the earlier episodes were like red flags – the “world building” is bad , it was not exciting for a concept like this and it was just plain messy and lazy. I can’t believe no one saw that unless it was never reviewed properly!

  5. I don’t think this drama is gonna flop despite having average numbers on TV in one location. I feel like it will become big hit on a much scale. We are only in 8th episode and reponse has been somewhat good

    • The problem is the decreasing number of audience and media/Knets spreading bad reviews about this…however, The World of Married will ending soon and TKEM already hired new PD so maybe there will be an increase in ratings after that.

      • neither flop nor the expected hit.
        well they cant go back and fix previous episodes but maybe they be able to take this as a opportunity and fix the other half.

  6. Episode 2-7 was horrendous but in my opinion episode 8 was unbelievably amazing, yes there were still many flaws but narratively it was great and the cast shined for the most part.

    I think if we go do something else whenever Lee Gon and ET have their ‘cute moments’ you would enjoy episode 8 immensely. Shin Jae once again was blessed with an interesting arc. Luna has an interesting arc as well but her character in my opinion is weirdly and awkwardly executed. I thought it was interesting how the prime minister came from a humble background, the slums just like Luna. Eun Seop is so hilarious!

    There were so much fun scenes and the editing wasn’t as bad and loads of fun action scenes. And that cliffhanger!

    The product placements did miffed me off, not only are their presence so showy but also the characters talk about the products as well. It seemed like certain scenes were ads for the product. Tbh it probably was the case, you could omit those scenes because it doesn’t add to the story.

    Also the dating scenes were awful and that confession drop so random, like finding a deer in your bathtub. Likely seriously writer, what’s wrong with you? LOL

    I feel this drama has the potential to deliver a great story in the second half. Believe me, I will never rewatch Monarch because there’s no point if most of the first half is dull as pebbles but i already invested so much time, I think the other viewers and I deserve a magnificent second half to reward us for our patience,

    I’m am excited for next week episodes! Episode 8 gave me oceans of hope!

      • Laura said although there are certainly shortcomings in the show there are other aspects that are incredible to them, that’s why they kept watching. What does it have to do with you whether Laura decides to continue watching or not? Are you weird or what?

      • @ weird

        Thank you @ Hye mi ^^

        —you adequately explain the point I was about to address. @ weird there are elements in the drama that still allures me to continue watching 🙂

    • Objectively speaking, the show is failing in all fronts. However, like you, I keep on watching and might actually finish the whole thing. I don’t know if it’s because of the uneasiness of the time because this is my first foray into KDrama in 8 years. Also, I’m not a fan of KES at all. But I think it is the intrigue and the interesting concept that are luring me in, something that DOTS or Goblin didn’t have. I don’t know. Or simply it’s LMHs Adam’s apple. Hahaha. Because it’s a sight to behold.

  7. I’ve said it somewhere else but I think that unfortunately this drama might lose even more ratings next week as that’s the finale week for Married and people will want to tune in to JTBC to watch that. Hopefully after Married the viewers will return and the ratings will rise.

    • @nippon
      I wouldn’t necessarily blame world of the married show since they’re not exactly airing at the same time. It’s best to lay most of the blame to the writer and the director for not appealing to the audience. They rushed and gave us an inferior product despite have so many rich resources including talented cast and huge budget

    • Stop blaming another drama which does not share the same airing time, when the drama’s actors and production crews cannot do anything to save it. If only, the acting, production and writing lived up to the hype, then the poor rating would not happened.

    • @Solla

      Im not a fan of lee min ho and The King eternal monarch, but i think it would be a huge disrepect to the actors’ fans to end the drama prematurely/ or earlier than scheduled.
      I have been seen tweets, comments of the actors’ fans expressing their satisfaction with the drama. if there are people who are not happy with TKEM, there people who will support this drama until the end.

      • I also support this drama and been eagerly waiting for the next episodes. I believe that this drama entertains a lot of audiences. My mom also loves it! I will watch this drama till the end, not because I love the actors and actresses but I am a fan of intrinsic and complicated plots. It has to speak to me. This drama absolutely delivers that curiosity.

    • You’re right..im a gugel dan of LMH but i only watched TKEM up to episode 3 on Netflix n lost interest..now im checking the ratings to decide on whether to continue watching or not..meantime am enjoying world of married couple

  8. It’s hilarious right?…This drama is a joke!!
    Directing is a crap.,Writing is awful and backward..Acting is even more hilarious..if the ratings convert to a cable drama rating…Thats mean this drama get less than 1% in ratings..Monster flop!

  9. Can anyone here enlighten and explain to me how KES previous dramas can do well ? Like DotS, goblin, heirs, sega? Like i dont think any of their storyline Is good or engaging. Isit because of the actors? The chemistry or what?

    I tried watching dots and goblin bt gave up halfways even tho i find gong yoo, song2 very attractive n good looking. I managed to finish the heirs and the story was jus ok not great.. cant even start sega even though hyunbin is there..

    I decided to gv Tkem a try to accompany me during my treadmill session but i jus cant help skipping so many scenes.

    • I tried 3 most popular out of the 4 you mentioned..i.e DOTS,Sega , Goblin.And I share the same thoughts as you. Ffwarded most of the scenes and barely managed to finish them.I can still excuse Sega cause it was from a different generation when they had different styles and followed a certain trend . Although I liked the performances of SJK, LDW,GY ,YIN but the dramas overall made me disappointed .Maybe I was expecting too much.
      Thus I never tried Heirs cause from the synopsis it sounded like BOF remake .But I haven’t watched BOF as well cause I have a problem with jerk asshole male lead characters who can go to any extent to abuse the fl and boom fall in love with them.I can handle the ml being tsundere, emotionless and all but stalking,abuse ,..all in the name of love.Its a big no.Thus before starting a drama I do a little bit of hw.
      Regarding the king,things have gotten better but the damage cannot be undone. They should have made the initial episodes more interesting. The story had so much potential but KES ruined it by mixing all the available genres out there .

    • I watched most of KES dramas since lovers to mr sunshine. Even tho there were some ‘candy’ characters but the actors and actresses played it well. The stories were totally different at that time. For example mr sunshine was loved by koreans for the patriotic message. Dots was funny and the bromance was on point. The same goes to goblin. Sega had a not perfect male lead with his psychological issue. I dunno, maybe it’s just preference.

      While for this the king, so boring. Lmh played this character many times already. While gy, sjk, hyunbin and the rest got themselves different characters in every drama. Not to mention kge, her tone totally the same as she was in goblin. The 2 parallel world was described confusing. I dunno. Preference.

      My fave drama of KES is Mr Sunshine. On air also really good. Not the typical drama of her.

    • Her more recent projects are so paper thin story wise that I feel like she’s piggybacking on the performances and charisma of the actors. People are tuning in because there’s a lot of aegyo, fan service performances, and romantic excitements. I’ve seen clips of Goblin on YT and enjoyed them. I tried watching an entire episode and got bored.

      • @Jushi

        I didn’t like DOTS but liked Goblin and Mr. Sunshine.

        Goblin hit all the right marks w/ good casting, directing, OST, production and CGI.

        But agree on you about KES’ weak stories and I always assume the production and cast were the saving grace for all of her dramas.

        Sadly those aspects are missing from TKEM, thus, showing how weak and bad KES scripts really are.

  10. I agree with you. End it at Episode 10 and let Convenience Store Saet Byul of Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang wook be broadcasted earlier than June 12. CSSB looks more fun, exciting, watchable and interesting than TKEM.

  11. I liked the last two episodes. The story is very interesting with some clues scattered here and there.

    The biggest issue is the love story. They failed to make their chemistry believable in the first episodes and now it’s too late for a lot of persones (like me), their scenes bore me except when they exchange informations about their own world and investigations. KES’s dramas rest a lot on the love story and the couple with a good pair of actors and this drama is lacking for this part.

    But all the rest is good and it is enough for me.

  12. Agree with some comments above – there are just too many characters and sub-plots in this drama and the direction is not cohesive. The most boring character among the main leads is the King’s – except for the murder scene of his dad when he was a little boy and then the battle scene at sea, the King’s other scenes were boring. Everyone else is busy with their character development. But certainly, LMH is an eye-candy.Anyway, hopefully it will turnaround for him from ep 9

  13. I see people compare the failure of this drama to some other high budget shows like Arthdal and Vagabond, still I actually liked Vagabond and Arthdal much more than this.. Vagabond had some cool action and Arthdal really had good acting and plot, those were some reasons enough to keep me hooked. I don’t usually nitpick much I believe in enjoying the ride but even after trying so hard it’s difficult for me to continue watching TKEM after episode 4..I also don’t think that it’s the fault of actors, it’s actually bad storytelling and bad character writing on the part of writer.

    • Yes. I still able to finish VB and AC bc the plot still made you excite on every episodes…while TKEM’s is not well edited and directed with full of confusion that make me bore. Kim Hyung Nam is the only one who got positive response from this tho.

    • Yup even I enjoyed VB and AC. They had something unique to offer .VB’s story may be bizarre with an obnoxious ending but its characters had some layers and offered so much . AC is one of my favourite. It was so unpredictable that you don’t know who is gonna die next moment and the intention behind the characters .Apart from Eun Seom ,the protagonist, everyone had got some dirt up their collar. It also had so many subplots but everytime it would intrigue me and the pieces kind of fit perfectly .I m still waiting for season 2.Hope people realise its worth cause towards the end they started praising AC.
      In The King,I can’t even remember the faces shown in the previous episode. It gets confusing .

    • yeah AC, for all its faults, was interesting and unpredictable and the cast was 100 percent on point.

      This…it’s just confusing, and it’s not even as if there aren’t other dramas that have done the two-worlds thing and done it better, on a fraction of the budget of this one (see: W Two Worlds, Extraordinary You, short drama Splish Splash Love etc).

  14. I think the drama is watchable like better than melting me softly but then I don’t think I’ll remember it as good drama recommendation. It’s a drama to pass the time.
    Also I have no idea why I feel KGE doing worst that in goblin.
    LMH isn’t known as a good actor so it kind of not that surprising, not bad, it passable but now I felt like I know what people felt about her in Goblin.

    I rewatch Goblin and I was like “well, KGE isn’t always good, I just didn’t realised it back in Goblin”
    also she maybe good in other stuff but I am disappointed at her in Goblin and this

    • edit : *KGE doing worst than in Goblin”
      I remember I don’t think she is bad in goblin and I saw people typing their disappointment, now I feel like I understand them

    • I watched MMS and the only reason I survived to finish that drama was JCW on screen, so I get it if LMH fans watch this drama no matter what. and I know how awful it feels to see your fave stuck in a drama with horrible script. its life anyway.

  15. @Mel

    I don’t even have a dog-fight in this drama but anyways I will explain why you are wrong anyways. By the way I tried to reply under your post but something is wrong with the comment section is not working propely but just gonna do it here hope you see it.

    130k subs in PH is not so tiny when you multiple that with 16. You also have to take into consideration Asia Netflix subs who numbers around 20-25mio when you add India on top of it where TKEM is in the top 10 for the last 3 weeks. Then there is Latin where TKEM has been doing good + Parts of Africa and there is rest of the world views numbers.

    It can technically and mathematically get around 50-mio views averagely from Asia + India market these numbers come via multiple the views with 16 because it’s 16 episodes and there is no binging here which increases the chances of TKEM. Then there is Latin america where it could realistic scrab together 10-mio views and the rest of the world 10-mio views give or take.

    Thats around at the end 70-80mio views which it realistically could do since it has been topping charts. Tho the end result is not certain but I would give it a 50/50 chance of it ending on these numbers or around there. Which by all means will be considered a worldwide hit and end up on netflixs 2020 top 10 major hit series.

    The other shows you mentioned can’t do this numbers and won’t sniff anything close to that. TKEM was trending at 2 on twitter and weibo on it’s premier night. The hype and traffic it generates is way much higher

    • I never understand why it is so important to international fans that their fav’s drama is trending on twitter in other countries. Yes, it shows that it’s popular, but at the end of the day what does it materialize for the production team and the cast? Trending means popular at the moment, would anyone remember what trended last week or last month? A drama’s/movie’s success is always measured by ratings/box office numbers and/or critical acclaim and that’s what goes on the “transcript”. You see dramas celebrating and rewarding dramas with high ratings, but never for trending on social media and netflix popularity (correct me if I’m wrong on this). And all the tech savvy 20-49 Koreans watching online these days causing domestic ratings to fall, why aren’t they leaving any positive feedback on the news portal? I have yet to see a single good top comment about this drama. Whereas other dramas supposedly only ahjummas are watching, there are thousands of positive upvotes. So ahjummas know how to go online too.

      • @bbc

        “Whereas other dramas supposedly only ahjummas are watching, there are thousands of positive upvotes. So, ahjummas know how to get online too.”

        THIS ?. The rhetoric of “oh this drama is only watched by the teen, young adult demographic in South Korea who go online,” is just laughable, especially as other dramas have better upvotes on online portals.

        IC ruled the teen and young adult demographic in South Korea before it became the trend nationwide. Not the case here.

      • +1 Agree with everything you’ve written.
        While international popularity is a great bonus, the primary target are and always will be local audiences.
        The only foreign market which mattered money wise was China and they have a lot of local content these days + restrictions.
        This drama is the biggest flop of the year which is sad for cast and crew but that’s what it is. Not only is it a ratings flop but there is zero buzz around it. As an example, EY had ratings in 3% range on MBC but it still considered a success because of positive buzz and cult following among younger gen.
        This is turning out to be as forgettable as Melting softly but technically a bigger flop considering the stakes at play (LMH, KES, budget).

      • @Pete

        Ahjummas do KNOW how to go online, especially in South Korea. Do you know that Korea has one of the top digital literacy rates in the world. This isn’t some backward country in Asia or Africa, mind you. Plus, let me tell you something in Asia, especially in my country Malaysia, TWOM, IC and CLOY are watched by many young people, especially from the age of 25 and above, not just housewives alone. The buzz and discussions the dramas themselves generated are simply beyond what I see for the King.

        As for China, I believe I read somewhere in Koala’s article that they are not so happy with this drama, thus the low rating from them,although LMH is popular there.

        As for the product placement, most of the stuffs that they promote are basically Korean products, for example; the fried chicken and their hand phones.

      • @PY Memang world of married trending giler kat MY kan. Sampai banyak meme orang buat. Pastu ramai gak duk drop The King.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more! Ahjummas is where the money is and their taste for the most part has been impeccable ??

        A Korean drama at the end of the day is a KOREAN drama. No matter how international fans love it, domestic viewership is king. Don’t complain because your oppa/unni didn’t get good ratings, there’s a reason for it. Learn and move on.

        This has been such a flop for KES. I hope she learns from this and make her next drama better.

    • @Pete

      Hi, https://www.comparitech.com/tv-streaming/netflix-subscribers/ check again.

      I’ve said what I said about those arguments about “trending on netflix”.

      It’s a South Korean drama, made for and targeted for the south korean industry. Did you see any product placement for international products on the drama? No? Think about that.

      International hit compared to what? Where’s the statistics? You have the numbers?

      Were you there when IC, CLOY, DOTS, Goblin, Secret Garden, heck even The Heirs/BOF became DOMESTIC and international hits?

      Now compare the social media conversations, impacts of those dramas to TKEM.

      We’re now going on to the 9-10 episode this week, it’s a 16-ep drama. Still no critical acclaim, the social media convo’s been negative, the viral trend is not phenomenal than those other dramas that i’ve mentioned, ratings are falling, they’ve added another PD into the mix (you know why? damage control).

      For a KES drama and a big budget production this is unacceptable and no, “trending on netflix/twitter/weibo” is not enough.

    • @Malaysian

      Mereka yg just mempertahankan pdgn yg The King hebat hanya di Netflix, tak fhm pengaruh drama terhadap khayalak di media sosial scr luas. Saya adalah salah seorg yg drop The King lps tgk episode kedua, wlpn tidak menonton The World of Married. Namun I ada byk kwn-kwn yg kejar drama The World of Married dan pos kisah2 mereka di Facebook.

  16. Well, I am enjoying this drama! But you also need to appreciate all the dramas being made now are during a global pandemic- that surely affects many production aspects.

    • Many dramas were made during this pandemic, yet they don’t screw up with one controversy after another, plus they do not resort to hypes, just to cover-up poor editing, acting and writing skills.

      • Case in point, The Hospital Playlist, I have yet to see any screw ups there, and re: pandemic, some scenes from the drama are also filmed in a hospital.

    • Don’t tell me you need to be outdoors to do the writing, CGI work, post-production as well as the editing jobs. Look at CLOY, Itaewon, Hyenna, Kingdom,Hi, Bye Mama, the current rating-star TWOM, were all shot and aired during the global pandemic. These dramas have what it takes to win the Korean and international audience, in spite of the difficulties. Why? They stick to quality actors, actresses, quality scripts and quality producers, instead of relying on one or two big names in the world and let everything go autopilot.

  17. I see some people here who called Vagabond flop are now doing everything to justify TKEM’s rating. LMAO karma

    • well, Vagabond is a flop, that’s just a fact. Only barely double digit ratings after all that money and hype…

      It’s just that TK is a bigger flop!

  18. After TKEM’s run, KES should better reunite with the PD of MS, Goblin and DOTS. Further, I also wish she cast new faces and names. For me, the actors/actresses who should be considered for a KES drama are:

    (1) Kim Soo Hyun
    (2) Park Seo Joon
    (3) Won Bin (we need divine intervention here)
    (4) Joo Ji Hoon
    (5) Park Bo Gum
    (6) Lee Seung Gi
    (7) Kim Woo Bin (for main lead)

    (1) Son Ye Jin
    (2) Jun Ji Hyun
    (3) Kim So Hyun
    (4) Bae Suzy
    (5) Kim Yoo Jung
    (6) IU
    (7) Yoon Eun Hye

    Or, if KES wants to cast again her previous drama leads, my bet is for Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo to reunite. It’s about time we give these two a second chance coz their chemistry has all what it takes for a drama to succeed.

    • Not everyone is interested in starring in KES dramas. A number of actors turned down the lead role in DOTS before SJK was finally casted. Some actors might only want to star in big budget dramas, but some do care about the script and want to act in something that connects to them if they have the luxury to be choosey.

      • I have read DOTS was turned by many actors .It was even offered to Kim Woo Bin.

    • youre naming my faves here and I dont want any of them close to KES at the moment.
      I dont think actors like KSH or PSJ have any intrest to take roles in a KES drama. to cast them KES doesnt have anything to offer now. these actors are far from the rich chaebol guys she writes. She seriously needs to reconsider her writing style.

      • I hope none of of the veteran leading actresses or actors here like Son Ye Jin or Won Bin will accept any upcoming drama projects from this director, unless it is a historical one (like Mr Sunshine) or their co-stars have solid records (instead of looks only).

    • How about instead of casting changes, the woman makes some screenwriting changes instead? Her writing has been outdated, misogynistic and corny as hell for two decades and I still have no idea why people lap it up. The spectacular failure of TKEM should serve as a cold slap in the face for her and everyone who’s a fan of her dramas.

      And really? Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo together again in a drama, especially a KES drama? With her shitty acting and their past history as a couple? And knowing KES basically claimed to be one of the main reasons why Song Song Couple got together??? *shudders*

      • Why are you so angry about myrrana wanting to see HB and SHK together again? Lol

      • SHK has huge star power which is important in bringing in the buzz and ratings for the first few eps. That reason alone is enough for producers/writers to cast her.

      • You complained about her shitty acting yet NHK decided to cast SHK twice. Even had to persuade her to do TWTWB coz she wasn’t sure about doing a remake. Hyena’s writer chose to revise the script for her after she turned it down and KES herself was willing to make adjustments to her character in DotS after a discusion with her. Whether you like it or not, SHK remains one of the top choices for producers and writers.

        *Had to split the comments coz sometimes they won’t get posted. Don’t wanna retype the whole thing.

  19. Never mind if it didn’t got higher rating…with Heirs 2…which we,are eagerly waiting…it will be a big hit and for sure it would be trending worldwide! But take note…it should be with Park Shin Hye again…

    • seriously when is heirs2 coming that has to be with park shin hye in it to salvage lee min ho career graph as this one has really disappointing chemistry between couple. this is why all actors cant be paired with just anyone. i think every lee min ho like me is waiting for heirs 2 diligently . this drama has become like comatose patient who is tried to be revived by several pd . i wish park shin hye comes in cameo appearance and saves the drama like miracle

  20. I watched the first 2 episodes and I gave up lol. Will watch it but maybe if I can’t find anything to do/watch. (don’t hate me) I don’t like LMH or rather his acting. The premise is interesting but definitely agree that they should have just removed the romance part or maybe make it more subtle like making them as a “partners” who just flirt (lol) rather than “couple”. I find it hard watch with LMH on screen (sorry), cannot pinpoint it but def something is wrong with the casting.

    • IAM sorry to say but I don’t think it’s a good idea to judge someone’s effort!! IAM already finished ep 8 and IAM really curious about ep 9/10/12/13 or how long it takes I’ll still watch it! It’s really interesting and yeah romances between them is bringing out the relation between lee min ho & Go Eun wo’s character so I think its better you stop judging this drama on your own point of view and spoil the whole fun!

      • I am the same with you and can’t stop watching at this point. Pls do not spoil this for us who are excited to see the outcome of this drama.
        I love TKEM’s cast, writer, director and will finish this drama. Thank God for Netflix!!!!

  21. I enjoy watching TKEM better than MMS. I was disappointed because I am a big fan of JCW acting and his leading lady but for some reason halfway till the end the story doesn’t make sense but I still watch it since it’s JCW. On the other hand, TKEM unfolding of the story make sense but in a slower pace and my excitement getting ahead of me. Still continue watching it on Netflix since I’m bound curious to know where the main characters end up…In Kingdom of Corea or Republic of Korea….that I’m dying to know..Wouldn’t you?

  22. I enjoy watching TKEM better than MMS. I was disappointed because I am a big fan of JCW acting and his leading lady but for some reason halfway till the end the story doesn’t make sense but I still watch it since it’s JCW. On the other hand, TKEM unfolding of the story make sense but in a slower pace and my excitement getting ahead of me. Still continue watching it on Netflix since I’m bound curious to know where the main characters end up…In Kingdom of Corea or Republic of Korea?….that, I’m dying to know..Wouldn’t you?..that particular reason alone is enough for me to stick around till the end.

  23. Why are the critics who evaluate these dramas or movies so mean and cruel with their words. Even if you have a string of hits being movies or song eventually
    Some are not going to do as well as others. Can you mister critic Act, direct, or produce? And try to leave profanity out ( like the word shit) The actors directors, producer probably already know the ratings do you have to rub salt in their wounds. It’s just a drama, no where as important as the Coronavirus. Get your message across
    Without being so mean! I will respect you more.

  24. I’m enjoying TKEM. I really don’t a big Rat’s Arse what so called Critics says, simply bc everyone flapping their jaws has ZERO Experience as a Writer, Producer or Director, and most importantly are the majority NOT even Professional Critics.

    I’ll be ecstatic if TKEM Succeeds; however, if it flops it Flops. It won’t be the FIRST Drama to flop & it damned sure won’t be the Last!

    Just for the Record, I am a DEVOTED LMH Fan. NOT ALL of his Fans wear BLINDERS. Should this Drama not be as Successful, I had hope; I would not look to blame someone else for the deficiencies in the project.

    My belief is > Life is a Gamble; you win some & you lose some.

  25. For a KES ‘s drama it’s a flop . Period. This can be good for her. One never loses , you win or you learn . I think that’s Nelson Mandela who said that. I hope she will be back with a great drama next time.

    • I agree. No sugarcoating it. I think her writing team and certain directors as well as some actors have helped her quite a bit since DOTS. She rested on her laurels a bit and it didn’t pan out this time. I feel for the actors because they are the faces of the poor writing and direction. Even if they were giving Oscar winning performances, it wouldn’t work. LMH probably took the role without even seeing a script.

    • Let’s be kinder. Good writers/ sportsmen/ PDs and others, all can fumble at some point in their career. This was the case for the Hong sisters, who had a string of popular dramas, and then did not make it so big (pun intended) with their drama, ironically called Big. It was followed by another failure, Warm & Cozy. They made it only half way back in A Korean Odyssey but made a hit with Hotel de Luna. So I do hope that KES would take this as a time of reviewing her work, maybe even resting for awhile and then coming back with a good drama.

  26. Ratings are on a downward spiral. Quality is mediocre. However, I am shocked at how it is actually reflected in the ratings because I still thought people would tune in out of curiosity. However, viewers are getting less lenient towards shows in general because there are just too many options out there now. Hopefully, the second half continues to improve for those who choose to stick by it.

    This drama really should’ve been a fantasy/sci-fi/mystery first and foremost. KES should have got help from someone who has experience with those genres. Then, she could’ve figured out how to weave in her trademark romcom tropes.

    Romance could’ve naturally blossomed between the leads as they work together to figure out the parallel worlds and Lee Rim’s plot. Honestly, it’s not even about which episode they should fall in love with each other, but HOW they fall for each other. If you can’t lay down strong foundations for characters’ attractions to one another and how they’re suddenly inseparable/fated lovers/whatever, then ultimately, it is a failure.

    I understand why there are people who like the couple and root for them because they probably found something that they like. That doesn’t necessarily mean the couple was developed well. I have had dramas where I root for the main OTP because I had a bias for the actor/actress or liked the characters. Sometimes you just like what you like.

    For an example of a couple that got together very early on and was believable was Hyena. I understand why Hee Jae and Geum Ja fell for each other. Also, even if I hadn’t bought the initial setup, their relationship kept developing organically and chemistry grew.

    • Now that I think about it, the concept of the show would’ve had a better pay off if it’s structured like Kingdom. A seasonal 6 to 10 episoder show. Maybe a 3-arc story. With that, they’d have a much better chance of building the universe, weave in the romance, and develop the sub-plots. It’s really difficult to try and tell all of the stories (major and supporting sub-stories) in one go. What they want to achieve is too complex to be a 16 episoder drama that every detail is struggling to make an impact.

      • What was the Netflix deal originally like? Anybody knows? Is it like Kingdom, a Netflix Originals, or was it only a distribution rights deal from the start?

        A concept structured like Kingdom (6-10 episodes) could only be done on Netflix. That’s not the norm for South Korean TV.

        And I am a bit skeptical she’d be able to build the worlds properly either way, without the backing of a competent writers’ room.

      • As far as I know there are seasonal shows in Korea that are not aired in Netflix. Forgot the titles (I think there’s one which is a medical drama) since I don’t really watch KDrama anymore. I agree that even if done this way KES would still falter because she’s not exactly a very good writer. I’m just thinking in general. Like, someone else having the same concept and building the show in that manner. Or her concept aided by someone else who’s adept in world building. In my opinion, TKEM is conceptually interesting. Could’ve been a great show if under the hands of more experienced and nuanced creatives.

      • Ah, I agree, the concept is interesting.

        Wonder if the writer of Signal/Kingdom could do it a lot better?

        She did a good job with Kingdom, with all its regal. Though I assume she will go darker in tone and theme, a much better fit on cable TV (if gunning for mass audience) and Netflix.

        God, thinking of the might-have-beens just frustrated me even more, LOL.

      • @Mel, right? It is conceptually interesting. I think that’s the reason why I’m sticking with the show even if I know there isn’t really enough wiggle room for improvement now that they’ve passed the half mark.

        Kingdom screenwriter was actually the first one I thought of. And the one who adapted W (I haven’t really seen the show, but from what I remember it was a well-received and critically acclaimed drama).

        I wouldn’t mind a much darker TKEM. Haha. I think it’ll work better that way anyway. True, it really is frustrating. They’ve wasted a potentially good story. Hopefully, someone in the future would make a more compelling take on this parallel-universe-star-crossed-lovers-police-crime mixology of a drama. Haha!

    • It is not the 2nd or 5th episode,but the 8th episode. Yet, the ratings, comments and viewership are still low.Plus, the actors, actresses and the writer are not newbies in the industry.

    • It can’t be categorised as hate ,maybe some can be haters due to their bias but majority are neutral audience or rather fans of KES previous dramas. With so much hype build around people expected it to be a masterpiece but it turned out to be a mess. And the most frustrating part is this story had so much potential. I accept it is hard to accept criticism for those who love this drama but it is the general consensus which you can’t change.
      People may say that as ratings are low thus they are nitpicking .But even the premier episode was criticised a lot and at that time ratings were not out.
      Funny thing is ,CLOY was criticised a lot deeming it to be a big failure even before it aired .There were so many hate comments. Whereas TKEM was awaited by many people on a positive note. But what is the ultimate result?? One became blockbuster both locally and internationally,going all the way to US and the other not able to please even their local audience.

  27. LMH fans have always blamed the actresses he works with. It is not something new. If the drama works, it is because of his charisma and great acting. If it doesn’t, it is because of others, especially the female leads. He chooses the same kind of roles and sleepwalks through them. I think he has even forgotten how to act since his projects do not demand anything much from him. Actors younger than him with less experience are choosing better projects which demand them to do more while LMH is still doing another version of his BOF role.

    • ^this. The only costars of his they don’t dare come for are Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin, and that’s because they are, well, a tier higher than LMH can ever reach.

      I dared to point out before the drama aired that it’s not 2009 anymore and there are actors who have surpassed him in relevance and popularity, and it was NOT well received at all lol.

  28. I can’t believe a KES drama has hit this low. Anyways, since LMH fan said single digit average is equivalent to having NO STAR POWER, I guess this is what’s happened here lol.

  29. KES dramas are so mediocre and cringe outside of a select few. Therefore, she needs to re-evaluate who she picks as leads in her drama after this. Her scripts always rely on the acting, visual, and star power of the male lead IN KOREA. Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, and LBH can act and carry their dramas well. She over-estimated LMH’s impact in his home country. He is only known for visual among hallyu-obbssessed fangirls. Can’t wait to see his fans place the blame again on his female co-star, the writing, directing, netflix, covid-19, overlapping time slots, youth who apparently don’t watch tv, everything under the sun except him lol.

    • Have you forgotten that LMH acted in Heirs, a rather successful drama by KES? Perhaps that’s why she chose him again. And she needs a young, tall and very regal-looking actor – which LBH (too old), SJK (not tall enough and too baby-face) & Goo Yoo (not regal enough) don’t fit.

      • Yeah, and it was overdhadowed/got lower ratings than the underdog “Secret” lmao. It wasn’t until the competition (“Secret”) had ended its run did it start garner better ratings. Even then. Kim Woo Bin and a bunch of supporting cast overshadowed the male lead lol. Just face it. Only hallyu-obssessed fangirls like him (for his face). Korea, on the hand, will choose Gong Yoo, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Seo Joon, Won Bin, Park Bo Gum, etc. over him any day.

    • She might plan to change LMH after this since she already used him in the same drama like twice, especially now that this drama brings a lot of negative reviews and low ratings.

  30. I really really am enjoying this show. I have to read every word of the show in close caption and I still look forward to it each week. I mostly love the chemistry between the characters. I know it is make believe but is entertaining and that is what we should be looking for in television tight. I hope there are many season to come. Thanks

  31. This drama is the only one I’m watching with the highest anticipation. I love everything about it. The mystery stimulates my imagination and the events and locations take me to various dimensions and provides a whole lot of discussion among us in the family after watching every episode. Regardless of ratings, comments, opinions, I find this drama worth every second of my precious time!!!!!♡♡♡♡

  32. Doesn’t matter, I love Lee Min Ho. I love this drama and I will support it either way.. I don’t see any problem with this drama at all. It is entertaining and I giggle. That’s enough for me to keep watching it. Such a big deal. I wanna commend these people working behind this series. I hope people stop being negative and just appreciate the works of others than criticize it.

  33. I think the drama is great. It appears the negative attacks stem from jealousy and personally targeting the screenwriter.

    At the beginning of each episode there is a disclaimer that state “All characters, places, organizations, religion and incidents Portrayed in this drama are Fictitious”; that being stated “What part of that do you not understand”.

    We have the right to watch what we like and not watch what we do not like.

    I would like to thank the screenwriter and actors for a wonderful entertaining drama.

    At this time when the entire World is in a pandemic, a show like this offers a little escape.

    The negative attacks appear to have personal motives to destroy and belittle others.

    • I have to disagree. Everyone can express opinions of like or dislike. Dislike does not equal an attack. The drama ratings also show its dwindling audience interest. Of course you can watch. But you cannot stop others from talking about their displeasure.

    • I think many people are just targeting the screenwriter. It’s number 1 in netflix here! My family loves this series. How can they lie about the ratings? I have watched TWOMC, though it is nice, I love TKEM better! This is way more entertaining and my cup of tea. Don’t belittle this writer’s creative mind. This is such a unique and different level of storytelling that it reminds me of harry potter’s writer. I really salute this writer who was able to think of this complicated and unique storyline and able to hold the interest of the viewers like me! Our family of 10 loves this series!!! Thank you to the staffs and cast of TKEM for entertaining us during the Coronavirus season. God bless u all!

    • I rate this drama with a high score. With lock down here in our country, I have been stuck watching a lot Korean serye. Glad they made this drama and shown it during lock down. I appreciate the producers, writers, casts and staffs who shoot this drama to keep us entertained during lock up period. It is saving my sanity.
      I love Netflix and The King.

  34. I live in Canada and I watch in on Netflix in my house of 8 people and we all watch it. It’s a great show and this is an non asian house so this show breaks racial lines. I wish this was more than 1 year I hope there is a spin off great show.

    • Same with us actually. We are wishing that it will be more than 16 episodes. We have 4 subscription of Netflix in 1 account. We are all loving it. Always sad when Saturday’s episodes are finished. Great casts!

  35. I love this drama.
    Why are you even reviewing the ratings?
    It is not only all about the ratings.
    Other factors should count as well.
    Chin up, the King Eternal Monarch.
    All of you guys are doing a great job!
    Our family loves this show.
    Even my 8 year old kid is also tuning in to this drama!
    We most especially love Leeminho and Max’s chemistry.
    We are all waiting what will unfold next.
    Writer is a genius for thinking of this plot.
    Highly entertaining??

  36. Inspiring love storyline between the 2 leads.
    Loving the unique plot, never a boring moment.
    Lee min ho really improved in terms of acting skills.
    When he looks at KGE, I really felt the love.
    Omigosh, it makes me melt. This actor gets better the more he age. Great great acting on how he managed to
    convinced me. Even my husband who doesnt watched kdrama also tunes in with me to watch it. Success!!!

  37. Very entertaining and we are all laughing and cheering wildly whenever the female and male lead are having a romantic moment esp the scene where they were both in the horse going to the world of Corea. Loving the creative genius of this writer. Never seen a story like this and I have watched a thousand korean series. Very unique and different!
    Great and very believable acting.
    Kuddos to the writers, actors and staffs!
    Will continue to watch!
    Keep up the good work guys??

  38. Super addicting!!!
    Loving this unique series with my whole heart?
    Wish Friday is here already.
    Superb acting to all casts

  39. Our family all watched this on Netflix!
    Highly entertaining and we are always laughing
    and alternately giddy specially the women in our family!
    This is the first series we are all hooked on together!
    Lead actor is so handsome and female lead is so pretty as well. They looked like they are so in love.
    If that is acting, they are doing a heck of a great job!!!
    Writer is a genius! Complicated and unique plot.
    We are amazed and mesmerized!!!!

  40. What bad ratings??? It’s number 1 in Netflix????
    The people who are criticizing this show, just take a hike.
    We are hooked on this show and if you don’t like it. Thats your problem! Will continue to wait every Friday for this show to air. Friday couldn’t come soon enough.0

  41. The King Etenal Monarch is the best show so far for me. No bias! I am addicted. It makes me happy to watch this show. This is so different and unique, I want to ask where the writer gets her ideas from?? I love to write but even I can’t comprehend how she was able to conceive the parallel universe concept?!? Talented writer, cast and directors. Congratulations! We are all hooked.

  42. Best drama ever!!!
    Love the actors!!!
    Great job to the writer, actors and everyone who works for this drama.
    Tuning in to the next episodes.

  43. What’s all the bad comment?!!
    Guys, leave us alone. Most of us are loving this drama. We love everything about this series.
    From the writer, actors, acting, outfits, cinematography, lightings, jokes, landscape.
    It is making us entertained amid the covid19 scare.
    Just leave us in peace!

  44. Must watch show!!!
    Everything is great!!’
    From visuals filter used, actors’ chemistry,
    writer’s storytelling, even the product that was
    advertise, it makes me want to buy it all. They are all good at what they do. from acting and advertising. truly effective in their craft. from
    acting to advertising. Great job.

  45. I’m rewatching because I can’t get over the scene where LMH carried KGE away while riding Maximus. We all need this romance in our lives. it is the most romantic series of 2020.

    • I didn’t think that after Goblin, Kim Go Eun will have another successful drama. But this one is really a powerful and highly anticipated drama. I am always excited what comes next. Love the chemistry between the two leads. Great and first time to see this kind of plot. A modern king in 2 modern parallel universe. something new and easy to watch. I
      don’t like watching The world of married couple as it is too heavy to watch. Always excited to watch the King eternal monarch instead.

      • KES plot has always been unbeatable. I feel they are badmouthing her because of the intricate plot. But truth is that is why you will keep watching this drama because you want to find out what is behind and what drove all this villains to commit all this crimes. It is getting exciting.

  46. additive series. i dont know how vast the imagination of this writer that she was able to think up of this concept. truly only a genius mind can do this.
    great, great acting skills of all the cast most specially to lmh and kge.
    they look so in love. wish they will end up together. it makes me believe they are really in love with each other.
    great acting because you had me
    going. see you friday my sweet lmh

  47. Great chemistry between Kim Go Eun and Lee Min ho.
    Loving the plot, very original!
    Our whole family is watching and loving.
    Papa, mama, and all of us kids.
    We prepare some snacks and make it into a bonding night!
    Thank goodness for Netflix! Thank you for the great show the King Eternal Monarch??

  48. The King Eternal Monarch rocks??
    Great stuffs. I don’t understand why the rating is low.
    I love this korean drama. Interesting plot, great acting skills, elegant outfits and fantastic sets. What’s not to love?

  49. Original and complicated plot. The writer is a has a great creative mind. I’m hooked and can’t stop! I can’t believe how she was able to weave this all together. Great great drama.

  50. I am waiting in anticipation what comes next in this drama. Lee Min Ho is not just an eyecandy. He has improved in his acting. The way he gazes at Kim
    Go Eun is really a showstopper. If it is all acting, he is doing a marvelous job acting. Love love this Korean drama.

  51. Romantic and easy to watch.
    Superb plot and story. Very unique and interesting. Never seen this kind of plot before.
    Great acting skills. Best drama ever.
    I’m now an official fan of Lee min ho!

  52. What has all this people got on Lee Min Ho?
    Sourgraping much people?
    He is a talented A class actor who just happens to be the most good looking man in Korea.
    If you can’t say anything good, better not say anything bad at all or bad karma will bite you in the butt!!!

    • I don’t think LMH is the most good looking man in Korea. He is good looking but not the most. You have not seen enough K-actors. LOL.

      • Oh! I have been watching K dramas for 14 years already. I have seen enough kdramas to last me a lifetime. Thank you very much! I love PBG, JCW and PSJ as well. I think they are also good looking. But I still love LMH the most. Everyone is entitled to their opinion here that is why this is the comments section✌?✌?✌?

      • Yes Oppa LMH never grows old.
        He has matured gracefully.
        Highly anticipating the next episodes in Netflix!
        Hope they air every night instead of twice a week. The coronavirus won’t kill me but the wait is killing me.

      • Jack calls LMH an oppa is so sick. Same sex don’t use oppa as a term in Korean dude ? good luck in your search of a partner

      • Who are you to malign Jack? Why do you think Jack is a man? She sounds like a female. Lots of Jack is short for jackie or jacqueline you know. Don’t be such a homophobic Joker and a know it all. What a True joker

  53. Fantastic drama that got all of us here at home hooked!
    Perfect casting with chemistry, genius writer, nice cinematography and very romantic scenes. We are all filled with giddy anticipation on the next upcoming episodes. Can’t believe the lies of the low rating! 16 family members here are all watching Netflix together during fri and sat night! We are not a fan of Mr. Lee min Ho, but we are all now fans of Mr Lee’s witty lines and superb acting !!! Congratulations on this show stopper! This is the perfect way to pass time during the Covid 19 lockdown.

    • Lee Minho is the perfect imperial king in The King Eternal Monarch. Whatever role he plays, he can play with ease and confidence. Be it be rich, dirty, poor, comedy, action,
      He can play it all well and professionally.
      Too bad people are all ill informed with all the roles he had played. Netizens should do their research first!
      From a comedy student in Mackerel Run, rich and arrogant student in Boys over flowers, gay professional man in Personal taste, a courageous warrior in the historical drama Faith, as a bold assassin in City hunter, as a homeless gang member in Gangnam Blues, as a misunderstood student in the Inheritors, as a con artist in Legend of the blue seas and the list goes on. You can’t put a good actor down.

  54. I think many people are just targeting the screenwriter. It’s number 1 in netflix here! My family loves this series. How can they lie about the ratings? I have watched TWOMC, though it is nice, I love TKEM better! This is way more entertaining and my cup of tea. Don’t belittle this writer’s creative mind. This is such a unique and different level of storytelling that it reminds me of harry potter’s writer. I really salute this writer who was able to think of this complicated and unique storyline and able to hold the interest of the viewers like me! Our family of 10 loves this series!!! Thank you to the staffs and cast of TKEM for entertaining us during the Coronavirus season. God bless u all!

  55. Lee Min Ho is such a great actor, very regal and serene, truly perfect for his role as the king.
    He has great chemistry with KGE.
    They really look like they are so in love. I hope they end up together.
    He is such a versatile actor. From playing students in heirs and BOF, gangster in gangnam blues, gay architect in personal taste, assassin in city hunter, a general warrior in Faith and now he has come full circle as a regal and serene king. Lee min ho has come a long long way! He has matured in his acting skills.
    I Love TKEM! I’m riveted by this new series. Can’t wait for more.

    • Yes, I feel Lee Min Ho has played many parts well eversince his debut. You forgot to mention he also acted as a conman in LOBS and Bounty hunter.
      This is the first time he played a king in TKEM. Sure he has played the part of a rich student in BOF and Heirs. But acting as king in TKEM, he has to act tough, matured, dignified, classy and refined. He acts with his eyes and I can feel the emotion radiating from him.

  56. Wow, 19 comments from May 13 11:28AM to 12:55PM from one big family or one person with lots of time. You all say the same thing. We get it. Enough said!!!

      • Huh? Why just because families watch it? It is after all a PG rating drama. You actually don’t make sense. Why are you so mad about it? I can understand that because of the pandemic, a lot of families has been increasing family bonding time over Netflix.

      • Maricel. There is something off if you cannot tell all these comments come from the same person. Your name tells all.

    • THERE wil always be 1 hater in the crowd. I love this series and nothing you say can make me change my mind. This is a free comment section, so all
      people who loves the series can comment right? Unless you are the owner of this blog and u dont want to face the truth that a lot of people loves the series as well. This blog is so bias against all its post. Will never read this blog ever!

  57. I’m so happy to see Lee MinHo as a king in TKEM. He really looks and acts regal here. A true king of Korean romantic series! Nobody does it better. Love the pairing of Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho as well. I love the contrast in terms of their height and looks. For me, it shows that love can truly conquers all in terms of race, looks, height and everything else. Stop hating people. Watching romantic drama should inspire love and not hate. Just enjoy the drama. No need to spew a lot of hate.

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