Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Show the Two Sides of Marriage in Posters for tvN Drama Flower of Evil

I like the bottom poster better for the sheer intensity but the top poster just makes my love addled heart pitter patter. tvN released two official drama posters for upcoming melodrama thriller Flower of Evil with Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won, almost going overboard with the skinskip after their first go around in Criminal Minds was a straight procedural. But not all skinship is the good kind and a marriage based on lies as between the leads in the drama is bound to have ramifications. In the top poster the couple looks to be in dreamy near embrace but the bottom poster without the back lighting shows them in near physical altercation. It’s like The World of the Married if the male lead character was described as a “psychopath” hiding from his past. I can’t even hope he’s a redeemable baddie, I think Lee Jun Ki just wants to pile on the hurt and unload his acting prowess by playing a real bad guy, and not the Song Joong Ki type of Nice Guy bad guy.


Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Show the Two Sides of Marriage in Posters for tvN Drama Flower of Evil — 19 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward for this one as well. The story sounds interesting and i bet i’ll shed some tears hoping for a happy ending. afterall, they’ll play a couple married for 14 yrs.

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  3. Moon Chae Won really fell off the radar for me prob since Nice Guy. She was one of the top actresses specially with that magnificent performance in TPM (which btw is still the best romance sageuk ever). But now she tends to be in less hyped dramas. Not that it’s a bad thing necessarily but I just don’t see too much buzz around her basically.

    Anyway I hope this works out for her since I used to be a big fan. Then I hope she does a sageuk!

    • She does movies btw, and that should count. I would say Moon Geun Young truly fell off radar despite occasionally doing dramas.

      • I gonna agree with you but I have to point out that Good Doctor was a hit too. I think that was the last hit project she had, after that she seemed to take different approach on her career (management and type of dramas she takes). Also she do less fan service and promotions after changing her agency.

        Despite that, I believe her career after Good Doctor is just like any other top actors and actresses after they reached their prime. Also most buzz dramas and actors for the last few years were from less known or rookies.

        I just hope this one will be different though. I hope for its success both ratings and plot coz her and LJK really deserves it.

      • To me that is a priviledge on her part. That means she can afford to be less visible yet still getting lead role. That means her reputation is stable.

        I think she is less outgoing and an introvert, so her activities fits her personality.

    • Because rom-com are the best and quality dramas and she’s not been in any of them for few years now.

      Look at Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin were banking from it. ?

      • Agreed – rom coms tend to take a bulk of the attention. Tho she has that woodpecker drama I believe. I think she also isn’t working with buzzy actors maybe.

        I do like her so hopefully this is good for her career.

  4. Hopefully, it will end up great.. tired of JG’s latest bad choices.. he is the only actor that makes me come back to kdrama land, its been along time since I lost my interest in them..this time will keep my expectation low!

  5. I love the dual side posters.

    This is the drama I am most looking forward to. Been missing LJK so much.

    I pray this will be an amazing watch.

  6. really looking forward to this! i missed moon chae won. couldn’t finish mama fairy no matter how much i tried to, so i hope this is good.

    • I can’t even watch the drama after reading all the reviews. MCW is my second favourite actress after GHJ and it is such a shame that she didn’t really have a luck in choosing good drama. I’m hoping that this drama will be the drama that will make her rise to stardom once again after the successful TPM. Let’s hope for the best!

      • TPM is my favorite sageuk, but now i can’t watch it because of the lead actor. *sigh* yes, praying this project is successful!

  7. The posters give me World of the Married vibes. I don’t know what it would be like but the plot sounds interesting so I probably would see how the reviews go and give it a watch. MCW is pretty and act well enough so I like her. Hope to see MCW hit big again because girl was big in 2011-2014 with her movie, Innocent Man and Good Doctor but she somehow just faded away.

    WHY WHY………..

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