Kim Ji Won Captivates in Shades of Blue and White for Bazaar Korea June 2020 Edition

It’s been exactly a year since the biggest budget K-drama of all time arrived with Arthdal Chronicles, and I can still remember my family members snerking when they randomly walked by as I was watching episode 1 because they wondered why it was so bad even catching snippets of it. It was ambitious and nowhere near the worst drama ever made, but for the budget and the A-list cast it was inexplicably dull and dreary. Kim Ji Won was primed for her big break landing the female lead but I think it’s pushed pause on her career ambitions which accelerated after Descendants of the Sun. I would like to see her focus on roles that work to her strengths, a steely charm of a strong woman with a next door neighbor vibe. For the June 2020 edition of Bazaar Korea she’s the good girl grown up with so much soft classy elegance I’m sure she’s still in the running for name brand actress in her own right one of these days.


Kim Ji Won Captivates in Shades of Blue and White for Bazaar Korea June 2020 Edition — 30 Comments

  1. She failed to maintain her little “popularity” after DOTS. She is now ” A has been actress” and now an irrelevant one.

  2. Is it only me that liked Arthdal Chronicles..??..I was intrigued by the unique premise which has never been done in k-dramaland. Sure it had some flaws but over-all it was good. The acting by the cast was superb especially JDG and Kim Ok Bin…SJK also nailed it..I honestly felt like the roles of Saya and Eun Som were done by two different people.. And yeah Kim Ji Won was great too.

    • No I really enjoyed it and thought it was very good. It isn’t for everyone but it was not a bad drama at all. All the cast were great, including KJW. Too bad season 2 is pushed back due to the pandemic.

    • yeah it had bad CGI but the story was interesting. If only Netflix didn’t try to force it into a multiple-seasons format, the pace and completeness of the storyline could have been much better.

      Also you can’t deny the talent of the main cast.

    • @Astar

      Nah, I liked it too. SJK, KJW and JDW were brilliant in it. While I enjoyed the episodes I watched, I can see how it wouldn’t appeal much to the average kdrama watcher. It’s like a Western movie production with Korean actors. Nothing about the drama is remotely reminiscent of Korea except the language that is spoken. Even the costumes and makeup where more ‘ancient Greek’ derived. So it could rightly be termed the Kotean version of Game of Thrones. As an international viewer, I did enjoy it, though. Particularly, SJK’s playing dual roles and all of the veteran cast performances. It’s good to see PD’s trying new concepts and evolving.

  3. Did AC really have season 2? If true i hope she didnt take her role again and find better role, please ? this girl really amazing in FMW ???

  4. I hated her in hiers(character).then i loved her in DOTS.then i loved her more in FFMW.totally i love her??.she really suit bossy atitudes.hope she return with new kdrama

  5. Park Hae Jin has been cast in OCN Crime Puzzle and I think KJW would be the perfect FL…just a suggestion. Talented and beautiful she would really suit ‘Yoo Hee’ to a T. At least her acting resume is varied and has an interesting range of genres. She looks good in anything and with anyone. Yep I hope she gets FL role if AC #2 isn’t happening anytime soon.

  6. She’s very pretty and a good actress too… badly waiting for Arthdal Chronicles Season 2..very nice story.. hope that they’re gonna start filming it…

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  8. i love Kim Ji Won on Fight For My Way. her character as Aera was adorable. nothing beats her was a legend hahaa.. hope theres is a series of Fight For My Way 2. people loves to see Dongman and Aera together. keep on sprakling Kim Ji Won. hwaiting!!!

  9. Pretty gal.

    She’s a very versatile actress. I like that she continually pushes herself to play a myriad of different characters, and different genres and infuses each character with something different. I was watching a clip of her various roles over the years and I realized, that at a glance, I could easily tell Rachel (Heirs) apart from Ma Ji Wol (Gap dong), and that from Myung-Ju (DOTS), from Choi Aera (FMW) and Tanya (AC). I hope she continually challenges herself as she’s a joy to watch.

    • ^ I co-sign this comment!

      Girl has proved herself a dozen times over, she more than deserves top leading lady status.

  10. She is one of tbe best korean actresses and really is beautiful so you think she is biracial. she was amazing in Arthdal chronicles…Ac was the best korean drama that I have seen…so I couldn’t another k drama comparing with it.

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