Kim So Hyun Looking Uber Fresh Modeling Simple White T-shirt Perfect for Summer

The simple white t-shirt is problematic for me, too thin and it’s see through and too thick it looks chunky. That sucks because the white t-shirt and denim shorts look perfectly encapsulates summer chic. Kim So Hyun totally pulls it off in her latest clothing CF modeling a white t-shirt with an orange slice in the middle but randomly the words say Green Orange lol. Her hair is a bit longer since her The Tale of Nokdu chop off and looks lovely on her just below the shoulders with chunky bangs that frame her face well. If August turns out to not have interesting dramas I will dive into a re-watch of Nokdu, really miss that sweet OTP.


Kim So Hyun Looking Uber Fresh Modeling Simple White T-shirt Perfect for Summer — 139 Comments

  1. I miss her ?

    Seems like this year gonna be her first year without any drama scheduled and Love Alarm Season 2 has been romoured to be airing on first half of year 2021.

    • Me too ??

      There is still no announcement about her next project except for LAS2 next year.
      Hope baby is resting well and focusing on her studies.

      Btw, that post has the most likes in her IG, guess a lot of people are missing her as she seldom update these days.

      Hwaiting Sso!

    • I think it is not a rumor anymore. The PDs and writers announced in instagram that Love Alarm S2 will be aired in 2021.

    • Everyone is missing her. Beautiful doll angel inside and out! She remains the most beautiful, kind and talented actress of her generation.

    • Netflix and her endorsements must be paying her a lot for her to stop taking multiple projects this year-something she used to do in the past.

    • Hope she will be cast as the female lead of Hong Chun Gi. I can already see her exploding chemistry with Ahn Hyo Seop.

      • Hoping she willbe cast as FL for HCG. I am dying to know what will be her next drama besides Love Alarm.

      • I’m hoping that too.. i want her in another historical drama! after all, she looks sooooo beautiful and gorgeous in hanbok

    • She is gorgeous and the most beautiful actress of her time! No wonder she has a league of celebrity fan boys! Everyone is crushing on her!

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wish I was as “plain, unappealing, and not pretty” as you think she is. I look so ugly in comparison:(

    • And she has bunny teeth. How can someone label her as some legendary future beauty? They try to make her next kim tae hee as visual lmaoo

      • @thylane Your fave is rumored to be dating V lmao. She is more known than him in Korea, but he is a global star. “Stepping stone” my ass lol. Suzy had already achieved all of her domestic success before dating LMH. She hit big in 2012 and didn’t date LMH until end of 2014. Do a bit of research, hun. I never claimed Suzy to be a hallyu star, I’m not delusional like y’all who think KSH is some hallyu star LOL. Hallyu star, but Sohyun doesn’t even rank in government hallyu survey KOFICE? lol

      • I am not thy . And no ksh is not bigger star than v domestically n overseas. The gallup poll u used he is ranked numver 4. It is among gp. Deal with it

      • Oops quoted the wrong person. Ady, I think we should agree to disagree about V’s domestic popularity. It’s just my opinion. Sohyun was acting since child actress days, so she is well-known among GP. But popularity is another story. She is B-list AT BEST. I’m not delusional like Sohyun fans to think KSH is bigger OVERALL than V who is one of the world’s biggest stars, though.

      • Marie good to see having respectful talk. Frankly i would love to apologise for bashing suzy all those days bcoz i dont hate her. After seei g her charity i decided to stop bashing her. Tbh she is superstat anyways. These girls cant relate
        Its okay u disagree
        Lol ksh fans act brave. She has like 4 cfs. N comoare to jjh shk who were actually superstars by her age

      • Thanks. I apologize as well. I’ve decided to stop trolling on this site and stop bashing female celebs out of nowhere. But that doesn’t mean I won’t bash them if their fans start first, like here with that Maryanne lol. KSH and KYJ fans are the most delusional fans I’ve ever some across. They really think their faves are the next SHK and JJH LMAO. KSH and KYJ can’t even surpass other actresses in the same decade like Suzy, IU, KGE, KTR, Yoona, PSH, but somehow they are the next SHK and JJH LOL.

      • Marie – I am not a KSH fan. I am just stating my opinions and disagreements. A troll is always a troll. You are being delusional if you think you are not. You and that foul-mouthful person sound alike, both are admitting to bashing, and will continue to bash. This is such a joke! And for your record, I DID NOT START FIRST. I was replying to Joane and seriously don’t know WHERE you came from and called me out in this thread. Now we have all realized Marie = Joane = Moonlight Yoo. TROLL.

      • Ok I will call out foul-mouth Ady. Does this make you happier? You always call others hypocrite when you do not have anything to say but to put in your last words. You are so predictable. Lol.

    • Joane – why are you here to stir up a fan war? KSH has great appeal and charisma. She is the lead of a Netflix drama with lots of international fans.
      Ady – are you mistaking her as Bugs Bunny Suzy? KSH does not have bunny teeth.
      Agree with Laura. Beauty is subjective.

      • Suzy is still pretty than her lol. Ksh still has weird teeth and gums!
        Like u said beauty is subjective. I am giving opinion like u!

      • My opinion is you’re a bed bug. Keep sobbing that your lmh failed this year with his comeback drama in both quality and ratings. His peer has a better quality drama in IONTBO although rating not good but at least it’s well beloved and he can act unlike like stiff lmh

      • Funny how Ady now writes negative opinions about KSH ever since she was told by that one user how KSH is more well-known among the Korean general public than her boy group member fave lmao (which is the truth!). But I do agree with her that Suzy is indeed much prettier!! Bunny Suzy is bigger, has more CFs, more SNS followers, better drama offers and ratings than your fave, Maryanne. Stay pressed.

      • @ Marie suzy may have more CFs and followers but better drama offers that’s debatable, and the ratings are more due to her costars, her acting has being ripped in pieces with every role.

      • What’s with the comparison with Suzy and So Hyun? They are from different generations. In addition, they are friends in real life. Stop your bashing because they are both excellent in their jobs. The love from the general Korean audience is enough for them to be called a top beauty. Remember each country has a different standards of beauty.

      • Marie – I disagree that Suzy is prettier. Beauty is subjective. To me, KSH is more natural, younger, can act and I am actually ok with her teeth. KSH’s eyes are definitely more beautiful. My opinion.

      • @Marie loser baby get lost and focus on Suzy getting beaten by IU in everything. KSH is extremely popular for her age and everyone knows it. So stop being pressed about someone 5 years younger than Suzy.

      • @ meni lmao at Sohyun’s age, Suzy was already the CF Queen and Nation’s First Love, ranking Top 3 in Forbes. Even now, Sohyun has yet to rank Top 10 in any reputable survey or poll like Gallup, Forbes, or KOFICE (government hallyu survey). All you fangirls brag about is some KBS beauty poll LMAO. It’s a fact that Suzy is bigger than your fave at her age. Why bring in IU? lol I don’t like her, but at least she’s on a similar level of top popularity unlike B-list celebrity Kim So Hyun.

      • Suzy is a product of mediaplay. So Hyun can command attention even without mediaplay. Suzy cannot carry a drama without a popular male lead. And it is a FACT.

      • Suzy even used LMH as a stepping stone to achieve what she is now. Thankfully, her last 3 dramas are average in ratings only despite of popular male lead, mediaplay and Nation’s First Love title.

      • @marie ksh is d list actress now u using gallup lol gallup ranked v as number 4 popular artistm accept reality hypocrite ur wpozie wishes that she gets his d. So she can be gf of world star as she is so local

      • @marie ksh is not bigger than order of merit winner v. Come to present. If u r using gallup same gallup rankes him at 4. So dont use ur double standards m ksh is d list actress. r u her fan now lmaooo u r typical gg fan!

      • @Thylane lmao yes definitely, KSH commands presence, that’s why majority of her dramas have mediocre domestic ratings LMAO. At least Kim Yoo Jung has Moonlight Drawn By Clouds to her name. KSH is well-known among GP due to her child actress days (more known than male idols), but popularity is another thing. She is B-list AT BEST. It’s funny how delusional you fans are when KSH is media played as the next Song Hye Kyo/Jun Ji Hyun when she doesn’t even have a quarter of their success when they were 20. Keep on boasting that KBS beauty poll since that’s all y’all have to prove her “commanding presence.” lol

      • Funny that bg is bigger than ur fave ever. 4 billion gdp economic effect per ueat. Talk to me when ur fave wins order of merit and can earn 2 million dollar per member in 90 min show???

    • Oh come on Moonlight Yoo. Targeting Sso again? Why bother to look at So hyun’s articles and leave negative comments every single time? You have your preference but it is not good to see you spouting nonsense. Go praise Yoo Jung in her articles but don’t drag So hyun’s down.You are irritating.

      • Losers have nothing better to do than try and bring down an actual talent because their bias could never. KSH is QUEEN.

    • Considering how your bias is not just plain and boring but short and chubby and looks 13 I don’t think you have an eye for beauty. Your bias always needs popular male leads to get attention.

  2. she looks a little different in the photo shoot,
    she is a pretty girl, it’s like they photoshop her face in the pictorial,

  3. Not surprised, there are always horrific looking people in comparison to celebrities in real life writing comments on how unattractive a idol is. Check yourself in the mirror first, and bury yourself underground until Halloween comes around. lmao

    • @Ari Exactly. Just recently, I came across a 2015 article about Kim Tae Hee, and there are comments there bashing Kim Tae Hee’s looks, saying her beauty is overrated and she’s just “plain” and all that. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought KTH is untouchable. I’ve also seen people calling Yoona “ugly”. And KTH and Yoona are two of the most conventionally attractive Korean celebs. Just proves that no matter how beautiful a celeb is, there’s always going to be bitter bitches who will bash her looks while those bashers are looking like potato themselves lol

      • Yoona is full on gangnam monster. Go n watch suju video n see her transformation. She is basic.
        Your girl is no kth. That is true

    • It is maybe international audience opinions. They cannot accept that their faves are not perceived as a top beauty in Korea. For instance, they are doubting why PMY is not considered a top beauty of Korea. They do not know that Koreans do not glorify plastic surgery babies.

      • So why yoona is glorified lmao. Watch superjunuor video of 2006 and see her full plastic face

  4. What a goddess ?
    Haters gonna hate, but their irrelevant opinions don’t mean shit when Kim So Hyun is constantly praised for her beauty by the general public and many Korean celebrities. There are literally tons of quotes about her beauty, and she always ranks high in beauty lists at such a young age ?
    Haters just mad because Korean celebs always choose KSH over their faves ?

    • Super true. The general Korean audience perceived her as the top 1 beauty of her generation. Many Korean actors choose her as their ideal type. Hope So Hyun finds more success in the future. She may have no work this 2020 but the past year is a shower of blessings with the back to back success of Love Alarm and TTON.

      • Only a KSH article can bring in traffic so haters can stay jealous! We know our girl is the most relevant.

    • Do your research. Korean surgeons said only previous gen actress were most in demand faces like taehyeji han ga in . Women want to look lime irene jennie tzuyu these days not ur basic girl. Second hand copy of son ye jin

      • So what? Ksh is still pretty and beautiful even if she’s not a top plastic surgery choice. Go find and comfort lmh and help him enroll acting school.

      • Lmao he remains unbothered.bhis drama made.profit and netflix ranking of ksh u boast of, his drama is on way ti year end top 10. Love alarm varely scrapped korean top 10!
        He will keep getting bigger projects bcoz he brings money. Ur girl will nevwr

      • If you want to delude yourself like you always have, feel free. Almost everything you say in every article about any celebrity is a delusion. Lmh is a dud like always

      • Rofl my fave drama made.profit and hoing to make year end top 10 worldwide netflix
        Whereas la bately scraped korean top 10.
        Ur actress will stay d list loser

      • If those fibs can comfort you, feel free to embrace them loll everyone who can think critically knows it’s a failure. Netflix success or not has little value to the production team. And what’s worse it’s a bad drama in quality and most people don’t like lmh acting in it, that’s the truth.

      • Rofl if that makes u comfortable drama is global success. Who cares about acvlaim besides edgy losers? Lmh with his 5 million dollars check is not losing sleep. That id whole career earning of ur d list actress
        It is way bigger than anything ksh has done as lead actress. Her love alram so called smah is not even close to kings success
        Rofl ur d list actress will never get such mega netflix dont matter? Then dont talk about hallyu success of ur cheap actress
        King made profit anyways. He will keep getting negarole but ur plastic son ye jin cheap version, 3ven irene got main role in movie n jennie etc will destory her when she debuts. Ur cheap son ye jin copy is d lister
        Who r most people. Internet losers? Lmh added like 6 million insta followers . Thats like ksn total followers. It only added new gen of fans to him. Rofl

      • You’re always using numbers and twist information. His acting is awful and many people agree. Most people who like him it’s because he’s handsome and is charming not because he can act. Why so serious? It looks like your angry lolllll keep on denying, it doesn’t bother me unlike you. Go find lmh and hug him lolll all of his male peers act better than him, jcw,ksh, psj, and etc

  5. Well, what so wrong having a bunny teeth and gummy smile? Even if she has crooked teeth..what so wrong about that?

    Yes, I know it is your opinion.. But it is really necessary to sound like you ridicule her and hate her looks?

    Everyone is not living based on your imagination looks because everyone including you and me is created by the God. Please appreciate the gift and don’t doing God’s job.

    • And I don’t really remember reading her to be the next Kim Tae Hee in term of visual, but in acting department, maybe yes..

      She may lacks here and there, but IMO she has lots of time to improve and polish her skills, she still young.

      • It is also my first time hearing that KSH is the next KTH. In terms of beauty and acting, KSH is more of a SYJ and SHK, like what the general Korean audience perceived.

      • There was a time when most people hated kim tae hee acting too. People are so fickle.

    • Jeez beauty matters. Such quotes don’t work in real life. Looks do matter. She is celebrity and looks r oart of her campaigns. She is not the first to be called out

  6. Wow Kim So Hyun has a whopping 9.1 million followers in instagram. Considering she don’t have any huge hit under her belt, the number of her followers is already insane. This girl is a future hallyu queen in the making.

    • 100% agree. One big hit, she will be the a wall in her generation. She got huge following despite not having a huge hit and backing of excessive mediaplay. The words of mouth from people make her a people’s star.

      • She is already a wall but 100% agree a ratings hit and she’ll be the most iconic actress for generations past, present and future. Her acting ability is already something that can’t be beaten.

      • Ruler, LFG and Love Alarm are ratings hit but not huge as DOTS, MLFTS and Goblin. Still, I trust that she will have it sooner or later. The girl has undeniable talent, beauty and star power.

  7. Omg So Hyunnie. You gained another fan here after watching Love Alarm, Bring It On Ghost and School 2015. You got this comfortable and watchable vibe that I rarely find in other actresses. Hoping for a successful acting career ahead. Love you So Hyunnie!

    • I find her prettier now especially when her full bangs were partially removed. OMG, she really transferrd into a lady goddess.

    • What eye make up? She is completely bare faced! Don’t even try to diss her beauty she is the one top of her generation for both looks and talent the and South Korea agrees.

  8. I don’t think So Hyun and Yoo Jung are the next SHK and JJH. They are big names in the K-entertainment who can stand alone. They do not need the backing of top K-stars to be recognized because they are pire talent and beauty. In this era of fierce competition in Kdramaland, I am so proud of these two for being able to become a name in the industry.

    • You get it right. So Hyun and Yoo Jung can be a huge name in the future without the mediplay because their popularity, talent and beauty are big assets to become A-listers in the future. They don’t need association with big name stars because they have the capacity to command attention.

    • Sohyun is the ONE TOP of her generation. No comparison to anyone because she made it on her own without any media play. She achieved it despite having been a negative second female lead. She paid of her big family debt and is a donation angel despite her young age. Her achievements are greater than anyone her age.

  9. The likes of So Hyun, Yoo Jung, Suzy, SHK and IU are the actresses who can cause traffic to this site. They are money makers for you ockoala! Hahaha.

  10. Her beauty is so classical. I am bit sad that she will have no entertainment activities this year. This maybe the 1st time she will have a long hiatus from showbusiness. Nevertheless, I believe she deserves it because the past year has been so great for her. Both Love Alarm and Nokdu were commercial success domestically and internationally. Praying she will land in a huge hit series or movie someday.

    • The past year has been a blast for her. LA and TTON were both successes. Thus, I understand if she needs a rest this year because she got her own life too. Moreover, she is attending university. So, she needs to balance her career and studies.

    • Ny bnokdu was no success outside korea n love alarm barely made top 10 of netflix korea. The delusion is high

    • Nokdu was a success. Its premiere last June topped Netflix trending list in various SEA countries. It was broadcast in a lot of Asian countries.

      • Why would it be top 10 in korea when it didn’t release on korean netflix? In korea nokdu is only available of wavve not to mention it topped rankings in sea 7 months after it already aired so deny as heard as you try but it was a massive hit overseas too. Get over your delusions.

  11. I always wonder what is with her that people always talk about her despite having no activities this year. She has this presence that commands attention without the help of mediaplay. Actually, her selca above garnered over 1 million likes within only a day.

    • I guess it is her comfortable and relatable aura that makes you wanna watch anything she is in. Further, she has a guy’s dream girl aura,a reason why a lot of actors admire her. So Hyun might be having a life struggle because she must have lot of suitors. I hope she picks the right man for her. I hope her first man will be her forever. Hi, V!

  12. Pretty girl. Hope the rumor about the romantic relationship between BTS V and So Hyun is true. They are exploding with chemistry and has aura of a power couple.

    • Correct. Except for Page Turner, almost of KSH’s dramas are streamed in Netflix. Further, I found that the released of Nokdu in Netflix last June made it to the top 10 trending in various SEA nations. I have no doubt why KSH is the most recognized actress in her gen by overseas fans.

  13. Wow! I love her!! She is the one who made me into k-dramas. I think her performance in The Tale of Nokdu was great. Can’t wait for her next projects!!

  14. @Ady

    As a fan of So Hyun, I apologized for what @abe did in the past. Please stop bashing her because she is innocent. If you will hate someone here, it must be @abe alone. So Hyun is such an angel for her to be hated by someone. Peace be with you @ady.

  15. Nation’s Little Sister
    Queen of Child Actors
    Korean Wave Fairy
    Manhwa Girl
    Little Son Ye Jin
    Goddess of Historical Dramas

    Considering all the titles above, it just proves how K-media respects and admires So Hyunnie. She don’t need to fake anything just to be get public recognition. Hoping for more success in her acting career and personal life. Fighting, So Hyunnie!

    • She will be top A-lister in the future if she continues to act excellently. Girl has a bright future. Hope she finishes her studies soonest so she can fully focus in her acting career. Girl has the biggest following in her generation despite not having mega hit projects (though LA is also a hit). So, she better capitalize on it to become bigger star in the future.

    • @ady

      You are correct. Maybe So Hyun has her own time. Nevertheless, despite of fiercer competition nowadays because of idols entering the acting scene, I am still proud of So Hyun because she can still make a name for herself without mediaplay.

  16. Cf queens like irene said she goona go on acting soon and sm will get her best offers. Cf queen jennie is under yg actors. The day these girls enter acting land they will destroy ur unnie like they do in cf deals! Beware

      • Their companies will get them best roles. Like yoona in blockbuster exit.. yg actors include kim hee ae. Dont worry about them!!!

    • At this rate, it is normal for idols to land numerous CF deals because of their big fan base. So, I am satisfied what So Hyun is achieving now. We never how future events will turn. Look at BTS for exqmple. In the past, people made fun of them for being from small company. But now, they are Korea’s pride and biggest boy group in the world. So, let us stop comparing people because they have their own time and winning seasons. So Hyun is a defining actress and most known actress of her gen. She just needs a big hit project to flourish into superstardom.

      • When she lands that big project like my sassy girl, autumn in my heart , staiway ti heaven or architecture 101, then we will talk about superstardom

  17. @Marie

    Keep on deluding yourself that Suzy can command audience’s attention. She can’t carry a drama or movie on her own without mediaplay and support of popular oppa. If she can, why Vagabond is outranked by Love Alarm despite So Hyun being the only known name in the cast?

    • You’re the delusional one, sweetie. Did I say Vagabond was a big hit internationally? It did well enough domestically and better than some overhyped dramas in it’s time slot. You are the one who thinks Love Alarm is some huge international hit when it didn’t even make last year’s KOFICE government survey for most popular hallyu dramas. Netflix drama Kingdom was there, but LA AND Kim So Hyun were nowhere to be found LMAO. So funny that all you have is LA to brag about because none of Sohyun’s dramas were huge hits domestically nor internationally LOL. I’m still waiting for you to give me ACTUAL RECEIPTS like reputable surveys and polls to prove Sohyun’s “commanding presence.” LMAO Suzy is bigger and that is a FACT. Get over it already, omg.

    • @Marie

      So, how will So Hyun achieve huge following if School 2015,LFG,LA and TTON were not popular among international fans?

      You don’t need to have a government survey to measure hallyu fame. If it is, then, why Scarlet Heart and WLFKBJ which were faves of international fans did not make it in the poll?

      Sorry, but better luck next time. Just accept that Suzy is here for short term. Once media get tired of her, she will be replaced by Jennie and Seolhyun if they try acting in the future.

      • Did I say she didn’t have an international following? lmao PLEASE READ PROPERLY. I said Suzy is bigger than her both domestically AND internationally and it is a FACT. Everything from surveys to CFs to SNS followers proves this. However, this doesn’t mean either are huge hallyu stars. KSH and KYJ fans are so delusional thinking anyone from 90s can become the next SHK and JJH. I don’t even see any Suzy, IU, Kim Go Eun, Park Shin Hye, Kim Tae Ri, Yoona fans saying this when all are much BIGGER than your fave lmao.

  18. @Marie

    Please do not invent lies that we, So Hyun fans, said that she is bigger than V. That is a FULL LIE. We all know V is a superstar both domestic and overseas. So, we will not argue about it. Just stop fabricating and kissing ady’s ass to get her approval.

    You just want to get sides of BTS fans to gang on KSH fans. Girl, you are taking the wrong strategy because I have a lot of BTS friends that love So Hyun and BTS at the same time.

    • Oh Honey, I don’t kiss Ady’s ass. We are well-known to have arguments on this site because I bash her mediocre fave LMH and she bashes Suzy. You’re just doing damage control because we’re pulling out RECEIPTS of how your fave is a B-list celebrity and it’s hard pill for you to swallow.

      • I will die laughing today. Marie doesn’t needs my validation. If she bashes my fave, i will bash her as well. it is simple as that.
        One thing we agree is that some people need reality check and we both r giving it, thats it. Nothing else

      • @ady

        But based on the first comments in this post, you are the one who started bashing KSH. If you really hate Abe, he or she must be the one you are looking for. No one claims here that So Hyun is bigger than BTS V in the first place. If you think it is Abe that claimed it, you must go after him or her. Stop interrupting other So Hyun fans space.

    • Liar.Liar.Liar.

      Just show to us when we said that So Hyun is bigger than BTS V? If you are talking about Abe, well, please confirm first if he is a So Hyun fan. Because I already read your comment implying that you are in So Hyun’s side.

      Lastly, what are you doing here. This is a KSH article,not a Suzy one. Wait for your turn for koala to write about your idol. LOL!

      • I defended KSH on that article because I’m not delusional enough to think she is no one in her home country or a D-list celeb. That doesn’t mean I’m on her side lmao. Whatever Ady does is none of my business. I already said that I don’t care about KSH or V but am on this article because Suzy was mentioned first for having bunny teeth as if that’s a bad thing lmao. You guys are just scared because Ady is bashing your fave, how embarrassing. She’s done 10x worse to Suzy, and I don’t care. I have to give props to her though, she really made you guys afraid lol.

      • Based on your comments, you look like the one who is scared of Ady. LOL!

        You cannot stand alone to support your idol. You really look like a minion of Ady now.

      • Yeah, I’m definitely a minion of Ady bashing all her mediocre faves the eternal chaebol LMH and BTS in past articles lmao. You’re the one who looks afraid because you can’t even quote her to defend KSH on this article nor bash either of her faves LOL pathetic.

      • minion? lmao . Marie has strong personality. we bash each others fave all the time. Please stop bringing my name in ur argument lol

      • @ady

        Please check the forefoing comments to see who brought up your name in this thread.

      • @thy i am bts fan here . Unless u mean someone else. Better u clarify it

  19. As a BTS fan, I disapprove of Marie’s claim that KSH fans are bragging that their idol is bigger than V. I haven’t seen any comments here that say KSH is bigger than our KTH. Stop your lies because it is not healthy. Further, KSH must not be compared to V. It is completely random. It must be V versus Suzy because they are both idol actors. So, proud Suzy fan, let me hear your comment about this.

    • V had one small role, why would I compare them? lmao it’s like comparing Jisoo and Suzy lol.
      Your KSH fan Abe is the one who said KSH will give V Korean GP attention if they act together. Don’t blame me if Ady bashes your fave because of that lmao. You fans have no backbone. She bashes my fave all the time, but I’m never desperate enough to do this lame attempt at damage control lmao.

      • Whatever helps you sleep better lol. Continue ass kissing and doing lame damage control for KSH fans here lol.
        Of course I’m going to defend Suzy when she’s mentioned. Never claimed to be a saint on this site and it’s well-known that I give opinions on here that triggers obsessed fangirls, especially LMH fangirls.
        So tell me exactly, what is wrong again with me saying many KSH fans are delusional for believing mediaplay about their fave being the next TaeHyeJi? It’s an OPINION. I bring in other names because I have not seen their fans believe their faves will be TaeHyeJi level even though they’re all bigger celebs than KSH lmao. I have the right to state an opinion, and it’s not my problem if you get pressed about it. This site is filled with toxic arguments all the time, yet you get affected over this minor one? You’re too sensitive. I never forced KSH fans to stop believing the mediaplay. They can live in their own delusional world void of actual receipts for all I care.

    • Where in the comments of abe that said So Hyun is bigger than V? Go back to school if you can’t show it to me. Nevertheless, if Abe is wrong, he/she must be your target not the entire KSH fandom. So you better stop if you don’t want to compare you mediaplay star Suzy to our talent King V.

      • Idgaf about KSH and V. I’m just here because Suzy’s name was brought up first.

        Why don’t you go ask Ady why she was bashing KSH and dominating the comment section of that article where Abe commented instead of me, huh? Oh, but it’s because you are too scared to directly quote her, right? How embarassing lmao.

      • Why I will be scared about Ady? I can tag him or her if it matters.

        Further, I back read the comments and it is so clear that you started the Suzy and So Hyun hate comments.

        Wait, are you making stories now for me and Ady to brawl in this comment section? You are caught now. Stop lying Suzy Bunny fan.

      • Go kiss Ady’s ass for all I care. Unlike you, I am not afraid nor need validation of others on this site to defend my fave. Backread and see how Suzy’s name was brought up out of nowhere. I only responded to Maryanne with receipts on CFs, SNS followers, surveys, polls, etc. of how Suzy is bigger than her, but y’all consider receipts and facts as bashing? lol I never talked about her appearance or non-work-related topics. not my fault you can’t take the facts.

      • Ok, I understand. But why you lied about So Hyun fans claiming that their idol is bigger than V?

      • I said Abe made a comment on a previous article that Ady felt was insinuating how a drama between V and Sohyun would bring him attention among Korean GP. Then she started bashing Sohyun as a D-list celeb. I’m the one who defended KSH on that article saying she is more well-known/recognizable among GP because of her child acting days and more than a decade-long career, but I wasn’t talking about popularity, which is different. I clearly said Abe, not all KSH fans. But I do think many KSH fans are indeed delusional for thinking she is the next SHK/JJH when receipts and statistics don’t lie.

      • What you are saying right now is completely different from what you are saying in the very first comments of this post. You clearly said that So Hyun fans think that their idol is bigger than V.

        Further, I don’t see any relevant comments in this post saying that So Hyun is the next SHK or JJH. In fact, it was corrected by someone here because it is so clear that they are different. If my memory serves me right, it was the K-media who tagged So Hyun, Yoo Jung and Sae Ron as furure TaeHyeJi. So, you cannot fully blame So Hyun fandom because it is something to be proud of.

      • Abe is a Sohyun fan!! I never said ALL KSH fans lmao. That one user triggered all the mess bashing KSH in that previous article lol. You must be new on this site. It’s no secret that past articles some her fans talking about how KSH is next SHJ, JJH, SYJ, they believe that mediaplay. Not my fault if you don’t see it. Anyways, I’m done discussing this. I could care less about KSH and V. Just here to drop receipts on the first comment who mentioned Suzy that Suzy is bigger based on Forbes, CFs, gallup, SNS followers, government survey, etc. I don’t why fans are so pressed about facts.

      • You are missing the point. This is not about Suzy anymore. It is about your lies about So Hyun fans. So what if they brag about So Hyun being the next TaeHyeJi. What is Suzy’s connection in that topic? And why are you bringing her name here? You must be comparing her to IU, Yoona, PSH, KTR and KGE, her age group stars.

        You are pathetic ass kisser crazy liar Suzy fan.

  20. usually the war was only between kim so hyun and kim yoo jung fans. but now why there’s suddenly some other names appear in the comment sections? so ridiculous and absurd for comparing the actresses from different generations. plus, some of the other actresses were coming from different backgrounds. the mentioned actresses were born in early 90s, while ksh and kyj were born in late 90s. that’s totally a different generation! if u want to compare, make an eye to eye comparisons. when the other actresses was 6 – 10 years old, sohyun was still a

    and me reading the one who brought other names like yoona, suzy, iu, who else, kim go eun..was like.. lol. I’m wondering did the one who mentioned the other actresses are really the actresses’s fans? why i think that this is someone’s fans in disguise to pit the ksh fans with other actresses? it’s make more sense if u compare her with actresses around her same ages like kyj, ksr, kim hyanggi, seo shin ae, jin ji hee, kim hyun seo, etc.

    anyway, so what if ksh fans claims she is the next taehyeji? so what of she is a little son ye jin, and so what if that’s only a media play? now we didn’t have the right to be proud with our own fav, huh? this thing is even well known inside and outside korea. not only ksh, even kyj, suzy, yoona, iu, ksr were said to the next taehyeji. and what a slander. it’s not like everyday and everytime we talk about it. you are the one who being delusional thinking that we like to brag something like this.

    but even so, it’s not even baseless. and it’s not all about achievement. ppl saying something like this because they emitted the same aura like that goddess three in term of acting. no one even said or even mentioned about how comparable their achievement with the three goddess previously. ppl compare them with the CURRENT taehyeji in the term of acting. not the PAST taehyeji. ppl think that the FUTURE ksh, kyj, and others will be the next CURRENT taehyeji. idiot. wonder why you being so burthurt. even i know it took sohyun many things to achieve the level of the current three goddess

  21. and since when suzy fans care about sohyun? i know you are not suzy fans. stop pretending. there’s only 1 fandom who hates sohyun so much

  22. man some of you people are crazy and very threatened by the idea that a beautiful, talented young actress who made her reputation on her work and not on media play, is popular and has a promising career. If your own faves were delivering the results they should for allegedly being ‘bigger’ and ‘more popular’, I don’t see it.

    And ironically, for once it is an idol’s (BTS)fan who are being sane+restrained in these comments.

  23. Looolllll it’s so funny seeing people like addy so salty. She comes attacking almost every celebrity but cries and whine when lmh is touched lollll she can’t tolerate the fact his male peers jcw,ksh,psj all act better than him.

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