Song Hye Kyo Shares New Footwear CF with Dramatic Eyes and Blush Look

I wish Song Hye Kyo were modeling another footwear brand because I really don’t like this brand’s shoes so I won’t even mention the name hahaha. I love Song Hye Kyo’s valiant attempt to make what is really fugly Sketchers knock-offs and fuddy-duddy work shoes look interesting. What is interesting is her makeup, a combo of dramatic lined eyes and really strong blush. Both her hair looks are also excellent, a messy high bun framed with bangs and simple mid-back casual waves. She’s also doing a great job of value adding her CFs but sharing it on her SNS platforms, even though she didn’t have an acting project this year she’s still highly visible and any new development generates so much media coverage.


Song Hye Kyo Shares New Footwear CF with Dramatic Eyes and Blush Look — 17 Comments

  1. A queen. I just wish for her happiness right now, she’s almost 40 and having to be bashed by the men she gets involved with is ridiculous. Hope she’ll comeback by 2021 with a brand new project.

  2. She is Song Hye Kyo, she has been adding value to whatever she endorses for two decades now. I remember I got into a BB cream phase back then because of her, hahaha! That is why advertisers love her.
    I really hope she does a project late this year or next year. I miss seeing her face on screen. She brings a level of comfort to every drama or project she is in.
    I also wish her happiness and may she find the love she deserves.

  3. Love the classic look the one where she is wearing the black shirt and pants…pretty as always.Miss her in the small screen but take your time in choosing ur next drama plus there is still this pandemic..

  4. Song Hye Kyo is such a beautiful model, like she is on the screen. Having gone through so much, I’m looking forward to seeing her with a beautiful vibrant smile! We’re rooting for you! Knock’em dead SHK!!

  5. Hi song hye kyo good luck and God bless…i pray that you find true happiness…keep smiling and always pray..we love miss you seeing in k drama…take care..

  6. I think there were offers but she refused, she opted to take her time away from the limelight and perhaps doing some soul-searching and eventually enjoying her free time.

  7. Stunning… Elegant looks.. wishing you have kids someday. Pray for it. They will give you happiness and true love.Do everything you could with prayers so that you will not regret someday. Life is short. Praying for your hearts happiness ?❣️❣️❣️

  8. The one and only Song Hye Kyo. High respect for this woman and who she bring herself to be. Wishing her a beautiful journey with whatever she chooses.

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