Kim Yoo Jung Signs with New Agency Which Reps Park Seo Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, and Han Ji Hye

Most of the remaining K-dramas of 2020 are cast and readying for production so I’m banking on new year new everything career wise for the lovely Kim Yoo Jung. After being repped for the longest time by Sidus HQ, the young lady is making a big change in her professional life by looking around at other management options and is landing with Awesome Entertainment. The agency also reps Park Seo Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Han Ji Hye, and Seo Hyo Rim and is one of the up-and-coming agencies in K-ent for actors and actresses. I’m just glad she made a choice quickly and look forward to what this new representation will do for her drama and movie choices. More Moonlight Drawn by Clouds type roles and less anything that came after that.


Kim Yoo Jung Signs with New Agency Which Reps Park Seo Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, and Han Ji Hye — 53 Comments

  1. Koala stop typecsting her. I think she fit the role that she shows her superiorness and aura like her role in backstreet rookie. Typecasting her wont do any good in her career im glad she’s shedding her sageuk goddess image. I hope she keeps doing strong woman roles…

    • She’s not typecasting her but saying that the roles afterwards weren’t good. Truthfully they weren’t to our girl standards and talents. I don’t think they were true strong woman roles because her characters made so many awful decisions. If you liked her last two dramas fine, but I only liked her great acting, the story was awful. I hope with this new agency, she get better guidance in choosing good roles and scripts. She was the lead of only one historical drama, so nothing wrong with doing more soon.

      • Jung saet byul is more better than her role in love in the moonlight trust me its just the storyline of the drama is not good plus it got good ratings despite the controversy more higher than the rival iontbo. Hope her next partner is kim soo hyun or park seo joon i think her chemistry with them will be daebak

      • @ lily
        I liked her the most in the first half of love in the moonlight but I agree I like jsb a little bit more in the second half. Those are really good casting ideas. I support that too and yjg, she and yjg needs to reunite soon!

      • @Lily

        Ex-ex-ex-ex-cuse me???? BR got higher ratings than IOTNBO?

        Well, if we’re going by ratings alone, both dramas didn’t do great.

        But you know the level of delusion is high when you have to resort to dragging a critically acclaimed CABLE drama that was minding its own business just to elevate a panned drama that aired on a PUBLIC CHANNEL.

      • @Lily

        Ex-ex-ex-ex-cuse me???? BR got higher ratings than IOTNBO?

        Let’s be honest, if we’re going by ratings alone, both dramas didn’t do great.

        But you know the level of delusion is high when you have to resort to dragging a critically acclaimed CABLE drama that was minding its own business just to elevate a panned drama that aired on a PUBLIC CHANNEL.

    • @lily

      You are one of the so many highly delusional and toxic fans of Kim Yoo Jung, thinking and saying that Backstreet Rookie is way better than IOTNBO.

      Your Fandom is annoying.

      • @ everyone

        Lily made a harmless mistake in comparing, yes. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. But let’s not generalize an entire fandom, there will always be questionable fans in every fandom of every actor and actress. It’s not uncommon.

    • DELUSIONS. DELUSIONS. DELUSIONS. If you adjust IONTBO’s cable ratings into public TV ratings, IONTBO’s will surpass BSR’s ratings. Further, BSR is the current holder of lowest-rated Fri-Sat SBS drama. So, nothing is to be proud of that flop drama. Lastly, IONTBO is an international hit. It completely overshadowed BSR during its run. Ask international fans which of these two dramas they watched, IONTBO will surely be the automatic answer.

  2. Whether the drama is flop hit low rating crticicised whatever but an actor who gives justice to their roles(when u feel wow no one can do this role better than them) is what a real actor is and i m proud that yoojungie always does justice to her roles
    A real talent can never b suppressed even by a bad writing
    I hope with her new agenvy joining news she gets what she deserves
    Good luck my girl
    You r a good actor all the best for ur new beginning

  3. It’s good that she already left that agency. That agency did not really take good care of her.

    I wish this girl all the best. i know that she will shine THE BRIGHTEST with awesome ent

    Shes the future queen of K drama. A true korean actress and star.

      • have to agree. i noticed that even tho BR was airing in iqyi, but her followers in weibo is still around 500k only. i thought she would gain more followers in weibo and exceeds 1 mil followers like ksh, but apparently not. i think her popularity is more in korea than internationally.

      • @mary Kay
        The word “future” is key, she has a good following right now, she will most likely have stronger following in the “future.” She’s talented, her potential is limitless, so let’s not discount her when she’s only 20 years old.

  4. Probably the reason this baby left because she got insecure with the fast Rising star and the new favorite of Sidus HQ, Kim Hye Yoon. KHY gets better roles as compared to her. KHY projects are more successsul, critically acclaimed and well received than her dramas. (Sky castle, Extraordinary You vs. Clean witj Passion for Now and the most controversial drama of all time Backstreet Rookie.

    • The magic of someone such as Kim Yoo-jung, Kim So-hyun, Park Shin-hye, Ji Chang-wook and Lee Min-ho is that they can choose the worst scripts and/or be involved in as many acting controversies, but they will still be loved and marketable. This might be unfair to hardworking people such as Kim Hye-yoon, who honestly does not have the starpower and the marketability.

      By the way, I think Backstreet Rookie is much more successful than Extraordinary You. Definitely in viewership. In fact, even Clean With Passion is more successful than Extraordinary You. The viewership ratings for Clean With Passion are higher than Extraordinary You (if you correct for public vs cable ratings). I also doubt whether Sky Castle was internationally more popular than Love in the Moonlight (which was a Hallyu-hit). I am also not a fan of Kim Yoo-jung, but you have to stick to the facts and not make up stuff…

      • wooooow the nerve to put kim yoo jung in the same level with Lee Min Ho, Kom.So Hyun, and Park Shin Hye….Lmao

    • that’s also one of another reasons actually why her fans wanted her to leave sidus. they blamed sidus for being biased with kim hye yoon. there might be some truth in your words. After all, even her fans felt it. but as for me, i think sidus did nothing wrong. after all, it’s the pds and writers that wanted khy to act in their drama. so why blamed khy for kyj bad drama? sidus treat her the nicest among her peers in the agency. she already got many cfs from sidus. but her fans always blamed other ppl like ksh and khy for got bias. and just recently, some of her fans even badmouthing namjihyun publicly. wuttt?? suddenly i remembered how they badmouthing kim sohyun in ruler era.. hahaha. turns out they never change

      • We did not blame khy or ksh, actually kyj has a lot of offers but she always declined it and she has a reason why she chose BR.

    • @nameless
      Yoojung dont need to feel insecure abt anyone she is already an established actress and well known
      Secondly she has done only 3 dramas as lead and have many future opportunites so dont try to demean her by ur low thinking abt insecurity
      What is impt to her fans is she gave 100 percent justice to her every role and she will keep on doing it and she will shine no matter whatever nonsense is spouted abt her

  5. LiLy,

    KIM YOO JUNG FANS ARE SHAMELESS. the audacity and the nerve to say that Backstreet trash drama got higher rating as compared to its okay. are you dumb? how can you compare cable vs. Publuc channel.

    I will never like Kim Yoo Jung because of her fandom. They are the WORST fandom that i have ever seen. Some of her fans are RUDE and they incessantly bash other actresses. SHAMELESS FANDOM.

    Btw, kim yoo jung has yet to prove herself as an adult actress….at this point her peers get better scripts and roles than her.

    • I just started to like KYJ, when Love in the Moonlight, was shown here in USA through TFC, from then, I became one of her fan, and the rest of the us. In time she will shine more as bright as the full moon, I’m sure, her acting no doubt, perfect.

    • @dean
      I agree that lily shouldn’t have compared dramas, it was just an innocent mistake. But no need to blame an actress or dislike her for the actions of other people.

    • All the actors have good and bad fandoms so its not actors fault they dont choose them
      But yeah becoz of bad fandom actors can b disliked
      For eg i started following yoo jungs after i saw her being belittled by kim so hyuns fans in this very blog
      But now i have really become her fan
      I dont badmouth or hate the other
      actress but yeah i sort of refrain from watching her dramas.
      So yeah its the bad fandom which collects hate and dislike for their idols
      So @dean
      Dont say only kim yoo jung fans are shameless all the actors have those fans some might have more and some less
      (It was not any personal attack on any actor just shared my experience )

  6. KHY is a new kid in the block. She still needs a lot to achieve to attain Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun’s level. Yoo Jung and So Hyun have already star power that even their projects flop, people of Korea still adore them. Unlike KHY who is not yet established in Korea.

  7. They both have a wonderful wonderful role and the tv drama. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍!!! I love them 😍 both
    Kim, very funny role and strong women.
    And Her leading man he is very good looking, they
    Both beautiful people.
    I hope someday they will be in the movies.
    Love 💕 love ❤️ love..,!

  8. Waow… Comments always are crazy with KYJ’s topic…

    Personaly, I love her. Backstreet Rookie showed beautiful relationship between the leads but with the members of the family too.

    I don’t think we need to compare all the actresses. She just turned a page of her story as an actress, 10 years are very long and it’s good to try new things, to take new challenges.

  9. A child actress trying adult roles… KYJ fans are always too quick to jump into conclusion. Whatever future queen? She has a long way to go… But nice try. I think KYJ should be diversifying her choices. Do not always act cutesy rom-com’s, the last two dramas are horrible, too much overacting.

  10. The Future drama queen who was overacting and who was consistently dusplaying that annoying fake wide eye grin in her last drama, which i tried to watch but could not finish because of her.

    • If you watch her dramas since her younger years until now that’s the way she act and gives respond to her role. As well as it depends on the script and the character she needs to portray.Not overacting

      • Continuing her child acting style?? This is how a child actor might be taught but she is now an adult. Geez! Overacting always!!

  11. I hope she’s better managed in this new agency. I agree with Koala after Moonlight I haven’t been able to watch any other drama from her. They need to stop trying to give her such major adult roles,I mentioned in a previous comment how Kim Soohyun can be an example. She didn’t jump drastically to extreme adult roles, yes she shared her child actress image but slowly. KYJ in particular has such a baby face it was rather uncomfortable seeing her with those older man. That’s another problem, her co leads enough with the 30 year olds, it’s weird and uncomfortable. There isn’t a scarcity of 2o something actors! I want to see her have a nice youthful romance where I wont cringe each time I remember the guys age. I think what everyone wants really is a better career for this girl.

  12. Well done yoo jung. I like her – in whatever roles she played, she carried out the roles as it is and required – dignified n well played.

    I don’t compare actor or actress – important thing is they carry out the role well.

  13. I am fan of yoo jung since METS, but I also adore other actresses like Kim so hyun, Sae Ron and etc. And not all her fans are same which drag the other actresses. But I love her more in sageuk drama than romcom. And I think it is better for her to leave sidus, I think she wants to explore with other company which is good for her. For me, I think they did not promote her properly, she has a lot of fans in the Philippines but they never hold a fan meeting for her.

  14. Actually she has a lot of international fans, especially here in the Philippines, but today more fans use an IG to follow the actress and I don’t have weibo account that’s why I follow her in IG. Abd if I am not mistake before she has only 3.2M followers but after BR, she has more than 4M followers.

    • when she was doing clean with passion, her followers only increased about 100k-200k.when she did BR, she surpassed 4mil. well, thank you ji chang wook for the help

  15. Kim yoo jung a great actress since her debut. Always here to support you baby girl😍. She always have a great chemistry towards his leading men in her dramas.Everyone loves her bubbly and easy going personality.No need to compare her from other celebrities for she already nailed it since her younger years.

  16. Me too I’m a fan of KYJ, don’t underestimate her being an actress by not having so many followers, she’s a good actress since she was a child and she’s only 21 yrs. old and yet she has proven enough

  17. All these haters downgrading KYJ as always. Oh well at least my girl is earning lots of money and successful since she was young unlike you guys spending your unpaid time for hating someone.

  18. I actually did like her turn in Clean With Passion For Now… That drama also made me a fan of Yoon Kyun Sang… The only thing keeping me from watching BR is the guy in dreadlocks and JCW.

  19. Haters here dragging Yoojung for no reason like always when in this site. I don’t even mad anymore bcoz I find them pathetic. I pray for Kim Yoojung to be more successful in the future 🙏

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