Kim Hee Ae Tops the 2020 Best Actor/Actress Joynews Poll Followed by Jo Jung Seok, Jo Seung Woo, Hyun Bin and Park Seo Joon

Yes, the Queen slays and I love how she tops a poll followed by 6 men. The Joynews Korea 16th anniversary poll of the best actor/actress of 2020 is out, sampling over 200 entertainment industry professionals per the earlier poll topics. The World of the Married brought Kim Hee Ae ratings success and critical acclaim so she got 67 votes to top the best actor/actress list. Next comes second place Jo Jung Seok who got 34 votes for Hospital Playlist, then 26 votes in the third spot went to Jo Seung Woo in Secret Forest 2, with Hyun Bin parlaying the success of Crash Landing on You to get 15 votes to land in fourth place. The other notable vote getters are Park Seo Joon with 13 votes for Itaewon Class, Han Suk Kyu got 11 votes in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2, and last but not least cutie patootie Park Bo Gum got a 6 vote nod for his drama carrying turn in Record of Youth.


Kim Hee Ae Tops the 2020 Best Actor/Actress Joynews Poll Followed by Jo Jung Seok, Jo Seung Woo, Hyun Bin and Park Seo Joon — 9 Comments

  1. Yeah for Kim Hee Ae for the recognition! Even topping the men! I will always remember the episode on Noonas Over Flowers when Kim Hee Ae was discussing with the other actresses about her career at her age and difficulty in getting roles. Veteran actress Youn Yuh Jung on Noonas felt bad for KHA because she was reaching the age when an actress was too old to be the female lead but too young to play the mother of the female lead. Look at KHA now…still slaying!

  2. Congratulations Kim Hee Ae and Jo Jung Seok. They are two very talented actors and are well deserved. Best actors of 2020. Love them and their performance.

  3. Congratulations to Kim Hee Ae and Jo Jung Seok too. They are the best of 2020. Hospital Playlist was best drama this year. Hope to see both in a new production soon.

  4. I rewound and watched so many times that whole scene of Kim Hee Ae walking into the sea at Episode 14 of TWOTM – spellbinding acting indeed.

  5. She finally got her due. She was always much better than likes of suzu type idols but her gen was too strong filled with better actresses.
    From cf queen to real actress. She has finally earned it

    ❤️❤️❤️ QUEEN HEE AE❤️❤️❤️

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