K-actress Chae Rim and C-actor Gao Zi Qi Confirm Divorce After 6 Year Marriage

It feels like another chapter coming down from the 2000s cross-border collaboration leading to romance between Korean and Chinese stars. This past decade has been fraught with more contention between the two countries politically which has impacted entertainment. K-actress Chae Rim was one of the top actresses of her generation and went early on to China to star in dramas and movies and actually made a name for herself. She ended up having a relationship with C-actor Gao Zi Qi after doing a C-drama together and the two tied the knot 6 years ago in a lovely ceremony in both China and South Korea. Three years ago the couple welcomed their first child a daughter together, but since then C-ent has been reporting on pending divorce. Both have repeatedly denied it but today K-ent reported that the two are indeed divorced and Chae Rim has moved permanently back to South Korea. She responded on her SNS with a tacit confirmation as did Gao Zi Qi after. I’m sad their marriage didn’t work out and wish both the best in co-parenting and future happiness.


K-actress Chae Rim and C-actor Gao Zi Qi Confirm Divorce After 6 Year Marriage — 11 Comments

  1. Sad news! I have been her fan since watching ‘All about Eve’ many years back and really love her smile. Hope she finds happiness back in Korea!

  2. So sad, she was one of my fav actresses since i saw her in ” dating now ” and”Four sisters” . I miss her a lot i wish to see her in a production soon . If i’m not wrong, his last korean drama was in 2010 with Choi Si Won .

  3. I feel so bad for her. I thought it would have work out with them since he seemed like he doted on her a lot. I hope she will find love again soon since she’s still young.

  4. Sad to hear this but not surprised. First saw Chae Rim in All About Eve. Was very taken by her bubbly, bright & cheerful personality. Wish her and her daughter and ex all the best.

  5. Aww, I still remember when you posted her wedding/engagement pic because it was lovely. Sad her marriage didn’t work out, wish her family the best. I know how difficult it must be to raise a child when parents are in different countries…but I am excited she’s back in Korea. Maybe she’ll start picking up projects again

  6. Love Chae Rim so and her work. My very first favorite Korean actress I’ve seen in Loving You, All About Eve, 4 Sisters, We’re Dating, Love of The Aegean Sea, Yang Clan, Dal Ja’s Spring, and Oh My Lady. I hope the best for her and hoping to see her in a new production.

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