Kim Soo Hyun Exudes Positive Casual Vibes in New Agency Pictorial

I get angsty when it goes too long without a new Kim Soo Hyun update, lol I have no idea how I got through his two years away in military service. He came back with the well received It’s Okay to Not be Okay but it wasn’t the runaway ratings hits that he garnered in the pre-military days. He was the “normal” character and I loved that he played it with such effortless heart but up next for him is the opposite in K-drama That Night where he’s a college student wrongly accused of murder. A gritty legal thriller sounds like a great next flex for him and hopefully he’ll start churning out more media appearances and promos soon.


Kim Soo Hyun Exudes Positive Casual Vibes in New Agency Pictorial — 16 Comments

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  2. Hallyu King! Did you see his version of the #CelebrityChallenge? The man is just gorgeous. And he’s got a bunch of CFs too! I hear his birthday is coming up next week.

    • Yep, yep, yep. His fans have already put up birthday ads. Konkuk University Subway Station, I think. Saw vids on Twitter. Wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.

    • I had not idea what the Celebrity Challenge is and looked it up. I know IU and Kim Soo Hyun are friends, but for some reason it makes me think there may be more to it after reading Koala’s other post. KSH fans, is he this openly supportive of his other female friends too?

      • @bbc

        I’m no insider but I think they’re just close friends. It would be too obvious for something more.

      • I’ve been a KSH fan since Dream High and have to say, he isn’t really that close with any other one of his female leads excluding Suzy prob. He’s good friends with SSK, PSH, etc. but not in the level of IU.

        That being said, I don’t actually think there’s anything more to it. There hasn’t been any rumours on them dating so far and while the are really close, it’s more on a friendship level it seems. Would love nothing more than for them to date actually but I don’t really think it’s the case. She’s his closest female celeb friend however. That part is a given.

  3. Yaaas, thanks for sharing these Ms. Koala. He’s been looking so, so good since he got back from military service. Beautiful and still manly at the same time both in photos and on film. Really looking forward to his next drama or film!!

  4. Oppa looking so damn fine! i remember how a few years ago i was devastated by that neverending marriage rumor with sohee. lol

    Still waiting for hyunhyun couple reunion tho.

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