Memory Recovered Ga Jin Tries to Run Away From Her Princess Identity in Episode 4 of River Where the Moon Rises with 6.3%, 10% Ratings

Four episodes in and I like but just can’t love KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises. Conversely I was madly in love with leading lady Kim So Hyun‘s prior sageuk Tale of Nokdu at the same point in the drama. All my earlier quibbles with this drama’s abrupt directing and rather skimpy storyline are still here but so are all the great things including a well matched OTP in opposites attract. a gaggle of kind hearted extended family and friends to the OTP, and the broodiest second male lead caught between first love princess and being the son of a power hungry bastard and the subordinate of a mad king. I’m sure eventually Ga Jin will go back to the Palace and become the Princess likely for revenge against those who set up her mom and General On to be killed by her dad and in the process take out all the baddies one by one. It’s nice that she gets some time in the mountains pretending to be a nobody and having Ondal dote on her but he’s got to get more purpose in life than taking care of Ga Jin, and doing so in a way that puts his village in danger to boot. The second female lead doesn’t interest me (yet) and I’m annoyed at how Go Geun is being wasted on his limited screen time.


Memory Recovered Ga Jin Tries to Run Away From Her Princess Identity in Episode 4 of River Where the Moon Rises with 6.3%, 10% Ratings — 12 Comments

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  2. I loved, loved episode 4! It was the best one for me 🙂

    It filled in so many of the empty spaces I was wondering. It helped explain why Ondal did what he did to me perfectly, why he went out to help a girl he just met besides his growing feelings for her.

    It was explained he had the penchant, the tendency to help out those in need because the ghost village is a make-up of not only his old tribal members but other castaways and runaways. It explained that the other runaways also potentially placed the village in danger as well, so it connects why in the end they circled around her and embraced her as one, obviously with the help of Ondal. They all went through different obstacles and life-threatening situations, they all have their own bitter past that they want to erase, therefore they were able to sympathize with her plight.

    I love this new community family that took her in. They helped fixed up her home and they invited her to join them for a meal ❤️ My heart!

    Ondal I just loved him in this episode starting with him showing 2FL that he could had escaped anytime he wanted to haha He stayed because of his faith in FL. His loyalty and his affection won me over completely before I was only 75 percent with him but now I’m 100 percent in. Especially near the ending. When he found out who she is, he didn’t get angry at her but was very understanding and protective of her. He’s different and FL sees that. The potential in his character is making me so excited, I can wait to see him transform to a top notch general just like his father and maybe even better with the help of FL.

    That reunion hug and embrace between FL and the nanny ❤️

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me but this episode hit me so hard. I love any drama that includes a strong and loving, grounded community spirit, that’s one of the main reasons why I loved fiery priest and chief Kim so much.

    I don’t think Go Geun was wasted in this episode at all, it was brilliant to see his inner turmoil and I loved all the scenes with him and FL.

    I loved 2FL in episode 3 but she kind of lost her spark in episode 4 but she’s still an intriguing character and I believe she will have much to show later on.

    FL saying that the princess and her assassin persona has now ceased gave me chills!

    The king finally sobering up after Go Geun revealing that his daughter is alive is going to make things more exciting especially since I believe now he will try to protect his daughter and try to go against his advisors to repent for his past mistakes.

    I’m so relieved they didn’t drag the amnesia plot and that the leads know each other identity and that all the main characters know that princess is alive. They could had easily dragged this but they didn’t! Writer, i commend you for taking generic cliches and executing it in a way where it feels fresh to me

    Honestly although only 4 episodes rolled in, I’m loving this drama more than nokdu. It’s still early, so let’s see 🙂

  3. I hope my long post will appear but I loved episode 4! My favorite out of the 4. It sealed everything and I personally disagree, 4 episodes in, I’m loving RWTMR over nokdu. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me later : ) There was so much warmth and familial love ❤️

  4. Double digits!!!! Let haters sit and stare!!! Lol

    While kpop land is busy with GD and Jenie’s dating, we’re in drama land is enjoying the double digits of this drama.

  5. Same here, Koala. By this point, TTON had me hook, line and sinker. But this one is just not doing it for me. Especially when I see a few similarities between both dramas.

    Funny how the monk instantly recognized her as the princess because she’s the spitting image of her mother but others didn’t. Hmm. I could point out other issues but I won’t bother. Oh well, I followed the 4-episode rule so I’ll gracefully bow out. Congrats on hitting double digits! Hope the rise continues.

    • Ah I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, we have like inverse reactions on two different dramas, you driving closer to Vincenzo and I driving closer to RWTMR. It happens haha I’ll see you around in other articles and read your comments 🙂

  6. It sucks because it truly is due to the choppy editing choices that making we have whiplash in some scenes. Right at the midpoint, where they split the episodes, there was this TERRIBLE soundtrack music that started playing. I think it was supposed to make me feel sad for Ga Jin? But I already was, with the stellar acting of Kim So Hyun, and it took me out of the scene completely.

  7. It feels like something missing, the editing is still bad. It reminds me of Kingmaker, can’t enjoy it cause it just feel lacking the main ingredients

    • I’m quite enjoying this drama because of Kim So Hyun and just close one eyes for the flaws.

      Btw, this drama has the same director with King Maker: The Change Of Destiny, Mr Yoon Sang Ho

  8. Congrats to double digits ratings! Episode 4 is my favorite❤️

    I’m glad they didn’t drag the amnesia too long and already know that she’s truly the King’s daughter.

    I love the osts so much! Really fitting for sageuk.

    And the acting, just wow! I was quite impressed with jisoo’s in that confrontation scene with GJ.

    super duper cute OTP! But I also like the second lead. Eventhough KSH and LJH have 11 years gap the chemistry was🔥🔥🔥. Also Queen Yeon’s flashback her scene with the king wasn’t even awkward. KSH, chemistry princess indeed!

    Hope the ratings will continue rising, cos I’ll watch the drama till the end for sure!

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