Vincenzo Episode 3 Has 8.121% Ratings and Hits the Ground Running as Characterizations Coalesce and Conflicts Intensify

I have patience when it comes to dramas starring my loves. The longest I went with sticking with a drama before it reached payoff time was with Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy, that drama was 18 episodes of set up but the final 2 episodes was sheer perfection. I watch episodes 19-20 even now and I’m crying ugly heaves for 120 minutes straight. So when it came to Vincenzo, giving this drama a few episodes to find its footing was something I was always going to do, it stars my Song Joong Ki aka Nice Guy Kang Maru so of course. But it’s still a relief that the all-over-the-place in tone and narrative structure first two episodes were just that and starting with episode 3 this drama is taking off. It’s not yet crack level but things are coming together nicely. Vincenzo is both the paternal figure to the denizens of Geumga Plaza, he’s so smart, savvy, and ruthless (as needed), but he’s also the child with Lawyer Daddy Hong being his new father figure here in Korea. I can’t stand Hong Cha Young still with her attitude and over-acting and general point of existence but I know she’s there for transformation purposes so I’ll be patient. I am annoyed at the production in early on accidently revealing the Big Bad because it makes certain scenes hard to enjoy on its own. Overall I’m starting to enjoy the flavor of this drama dish because the stuff I like drown out the weird tastes.


Vincenzo Episode 3 Has 8.121% Ratings and Hits the Ground Running as Characterizations Coalesce and Conflicts Intensify — 18 Comments

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  2. Seems like 4th episode will hit the double digit mark.. Anyways so far people are giving positive reviews to this drama..As for the female lead actress, her last drama Be melodramatic was critically acclaimed which even earned her a Baeksang nomination..So i think she has the potential to do well.
    I was reading some comments by K-netz and the reactions abt the other bigwig from JTBC aka Sysiphus
    ..Their feedbacks more or less resonates with I-fans.CGI,editing and direction is bad , story has so many plotholes..most of them are just sticking up for Jo Seung Woo…
    Phew, if the quality doesn’t improve, seems like K-netz would treat it like TKEM all over again.

    • This show is like Fiery Priest 2.0, which is a good thing b/c that show is very good/ratings wise excellent. Plus, we see where this will go with the ML’s journey and his team up with the FL. Its laid out, and getting more fun/interesting along the way. Jeon Hye Bin is a great actress, and she’s amazing here. How come the ML who murdered people is given more sympathy/love vs the FL (just b/c she’s loud) rme. Anyways, Ep 3’s ending shocked me but it ended a jolt too.

      Sisphyus, oof. A huge bummer. A pre-produced show, a big budget, and a show SBS fought the writers for, and now that it’s out, it feels like huh where?! Why did Jo Seung Woo choose this, when he’s picky with his choices? Confusing lol. I think this is one of those scripts where its better on paper than on-screen (perhaps directing. editing, CGI, music) don’t feel synched with the tone of this show. Jo Seung Woo is the only thing going for this show, he’s the only one who gets the tone of it. If they don’t ramp it up this week with Ep 5/6, then this show might just stall ratings wise and could end up a flop which isn’t what JTBC/cast/co want.

    • I adore this show. And I, too, feel positive its 4th episode could rise. Its highest rating so far was on a Sunday. With monster hit Penthouse out of the picture on Sundays, it goes head to head with MLDM (and what other drama?). I’m surprised OCN’s Times (1-2%) couldn’t reap some of the high ratings of its hit predecessor TUC.

      Oh wow, that is so interesting to read about Sisyphus. I’ve been wondering how K-netz also feel about that mess of a drama. If it’s not too much trouble, could you kindly share a link?

      • You can go to Netizenbuzz site.The article is from 2-3 days ago..Just check it out on their twitter account..They mentioned abt Yeo Jin Goo’s drama too along with Sysiphus.

      • Ignore my earlier post..I got them mixed up.Not Netizenbuzz , I read it on @pannchoa which translates k-netz comments from the sites like qoo and pann

      • TUC is a webtoon adaptation so it already has a fan base whereas Times is similar to Kairos which also didn’t have high ratings but had positive feedback.

        I guess majority of the viewers are not into these kind of themes.

      • @hhh

        Ok thanks, I’ll look it up.


        Yes, I’m aware TUC was adapted from a webtoon. Since it’s the same timeslot, I expected more viewers to watch the Times pilot at least out of goodwill for its predecessor. But even TUC with its already established fanbase started off with 2.7% for EP1 and grew from there so… who knows?

  3. The camera work and cinematography of this show is really good. Also, the cliffhangers. They also know how to effectively shoot “truck of doom”. Like they’ve used it twice already and in both times they were effectively executed.

    My only gripe now overall is the length of each episode. They’re a tad bit too long, that some scenes can a be a bit dragging. Should’ve stuck with the usual 45-50min.

    None of the characters annoys me except that I think Taecyon doesn’t really know how to act (?). There is something amateurish in his portrayal. But then again, we haven’t seen much of him so maybe he’ll deliver once he become what he’s supposed to be on the show. I think they wouldn’t drag the secrecy of his character too long. They’ve already shown that Kwak isn’t the ultimate baddy and that Ms Choi already got a whiff off of the whole charade. Speaking of Ms Choi, she’s my favorite character so far and I think it’s because of the actress. She’s really good.

  4. i love this drama. its like chief kim-good manager all over again. it has that vibe. i like that is not the same with the other drama that is showing now.
    i am back at watching it every night at netflix right about time it is posted. its like its ok not to be ok all over again.
    congrats to the cast, writer, pd and all the staff for a great drama.
    penthouse s2 and vincenzo make my weekend very enjoyable!!! ??


    But JYB still annoys me with her ‘trying too hard to be Honey Lee in FP’ overacting. “How could he not fall for my tears?”she asks. “Because you’re a godawful actress!“ says I. After hearing people say she’s better in Be Melo, I went to check out that drama but wound up dropping it about 10 minutes in or less. Just not my style.

    Taec also irritates me with his toothy nerd gimmick and forced konglish. Last week’s episodes had so much going on that I didn’t pay attention to him.

    Why does Vin keep picking on pseudo-Italiano? That humor is getting kinda stale. If his food is that bad, either help him cook better or stop going to his restaurant entirely.

    I suspected earlier in the episode that Mr. Hong knew the connection between Vin and his prisoner client. Then he confirmed it later on.

    Interesting to see Pyeonggang’s docile nanny in RWTMR in a different role here as the abrasive yet astute prosecutor. Was she responsible for the attack on the last researcher and Mr. Hong? Damn.

    Vin really pissed me off in that final scene. He had no right to withhold the call from Mr. Hong. Then it was too late when he told him.

    But HOLY SH/T! That cliffhanger made me jump. That was one TOD I didn’t see coming. Lol. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  6. I think the drama is in steady hands so far. It’s a worthy comeback drama for Song Joong Ki. I have a problem with the length of the episode. It’s too long. It makes the audience feel lethargic 3/4 way of the episode. Song Joong Ki looks so good in his custom suits, his acting is okay you can tell he’s trying his very best, the tenants are entertaining, Taecyeon is…. serviceable. Taecyeon’s acting seems a little shaky but he’s charming enough on screen to make up for it. But the female lead. Oh my god the female lead. She’s so aggravating, I’m highkey contemplating dropping this drama because of her. Everytime she appears on screen, I have to take a deep breath and brace myself for her annoying acting because it feels like someone is screeching chalk on a blackboard.

    For the love of god, she does NOT suit this role. I get what the character is supposed to be like because her character is very similar to Honey Lee’s over the top role in The Fiery Priest. However, while I actually enjo the eccentricity of Honey Lee’s character in The Fiery Priest, Jeon Yeo Bin couldn’t pull off this kind of character. I’m wondering then why do the producers cast her in the first place, didn’t they screentest her before they cast her in this role? Can’t the writers write a different persona that would suit her better? After all, this character is too similar to their previous work.

    I don’t know how much longer I have to suffer through her scenes but I’m happy enough with Vincenzo as a comeback drama for Song Joong Ki.

  7. I liked this show since the 1st episode , it give me vibes of Chief Kim, The fiery priest . I’m happy to see that people are enjoying it too . Beyond Evil is good too ,minus that they are trying too much to make every character suspicious .

  8. Koala eonnie I have extra patience with my loves’ dramas as well. Unfortunately Joo Won’s Alice and Min-ho’s The King exceeded my limits. Didn’t finish them, just skippung through episodes #sad

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