Seo Ye Ji Erases Instagram Contents and Will Not Attend this Week’s Premiere Screening of Her Upcoming Movie Recalled with Kim Kang Woo

This week’s news report that K-actress Seo Ye Ji was the alleged ex-girlfriend to Kim Jung Hyun who played a controlling role in the Time drama production debacle three years ago could not have come at a worse time for her. Her agency has not released a statement responding to the allegations first reported by Dispatch nearly 24 hours ago, but she was scheduled to attend a movie screening premiere this week for her upcoming thriller movie Recalled (Memories of Tomorrow) costarring Kim Kang Woo. It reads like a Flower of Evil redux with memory loss and seeing the future thrown in as a wife starts to think her seemingly perfect husband is a murderer. Now K-ent is reporting that she will not attend the event and on a personal front she has deleted all content in her Instagram account (though has not deleted the account itself). Netizens are also going through all prior interviews given by her or BTS or her costars working with her and noted a troubling incident on the set of thriller movie Another Way in 2015 with Kim Jae Wook. While the two leads were filming an drunk driving scene, she veered the car in real life into the opposing lane and almost caused a head on collision to make it more realistic and appeared very into the scene. Seo Ye Ji herself gave an interview that the director of the movie made her inhale real coal smoke during a scene when her character was trying to commit suicide and she had such trouble breathing afterwards so maybe method acting was asked of her during the driving scene as well. Who knows but goodness so much going on in K-net these days.


Seo Ye Ji Erases Instagram Contents and Will Not Attend this Week’s Premiere Screening of Her Upcoming Movie Recalled with Kim Kang Woo — 82 Comments

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  2. I have a question. I looked up the account that was shown on the article but it isn’t a certified account and the followers count is so low. So is that really her account or a gaffe on media reporting? I hope his and her side can speak up whenever possible because I really want to know their thoughts on this.

    • She had a very wonderful public account. She used to post her nephew’s pics a lot….About a year and half ago completely erased every last bit of posts then I guess she deleted that handle….so what account is this? She opened a new, private one?

      • @Gem

        It’s possible it was a fan account. There are tons of them on IG. Her fans say she communicates with them through DC fancafe (or rarely, on GM’s IG) as seen with the pictures posted on her birthday.

  3. Um…Seo Ye Ji hasn’t had a IG way before this news broke out…her deleting her IG after this news broke out is false information.

  4. Koala before you post this false information should check that yeaji deleted her ig after she transfer agency which is in 2020 she never deleted anything during this dating scandal broke out

    • she is only sharing the news and what she hears from news reports, she’s not a reporter or a police officer, she doesn’t need to verify every single thing she hears. If she’s wrong, we can politely correct her. It’s not a big deal haha

      • If this blog allowed reactions to comments, I would put a thousand hearts on it. Totally true.

      • @Laura

        Yes, she’s not a reporter. She’s just a blogger. But she’s writing about real people, real lives. And some people (not everyone, of course) believe what they read here as the gospel because the logic is “if it wasn’t true, Koala wouldn’t have written about it.” So she has a responsibility to at least verify some things before writing about them like the truth. Just look at that bold title: “Seo Ye Ji Erases Instagram Contents…” That already sticks in the mind, no matter what the rest of the post says.

        And just to be clear, I’m in no way or form defending SYJ. She deserves all the censure she gets for her part in what happened and needs to make amends.


        I’d hope you get your news from more credible sources than AllKpop and Koreaboo. She deleted her Insta way before IOTNBO allegedly due to unpleasant hateful + sexual comments by people. Your blog isn’t a fiction blog. You write about real stuff here which a lot of people read. So you have a responsibility. Please take it seriously.

      • @{} – She gets them straight from the korean press. There are more than 20 articles on naver that all mentioned about the deletion so it is international fans like yourself who is making assumptions she is getting her stories from allkpop. Go to key in 서예지 SNS 게시물 삭제and see for yourself the list. All are legit Korean news media outlets reporting the story. Heres a few… (korea Economics Times) (Seoul News)

      • She has been corrected. Where is the correction in either the headline or post itself? And what was impolite about Ulikeiu’s comment correcting her? The part of my comment meant for her was addressed directly to her, not you so pipe down now. It is international fans like yourself who make these excuses for her and never hold her accountable for the misinformation, hate and toxicity she spreads around here. Good day.

  5. According to Naver, they were from her Instagram. Her not attending the movie premiere, deleting her posts is very telling.

    • In hindsight, she should have continued her promotional duties and gone to the screening still. Even if this was true then or now, it would have at least put on a good front for her professional image that she still showed up to promote the film. I noticed there were interviews about the film, so they did occur, but now she’s burning bridges with the people involved in the film as well.

  6. Her text exchange with KJH is damning, if true. And I can’t imagine Dispatch releasing made up texts. So her agency will have to investigate this further before releasing a statement. Cancelling her press conference appearance is smart in the meantime. This and her Baeksang nomination now show what bad timing all of this is for her.

  7. The fact that her agency hasn’t released a statement to refute this and then her cancelling her appearance – seems like Dispatch had the right of it. Most of the time, they do.

    Method acting… it’s not uncommon at all and more than 50% of Hollywood does it from an article I’ve read. In fact, I’m literally reading a book on it by Kate Stewart lol. Talk about coincidence. But if it’s really method acting, what she did until that scene with KJW is messed. They could’ve gotten into a real accident. Getting more effed by the day.

  8. My 2 cents on Seo Ye-Ji.

    I don’t know what happened behind the scenes not here to speculate. This is just my opinon.

    SYJ definitely has the look of a strong woman and I mean just her facial. I have been with strong women in the past So I know when I see one and she definitely is one. You can recognize that on her energy, facial features and her voice above everything. She has mesmerizing deep voice and she has strong motherly instinct some think it’s their right to take possession over their children and men. She is modern day one of these ruthless saguek dowager queens you see in dramas who are very opinionated and you can’t change their opinion on things they strongly dislike and almost to extreme.

    But that is not why guys let her control them it’s because She also looks like the type whos extremely wild in bed and I assume this just from her energy and way she carries herself. She has an inner temper fiery that energy translates well into the bed. This is my analysis no speculation

    • Regardless what kind of strong woman she is, the very bottom line here is…whatever her personal dynamic she had with her ex-bf should not have breached into the professional sphere. Tbf, nobody cares if KJH going to ruin his own career to meet his ex-gf’s demand but him succumbing to her demands affecting others (his co-stars, the staffs and production teams working hard on the project).

      Its totally up to her on how she managed her personality be that she is head-strong with deep voice or her facial or that she is wild in bed, as long as not affecting unwilling participants.

    • Get help….regardless of what she has done or not, what you’ve written here is terrible, disturbing and creepy. Sincerely, seek professional help.

      • WOW.. A bit to aggressive reply to my analysis which was outside of all speculations to be frank it was an innocent view outside of speculations. I should have put a bigger disclaimer.

        I don’t know why since I am a guy maybe my inner self wants deep down to get laid with SYJ. I mean why not she is a fine lady.

        But outside of that don’t take my post to serious. It’s from a horny guy just ignore it

  9. Seo Yeji not remaining silent about the 2839283 messed up rumors about her as well as not making a public appearance for her upcoming movie speaks volumes lol. Anyway both she and Kim Jung Hyun are at fault and I’m happy all of this has come to light giving justice to all the hardships endured by Seohyun and the rest of the Time cast/crew.

  10. I wonder what did she do so wrong that she has to hide. The private interaction between herself and any of her ex is that, private. It is a huge invasion of privacy where the contents may reveal a controlling person but there is no crime committed. Is south korea a land fueled by gossips and rumours and not by evidence of a crime?

  11. Turns out she had a bullying allegation too but her agency hid it so well..Now if the Dispatch news was fake her company wouldn’t have remained silent for so long..
    Kim Jung Hyun owes Seohyun and staff a hearty apology, now that he has gotten better and out of yeji’s control.. Nothing can be changed now but those who were hurt by his actions can move on after getting a
    proper closure..
    However I can’t blame him fully..I see many people downgrading his suffering calling him an idiot , ugly just because he is a man and Yeji is pretty…
    I read what he was going through while being on set and felt so bad for him..Man would literally start dry-heaving if the demands of removing intimate scenes were not met.He was afraid of her and even puked once . It’s not easy to come out of an abusive relationship.

    If he indeed were a horrible person, he would have used wet wipes with Sejong , Seo Ji Hye and especially Shin Hye Sun with whom he had lots of intimate scenes..
    If only he didn’t date Yeji, this misfortune wouldn’t have fallen upon him so much so that his own career and life was at stake ..
    Now don’t call be a misogynist because because i chose to hold yeji as accountable for his actions…Women can be culprits too…He still has his faults but no way yeji can get a free pass for bothering so many people.

    And also people asking why he took this role in the first place..Well, he didn’t know that this was abt to happen..He was comfortable with Seohyun during the first few episodes and it’s evident from the bts…It was only a few days before the press-con that he started acting up and ruined the rest of the drama… Ultimately he couldn’t handle and dropped out of it.

  12. If this were Hollywood, both of them will just come out and say something like “We were in an unhealthy relationship. We were in a lot of pain because of each other but we didn’t know how to deal with it since we were so immature and foolish. We deeply apologize for the trouble and distress it caused a lot of people. We/I’ve been seeing a therapist and slowly learning and growing from this experience. I am not the same despicable person I was 3 years ago and I hope you can give me another chance”. lol

    My popcorn stash is almost gone due to all these spicy news from kdramaland.

    • Hahahaha. Your comment is so damn entertaining. So true. Just do it the Hollywood style dude & gal. Like Ellen DeGeneres crying crocodile tears, we’re repenting, we’re reflecting, we’re deeply sorry, kneel and bow thousand times before Seohyun, Time production crew, the press, etc.

      • Going by syj’s personality, not a chance mate. She’s a Cersei to the end. She would rather die on her own sword than bow and say sorry to Seohyun. I have to re-fill my popcorn. This should be made into a Korean style Queen Of Thrones. KJH looks like a squished Theon Greyjoy totally emasculated by women’s fight for roles. Replenishing my popcorn.

      • The biggest question is WHO released the text messages to Dispatch? I dun believe Dispatch been sitting on them for 3 darn years waiting for a time like this to release the bomb.

    • IA. The more they stay silent on it, the more people will talk and speculate. Especially since Seo Ye Ji (for now) is working on Island next. Ironically enough Kim Nam Gil (ML), is friends with Kim Jung Hyun and has moderated a film panel for his friend Kim Jae Wook, and Seo Ye Ji was in it, so they met before lol. Small world. GM needs to speak up, and clarify and say something before all hell breaks loose.

      Ikr? Just do it Hollywood style, beg on your knees, cry, etc. Just release a pitiful statement!! But at the same time, look at the creepers who stayed silent and still are working. Ex. Ezra Miller’s case w/ the women was gone away/he’s still The Flash.

    • There might be more to come… stay tuned. There’s seemingly already friction within the management agency before this all came out. Someone high ranking there wants her out and another desperately trying to keep her. I am very interested to see which faction wins out now that the dirty linen is out and public opinion against her. Protect her to the end or kick her to the curb.

      • Oh wow! Come through, Lydia! I can already guess which faction is desperately trying to keep her. ?

      • Hahaha. Yo, karma is really a bitch tho. It waits till you’re at your highest peak and then – WHAM! – it pulls the rug from right under you.

        GM needs to figure out their internal sh?t fast and speak up. Their silence makes them look bad too, especially in the eyes of her arrogant stans still defending her and cussing out the agency on Twitter. Whichever faction wins, I wonder how they’ll handle it. Because things are really bad and only getting worse.

      • Well, if she is really in a relationship with the CEO, then the faction on her side is really strong. She should just quit being a celebrity and get married to that CEO.

        Goodness! Am still reeling from all that text message exchange and there are still more to come out??? How did she manage to stay in the industry when she obviously has attitude problems and considering she wasn’t really a BIG star before IOTNBO???

  13. And so the fallout continues. Just read that she’s stepping down from the Island drama (although there was no official confirmation from her side that she was onboard). Her CFs might be next.

      • The news articles are describing it that way. Just saw updates on Twitter:

        This one:

        “#SeoYeJi reportedly to step down from upcoming OCN drama ‘Island’ and the production team plans to revise the script and search for a new female lead.

        It was originally scheduled for shooting in June, but will be delayed to July or August following this issue.

        And this one:

        “OSEN shared that the script of OCN drama will be revised drastically due to #SeoYeJi’s dropping off.

        Thus, the filming will be postponed a month to late July/early August which is supposed in June. The female lead will re-cast.

        #KimNamGil #ChaEunWoo

      • Check out these updates:

        “SeoYeJi reportedly to step down from upcoming OCN drama ‘Island’ and the production team plans to revise the script and search for a new female lead.

        It was originally scheduled for shooting in June, but will be delayed to July or August following this issue.”

        And this one:

        “OSEN shared that the script of OCN drama Island will be revised drastically due to SeoYeJi’s dropping off.

        Thus, the filming will be postponed a month to late July/early August which is supposed in June. The female lead will re-cast.”

      • Female protagonist must have been written a psycho too hence the need to revise the script drastically to protect the next actress stepping into the role. Who dares to take it on after this fiasco? Netizens might think the next actress stepping in is also a real life nutcase if she plays the part too well. After all this one indeed took the phrase “Art imitates Life” a bit too seriously ?

      • Now they’re saying she hasn’t dropped out. That they’re still in discussion. My comment with that link not posting.

        Her fans would have eaten the replacement actress alive.

  14. Well then I take back what I said yesterday, it wasn’t an abusive relationship, though it was a very toxic one. KJH and SYJ are both trash, their careers are over ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s just what his agency said all along, the mental health reason was just an excuse and a big fat lie all this time. Fuck him!

  15. The GM statement is awful, PR fail 101 and twitter is rightfully calling them out for it. Basically they are chalking it up to “a common fight between actors who are dating.” Really let me go ask all the other actor couples in SK who manage to successful fulfill their acting duties including romantic roles with skinship, if they ever had such a quarrel where one basically requested that they don’t even greet female staff and to take video and pictures and send them via text to show they aren’t spending time with female staff? And it got so bad KJH was throwing up on set from the stress of trying to please his toxic gf.

    Yes, totally normal behavior guys, nothing to see here….

    • I agree with you.This kind of terrible PR by her agency was what made Yoon Eun Hye disappear too. When her name came up, they should have issued an apology straight away to “Time” drama team, Seohyun in particular and generic apology for disappointing the public as a publoc figure. Also acknowledge her relationship with Jung Hyun was toxic.Eun Hye did the same when her scandal happened, her agency just released some gibberish and she dropped out from her activities and ran to China. When they tried to apologise and fix her image two years later. It didnt work. Look where she is now. They dont cast her in movies and dramas anymore. She barely does photoshoots, cfs and mainstream variety shows. Eun Hye was a hallyu star, a baeksang award, had a string of hit dramas and had a considerably large fanbase. The entertainment industry is less kinder to women. Seo Ye Ji is not a huge star yet. She is B-list. Her fanbase isnt that big. Her agency isnt that strong. If they dont handle this properly, she might disappear too with hefty financial losses too because she had a movie, drama and cfs attached to her and she was repping a couple of brands too.

      Its sad situation for all involved. I feel for Seohyun and the Time cast and crew. I am sympathetic to Jung Hyun too. Poor mental health and a toxic relationship is a deadly combination. Ye Ji needs some serious psychological help.

      • I agree. The statement that GM released is really a big facepalmed. And her fans are lapping it all up, saying the issue is now cleared and it’s not her fault. And am like, are we reading the same statement??? GM basically just admitted that the text messages aren’t made up. Seo Yeji obviously needs serious help. I doubt any production company will want to work with her now. Such a bad PR from GM. As what the other commenter said above, they should have handled this the Hollywood way.

        Oh well, I for sure will never watch anything with her and him again. I don’t think I can ever watch them again on screen and not be reminded how toxic they are. Which is really sad because I love both IOTNBO and Mr. Queen.

  16. Ok. Its not staking up. I am really sad however that right to the end, he absolved her and took the full blame on himself if the GM statement was to be believed. The biggest ? is why would Dispatch sit on those messages for 3 years? KJH leaving the production so abruptly in 2018, the news of his mental health was quite the headlines grabber, knowing their style, they would have broken the scoop then. Why wait till now and why is it still stored in their system. Lol. Im still in the camp that guessed KJH could have been the one to release those messages to dispatch as a way to explain why he was that sick in the head to do what he did. Now that its exploded into such a massive scandal, he probably chickened out. The whole common fight between two lovers is a joke. There is nothing in that exchange that cries normal. At least they admitted those messages were real. Now is just trying to force down the narrative thats a normal conversation between korean couples.

    • Or maybe they twisted his arm to take all the blame. Knowing how this toxic industry can manipulate and blackmail, who knows for sure?

      They’re also claiming HE was the one who first asked her not to do kiss scenes and that was only her response. Brr….

      • Well… GM has to prove it and not just leave it as a he said she said because she obviously did not avoid the skinship with Lee Joon Gi and served it up in dollops whereas KJH did exactly what he was told in the messages. Not sure why her rabid fans are now insisting Dispatch manipulated and changed the order of the messages. Did we read the same statement?!? They must be better than me at reading btw the lines.

      • Exactly. Where are the receipts? Those delulus will twist the narrative to one that portrays their idol in a good light. But GM’s statement only shows that she’s not the angel they think she is.

        Anyway, the latest news on Island now says she hasn’t dropped out from the drama. That “faction” must have some serious connections.

    • Sound like she’s shifting the blame on him. And releasing the statement earlier than him by just making it sound as if KJH agreed to her narrative. From what I read at Koreaboo, netizens seem to be in the opinion that she was gaslighting him with her “I can but you can’t”.

      Now I guess it’s down to public opinion. But heck, that GM’s statement really fits her character and sounding so manipulative.

  17. SYJ’s agency released a statement: they agree that SYJ made demands of KJH but claim he was never under obligation to ruin his career by following those unreasonable demands. They also claim that the texts dispatch released was doctored, and he made similar demands on her as well. The more this gets out, the more I’m inclined to believe that KJH released those texts to dispatch himself, in order to deflect the blame of his behavior to SYJ, thereby ruining her career. How else would dispatch have texts from conversations three years ago? No one else has a motive to go to dispatch to release that info. Which makes him a major douchebag IMO. I understand that he may have been mentally stressed during that ordeal, but exposing one’s private conversation with one’s ex to the media just to cover one’s ass and sway public opinion is the action of a coward and is the height of betrayal.

    • I agree to this he made two women fans fight for him to get away from the narrative he done by himself i think his the psycho here why else drag your ex- girlfriend ? isnt he just bitter for their break-up and now dragging her so their career will hit rock bottom His the one who should apologize first instead being silent from media and getting her ex-gf being rabid with hate such a trash men do i hope he get sued by seohyun and her ex

    • Did GM ever said the messaages were doctored? NOT that I read so far. They only said there were not full messages (where she claimed he made the same demands to her) BUT they could not or have yet to provide evidence on this claim. Dispatch however has confirmed those messages have been authenticated by various sources. Plus, if the messages were really doctored to paint a bad picture of SYJ, she could easily threaten with legal action which she didn’t cos they are real.

      • Thank you. Exactly how I read it too. In fact I read the korean version and its states that thats another conversation they had AT ANOTHER TIME which they did not even mention through what means hence my “he said she said” is not good enough. They need to cough up the receipts since we all saw the ones from his phone and her delulu fans went on to manipulate versions of all kinds of insinuations against Dispatch with that one liner. Lol. The education lies is now heating up the korean forums. I think knetz are bored with the scandal and have moved on to other topics surrounding her.

    • Finally someone who thought same as me. We don’t even have the full text to judge how bad their toxic relationship was. We don’t know what both said 100% but each was def responsible for both of their own actions. I am not absolving either of them for their bad actions in their toxic behavior but to blame only SYJ for this doesn’t sit right with me. People not considering motives behind this whole scandal started because of her ex trying to change agency and fighting with his own agency.

    • No ..but if he was really abused …i do think he did a right job by exposing her problematic ass…The process may be wrong but he didn’t have any other choice as he was alone against two big agencies..All these years when he was battling with his depression , she was having a blast in her career..
      Why should he take all the flak when she was the major cause of it??..There is a post on Pann going which shows how his behaviour drastically changed during Time..At first he was quite comfortable with Seohyun but after sometime she got jealous and started doing all those stuffs..Even k-netz agree that he wasn’t well only when he was with a relationship with her.
      Adal , i know u are a big iotnbo fan but don’t do the victim blame..He has everyt right to expose his perpetrator after keeping mum for so many years.

    • there’s also the idea that since KJH is in ‘flight’ from his agency, it could be the agency that released those text messages. The agency wants to get back those months he was away when unwell as an extension of his contract or be in breach of it when not taken into account.

      i liked that hollywood-style response. the writer would make a good PR person.

    • To Joanne: I dont she fake it since she really is fluent in speaking Spanish when she guested in Knowing Brothers plus they let them show her pics and videos and her halmeoni’s house wc she resided when she was there. I think her issue is only her being possessive and manipulative.

  18. If ever the demand is true wasnt this guy the true psycho here his a manipulator who let his ex-gf get drag so he get away from this narrative where he mentally inflict trauma to seuhyun that why their fans are fighting and him being silent with all this fiasco i dont believe that this text message which 3yrs ago suddenly resurface without him giving it to dispatch this guy is a real trash maybe he still not over yeaji so his dragging her with him so her career will hit rock bottom cause we all know women get harsher hate than men do cause they will always a have a chance because they will forgiven while women will get this comment all the time in her career

    • Wow the victim blaming…Did GM provide any proof abt the message??.. Why only he complied with her commands but she was free to do intimate scenes with her co-star..There is a clear power imbalance in between them…If she is the root cause of this evil, i am glad kjh decided to expose her..Both of them had their fair shar in causing so much inconvenience to other people..

  19. Sigh, she’s one of the few 90ers to gain any traction in lead roles and now this comes out. This is probably very unfair of me but I hope Kim Jung Hyun doesn’t get away with this either. I don’t think I’d ever watch something with him in it again. Pathetic to cause so much pain to himself and others over a woman?

    Seo Ji Hye also has some masculine vibes (voice, height and also 6 years older) so I wonder if he hasn’t lost his taste for being submissive.

  20. I have read like 10 articles about her having the same character vibes wc she portrayed in IOTNBO and irl. It is just so scary that this very sweet girl on the outside is this manipulative on the inside. I hope she will learn her lessons after this. Dispatch really is a scary news outlet because they can bring out the worst in a celebrity.

  21. OMG, not too clear on GM’s statement about her education. She has been going around variety shows saying she studied in Spain, hasn’t she? So did she study in Spain at all or she was just accepted but never really get to step inside a lecture hall in Madrid “due to her activities in Korea”.

    Regarding the text exchanges and GM’s statement that “it’s a conversation between lovers over jealousy”, “both have demands of each other” — fine, it can happen…. to 15 year-olds who are new to first loves! lol. I get that actors should sometimes say no to unnecessary scenes in the script like lewd or super sexual scenes not necessary to the story, but to ask the PD to remove a scene where he was simply drunk and being helped inside by the female lead is just, well, total psycho and the height of being inconsiderate and unreasonable about your work and everyone involved in the production. If I were a producer or an actor/actress, I’d be wary to cast them or act with them to be honest, who knows what demands they’ll make, lol.

    • It’s pretty clear from the text exchange that Seo Yeji wasn’t talking about him avoiding love scenes, but straight up did not want him touching his co star or even look and talk to female staff. That’s why he couldn’t even stand next to her during the photocall at the press conference. He feared his gf’s reaction THAT much. Crazy. He’s such a fool for ruining his reputation for a relationship that clearly was toxic.

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