Lee Jong Seok Picks Next Drama Big Mouth Playing a Low-rent Lawyer

A big casting news came out today and I’m pretty excited in some ways. K-actor Lee Jong Seok has accepted his first post-military drama tentatively titled Big Mouth. The drama is slated for second half of 2021 filming for 12 episodes. It’s described as a black comedy/thriller/humanistic drama by the PD of While You Were Sleeping, Hotel Del Luna, and Start-Up. The male lead is a lawyer who has only a 10% success rate, he ends up taking on a murder case despite his crappy ability and becomes stronger as he digs deeper into the facts. He’s called a Big Mouth for always talking a big talk and not following through but he’s starting to find his ability and purpose through this case.


Lee Jong Seok Picks Next Drama Big Mouth Playing a Low-rent Lawyer — 16 Comments

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    • lawyers are always a popular profession in kdramas but I’ve never seen a lawyer drama be this popular on kpop twitter before Vincenzo ?

      (yes I know there’s the masterpiece Secret Forest that everyone acknowledges, but this level of fangirling is new to me)

  2. So according to Soompi, the script will be penned by Writer Ha Ram (no info) along with married screenwriters Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon who collabo-ed on Vagabond, Giant, History of a Salaryman, Empress Ki, Incarnation of Money, etc. This could go well. I wonder if he’ll cut his hair for the role or sport a pony like CSW in That Night.

  3. What happened with his nose and face?He look like transgender than man.Oh GOD,don’t do plastic surgery!!You look like michael jackson.Just improve your acting skill!!

  4. I was hoping that he stays away from Judiciary related dramas..Wanted to see him in a new genre for his comeback..
    But atleast this time he won’t be playing a genius character ..

  5. Call me toxic or haters but what I say is truth ladies.He just plastic man!Plastic monster man!!Plastic!!Plastic!!Look how difference this picture he does plastic surgery on chin,cheeks,nose and eye lids!Can he stop doing ps?If he keep doing ps he slowly became michael jackson korea.

    • So what he did or not ps? So what? You earn money from this? Truth! What truth can come out of you toxic hater (you asked to be called this..thanks).

      Yay Look forward to LJS new drama.

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