Dispatch Releases Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Pictures After Dating Confirmation, K-netizens Overwhelmingly Not Happy with Lee Seung Gi’s Choice

This isn’t Lee Seung Gi‘s first public dating rodeo, years ago he dated Yoona for some time and the two quietly broke up in 2015 after nearly two years together. Both were so young back then I don’t think anyone thought realistically it could end in marriage, but now Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In are dating and K-netizens are worried it will end in marriage. Apparently Lee Seung Gi has introduced her to his family and friends and Dispatch released pictures it was sitting on since late 2020 showing Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In hanging out with his grandmother and going to the bank, In March of 2021 two months ago, there was a post on a K-ent forum site saying that Lee Seung Gi was dating the second daughter of Dae Jang Geum’s Court Lady Choi (played by Kyeon Mi Ri) and the two were planning to get married. The post was deleted shortly thereafter and people didn’t pay so much attention since it seemed so implausible. Now it’s being resurrected especially with news that Lee Seung Gi recently bought a new residence (suitable as a marital home) and was leaving his long time agency to set up his own agency with his dad. The reason K-netizens are so against this relationship is that Lee Da In’s mom and stepdad are accused of stock manipulation a few years ago, and the stepdad even got prison time and paid a hefty time. Lee Seung Gi is basically the Nation’s Son-in-law for the last decade and it upsets netizens to see him dating and maybe even marrying a woman from a family that committed financial crimes which caused ordinary people to lose money.


Dispatch Releases Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Pictures After Dating Confirmation, K-netizens Overwhelmingly Not Happy with Lee Seung Gi’s Choice — 67 Comments

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  2. His life, his choice . She isn’t responsable of her parents crimes . One thing, is that LSG has the same taste in terms of visuals when it comes to women .

  3. Actually it wasn’t just people losing money. It was so severe of a fraud that people committed suicide because of it.

    I’m a bit torn because while I am almost always in the opinion that a parents’ crime shouldn’t be reflected on their children (and vice versa), in this case, the argument is that Lee Yoobi and Lee Da In didn’t do anything to separate themselves after this was revealed. They both continued to use their mother’s fraud money to live comfortable rich daughter lives while many suffered due to it. There are also Nepotism accusations specially against Lee Yoobi but I suppose the industry is swimming with that.

    Anyway, I dunno what to feel. Then again, I don’t really have a right for an opinion on someone’s dating life. I like Seung-gi (who doesn’t lol) but his choice for a partner or wife isn’t really anyone’s business. He might be “nations son-in-law” but people need to not take that literally. He’s an adult who can make his own choices. Whether those choices leads to his downfall is upto him and how he handles his career from here on.

  4. @Butterfly You’re right that parent’s crime should not be reflected on their children. But the argument that ‘they both continued to use their mother’s fraud money to live comfortable…’ just doesn’t work. Should the family separate the fraud money from the ‘real’ money they made? Should the family throw away everything that was purchased with ‘fraud’ money? What if one of the daughters was gifted a purse worth $1000 but $1 of that money was the fraud money. Is the purse ‘bad’ now? Should it be destroyed? How would the children know? To them it’s just a present from their parents. What about all the food during breakfast/lunch/dinner? What about when they entertained their friends?

    Koala even mentioned that the stepfather went to jail and paid a hefty time (I’m assuming they meant ‘fine’). If the courts already decided the appropriate punishment for the criminals, then everyone should just move on.

    LSG is an adult is free to date whoever he wants.

    • Err, I think the “logic” you are trying to find doesn’t exist. It’s very simple, if I’m a victim of the crime and someone from my family killed themselves because of it – I will not be forgiving the children of people who committed said crime. By all the things you mentioned – expensive bags, friends, luxury etc, I don’t think you’re validating her more than vindicating her. It’s not so simple as ah, the courts made the decision, let me move on even if there were deaths and difficulties involved in this. People have the right to forgive them or not. The crime is proven, yet these girls simply did not decide – hey, I should maybe work for my living and not leech off my parents since I’m an adult and I know my parents are… con artists? Frauds? Criminals? Take your pick.

      Anyway, I think we all have zero rights to have an opinion on LSG and whether he decides to marry her or not. That’s his decision since he’s an adult and we have nothing to do with her personal life. However – having an opinion on a crime that affected a lot of people? Hell yea, I’ll have an opinion on that. I am torn – as I mentioned. But I’m not dismissive of the argument that both the girls are guilty. They aren’t children and they know what their parents did. If they stepped away and made a life for themselves away from the crime I’d have respect for them and so would most Koreans probably.

      • + ♾

        Thanks for making sense. It’s rare in this side as you can see below. Some fangirls need to get a reality grip. It’s embarrassing.

      • @Butterfly So you are agreeing with me then? That the logic does not exist? K-nets shouldn’t be angry just because the children chose to continue on with their lives with the parents money. Hence my examples with the purse, luxury, food, etc. OK, would you be saying the same thing if the children were toddlers and relying on their parents and the ‘fraud’ money? So you’re going to be mad and have ill-intentions towards toddlers just because their parents did bad things (and have already paid back to society). What kind of person are you?

        Yes it is that simple. The children (women) were not involved in their parents crimes. Why should people hate the children just because they want to continue living their lifestyle? Again, what if the kids were only 3-7 years old? Why hate them when they were not involved in the original crime? You sound like those characters in k-dramas who go after the ML/FL just because of some grievance they had before with the ML/FL’s parents.

        Also, do you have a family? You really think it is that easy to abandon family members?

        Sorry but YOU ARE WRONG! You can dislike the parents but leave the children out of it (if they had nothing to do with it!) What if the family had a dog? Will you hate the family dog as well?

      • I sound like a kdrama character? Have you met you? 😂

        And I legit thought LSG fans were mature. You know what you sound like? A rabid fangirl. Those that don’t deserve my time. If I further respond to your types, I’d degrade to your level of thinking. Nah, I’m good, and out. Good luck being oppa’s girl tho.

      • @Butterfly LOL. You really ARE BAD at this. Seriously? We disagree and you say you’ll degrade to my level of thinking? Are you like mentally ill or something?

        So you are ALWAYS right and everyone else is wrong? If they’re wrong you’re FAR MORE SUPERIOR to them?!!

        I’m a dude and don’t care for LSG. So you think that my comment of ‘LSG is an adult and is free to date whoever he wants’ means I’m a big fan of his? You have horrible logic/thinking skills.

        Right I’m a fangirl because I’m saying that children should not receive punishment for the actions of their parents. Yes, that’s the textbook definition of a fangirl…

      • @What the actual f You need to stop assuming things. I’m not girl and I don’t care about LSG and am definitely not his fangirl.

        Yes it’s embarrassing that you’re WRONG on SO many fronts. Get a life!

      • You’re making the grand assumption that the source of all of children’s funds came from fraudulent funds or ill-gotten gains. People do have money in trust before they take their first step. You say they should not be blamed for their parents’ crime but then you want to indirectly punish them. Using terms like leech and they should somehow sacrifice, or do some sort of penance based what you assume they may have learned after the fact is not right in my opinion. You sound angry on the part of those who suffered and think(decided)these young women should pay or at the very least suffer in small way. And saying you want forgive the children of a crime they didn’t commit says more about you than them. Your not forgiving them won’t make them any more guilty of a crime they didn’t commit.

    • Exactly. And writing, “didn’t do anything to separate themselves after this was revealed.” Separate themselves from their parents??? Is she serious? Smh.

      • That’s just how that user is on this site. Judgmental and scathing to the core. They’ve even bashed differing opinions of others. Since only their opinion matters and is right.

      • You really think it’s a-okay to support your parent irrelevant on what they did? Even if it caused a death? Are YOU serious??? Smh.

        And smh further on the judgemental and scathing remark from someone who responded to you. God some people here are BLIND. What? You think supporting LSG’s girlfriend without acknowledging her fault in this makes you a good fan??? Crazy.

      • @What the actual f

        Tell me about it. The things these fangirls would do to validate their oppas and the lack of a reality check is astounding. And disgusting. Then again, what’s new? Lol

      • It’s like separating oneself from their parent when said parent is deceptive and a criminal is some novel thing that no one has heard of. The woman is an adult. Not a 5 year old with no knowledge or means to support themselves. Why does it sound like you can’t imagine her made a stand against what was clearly wrong? Be careful, your personality is showing.

      • There are actually several cases of celebs’ parents scamming people. Knetz bashed people who still defend/turned blind eye to their parents wrongdoings and use their blood money… But there are other cases where knetz praised SNSD Tiffany and WG Yeeun for publicly cutting ties with their scammer fathers. Although in their cases, they already lived independently since young and had bad relationship with their respective fathers. Tiffany was also praised for paying his scammer father’s debts to the victims in the name of filial duty despite cutting ties with him.

        I personally think the daughters shouldn’t be judged for their parents’ sins, but seems like Korean netizens are very sensitive to scammers issues.

      • @Butterfly Again calling me a fangirl when I’m a dude. If you can get that wrong what else can you get wrong? Saying that I’m validating my ‘oppa’… ALSO WRONG. Oh but wait I thought you were supposed to be superior to everyone?

        I thought everything you said was always right and correct!

        What’s going on?!!

  5. The children aren’t supposed to pay with their happiness for their parent crimes. Most people don’t abandon family over these things either. If he is happy, they should just be happy for him.

  6. I reckon there are many more couples that Dispatch is sitting on. They are waiting for the right timing to optimise maximum coverage. 3 down – HB-SYJ, KJH-SJH & now LSG & LDI, more to go. Who’s next? My crystal ball tells me another couple (male is another 87 liner) whom people are least likely to pin together could possibly be outed next once their dramas finish airing. Both have rabid fans who ship them with their own bias beyond the galaxy. If my guess turns out to be true, the whole nation would hate the guy coz the girl is very beloved but guy is not popular. Anyways, this is just all fun & games prediction. Not condoning Dispatch stalking celebs to out them but just commenting on the news published if they admit it.

    • @Gyp @ Anaa, I will get abused/cursed/lynched/bashed/stalked/tarred & feathered within an inch of my life for years. I maybe wrong as some are very clever in recruiting their good friends who are also fellow actors to throw off the scent. The Japanese fans are on to it long ago. Clues – green hand warmers and Mint Choc donut. Could be 100% coincidence. This is a fun guessing game. Up to you to do the rest of Sherlock Holmes. Honestly, sometimes even I think their agencies know about it and are dropping crumbs slowly. Lol.

      • This is anonymous so spill the beans! You can’t just leave us hanging like this.

      • Now you’re making me curious😆Everyone here is anonymous unless😉

        I only know 2 87 line actors whose dramas are currently airing. Is it one of them? Lmao!
        I don’t have idea about the clues lol

      • I replied but comment lost in space. may show up in random places. Lol.

      • The only 87-ers with airing dramas are Seo In-guk and Jung Il-woo. I think. I don’t think there’s any shipping going on for the two of them though?

      • @crystal ball.
        Rabid fan makes me think of an idol Nways. So we have in guk. Can’t relate any actress with him though but iu cross my mind, dunno why haha. Drop more clue, i’m such a sucker in guessing games…

      • @Anaa, I can’t pin down the female 100%. There are 3 possible candidates but knowing in guk, he can be totally left field & come up with a total wild card. It’s like The Bachelor, special Korean edition with 3 intruders. No 1 is his ex (reconciled????), no.2 broke up last year with her then bf & no.3 is shipped with another actor whose rabid fans will curse any other actor associated with their golden girl. If you know vaguely who they are, please leave their names out. See you all in a few months time. All of you did awesome in playing this guessing game. Adios.

      • I’ve been checking ig accounts and just narrowed down my list, lol. But yeah let’s see if something happens after a few months.

      • @Anaa, I have my own suspicions too. His 2019 concert cat drawing souvenir which he designed himself & the random cat tiger emojis on his IG post. The joke about yeobo showed up in his Naver virtual photo exhibition by Story J where the first photo caption is Hello in Korean but google translate said Honey. The caption of 2nd photo is Cat. Plus he’s been interior decorating his apartment lately while busy filming lol (source SBS Power radio interview). If you have seen his I Live Alone reality show, you know how messy his place was even his mum showed up to scold him. Lol. We’ll see how it goes. Look out for nosy Dispatch reporters in Ulsan.

      • Hahaha. Crystal ball shattered people. He said in Pipeline interview he’s currently not in a relationship & haven’t got much thoughts on marriage.

      • Long-time sig fans known for ages. Both no2 & no3 (who r good chingus) follow him on IG. No3’s aunt follows IG account shipping their OTP & sister follows his IG too. Actors always deny when asked if dating. We’ll see what happens. Lol.

      • Dispatch on & off watching him since 2016. Covered their wrap up party & dubbed them Honey Couple. Trail went cold in 2017 after announcement of dating with ex & breakup 6 months later. The Naver exhibition photo caption Google mistranslation of honey from hello has been a long running inside joke amongst shippers.

      • @in the know, yep. The aunt even visited the boat of their filming set in Busan coz she lives there. Looks like no.3’s family really love our boy. Must be because of the hometown/dialect connection. No.3’s grandma supposedly from Busan too. if there’s any dating going on, it will be in Busan/Ulsan I reckon, lol.

      • @starrysky. Go to IG @chanting10k_signnjh for all the BTS posts dating back to 2016-2017. In particular July 14 & July 15, 2017 posts. The body language & eyes said it all. I always find the timeline of his dating period with ex a bit sus. Dunno whether it’s a ruse to cover-up a real r/ship.

      • Woah, thanks for the fan account @intheknow. I have never seen them so touchy feely with other co-stars in press cons before or after 2016. Look at that video of Sep 2, 2017 post. Other fans been telling me, they’re just very very good friends, nothing more. Lol.

    • Why do I thought of sig or pby? But idk, pby is a private person and i think she also has high standard for her partner. I remember phs kept gushing over her in all the bts and articles but she has always been brushing it off.

      • OK i take back what i said bc sig is sure a popular actor in and out of korea. So who could be this couple you’re talking about? You got to give us another hint lol

  7. i was about to ask, how these little known actors and actresses survive on only one or two small projects per year? it really befuddled me. i mean for her, i guess she has some inheritance money, but how about others? how do they stay committed to being actors/actresses for a number of years with such little income?

    • Many of them have other part time jobs/side jobs, I remember Kim Taeri and Kim Hye Yoon saying they worked in cafes before their big breaks, I’ve heard actors saying they worked in restaurants too.

      The younger ones sometimes model (not as brand endorsement/cf thing), some are also active in theatre which doesn’t get reported on much. Basically it’s the same as with struggling actors anywhere else, they hustle.

  8. After years of reading K-pop and adjacent news websites, it seems financial scams/fraud is very rampant in S. Korea? Is this the case or just that it gets reported on quite often?

      • HAHA!! Seriously, does anyone find the good tax paying citizens thing kinda funny?! I mean good for the celebs images, but LOL.

  9. The girls really is not at fault for their parent’s crime but if in case they knew of it and continued living their lives, spending those scammed money then that’s where the problem is. They have some character issues. But seung gi dating or even marrying Lee Da In is his business, i couldn’t care less afterall its his life.

  10. Ooooh didn’t know that’s her family’s background. We don’t know her character but I hope she does not emulate her stepdad’s greed for money. (was her mom found guilty as well?) In the end, it’s LSG’s business whom he dates or marry. I hope both of them get the partner in life that they deserve based on their true character, whatever that may be.

    • Apparently the finding was that her stepdad used her mother’s fame to lure investors but that Kyeon Mi Ri herself wasn’t participating in the fraud.

      I second the last sentence of your post.

  11. @kitai, @jez, @random bb, thanks for your support. Some shippers in other sites are so damn paranoid, rude & abusive when I offer a different opinion. Don’t take it too seriously life is short. So far you guys are keeping things fun, light & easy. The moment trolls come here to trash me, I’m out. @random bb, you got the male right. Female, I’m not 100% sure, I’m collecting clues as I speak. Look at the IG of actresses associated with male.

  12. I would understand it if Lee Da In personally was accused of any wrongdoing like the recent school bully scandals, but the reason for the criticism appears to be that she….. didn’t cut ties with her mother? Over a scandal that happened when she would have been a minor?

    I wonder if it’s a common practice for Korean teenagers to be made fully aware of their parents’ stock market dealings, that people are going around saying “she knew” etc etc. I fully understand criticism being directed at Kyun Mi Ri but why the daughters too?

    • Oh now I see there was a second, later scandal….my point still stands, even if KMR’s were adults, it’s a bit much to automatically assume they know of their stepdad’s business and are guilty by association with him/their ma.

  13. As for nepotism charges….I believe Lee Yoobi at least has been honest about being treated better because of her mother, but it must be some really failed excuse for nepotism because both girls spent years and years in supporting character roles despite being pretty decent at acting. Lee Yoobi didn’t get her first lead role until she played supporting roles for 4 years, Lee Da In afaik has never led a drama or movie.

    • I agree with you. Both Lee Yoo-bi & Lee Da-in are talented and they did supporting roles for years as other ‘normal’ actors did

    • Agree.. i wonder with their talent and appearance, why did it take a long time for LYB to land a first lead role? The same goes to her sister, why she never land a lead role?

      If we talk about nepotism, then what about those idols who get lead roles with bad acting skill? Lol.

  14. Lee Seung Gi knows the girl in real life…and we don’t. Therefore, who is the person more likely to have a realistic and factual knowledge of her? Hmm…

    Also, I don’t believe people should be held guilty for wrongdoings of family members just because they are related.

    Also, this is their life and their choice. Fans don’t get to make those decisions for them.

    I hope they’re happy and have a bright future together for as long as they want it.

    • I have two views on this:
      1. I am very sure that Seung Gi knows Da In’s family background and being Korea’s Nation’s son/ son-in-law, etc, he is also aware of the backlash/censure that he will receive. This backlash comes in many forms – commercial endorsements and lost of popularity are just two. So by dating her, he is actually sticking his neck out, but it also reveals that he does not condemn her for her parents’ actions and it also shows how much he likes/loves her. It also shows that he likes her for who she is – not who her parents are. Thus, I respect him for this. It also shows that she must be someone worth making such a commitment and sacrifice for. Seung Gi is known to have a good head on his shoulders and has always made wise decisions. He is also known to be very detailed and thorough in what ever he does. Hence, I am sure that he must have thought through all this before making a move.
      2. Unless of course, she had cast a love spell on him and all reason has flown out the window.

      So, which one do you think is most plausible? Or is there a third view?

      • If you watch his collaboration with LMH, he did question about happiness if he lost all his fame. So he knows and is taking a bet, he opted for love and personal life. That’s his choice.

        Maybe he is confident that he can build that again. Is hard to say. People come and go, Knets can love you one day and hate you another day. With enough money and fame since young, I think is a calculated risk that he choose to take. Whether is worth it, only god knows.

  15. The thing is we don’t know him personally, he has a public image but we don’t really know him as a real person so his true character is an enigma. Knetizen are too obsessed with their “perfect celebrities” which feeds their cancel culture, just one mistake can end your career or put it on hold for years, which I think is not healthy. Even their entertainers has to be taken so seriously, sometimes I can’t understand.

  16. Those netizens are shallow minded.Why do they have to bw upset when LSG and LDI will be the one to be together in the future. Crazy people.

  17. @Crazyahjummafan:

    I go to #1. LSG is a true namja. He for sure knows whats the background of LDI. Plus LSG is respectable man.

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