Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin Leave Agency and Signs with Newly Formed Management mmm Created by Longtime Manager

There’s exciting movement in the K-actress world and it’s a two-fer this week. Actresses Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin have made an agency change together, leaving their current agency J,wide Company and signing with a newly formed agency called Management mmm which was founded by their existing manager. J, wide released a statement explaining that the actresses contracts expired and this move has the support of J, wide to see their continued growth. J, wide has done an exceptional job managing both actresses careers with hit after hit whether movie or drama so I think the positive press release paints the old agency in even better light that they know when to let go. Good luck to Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin in their new ship wherever it guides them.


Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin Leave Agency and Signs with Newly Formed Management mmm Created by Longtime Manager — 88 Comments

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  2. Imagine your costar was kim tae ri and dating jeon yeo bin.Song joong ki have everything new cf,new gf and new drama offer.Life is wonderfull baby.

      • Jeonki shipper very happy sjk sent her spesial food truck.He never do that to pby and mcw except his ex.

    • People actually think they’re dating? Based on a food truck and chemistry? Then lots of people would be dating. This shipping business is usually a disappointment. I can see sjk being very careful from now on.

      • SJK and careful? Please. He wouldn’t publicly fan the dating speculations then. Anyone could know that his truck would start waves of speculations. He still planned meticulously and surprised his new flame. He always prioritizes dating over career or fans. He can finally be done and dusted when he publicly dates another costar.

    • SJK will be re-burying his career if he gets into a public relationship, that too with a less popular co-actress, so soon. Yeobeen’s rising momentum will be dead too. Her fans love to compare her with A-listers, they should know if she fulfills their wishes and dates then she’s never gonna be an A-lister. SJK has always been impulsive and obsessed with relationships so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he manages to ruin his career once again with a dating rumor. However, this time he’d be too old to ever come back. His new girlfriend and him can look forward to enjoying unemployment. Nothing says true love like being jobless and out of CFs together.

      • Wow bitter fans of the ex have entered the chat! Sjk’s comeback and success is really bothering some of you huh.

      • It’s always the fans of up-and-comers who get brave, loud and arrogant like their idol is the shiznit. Just like SYJ fans. And we all saw how that one turned out. Ironically, both only blew up after being paired with Hallyu stars. I personally don’t find anything spectacular about her, be it looks or acting. Her terrible ‘trying too hard to be Cheon Song Yi + Honey Lee in TFP’ shtick is one of the reasons I dropped Vincenzo. Like you said, she’s got a momentum going at the moment. I don’t think she’d risk torpedoing it by dating SJK.

      • @Katie: “Obsessed with relationships?” CMIIW but has been acting for 13 years and only ever had ONE public relationship which led to marriage but, unfortunately, ended in divorce (I don’t think he and his ex should have even got married in the first place but that’s a whole other conversation lmao). You make it sound like he is a serial dater with multiple relationships. Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Dong Wook, Suzy, Rain, Song Hye Kyo, Gong Hyo Jin have all had more public relationships than him. Ryu Jun Yeol, Yoo Ah In (not public but he has admitted he is in a relationship), Joo ji Hoon, Park Shin Hye, Jung Kyung Ho, Jo Jung Seok, Kim Woo Bin ans Shin Min Ah and have been in longtime relationships and it hasn’t hurt their careers.

        Why would this bury his career? He isn’t some just debuted flower boy. He is a respected and successful top actor in his late 30s and MIGHT be dating someone else TWO years after his divorce. At what point is he allowed to move on according to you? Song Joong Ki deserves to find happiness in his private life just like any other person. Whether he is dating Jeon Yeo Been or another girl then I wish them both success and happiness in their personal lives AND careers.

        I am a new JYB fan and I haven’t seen anyone comparing her to A-listers except in an aspirational way for the type of career path to follow. I don’t think she cares about being an A-lister either. She just wants a stable acting career with good roles and good projects. She is very talented, hard working and well-liked so she will be fine whatever happens.

        Everyone deserves to find happiness and this creepy policing of grown ass adults dating and acting as if having a career and a relationship is impossible is dumb and shouldn’t be normalised.

      • @~
        I don’t get your point about “both ironically blew up after being paired with Hallyu stars”. Is that supposed to be a dig at their talent? The male leads they paired up with became Hallyu stars in the first place because they themselves paired up with female Hallyu stars.

        To each their own. JYB’s character was a hit with both the fans and her co-stars, and her work portfolio so far show great talent and range.

      • @~, same I definitely don’t see what a lot of people see in JYB lol I didn’t like her character nor her acting in Vincenzo at all. I liked her in Be Melo better

      • The only relationship he let the public know of was with his ex-wife in the past 13-14 years of his career, and he only admitted to it after 1.5 years of dating when the media found out about them vacationing in Bali together and had evidence that he couldnt deny. He also said before that he would never date publicly unless found out. So yes, he was careful before, and would still be careful now.

        And being obsessed with relationship and doesn’t care about work? Just because he married his ex-wife? Are you for real? Did any of his relationship affect his performance at all???

        About the food truck he sent to JYB, isn’t it just a normal gesture between co-stars and good friends to send food truck to each other? Only delusional shippers made a big deal of it. And only on the internatioal side, there’s no rumor at all about them on the Korea side. Dont read too much of delusional shippers’ stories and spout nonsense.

      • Blind fans replying to my comments because they barely know anything about the type of image SJK has cultivated in Korea after his sudden marriage and divorce. Many people on most forums cannot stand him. The criticism surrounding him has already become worse after fresh rumors of dating too. So yes, despite the hit in Vincenzo, his re-emerging career, his remaining fans and CFs are all gone when he publicly dates another co-actress within three years. Koreans remember relationships and related drama forever. What he needs right now is to stabilize his career further but shippers are delusional for a reason. They probably think these two are Binjin or something, both established superstars and celebrated as a couple. Also, it’s hilarious to claim that JYB is somehow above stardom when her fans, similar to last year’s fad SYJ’s fans, dance all over twitter overhyping her talent and so-called success. Y’all will see her dead momentum when she publicly dates a celeb with controversial relationship history. Save those success is irrelevant, love>>life essays for that. As I said, they can look forward to unemployment and zero CFs together. Y’all are gonna have plenty of time for those essays during their joblessness. Don’t spend all the energy yet.

        Btw, anyone showing the reality isn’t a SHK fan, you lot legitimately suffer from persecution complex. I fear y’all are gonna lose your minds and accuse every random person of being a SHK fan when her comebacks are inevitable hits.

      • Dear Kate,
        I was reading your last comment and thinking you’re not taking side then you just add SHK name in the very last line about her great possible come back.
        So, yeah…. You’re a loyal fan, don’t worry about her ex or others, just pray her success. We also want to watch a good drama amid this pandemic.

      • Kate: We all know SJK image was not as good as before and we really dont care anymore as long as his works are well-received. But for you to say hateful and nonsensical thing like he never cared about work or he’s obsessed with dating, obviously you are a hater. And you not being a SHK fan, LOL!

        Again, like others has said, this is the topic about JYB and KTR. Stop dragging SJK name here. I dont want to talk about SJK on other actors’ topic but I can’t stop seeing comments from haters like you. Choose a SJK topic next time and we’ll talk.

      • @kate

        Firstly, you need to take a chill pill. Secondly, whatever you said about SJK’s image/reputation/public dating also applies to SHK. Maybe try not to tar your favorite with the same brushstroke, eh? Thirdly, for someone who is such a fan of SHK, I find it amusing you know what JYB and SJK fans are saying on the Internet. Twitter/social media algorithms are tailored to individual user preferences, so unless you’re following them and their related topics, you wouldn’t be so up-to-date.

      • @Kind Thank you for pointing this out! I agree with all your points. I also think that it is unnecessary and unfair to compare a rising actress paired with a male Hallyu star (not just JYB) to SYJ, especially in a negative light. These are two very different actors with different backgrounds. Incidentally, a couple of weeks ago, I was lurking around Twitter and came across translated interviews from the past+recent costars and staff members that JYB has worked with. From their testimonies, she seems to be a warm and humble person that they wanted to work with again. I think she herself was a staff member for a few years before debuting. People she has worked with when she was a rookie+in the indie film industry and now that she is a rising actress had the same sentiments: They spoke very fondly of and are very supportive of her. I also agree they think her working with seniors and/or A-listers would be a good learning opportunity as well. It seems to me that her priority right now is to have a stable job in order to provide for her mum (her dad died when she was just a child so single mum had to raise her and her two siblings alone). I am hoping this move with KTR will guide her (both of them) in the right direction.

        I do understand that SYJ (and her fans) painted a bad impression on several (or a lot of) users. Still, I think it’s unnecessary to compare her personality, career trajectory, etc. to other rising actors/actresses paired with a Hallyu star (again I am not just pertaining to JYB; this applies to anyone in the future).

        (I’ve been trying to post my reply since earlier. Idk if this will come through)

      • Yeah, just as I thought shippers only have one argument, everyone is a SHK fan who hates their beloved ship. I clearly mentioned SJK has ruined his career by marriage but I am a SHK fan now I guess. Truth is bitter, that’s why you lot go around accusing peoole because in your hearts, you all know very well that your beloved’s career is heading towards a dead-end when his relationship is exposed. Same goes for the girl. But good luck though, anticipating those unemployment era dissertations.

      • @Gracce: I love your post. I have no idea what this Kate’s person’s issue with JYB. JYB has worked very hard over the years to earn a living and become an actress. She is sweet, humble and hardworking and has a very good reputation with actors and production. I am excited and a little anxious about what this new agency will mean for her career. Like I said below it is a risky move for both actresses but I hope it is the right one for them 🙂

  3. Here’s wishing Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin both all the success and career greatness, they are my two favourite actress discoveries from the last 5 years and the love they get is richly deserved!

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  5. Netizens were speculating JYB would be moving agencies given the underwhelming way they handled her post-Vincenzo promo, and looked like they were correct. Did not expect to see KTR also jumping ship together.

    Excited and wishing the absolute best for these 2. They’re two of the most promising actresses in Korea and the complete package. They have everything it takes to achieve superstardom so crossing my fingers! ?

    • The last few movies they gave KTR she barely had any screen time and her roles were not significant to the plot. Not surprised she left and don’t think the lack of media play is what concerns either of them. Pretty sure they just want better control over their role selection.

  6. Is it just me or are a lot of celebs changing agencies these days? Almost like a mass exodus from big or medium agencies to independent smaller agencies.

    • Agree, hi @lydia1 care to share your insights about this one? Noticing this since Shin Sekyung’s agency transfer last week. Just wanna know, thank you in advance.

      • How can we get more people to talk about this? Few years ago there was some rumor that all small and mid agencies will be bought out by larger agencies and form a multi label system like what CJENM, SM and Kakao have done but it looks like more actors are leaving these multi label systems or big agencies to establish even more small sized agencies. This is very strange and possibly representative of inefficient management due to too many actors being under one parent company.

  7. Wishing the best for them! Both of them are extremely talented and have it all. IMO, they have the most potential in the early 30s actress cohort, so hope their new agency can deliver on their potential.

  8. JYB is stunning and talented and is not afraid to show affection unlike you know who who thinks her fart smell of roses .. SJK should take the risk and date her

    • Take the risk and ruin his re-emerging career once more. He’s 36, he won’t be coming back from another dating rumor. But knowing him, he doesn’t care about his career or work anyway so anything is possible. Hopefully the girl is more sensible and knows how hard she’ll be hit as a rising actress.

      • Are you the same person as Kate above because you sound the same. Wow the shk fans are out in full force. Sjk doesn’t care about work or his career? Wow. You are clearly threatened by his career resurgence and that the divorce didn’t drag him down.

      • @Anon – It’s the same person. Their punctuation is even the same.

        Gurl, if you’re going to post the same thing under different accounts, at least change up your punctuation and sentence structure!

      • Yuhu…I am happy if song joong ki dating jeon yeo been rather than rapist,having sex in toilet or going to club arena just like park shi hoo,park yoo chun and ji chang wook.Without Kes he has 4 new cf so far and new cf will come.Also considering new drama with lee seung min. Also jyb has new cf and new netflix will aired nex year.They just be fine.

      • Are you upset because your bias dont have a successful drama yet? SJK did not beat-up women, did not bully women and stuff

      • U probably didnt notice but sjk and jyb fans have been at each others throats nowadays,wont really be surprising if they’re the the ones making the remarks above.

      • Doesnt mean she’s shk fan.she thinks sjk ruined his career by marrying his exwife

      • Doesn’t mean they’re SJK or JYB fans either. For all we know, they could just be trolls stirring up fight in the comments section. Generally, think it’s unfair to make that assumption about any fandom especially since most of us are anon commenters. Also, while there are some fans fighting every now and then, there are also fans who are very supportive of both.

        Anyway, I was hoping to get some insight about this recent move because I’ve noticed this to be a recent trend: more well-known actors moving to smaller agencies. I wonder what are the perks to this kind of arrangement which made it more appealing for these artists, in general.

      • @Grace – THANK YOU for going back on topic.

        I’m also interested in knowing actors and actresses’ motivations behind switching to a smaller, start-up agencies. I thought artists want to be part of a bigger agency so they can get access to good scripts. Is that not the case? Or is it that more “buzzworthy” artists will always get access to scripts regardless of their agency, and so they’re empowered to move?

        Paging @Lydia1.

      • Let this be a lesson for lily, anon and a few others. Being gullible is a choice.

      • Woooww! I am glad there are level headed fans here! I am a JeonKi / SongJeon shipper BUT I support ALL female stars. It’s already so very difficult to withstand the pressures in the K-entertainment business but it’s infinitely worse if you’re a woman. So, WHOEVER you support, please STOP THROWING SHADE on OTHER female stars! And – Song Joong Ki’s personal life is HIS FUCKING BUSINESS – don’t understand idiots who predict doom & gloom for him just because he has found love again. I wish the best for SHK too – if she wants to remain single so be it and if she can find love again, I’m happy for her. ???

  9. Maybe they are jealous that their idols fail to achieve great heights with their present. JyB and SJK definitely deserve their success in Vincenzo.

  10. Man, What’s with dragging Song Joong Ki in this? LOL… THis is about Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin.

    Jeon Yeon Bin Is A rising star now at least for international audience. every CF she is starring I saw as of late, in Youtube it’s full of comment and view praising her beauty which abit shocking for me.

    • Lol!You don’t know their staff manager following each other on ig lol.Also it’s not first time sjk buying jyb food.In interview jyb said joong ki oppa always buying me food.

      • Joongki likes to buy everyone food! The Space Sweepers squad said he bought everyone food all the time and acted like a big brother when he’s the second youngest in the group. Kim Sung-cheol also said that JK always buy him a lot of food.

      • Stranger. Hug your best friend or costar in last scene of the hospital bed? It’s called good friend? Of course.

      • Crashlandingonyou: Hugging co-stars on the last scene is normal! It just happened that JYB was lying on the bed when it ended. He always hugged co-stars on the last scenes. I see nothing special in that.

        Anyway, I love both KTR and JYB, so really hope this is a good move for them. Just surprised that they move together. I’m wondering if they are friends before?

      • @stranger

        They both share the same manager apparently, who has been with them since their debuts and now set up this new agency.

      • Stranger.Hug your best friend tightly and pressing down her body in the final hospital bed scene.She caresses the back of his head casually whe he cries It’s called friend??Okay.Jeon yeo been also asking director for extra kiss in last episode and song joong ki agree with that.

      • I think crush actually land on you, dear, not on SJK and JYB.

        You can ship them but the things You’re saying it’s really common gesture between co star filmed almost 9 months, everyday, together.

        I wish you good luck with your crush and love for them, and politely believe that’s very normal for them.

        Besides, SJK has a life of his own and so do his two beautiful co star. I don’t understand why moving agency conversation speed up with romance!

      • LH: Thank you. I didn’t know that they shared the same manager! The manager is very lucky to manage two young talented ladies 🙂

        Crashlandingonyou: I want to knock some sense into you shippers but I can’t…I will stop here.

      • @Crashlandingonyou Thanks for sharing your points! But please, may I ask you to focus on the topic of the discussion posted? If you are the same person who commented first, that long discussion just ended up dragging other artists and their personal lives into the discussion. Very unnecessarily too.

        I don’t know if you are actually a shipper or a hater/troll pretending to be one… but please, if it isn’t too much, let’s focus first on the agency move of these two actors. Thanks 🙂

  11. Does anyone have anything to contribute about Kim Taeri and Jeon Yeon Been? NOT about Song Joong Ki and his career and love life, which isn’t the subject matter of this post? ??‍♀️

    • Amen to this! Two talented and beautiful ladies and we are talking about their male co-star.

      Like others I also want to know why so many actors are taking the leap from established agencies to new smaller manager-led agencies. Especially as JWIDE has done well for both girls so far. It seems like a risky move. What are the benefits?

      • It seems risky, but both have already a name in the industry. Park Shinhye did the same before. Maybe the benefit is that a smaller agency has all the attention on you and not on the bigger names.

      • @6amsol: Thanks. I can understand that reasoning for JYB as she is still new and won’t get the same attention from the agency as their more established stars but KTR is the biggest actress in the agency aside from Kim So Yeon and Lee Ba Young. I wouldn’t even class those ladies as competition as they would not be going for the same type of roles as KTR.

        @kitai: Thanks. I didn’t know they would get a bigger cut. I would have thought you get more at a bigger agency.

      • The bigger the agency the smaller the share because more staff and salaries are higher so the company needs to make more profits so the division is lower but still actors get a good cut irrespective of agency size unlike idols who at times don’t even get paid till they break even. KTR and JYB make enough from CFs these days so money would not be the reason especially for KTR who was basically the face of the agency for years.

    • The theme is a big step on their careers, not their love life…no difference with those journalist asking actresses who just won an award who’s she wearing or her diet plan

    • Yes please! I’m getting exhausted with this, especially how some people use this opportunity to drag JYB, SJK, SHK, and their personal lives–which aren’t even related to the topic of the thread.

    • Thank you. Both talented actresses with much to look forward to in the future but discussion’s been hi-jacked by delusional shippers and SJK antis. This is about these actresses’ careers and should have nothing to do with whether their male co-star’s private life and his ex-wife. I’m sure everyone has moved on by now and would rather leave everything in the past. These shipper comments are embarrassing.

    • @Ophelia, hope you don’t mind me sharing an insight on the actresses’ agency move. It could be possible that agencies take a large chunk out of their salary whenever an acting or CF contract is signed. Just like giant music companies like Sony Music, Universal Music Group, EMI, Warmer Music, etc earn a lot of royalty from their artistes’ work. Some of them outright own the rights of singers’ entire collection of albums. The most famous feud is between Taylor Swift and her former company & ex-manager. It all boils down to money and rights to your work/image. Agencies also have a big say in picking their projects. If they move to smaller agencies managed by family or ex-managers, they have more creative rights and as well as keeping a lot of salary they earned for themselves. That’s just my hypothesis, I could be wrong.

      • @observer – Not at all. I appreciate posters chiming in with quality replies that are on-topic.

        Your response makes sense. Creative freedom and higher paycheck cut are my guesses for top reasons why artists move to smaller agencies. What I’m wondering is whether there is a drawback of smaller agencies not having the muscle of larger agencies to land their stars the best scripts. I don’t think Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeon Been are at the level of a Jun Ji Hyun yet, where people are just throwing scripts at them, so I was surprised both jumped to a start-up agency.

        Perhaps manager > agency in terms of importance?

      • I agree with you @observer. Bigger agencies also provide stiff competition from fellow label-mates. They assign managers/personal assistants based on the pecking order/seniority of the artistes. Some senior actors may have a big ego demanding better treatment from agency ceo over bigger dressing room, more expensive wardrobe, the best hairstylist, make-up artist, etc. Up and coming juniors like Kim Tae Ri & JYB may or may not threaten the ego of more senior label-mates. The ladies may not want to deal with the drama, competition & jealousy of label-mates thus migrating to smaller agencies managing them exclusively. Just my cents. Not claiming to be an expert. Lol.

      • @Ophelia, yes, the role of the manager can’t be understated as they manage every aspect of an actor’s life right down to scheduling the artistes’ personal time as well. If they have a busy manager managing more than one actress, they don’t the same treatment as a sole manager handling their acting schedule. If said manager has great connections with industry players, it may not be a problem having a smaller agency. Connection, connection, connection is the keyword in the entertainment business. Lol.

      • A bit unrelated but you guys might want to check out Call My Agent! in Netflix haha it’s a French series about a group of celebrity managers in a big agency, there’s lots of A-list stars guesting as themselves. It’s going to be adapted to a kdrama by Studio Dragon last I heard

      • Thank you everyone for the on topic reponses. These reasons make sense why moving to a small agency would seem more appealing.

        @Q: Thanks for the ‘Call My Agent!’ recommendation.

    • Finally! Decent discussion. This is my personal opinion and might sound way too political but i think it’s related to capitalism. Industry is controlled by some big figures who squeeze out money of the young hopeful passionate workers. This resurgence of people (those young passionate workers who have experienced the struggle) putting their hands in starting a small company is like a wave that tries to shake the people up there. The goal is of course money and freedom. It brings hope to young generation that they don’t need to face the same unfair treatment and harsh environment in the future. But whether it’s fruitful is still questionable, because we’ve seen how big hit entertainment evolves yet it follows the same path as the initial big players out there.

  12. Between Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo, whoever starts dating first will get most of the flak & vitriol. So the PR savvy, shrewd one will wait till the other one is done getting all the unnecessary criticism to furtively date publically once again. Remains to be seen who’s a fool in love & who’s a master of this game. Lmao

  13. Song hye Kyo fans need to calm down. They are out in full force throwing shades at sjk qmd his costar. They should actually worry about her new drama. Pray her new drama gets good ratings.

      • ??? Shk has always been above her ex in terms of career. why would her fans of all ppl would worry about her success?! has she ever flopped since she became popular?!

      • Because you guys are clearly so insecure about SJKs success after the D. You were hoping he was done for. And that didn’t happen. Hence, all the trolling here and on other sns. Clearly all the dragging comments are by SHK fans. Who else hates SJK?

  14. I’m not yet convinced with KTR’s acting in the 2 movies I saw her in. I didn’t watch Mr.Sunshine because of Lee Santa. I saw handmaiden but Kim Min Hee’s acting shines more. As for JYB, she got a bright professional future ahead of her but a dating news will not help career right now especially with the rabid fans such as sjk’s and his reputation in that department is not as stellar either.

  15. lol guys fighting over who SJK is dating and…… wasn’t he dating a lawyer (non-celeb woman) ? Saw her pictures she is pretty. I even thought she helped him with lawyer talk for his drama Vincenzo lol

    • Bhahahaha.Yeah there is rumor in june 2020 about him dating female lawyer,coincidence her name was miss Han and she was divorce.Park jae bum nim get inspiration from that dating rumor and write drama about mafia dating booom that drama get rating hit in korea and international.Hull amazing. But i am still hope he was dating jeon yeo been.

      • I dont think sjk will date anyone anytime soon.. he jus got his career back aft divorce why would he tarnish that..

        I nv believed in shipping jus bcs they hv good chemistry n being touchy friendly in bts, unless they r spotted off set by papparazi..

    • Where did you see her pictures ? Because I remember that rumour honestly it’s best these celebrities to date non celebrities because when things goes sour the fans won’t be fighting like this …

  16. Yuhu,like i said before song joong ki more talented actor than song hye kyo.He even doesn’t need kim eun sook drama to get his popularity and more Cf.

  17. Jeon yeo been very good actress and talented. I like her in night in paradise and be melodramatic,but she was annoying and overacting in vincenzo. As far i know she doesn’t blind item or controversy in past like seo ye ji. She even working three times with senior actor yoo jae myung. She doesn’t have chemistry with sjk, sjk have more chemistry with young hack ladies and yoo jae myung. But i still ship them because their interaction on bts vincenzo was cute and sweet.Bye.

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