Jung Hae In and Jisoo are Framed in Shattered Glass in New Character Posters for jTBC Melodrama Snowdrop

The seesawing opinions on the promo stream for upcoming jTBC drama Snowdrop continues and this latest delivery is definitely high quality stuff. The character posters are out for the drama featuring leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo framed by a shattered glass to their right shoulder. They are facing the same direction in the posters but he’s looking downward and pensive but focused gaze while she’s looking upward and towards the camera with an inscrutable expression. These posters look intentional and I appreciate that, as if once the story gets going it will make further sense when we look back on these. Not to mention how beautiful both leads look, the camera clearly loves their angular distinctive features and not gonna lie I certainly do as well. With all that said, can we get some promos for the other leads Jang Seung Jo, Yoo In Na, Kim Hye Yoon, and Yoon Se Ah. Like, this is more than a story of two beautiful period star-crossed lovers, right?


Jung Hae In and Jisoo are Framed in Shattered Glass in New Character Posters for jTBC Melodrama Snowdrop — 4 Comments

  1. I will be honest, I am curious about supporting cast as well. The lay of the land is set. Jisoo’s character falls for Jung Hae In’s character who is a military spy for the dictator….or maybe she is the spy….they have bad ending….the other characters also get spiraled into the events of Gwangju Masaccare starting from Chonnam University. I am curious to see other characters as well. They have

  2. I think the twist will be that Jisoo is also a spy assuming that Haein is a spy. Definitely star crossed lovers is the main theme of the drama and the political setting is will be the background which won’t gain momentum until the second half of the drama which is why they haven’t focused on it in any of the teasers. Though there isn’t much in the teasers that shows actual scenes from the drama mostly the same 3-4 scenes have been repeated in all the teasers and posters. Still this actually looks like the most promising JTBC drama this year and as long as it isn’t the hot mess that was Sisyphus or utterly boring like Nevertheless it’ll be fine. Not expecting great ratings because JTBC hasn’t had any luck in that category this year.

    • In 2021 only sageuk and makjang have gotten ratings. Literally the only romcom that succeeded was HCCC and even that got dulled due to the KSH scandal. Wishing for another CLOY like drama in terms of both sweet romance and ratings success plus international popularity. Hopefully 2022 will have more romcoms and fewer sageuk and makjang dramas. I’m even tired of the dark mystery thriller genres its depressing after a while.

  3. Wishing for the drama to succeed. Jtbc has given me so many good dramas like queen insoo and a wife’s credentials. This year, my most fave came from this channel too ( BEYOND EVIL AND LOST) and it’s been a long time since they have a hit drama.
    Also, I’ll be cheering for the supoort actors too!

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