Disney+ in South Korea Drops 47% in Subscriptions in One Month Due to Complaints About Poor Subtitles, Limited Programming, and Most Recently Streaming Controversial jTBC Drama Snowdrop

It’s like a triumvirate of bad jujus for Disney+, the streaming platform started by media company Disney to house it’s own produced content from movies to TV shows and also any content it licenses. Unless one has kids or is a super Marvel fan, the content on Disney+ is quickly exhausted outside of those two genres and even within it’s not that extensive. The platform launched in Asia last month and in South Korea it started with 570,000 subscribers/households but in one month it’s dropped nearly 47% to 310,000. That’s a steep drop especially when the metrics should be incremental gains this early in launch. The reasons for the subscribers cancelling are the poor subtitles (like from Google translate and also weirdly placed onscreen) and no programs to watch as it’s only got around 20 Korean shows currently on the platform. Not to mention Disney+ only has three K-dramas its producing in the pipeline so there is not much to sign on for. The latest controversy with jTBC drama Snowdrop which Disney+ has licensed for streaming is also not helping as viewers and the public is flooding Disney message boards calling for it to cancel the series on its streaming.


Disney+ in South Korea Drops 47% in Subscriptions in One Month Due to Complaints About Poor Subtitles, Limited Programming, and Most Recently Streaming Controversial jTBC Drama Snowdrop — 10 Comments

  1. LOL ooh, actual data to back up the previous claims. This was what some people here were looking for, wasn’t it? But of course, now that it’s actually hard facts, there will be another way to distort it because well, most SD fans aren’t exactly huge on the understanding and comprehension dept. lol, looking forward to the excuses.

  2. What are you on about? That’s data for the drop in subscription numbers. Nothing in there about Snowdrop.

    I myself have subscribed to Disney+ this week and will drop the subscription too. There’s nothing for me to watch and even my young kids are not watching anything from it. We are not into movies.

    I do hope the company didn’t do Google translation from English to Korean because that would be truly bad.

  3. Churn rate is one of the metrics these companies monitor most closely. 47% churn is so high that it’s enough to get people fired.

    Disney+ is doing poorly in general, and it looks like its Asia strategy is a mess too. I don’t think Disney or Apple will challenge Netflix anytime soon, but Disney is actually in trouble if they can’t get DPlus running.

  4. Disney has at least 6 new dramas including ones like Snowdrop that will air at the same time. The new SYJ drama is also expected to be on Disney. They also have a contract with NEW so all their movies and dramas will air on Disney for the next 5 years.

  5. One snazzy drama and the Snowdrop stuff will be forgotten, but viewers hate bad subtitles. I hear the constant complaints about Viki, Netflix and remember even issues with the old Dramafever. It’s the neverending issue but it is at least one that can be fixed.

  6. The production team did not even try to understand the viewers’ concerns. Even if they personally disagree with viewers, they could have intervened made concessions 8 months ago. Due to their arrogance, they reap what they sow. Last night’s episode recorded a 1.85% rating, the lowesr out of all dramas airing around the same time.
    it is not hard to empathize with korean viewers.

  7. Same here in Malaysia.
    Hotstar Specials are not shown.
    Only a handful
    Since June 2021.
    What’s the point calling it Disney Hotstar, when you don’t show Hotstar content for Hindi Movie Viewers,

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