Lee Seung Gi Confirmed as Male Lead in Summer 2022 KBS Rom-com Drama Love by Law

I feel like my boy Lee Seung Gi has spent the greater part of the last decade trying to prove he’s a “real” actor and he didn’t have to but I’m really happy he did. His first major part was in the Famous Chil Princesses, a daily drama, and then he followed that up with rom-coms Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance and then My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. After that it was romance action drama The King 2 Hearts, so romance factored strongly in his early career oeuvre. So then he branced into stronger fantasy and sageuk and revenge and psychopath darkness, but this year he’s going back to the OG Seung Gi that won everyone’s heart with a smile as he’s confirmed for KBS summer 2022 rom-com Love by Law adapted from the same name webtoon. It’s the romance between a former prosecutor turned landlord and a former Miss Korea turned lawyer as they run a coffee shop/law firm called Law Coffee and will be directed by the PD of Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho. Now everyone chant with me “Give him a great female lead pleasepleaseplease!


Lee Seung Gi Confirmed as Male Lead in Summer 2022 KBS Rom-com Drama Love by Law — 41 Comments

  1. Is there a rumoured female lead yet? I don’t have a specific person in mind, but if I could pick – can it be HHJ?! Please?!

    • You just spoke my mind
      .Drama gods let it be han Hyo joo please.For me he had like the best chemistry with her. Shining inheritance barely had any romantic scenes but these two were so good.
      They are same aged and friends irl too, i want to see them in one more project.

      However for now i don’t think it’s possible. Hyo joo will be shooting for her drama with Jo in sung. After that she will probably go back to doing movies

  2. Hopefully ,the actress not too old or young in terms of Age.
    I got tired of K actors or actresses being paired with costars who are too old for them.

    Two of 2021 famous couples;
    Lee Do Hyun and Go Minsi in Youth of May
    Lee Junho and Lee Seyoung in Red Sleeve ,
    they have great chemistry and are easy on the eyes because the age differences seem to be the ideal like most real life couples.

  3. I think of Lee Haneui because she’s a real Miss Korea but she’s pregnant now so… At least she has to be very pretty to be believable as a former Miss Korea and not the girl next door type of pretty but out of this world pretty.

  4. Why do I have a feeling that the actress who co-hosted with him at the recent music awards ceremony will be the female lead.?

  5. Thank god! Been waiting for a romantic comedy from him for ages! Hope that this one is really great! And please give him a great female lead! Also please Netflix pick this up for international broadcast!

  6. He was so great in Mouse.
    Yes he deserves a breather after all those serious drama that he did.
    And one question : how does the guy get the time to do all of these? 4 variety shows,An album release and a drama just after 8 months of the previous!

  7. Not too young, not too old, not a rookie or idol without acting chops, compatible visuals . It’s going to be hard . Moon Chae Won, Nam Ji Hyun, Jung so Min, Shin Hye Sun,…

    • If the FL was Miss Korea, her height can’t be so short. Shin Hye Sun could be, but she already has a project, I think.

      Nam Ji-Hyun is pretty short and she had the drama about Little Women, Jung So Min filmed a drama with Lee Jae Wook.

    • Not gonna lie, out of the ones you’ve mentioned, only Moon Chae Won would be believable as miss korea to me (in my opinion). I’m just not sure if she has the height? Those are great actresses for sure, but not miss korea-level pretty. I know that sounds shallow and all, and I usually prioritize talent, but sometimes in casting like this, the looks is important too

      • @Hhh Yeah I think she could work as well. She’s gorgeous and I’ve watched her in Live up to your Name, she can act too.
        As long as they get someone who’s stunning and can act, I’m in

      • @GiyuuRengoku, i do understand your meaning , they are beautiful but not enough for the standards of a Miss Korea . It’s just a few names that came on my mind . And Sayaris mentioned that they are all taken . There are beautiful actresses but they are older, some of same age range are in other projects,…Or No A list actresses as Lee Elijah,Lee Sun Bin,Nam Gyu Ri, Seo Ji Hye, …

      • @cahill Now that you mentioned it, Lee Elijah is so damn pretty and would be totally believable as a former miss korea, plus I like her acting too, I really thought she’s gonna blow up around 2018

        @Sarah Yeah I like Kang Sora’s beauty, she has the ability to look girl-next-door pretty or glamorously beautiful depending on the styling

        @G V I like your choices too, probably because I’m biased as I love both HHJ and LSK. And LSK is really good at pulling off the “I’m so beautiful and I know it” sassy vibe (though I don’t know if the character in the webtoon is supposed to be sassy) lol

      • Me too! His chemistry with JSM in the variety show, Little Forest had me wishing that they would end up dating. Alas, it is not so. And I think she’s too short for Ms Korea.

  8. I forgot about the height for being an ex- Ms Korea. The manhwa lady has a significant S line. I normally never notice but this time I did.

    I know a tall willowy female idol turned actress who is really bad at acting. Hope it won’t be her.

    Well he is over 30 now. Is it too much to hope that they cast an age compatible actress who CAN act with him? I also skipped 2 of his dramas because his FL was bad. And loved his other 3 rom com. I have rewatched Kings 2 Heart several times.

      • @Anaa she’s rather bland-looking and not goddess-level beautiful to me, but in korea, she’s definitely miss korea-level pretty. Apparently she’s nicknamed “the goddess” at her peak (early 00s-early 2010s). She also fits korean beauty standards to a T so wouldn’t be surprised if they cast her. I don’t personally get it, but yeah

      • @Anaa she’s rather bland-looking and not goddess-level beautiful to me, but in korea, she’s definitely miss korea-level pretty. Apparently she’s nicknamed “the goddess” at her peak (early 00s-early 2010s). She also fits korean beauty standards to a T so wouldn’t be surprised if they cast her. I don’t get it, but yeah.
        I personally would go for visuals like Nana or Kwon Nara if we’re just basing on visuals alone

      • Sorry my comment got doubled. The first one disappeared so I had to comment again only to find out that my first comment already got posted. What’s with koala’s comment section? Why is it so chaotic lmao

  9. For me, Kwon Nara fits this role, regarding appearance and height. I love her Itaewon Class, but her role in Bulgasal is badly written and can’t match with Lee Jin Wook. However, I believe she looks good with Lee Seung Gi

  10. I have not read the web novel but based on story and looks, I am thinking of Kang Hanna, from images I have seen the character looks slightly quirky and is a former Miss Korea, I think Kang Hanna will do well. Other than her, Nana fits the character description and images as well, but I am not so sure if she has the acting skills for the character as I have never seen any show of hers.

  11. Idk may be I am biased but now I only imagine Kwon Nara in this role. She has goddess like visual, plus she has some acting chops. Although her recent role isn’t very likeable, she proved herself by plaing 3 different characters. And I loved her in Itaewon Class and Secret Royal Agent. I guess she has potential

  12. Nana and the actress who played Veronica park seems to be really tall and have that beauty pagent like beauty. Don’t know about Nana’s acting as I have never seen her dramas but I find her really pretty and same with Veronica park…

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