Son Ye Jin Brings Her Goddess A-game to B-level Valentino Couture for Elle Korea March 2022 Pictorial

One of the ancillary positives of Crash Landing on You for me was the validation and also outfit feast of seeing K-actress Son Ye Jin showcase her visuals. That she could pull off any outfit the drama put her in, including actual North Korea looks from hair to clothes plus accessories proved the adage that goddesses can wear potato sacks and still look good. She was mind blowing beautiful in her early twenties during her debut to rise years but now twenty years into her career she’s crafted her own visuals from comfortable in her own skin to comfortable in any skin that she’s asked to put on for a character. With the premiere of her new drama Thirty Nine it’s not a surprise to see her in promos and she’s in the pages of the March 2022 edition of Elle Korea doing her best to elevate what are really underwhelming outfits and shoes from Valentino. She honestly needs to do more edgy, she’s better than what Pierpaolo Piccioli crafted and would love to see her in. Perhaps Nicolas Ghesquière for Vuitton, what Alessandro Michele has in store for Gucci, or Raf Simons co-heading Prada. I’m personally a Hermes girl with a side of Chanel but I feel like Son Ye Jin is even better for the more innovative and experimental designers than those two more traditional fashion house.


Son Ye Jin Brings Her Goddess A-game to B-level Valentino Couture for Elle Korea March 2022 Pictorial — 40 Comments

  1. Could this post be more pretentious? I think she looks great and all the outfits far outclass the Miu Miu trash that they hung on poor Yoona and Lee Jong Seok.

  2. Son Ye-jin doesn’t suit Valentino nor any of these looks. Those gladiator sandals are ugly. Disagree that she needs to go edgy. Her vibe comes off more contemporary and clean-cut. Maybe Toteme, Bottega, or The Row. Possibly Philo for Celine.

    • Didn’t even recognise her beauty in these trashy outfits. She deserves much better. Seri could provide fashion to complement her natural beauty.

      • Trashy is a strong word. The first dress is elegant and the vintage jeans with oversized blouse is very on trend. The potato sack looking dress is a bit drabby though. I love classic Valentino best – the classic stud pumps and purse.

  3. When will you report #Thirtynine success on Netflix… especially making number 1 Korea netflix and top 10 in over 10 countries. Or that isn’t what you want to portray to your readers?

    • Come on.. Love and Leashes was on top 10 in the world for several days and in more countries than 39 but did she write about it? Top 1 in your home country is nothing to write home about.

      • I also said #thirtynine was in Top 10 in most over 10 countries with just two episode. What i am implying is that Koala is quick to downgrade but totally ignoring its success. She want to give an impression that 39 is doing bad which is false

      • It’s probably too early to say. We need to see how it does this week after the big plot reveal in episode 2. Some viewers may not like the direction the story is going in. I think episode 3 and 4 will really set the tone.

      • Maybe she just hadn’t had time to write about it. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to. It’s very childish to come on someone’s blog and try to dictate what she writes about. If you want it written about so badly,you should start your own blog.

    • There are other shows that even reached the top 10 Worldwide on its first week but you don’t see Koala writing about it. Stop with the poor-me mentality.

      • No one is having a poor me mentality… i am just saying if koala can report the one negative article.. she/he can also report it progress to balance it out…. No one is fighting with you @loling

      • The rating is good for Jtbc at this moment because they have being struggling lately. And with two episode only, it has climb netflix top 10 in 15 countries and counting… i am proud of the three ladies. More success to this drama because This will encourage more female centric drama

  4. By the way… it must be exhausting trying to downplay anything that features Yejin…. Just like how you did when CLOY first started

    • If I ever want a dose of negativity, I’d be sure to visit this blog, not because of Koala’s posts, but because of the love-hate relationship some of her readers have with this blog. If her opinions irk you that much, why keep coming back? Is it because you need to rely on her blog for your favorite oppa’s or unnie’s news?

      • It is true i have a love/hate relationship with this blog… so i will keep coming back. This isn’t the only blog i read though. And i thought the comment section is meant for readers opinion which i just gave. You don’t have to be sensitive about everything

      • What a hypocrite you are. Isn’t Koala also giving her opinion on HER blog? And who is the sensitive one here throwing shades because she didn’t write about the “success” of 39. Go back to your worshipping shrine if you only want people to sing praises of your precious unnie. Gosh you fans are really making me dislike SYJ.

      • Koala opened the comment section for a reason. Right? You came into my comment section being all sensitive. I just wish she doesn’t downgrade d growing success of this drama so that this will encourage more female centric drama. That’s all. I’m done going back and forth with you. Have a great day ahead

      • @Whocares? Koala opened the comment section for this to have a discussion about the dresses. Not you crying about the drama.

      • @Whocares, Good grief, 39 isn’t some revolutionary drama, there has been and will be more female centric dramas regardless of reception of this drama. So far it’s average at best with domestic ratings and Netflix rankings. This isn’t a Son Ye Jin fan site, not every little thing about her must be celebrated.

  5. I really liked Kim Hee-Sun’s last picturial, she rocked her new style.

    The Gucci pictorial for F4 Thailand was pretty great too with Dew Jirawat and Tu Tontawan.

    This one was very classic.

  6. I’m not fond of fashion , I’m more in the older Jane Birkin side, but i do admire to watch the mythic collections from the titans of La Haute Couture, the YSL’s expo of outfits inspired by the greatest works of art is just magnificient . I can portray SYJ in Givenchy vintage models , as for Yoona , Courrèges an old brand very successfull in the 7O’s who “created ” the mini skirt . For the ones who like fashion , give a look at Loic Pringent Youtube Channel, a reporter that covers basically all the Paris fashion week . He knows everyone .

    • SYJ has been brand ambassador for Valentino for like 2 years now. I’ve never seen koala post about it until now lol. Some of the earlier campaigns were much edgier and she wore them well. This pictorial in Elle is okay, not my favorite styling. I noticed she wears a lot of Valentino in 39. I liked the white dress with classic Valentino belt in episode 2.

  7. Okay, those are hideous gladiator sandals…was never a fan of Valentino.

    SYJ is pretty when she smiles, laughs. Her mood lifting smiley eyes are one of a kind. But when she’s not smiling, her looks are just average.

    • I agree, she shines the most when she smiles and shows her famous eye smile. Unfortunately high fashion shoots and smiling never seem to go together. I still think she looks pretty here and I am in awe of her chiseled jawline. I would kill for that!

  8. I really like the first outfit, but all the outfits look weird too me. I guess high fashion is not my thing. Kudos to Son Yejin for not looking overwhelmed by the strange outfits!

  9. Love the Elle spread. Quite a transformation for SYJ. She’s lovely. In response to negative comments- Who exactly is marrying one of the most eligible, successful, hottest, celebrities in the world? Way to go SYJ!

  10. It’s also the backdrop and her poses that made these shots boring. Her leaning against a door or a wall is ordinary and stale. Put her somewhere more exciting like outdoors with great background and great lighting and with better, bolder poses and this spread will come out better.

  11. She’s quite average looking to me. Could some of these fashion houses leave the modelling to real models? She doesnt carry off any of these clothes well and has the same expression in every photo.

  12. I’m sorry but if you know and seen Son Ye Jin, she is a classy lady and doesn’t where those ridiculous outfits that look like a sac of potatoes. Even in a pair of jeans and a blazer with boots or heels she looks awesome. These outfits are not for her maybe for lady gaga but not for Son Ye Jin..try again.

  13. I dont really understand fashion but i agree that these outfits are degrading her beauty. She is beautiful, of course, but not in these clothes. Sorry.

  14. Funny how you can actually admit that the clothes worn by some actors were actually forgettable without demeaning the actor but u can’t do the same thing to SYJ

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