K-ent Discusses Seo Ye Ji Never Apologizing and Now Preparing for Comeback with Revenge Drama Eve One Year After Scandal

At this point she may only have a certain type of role and projects that are suitable for her but in the world of entertainment it remains a consumer choice to watch. This week the K-drama Eve released script reading stills and it was the first time K-actress Seo Ye Ji made a public appearance since her scandal one year ago involving her behavior during her relationship with now ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun. She’s headlining the revenge drama which costars Lee Sang Yeob, Park Byung Eun, and Yoo Sun. K-ent is discussing whether she will be able top successfully come back since she never publicly addressed the scandal and/or apologized for her past poor conduct in her private life. A production team member of Eve spoke with a reporter and discussed their concern about the reception of the drama should Seo Ye Ji continue to not apologize or explain the past scandal, to which I say the production hired her so why have issues now with how she is handling the scandal. I’m personally not inclined to watch her works, she’s a good actress but I prefer to spend my watching hours on less emotionally manipulative stars but I’m sure she can carve out her way back based on how she seems to get her way.


K-ent Discusses Seo Ye Ji Never Apologizing and Now Preparing for Comeback with Revenge Drama Eve One Year After Scandal — 69 Comments

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  2. it’s such a shame bc i adored her as ko moon young, but her scandal left a very bad taste in my mouth so i’m not sure i’d willing seek out any of her work anymore.

  3. Why should she apologize in the first place???
    How she treats her boyfriends is none of our business…
    She didn’t rape, beat or harass anyone to publicly apologize.
    Stop being so fragile and move on!

    • education forgery at least she should properly explains it, showing her LoA for example?
      or the money extortion and the bullying allegations?
      other actors even tried to clear theor name properly

    • dispatch released the truth for seo ye ji like how they released for kim seon ho and yall dont believe in the syj scandal? shes an emotionally manipulative person who should apologize.

      • Yeah she don’t deserve the fame she should be casted atlist second lead lol,if not only Kim so hyun she will not recognize lol

    • It’s fans like you that keep giving these shitheads a pass in life and make them worse. You better pray in your own life, you never get trampled by one of these since you do not believe in personal responsibility as long as they do their job well. It’s really ironic that a staff will speak up this late into production, maybe she is “power tripping” again. I will definitely not be watching. Have only limited hours a day and will not expense it to someone this obnoxious.

    • Lol but she hurt someones feeling by mainipulating her bf being abnoxios is not an excuses she’s not professional she shouldn’t in that industry in the first place

    • Her petty jealousy affected the production of her bf’s drama, so yes she could have atleast apologized for that. Not saying anything shows arrogance and a lack of humility. And there are other things she has been dishonest about. Plus being a manipulative gf is not a good look. Why root for her?

  4. Lol she just released an apology and it’s the most half baked apology ever. She just apologized for her short comings how convenient now that she has a drama coming out. So insincere.

    • Be glad its at least half baked. And you have in comparison poor kim seon ho apologizing for something that’s not even fully his fault and self exiling to show his remorse despite brands and even dispatch supporting him. This one is shameless for sure. Like Koala said – getting her way as always. She will win because of her thick skin.

    • Nowhere in the letter did she state to whom the apologies are for. It’s just a blanket statement that she has to write and release at this time simply because she’s restarting her work activities.

    • Right? Why expect an apology if it isn’t going to be sincere? I’m not excusing her behavior, but if she feels remorse, she should be apologizing to the people she wronged versus netizens or internets peeps whom her scandal didn’t even affect.

  5. Even Island drama dropped her. I wonder why tVN still casted her here. Maybe they want to go same thing like Joseon Exorcist or River where the moon rises with big loss.

  6. Why do you mention RWTMR here? I found the producer of this drama has cleverly handled everything when they immediately replaced ML, but unfortunately, re-shooting the drama twice had a strong impact on KSH’s psyche and caused her to show signs of depression at the first stage (I went through this disease, so when I saw her appear at later events, although she still appeared normal, but looking at her eyes, her smile, weight loss and fatigue, I can feel it ?) But at the end of this year she seems to be fine, I’m happy to see my girl again. The drama still won many awards because of her power.
    That’s why I still think SYJ is a scary person, her actions can be seen as psychological torture. She has severely affected the psyche of both – her boyfriend and his costar SNSD SeoHuyn. This is more condemnable than ever. Mental illnesses are a problem that celebrities always face due to their busy work schedules and lack of rest. Especially the Korean entertainment industry is very stressful, harsh and high demanding. Since I’ve suffered from it for a few years, I understand the horror of this disease, you will almost live as if you didn’t exist.?
    I don’t know how Koreans think abt her, but her international fans are like an army, they will do anything to defend her and blame her ex-boyfriend. They say he doesn’t deserve to be a man.??? They cried out that she had been living in hell and cursed for the past year.???? Who can do that to her, some of her critics were attacked by her fans, so I really don’t see anyone saying much bad her.
    It’s possible that my comment will soon be “besieged” by her fans who happens to be reading it ?

    • Because her international fans are wannabe “bad b*tches” with selective woke-ism lol
      They don’t care if it’s a man who’s suffering from mental health issues. The lack of sympathy for Kim Jung Hyun astounds me, but what can you expect from wannabe “girlbosses” who think Ko Mun Yeong harassing Kim Soo Hyun’s character in IONTBO is “funny” lmao. But Yaas Queen, right? *rolls eyes*

  7. Didn’t really like her look. She has those resting bitch face look that’s why I don’t like to watch her dramas. Her face turned me off. I guess the way people looked also link to their characters.

  8. People will think anything they want, therefore she should just stay unconcerned because she will never fulfill their definition of what a sincere apology anyway

  9. Honestly, what happened was between her and her ex. If her ex is ok, there is nothing more to say. Both of them were guilty in this story.

    • Seohyun got an apology from her ex but not from yeji. But anyways no point in beating a dead horse. Things have settled down,
      even when everyone knows this apology is just a show.
      I am not in favour of cancelling her career because of this unprofessional attitude as there are plenty of worse offenders who still appear on tv. However i don’t think i will be able to follow her projects. Not everyone can separate art from the person.

      • The fact that she didn’t apologise earlier means that it wasn’t deemed necessary. Now, her sincerity is questionable. But, of course it is up to the affected people to either accept it or ignore it. Either way, for us who are not directly affected, an apology is an apology. If the drama is good, we should just enjoy the ride, if turns out to be crap, just drop it. It is unfair to “punish” the other actors and filming crew because of her.

  10. Any apology now will seem insincere when she’s having an upcoming work. If she really repented and was sorry for affecting others she would have apologized at the time of scandal. Her radio silence spoke volumes and made me dislike her more, so I for one am not planning to watch her dramas. There’s plenty of other dramas for me to watch and support.

  11. I will be passing on this drama, and likely anything else that will feature her in the future. Unlike what her rabid fans think, she is simply not that amazing of an actress for me to overlook her shenanigans and lack of morals.

  12. Hmmm, a little late for apology. I like this actress, i really like her since the drama potato star. I just get annoyed with her when she made her educational background untrue. She has all the time during guesting in KB to correct it but she didnt. Her relationship with the ex-bf and the effect of her manipulations (accdg to media) in the drama of her ex and Seohyun GG is a little bothering. Given this apology meaning she had done those mischievous actions towards the ex, the drama, the fl of the drama, and her university info. I hope the fans/Knetz will be forgiving but that’s aint situation in South Korea.

    • For me I think the worst story coming out her bad behavior was how she stole from the US guy who was helping her. She literally used his kindness against him and stole his bank information to buy herself a vacation airticket. Rotten to the core. How about sending the guy his 300 bucks and at least strike off one victim less from her list. Thats probably just the cost of one manicure session for her.

      • Omg! I am unware of this issue about her. This lady is really amoral, tears for her. Omg!

  13. she’s rightfully getting dragged by k-netizens for the timing of this “apology” LMAO. it’s only her dumb international fans who think she’s doesn’t need to and that this she is sincere. embarrassing.

    • please use your brains, seo yeji fans! if she was sincere, she would have apologized when the scandal first came out instead of being radio silent for 10 months lmao. she only does this now that her drama script reading pics have been released, which marks the beginning of Eve’s promotions. it’s obvious what her intentions are here.

  14. Had nearly a year and that’s the apology she comes up with lol atleast her ex boyfriends one seemed sincere.
    Speaking of this drama, why is lee sang yeob in this, I’m sure he could do much better. This drama is already tainted and will be overshadowed by all her antics.

      • Right? Seo ye ji makes sense since she can’t get better. The male lead also makes sense since this is his first male lead role. But lsy accepting this?… He must have a terrible agent.

  15. People will bend themselves into pretzels attempting to find excuses or forgiveness for much worse behavior by male entertainers. People here just show that same level of enthusiasm. They just love canceling woman and let her suffer for life cause apparently she dimmed as some sort of evil maleficent and that her crime is unforgivable, hypocrite

    • UlikeIU/hahaha

      Changing your username to pretend to be different people to defend this trash? Looks like you’re just as two-faced as she is. Poor thing. ?

    • Exaclty. Some commenters here must be morally perfect to judge people who are moderate in their opinions. As I said earlier she doesn’t owe us an apology and we are are not part of her life to know if she has or hasn’t apologized to the people she “hurt”. So maybe I am dumb or a rabid fan but à least I am civil enough to be able to give an opinion without insulting others…

    • We drag men too. Both need not be mutually exclusive. Just because some women are unfairly treated doesn’t give seo yeji a pass for all the horrible stuffs she did starting from power tripping her staff to manipulation.

    • LMAO The oh-so-predictable feminist card *yawn*
      You do realize commenters here love dragging male actors for much less, such as SK, LMH, etc, and that we hold people like Seungri, Yoochun, etc. accountable too, right?
      GTFOH with that whataboutism lol

    • Yeji fan being selective again with their fake feminism card. Do you not see the articles here of Song Kang and Lee Min Ho? They don’t even do anything but get insulted and dragged much worse.

  16. why apologize if she was still getting female lead offers? It’s not like she had a conscience and felt bad about what happened. She’s got some enough backing to balance out the other bridges she burned. So what’s the point?

    The apology she just made today is probably something in her contract now with the production. And there’s probably a bunch of other clauses to keep her in check. She has a lot of scrutiny on her now and is publicly dating Kim Soo-hyun’s cousin now, so hopefully the production can go on without a hitch and without anyone getting harmed.

      • Kim Yong Ho the Youtuber who was arrested and he was the author of the whole “she dated all these men one of them was KSH cousin”. Nothing to back it up. Apparently she was supposed to be in ‘Four Men’ and that she co-erced the Director of the drama to cast her because they were in a relationship. That was a huge flippant lie because the Director released a statement saying he has never met her and would take legal action for slander.

      • Thanks for correcting me! Then, I doubt she will resurrect her past toxic dating approach on another actor so soon after the scandal – so the production and airing of Eve should hopefully go without a hitch.

      • @prettyautumn. No. Your story isnt wrong. Knetz dragged the wrong director thats why. The production experienced change in ataff several times, she did date the director who was locked into the project for merely a week. So the innocent one threatened to sue. Lol

      • @Pearline Where are you getting your information about dating the director? From Kim Yong Ho? Go on and show your facts instead of relying on what twitter feeds with their hypothetical set ups is just beyond ridiculous. None of what you are saying was ever proven. Yet you are here perpetuating a falsehood and seem so confident in doing so? A NANA fan last year dedicated her entire twitter feed translating from a blog about the 4 Men fiasco and when she was asked to show proof and apologise she disabled her account. So please if you are blantantly spreading lies once again to make it a fact can you show this outright.

  17. “No Calligraphy” is the name used whenever ‘Seo Yea Ji” is mentioned in articles and the it pays the bills for all those Korean reporters as they know they can get a huge amount of traction just by having her name in the headline. I guess Koala is really not interested in reading up on the play regarding all the rumours and allegations and the same applies to those who post here. For a start everyone who is anti SYJ fair enough I’m not going to sway or change your opinion at all but I will draw the line at the so called unfounded rumors which were all squashed and never proven. The borrowing money claim of paying for a plane ticket in Spain? ‘That guy’ posted his story and then says ‘Oh she paid it back’ and then the entire post was withdrawn. He didn’t give his name and relationship that he had with YJ he just wanted to spill the tea. Yet the tea he spilled couldn’t even be backed up with anything to prove that it happened. Just another keyboard warrior wanting to jump on the band wagon. The incident about her co crew member on ‘Another way’ and how she was a bully blowing smoke into the crew member’s face..Well that ‘person’ was found to be a fraud and that again no name was given and for that shoot a team of stylists put their names down on a written statement and challenged that person to come forward. Oh no we had crickets then.. Madrid University posted that they don’t divulge personal information and rightfully so but YJ was in Spain for 3 years and just like a international student attending a local University overseas there was no lie in that. There is a ton of video footage of her speaking Spanish yet she is deemed a liar because she can’t show her letter of acceptance? The false claim that YJ is dating KSH cousin is beyond a joke now. The YT guy who said this is under arrest right now and was renowned for attacking celebrities left right and centre. But it’s okay please take his word for it. Bullying at school – umm no names just anonymous posts which I might add were removed when again the challenge by YJ classmates who put their names to their statement and gave testimony being at high school the same time went quiet too. I can’t forget the photos of the 1 & 2 high school photos of YJ floating around on the internet and people claiming she had PS when she was like 14 years old. Pleasssee… For those of you who read everything as gospel that is posted on Koreaboo, All k pop and here on KP can you at least look to the other side and see if there are any updates and then you might realise why the huge legion on international fans and casual fans still support YJ to this day. PS: The KJH and SYJ break up was a private matter that happened over 4 years ago and the doctored texts were obtained and made public by DSP last year. They have gone very quiet on the matter since then. KJH lawyers issued their statement that YJ was in no way responsible for his health issues during the filming of his drama and that his decisions were that of his own doing. If you beg to differ and want to perpetuate the whole manipulative, abusive narrative then it goes to show you only read what is on gossip sites. TVN and Studio Dragon and CJES have made it known and have enforced that YJ is still in demand regardless of all this speculation and have taken her professional hardworking attitude into consideration and offered her the lead for ‘Eve’. If there was any truth to any of the allegations flung about I doubt it very much that she would have even been considered. YJ is minding her own business and just getting on with it. Eve is due to drop in June 2022 TvN.

      • EVE – TvN June 2022!!

        It’s okay -I’ll keep supporting her but it looks like you might need to check out what ‘caping’ is.

      • No sorry not crazy just a SYJ fan here give another ‘side’ to the posts here because it is obvious that the comments are all one sided but I guess that with the blog it’s invited and acceptable practice.

  18. To: So ye ji Supremacy

    So you mean she has two bad records – one in Spain and one in America both men that she used to gain money because @Raena said it was US.

    Lol, my opinion doesn’t matter really. I just hope she will have a better behaviour / morally and emotionally hence she’ll be in better position in K-Ent.She is a good actress and a talented one, it is just something wrong in her behaviour given the fact she issued an apology, that you cant overrule.

    • It was a US guy who was in Spain – supposedly who wouldn’t give his name at all and then dropped off the radar and was never to be heard from again. I nicknamed him ‘Banana’ cos he was slippery as hell. lol Her so called behaviour is being questioned yet she is always praised by cast and crew. One ‘bad’ experience from another film ‘Another Way’ and all of a sudden she is deemed problematic. That crew member was found to be a hoax and a fraud.

  19. Just so you all know there are higher powers in Korea that were responsible for casting SYJ in Eve for her comeback drama. I think this is from the Uncanny Counter Director in a press release statement:

    ““From the first meeting, the first meeting, she has analyzed the script more thoroughly than anyone else. Her high understanding of the character and her extraordinary affection for her work are the main reasons why I decided to cast her.”

    Your opinion of her won’t change anything. She is getting roles because of unfounded proven false allegations whereby no one wants to front and put their names to their claim…No one. Until she is served with papers to appear in court or the person affected puts their name and present facts as to what happened to them then all I can say you’re all just appearing as true haters and trolls. If the rumours have affected your judgement then by all means it’s easy to miss the drama altogether.

  20. @mmummabear. Wow!!! You literally twisted all the facts to the case and threw all her victims under the bus again. Nothing to do with TVN. The team behind had a strategy to raise the stakes for their show and TVN bought the strategy proposed . And wow she sure has THAT many cases and ENEMIES to defend herself against. Exhaustive list really. Lol. Must really suck to be such this beautiful and talented that those who cross her path are so jealous to the extent they must make up stuff about her in order to feel better about their own pitiful lives. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN… YOU MUST BOW IN HER LIGHT AND REVERENCE

    • Oh don’t be silly I don’t bow in her light and reverence that’s going a bit far. However if you choose to look at the past articles last year you would see that TvN offered her the role first so it would be their strategy that they would be imposing?


      Also I can’t help it if you read everything on line with no substantiated fact to prove what happened. No names were given for these ‘victims’ that she wrecked havoc upon they kinda all just shied/disappeared away when asked to front. We know how determined and vigilant the ones that are accusing celebs will actually go and to great lengths and file police complaints to prove their point. However nothing happened with her complainants? Where are her countless cases and enemies? The only enemies that I see are the same old anti fans and online trolls ready to attack on call.

      • I think you all forget we are humans and have flaws, when you start getting attacked by people what do you do? You hide and 99% of women are jealous traits in them and it depends on how the man handles it or what he did to bring them out of the lady.. The was never evidence about the school bullying and about the school admissions they cleared it up. You all pointing fingers do worse to your partner.. Yes she is a public figure and must carry herself in a certain manner, yes she should handle herself well but hasn’t she done other good works,but in South Korea you all condemn people easy..

    • Also I can’t help it if you read everything on line with no substantiated fact to prove what happened. No names were given for these ‘victims’ that she wrecked havoc upon they kinda all just shied/disappeared away when asked to front. We know how determined and vigilant the ones that are accusing celebs will actually go and to great lengths and file police complaints to prove their point. However nothing happened with her complainants? Where are her countless cases and enemies? The only enemies that I see are the same old anti fans and online trolls ready to attack on call.

    • Got to hand it to the commentators on this blog try and ask them to spit facts and all that is given back is just rumour after rumour nothing concrete at all. Oh the old PD -would you have the details I mean you know what is happening please share about this stalking case that you are keenly aware of?

      • why are you curious? ?
        you are her fans, should know better.
        that drama should be aired on sbs but after this pd left. the drama was forced to search another channel must be tough

      • I couldn’t care less about which station it was supposed to air on. I’m more concerned not curious at the blatant lie you’re spreading which was never proven and was highly speculative. Must be so easy to follow up on rumours and just spread them without any thought or truth. Add context to this as it was Park Hae Jin’s company Mountain Movement that was producing the drama so there were others factors involved but I guess you only wanted to focus on SYJ stalking episode which was a big fat rumour/lie/allegation.

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