Pictures from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Wedding Show Star-studded Floral Paradise in Seoul

Of course a private wedding would have leaks hit the publications due to the happy couple being famous, and super duper famous at that so we see long lens and even drone shot pictures courtesy of tabloids. But I think Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin expected it otherwise why have it outdoors, plus their attending friends and family are good to share pictures as well. It’s a day of love and joy and that’s so evident from these pictures. There are new wedding pictorial shots seen on their entrance table, Son Ye Jin ‘s wedding dress is an off shoulder lace confection, Binnie went with a classic black tux, reportedly Gong Hyo Jin caught the wedding bouquet, and basically every big name SK star went to the wedding since the couple have two decades each of work experience so know so many people.


Pictures from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Wedding Show Star-studded Floral Paradise in Seoul — 43 Comments

  1. Love everything except the altar. What was the wedding coordinator thinking with this, it looks like a memorial altar with the candles.

    • lol, I didnt immediately think of that when scrolling through the pictures, but now I can’t unsee it. You’re right, it does look like a memorial altar!

    • I mean, I thought there was something off with the pic but dismissed it, until I saw your comment about a memorial altar lol. Good thing the couple doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously and will probably be not put off by small imperfect details 🙂

      • That Korean wedding tradition is one where both mothers lights a candle on the wedding altar/stage after the mothers’ wedding march down the aisle.
        But this is different, this was at the entrance. It is indeed looking like a memorial shrine.

  2. Lol. Look at HB’s reaction to GHJ catching the bouquet! Congrats beautiful couple. Love the way the name positioning of Jin and Bin on the wedding invite. Normally it’s the groom’s name first but in this case YJ’s name gets mentioned first. Kudos.

  3. It does seem like a few long lenses were used. And then some staff and acquaintances posted shots from inside. But none of their close actor friends aka the A list crew, posted any pics. Maybe an unwritten code or something?

    I do love all the flowers. It’s a late March wedding but the flowers made it look like Spring already. I’m so happy they both finally tied the knot at 40 years old. It’s never too late!

  4. Having been involved in planning a wedding I am just thinking of how much all those flowers must have cost. A simple but still lavish wedding. They both look gorgeous.

  5. The pics from the wedding and the pictorial make me so happy. The couple looks like they’re having a lot of fun, in addition to being happy and in love. It feels like watching friends get married.

    Glad to see it was an outdoor wedding. The wedding halls always feel too serious.

  6. I’m mad jealous of all the single ladies who got to attend this wedding. So many eligible bachelors went: Gong Yoo, Song Joongki, Jung Haein, Paul Kim. Prime husband hunting occasion, lulz.

    Felicitations to the happy couple!

  7. among korean actresses who’d became a bride, son yejin has the most beautiful wedding dress ever. every of her wedding dresses looks soo beautiful, gorgeous, and sophisticated, which i didn’t find in previous bride actresses.

    • Yes, I agree with you. She has great taste for fashion. I do also find her wedding dresses look the best compared to other actresses wedding.

    • It also helps that she has a beautiful figure, so she can pull off just about any style so well. Lucky girl! All her dresses truly did look amazing and that was mainly because she was able to wear them perfectly!

  8. Oh..I love everything, except the candles. Congratulations to the couple. Can’t wait for the arrival of Baby JinBin.

  9. I was a bit surprised that Song Joong Ki was invited to the wedding. It was not publicly known that Song Joong Ki is close to Hyun Bin or Son Ye Jin.

    With his history & Hyun Bin’s history with Song Hye Kyo, I was indeed very surprised.

    I guess there are a lot of juicy stories not known to the public.

    • I thought it was a rumor? Someone posted a picture but turns out it was from another wedding last yearn. I dont think he attended.

      • There’s a different 10,000 ft zoom pic of him at the ceremony, plus guest list included him and the paps stationed at the entrance reported him coming in a car.

        Where’s TMZ when you need them?

      • @Bella i saw one fan saying that the paps mentioned his name in the live but then was confused because there were no articles written abt him unlike it was for other guests.

        At first i also didn’t understand why would sjk come . The reason was not song hye kyo but the fact that he was neither their friend (as far as we know) and nor their co-star. But then we saw Gong Yoo attending cause he is a part of Hyun Bin’s baseball team. And sjk is quite close with Hyun Bin’s golf buddies. So that could be the link. Anyways unless i see clear pics, i am still on fence regarding his attendance.

      • Seems like SJk goes to a lot of weddings and even mc’s a lot. Its a small circle.

    • Nothing weird nor surprising IF he attended the wedding. He wasn’t HB’s ex lol. They just happened to share an ex and fpr HB, that was ages ago. It only mean that it’s nothing to them. Like how Lee Byung Hun was there and also went golfing together with the couple (having double dates) because his wife, Lee Min Jung is Son Ye Jin’s bestie

  10. So apparently Hyun bin was cheering up on Yejin by saying”fighting ” ,”fighting” when she was abt to throw the buoquet and that pic was clicked when man was surprised at how hard she threw it. So cute ?.

    Anyways i don’t think we might get clear pics as Jung hae in recently mentioned they aren’t allowed to do that. Unless yejin or their company uploads, there isn’t much hope.

    • In photo of Binjin exchanging rings, one female guest in white jacket held her smartphone high up in the air to snap photos. The other guests just looked at the couple. She must be a family member or close relative since all friends are banned from taking photos.

      • A lot of the guests were taking photos and videos in all the leaked footages that came out. The couple may have asked them not to share the pictures on social media because Jung Haein said in his live chat with fans that he took photos from the wedding but can’t show/share it.

  11. I wonder why there is no mention about the wedding from Korean Dispatch. They didn’t post anything regarding Binjin’s wedding in their IG account.

  12. Small world of actors who debuted around the same time . Not surprising that they were there . Yoon Eun Hye used to be friends with SYJ . I suppose that they don’t live in the same circles anymore . The couple is radiant . Some celebrities to be sure to have a private wedding ask to their guests to leave smartphones at the entry .But with all the technology , nowadays it’s impossible ( drones,…) 22 years ago , Pitt/Anniston had helicopters ! Madonna and Penn coudn’t even ear the priest !

  13. Congrats to Binjin! The dating/wedding news just keep coming! Now it’s bestie Gong Hyo Jin who caught the bouquet. Congrats GHJ even if your agency denied any marriage plans. Still good to know age has no barrier. Kevin Oh is such a left field choice. Superstar K winner and SOOP managed veteran actress. Here’s hoping another superstar k winner who starred with GHJ in Hong sister drama and another SOOP actress ship will sail.

    • If ghj and kevin oh do get married one day, your other ship may get invited to their wedding. Depends on which ship combination you’re implying. Singer actor with former child actress pair or singer actor with former idol actress pair. Real life is stranger is reel life sometimes. Just look at barbie hsi with dj koo.

    • Actually the Soop family must have known earlier. Nam Ji Hyun posted in her ig story Kevin’s song Baby Blue in late 2020.

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