Lee Je Hoon’s Agency Denies Rumors that He’s Getting Married Soon to Reality TV Young Star Park Ji Hyun

This is a random rumor but who knows if there is any truth to to. This week there was a fast spreading entertainment gossip piece that K-actor Lee Je Hoon was planning to get married soon. He’s not even publicly dating so this isn’t one of those natural progression dating stories. The rumor says his intended is a young lady named Park Ji Hyun, she’s not a celebrity but is celebrity-adjacent. She was in the reality show Heart Signal 3 the most recent season and she’s a college student at Waseda University. After the news broke, Lee Je Hoon’s agency swiftly denied the story and said it is not true whatsoever. Okay, I hope it is because if one day he marries her it’s just going to be so funny.


Lee Je Hoon’s Agency Denies Rumors that He’s Getting Married Soon to Reality TV Young Star Park Ji Hyun — 16 Comments

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  2. If this turns out to be true it would be better to just admit it. The only reason he would want to deny it even if they are really planning to settle down is to give the girl some sort privacy and not be pesterered by reporters and rabid fans I guess.

    But he isn’t the kind of celebrity with ardent rabid fans who would immediately attack the girl he is rumored to be dating.

    Though that is definitely weird if isn’t true. But when it comes to gossip there is a high probability of it being true. Just look at SYJ and HB. Those two even had photos as evidence.

    • JCW and NJH would be married multiple times by now. Every year rabid fans will put out yt vid saying they would get married. Some fans even scold her if she post photos of her male co-stars coz she “belongs” to JCW. No wonder she deleted all her ig post and disabled comment section. She enabled it recently only for them to tag her with jcw again.

      • Let’s see she likes cats, toy story char, mirror selfie, blurry selfie, L pose, camera pose crouchy pose so she and SIG must be dating too. LOL.

      • Not saying they’re dating each other but I suspect something. He’ll be releasing single album in 5 years on 14 june which is kiss day. She posted ig story on may 14 which was rose day. Korean lovebirds dedicate each 14th of the month with a special theme. He posted consistently in ig since sept 17 2020. sept 17 is confession day also her bd. 100 days from sept 17 is christmas which he released his r&b christmas song last year. Koreans are obsessed with counting anniversary days and special romantic days.

      • Jh’s sister revealed her new yeoboneun on 14 Jan Diary Day/Candle Day. Won’t be long till Jh’s turn.

      • @Koreana, you’re right he’s all lovey dovey. His new single cover is called LOVE & LOVE dropping on kissy kissy day. Ofc his fans are all “look how much Oppa loves us” Lol. The question now is who’s his new/old lady love?

      • @gossip well she did receive roses that day. Then his IG post of playing piano with red roses on the wall. Nine symbols from cover are creating many guesses. I’m waiting for more clues to drop. Fall in…..with who……??? Hehe.

  3. that’s why the company decided to take legal action swiftly. I didn’t know there is even a name included at first

  4. Ugh. I don’t like this girl. Please don’t be true.

    Well, more like I didn’t like the way heartsignal 3 unfolded, it was just her and the boys. When she’s the least interesting of the girls

  5. Idont think so, hes a man who will not deny something..sorry to say i dont like the for him.. Just saying my opinion.. Better look for someone..

    • They also said Hyun Bin is someone who would never deny dating rumors when those pictures with SYJ came out but look how that turned out. Although this does seem like there really must have nothing to that rumor because why risk legal action if it does turn out to be true in the end.

  6. Think it’s untrue. His agency will be taking strong and severe legal action. Why waste money on legal fees if it’s true? It will also hurt his image and agency’s image. Korean female college students rarely get married unless knocked up. Don’t think they happily throw away their freedom to slave away as someone’s wife and daughter-in-law doing food preps at ancestor memorial days and endless family duties. Most Korean parents would be furious to see their children’s tertiary education interrupted as they view education extremely seriously. In Korea, highly unusual for 38 yo guy to marry 21-23 yo girl while she’s still in uni. Generally most would wait till she graduates. Unless there’s a bun in the oven already baking. Haha.

  7. Most deny dating rumours not marriage rumours. Then again Son Dam Bi denied getting married to Lee Jyu Hyuk in Jan and got married in May. Lol. Some netizens think besties GHJ and JRW had cut ties with her as both didn’t show up at her wedding.

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