Ady An Rocks the Mega Dress Train as Hawaii Wedding Concludes with Love, Laughter, and a Dance-off

If you love wedding gawking this come right in because this post is chock full of all the visual happy goodies from a star-studded wedding. Taiwanese actress Ady An tied the knot on June 5th in Hawaii with her businessman fiancee and their wedding was as fun and extravagant as expected. The huge wedding party had lots of Taiwanese actresses as bridesmaids including Chen Qiao En, Kimi Hsia, Bianca Bai, and Esther Liu, all wearing short flare dresses in a peach pink color with different necklines.

Ady’s wedding dress was insane with the train, a couture custom Stephane Rolland column with the aforementioned train which was so long I thought it was a third wheel during the ceremony and afterwards during her walk down it looked like she had a puffy centipede tail lol. The bride and groom then changed into a traditional red wedding attire for the tea ceremony before it was on to the banquet party where bridesmaid and good friend Chen Qiao En caught the bouquet and then plenty of dancing! Woah, I guess wedding watch just moved the spotlight to her heh. Continue reading