Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok to Cameo in SBS Weekend Drama Gogh: The Starry Night

The reunification of my cuties Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok feels like a glass half something situation. On one hand they are going to be in the same drama and also back on television, but on the other hand they are merely making a cameo in said drama and not even in the same scene. Yay to the former and boo to the latter. I’m not terribly peeved mostly due to both having done a K-drama recently even if I was left underwhelmed in different ways. Her Doctors was narratively anemic and his W: Two Worlds brain hurty in nonsensical ways. What brings them back together to both cameo in SBS weekend drama Gogh: The Starry Night is what I loved the most from them, namely their wonderful Pinocchio. Both are doing Gogh as a favor to the PD who directed them in Pinocchio, and also worked with Lee Jong Seok in I Hear Your Voice. Continue reading