Worst K-drama Posters of the Year (So Far) Goes to Scandal with Kim Jae Won

Listen up folks, I think we have found the current front runner for worst drama posters of 2013. Please take your exalted place at the front of the line Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident. First of all, the fact that this darn drama can’t be satisfied with just calling itself Scandal and has to add the mouthful afterwards annoys me. It’s like the writer is already veering towards douchebaggery. Then comes the father of all birth secrets, with an actual child abduction preceded by a child death. Dreary indeed. I actually like the cast well enough, with Kim Jae Won, Jo Yoon Hee, Jo Jae Hyun, Park Sang Min, Shin Eun Kyung, and Ki Tae Young, but the first teasers amped up the intensity but I didn’t feel like this PD-writer combo could keep this one out of the clutches of shrieking makjang. Then MBC released four official posters and I actually burst out laughing at the absurdity of a K-drama poster resembling posters for a horror movie. The top one is the least ridiculous and the three main leads are looking deliciously taut with chemistry. But the group poster looks like the cast for the K-movie remake of Dawn of the Living Dead prior to decomposing. The two daddies and one abducted son poster looks like some creepy surgeon-gone-insane stabbity movie, its just missing some surgical knives to complete the tableau. And the one with Park Sang Min and his two ladies Shin Eun Kyung and Kim Hye Ri is so ridiculous I can’t even begin to explain what it’s supposed to evoke, with Kim Hye Ri sporting the crazy mane of hair and hovering over Park Sang Min like she’s about to vampire suck his blood. Everyone in every poster looks pallid and dull, so I suppose the person at MBC in charge of making these posters ought to get some recognition for managing to uglify every single member of the cast. The fourth trailer was released this weekend and all I got out of it is Park Sang Min channeling both Jo Min Ki in East of Eden and Son Chang Min in Man of Honor. Oh that is some exalted company to join, the over-acting crazy middle-aged power and money hungry trifecta of villains. Lee Sung Jae in Gu Family Book might’ve earned a spot except he’s motivated mostly by inexplicable lust for fresh-faced young things. Check out the posters and teaser below, this one might be amusing to watch to see how crazy the drama will get. Continue reading