Old Friends Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, and Rainie Yang Start 2012 by Hanging Out

New year, new ArJoe. Maybe it should be call ArJoeRain? Both Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang posted pictures on their respective Weibos today showing that the longtime good friends hung out with mutual friend Joe Cheng over the holiday weekend. They dined at a restaurant owned by Joe called Destino located in Taipei, and both ladies were thrilled to have a chance to hang out like old times. Even though Ariel has said she isn’t planning to do anymore dramas in the near future, she is looking for movie scripts and plans to release an album in 2012. Director Winnie has also announced plans for a movie version of In Time With You starring the original cast. As for Rainie, she still hasn’t settled on her next acting project, whereas Joe is preparing for his upcoming period movie Hua Yang with Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, and Ivy Chen. Continue reading