Minhyun and Jung Da Bin Find Opposites Attractive in Pretty Posters and Teasers for jTBC Drama Live On

I’m still waiting for my annual high school cute K-drama, it feels like candy corn on Halloween, gotta have it once a year just for the saccharine sweetness. It’s too bad it’s coming in late fall because jTBC drama Live On premiering on November 17th feels like a breezy spring drama. Starring Minhyun of NU’EST teen actress Jung Da Bin, it’s a short 8-episode drama about a high school broadcast club, hence the live on means live on air and keep living on. Ah, good enough fashioned linguistic nerdiness heh. He’s the perfectionist head of the club and she’s the pretty popular girl who joins to root out someone trying to out her “secret” whatever that is. I’ll be tuning in to find out in three weeks.

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