Variety Show Host Kai Le Confesses to Being One of the Third Wheels in Show Luo and Grace Chow’s Cheating Scandal

It’s been a few days and the public attention has dropped from 100000000% to like 90% heh. Still a whole lot and who can blame the Chinese-speaking media and rubbernecking fans for keeping the spotlight on Chinese instagram star and fashionista Grace Chow putting ex-boyfriend top idol and host Show Luo on blast for cheating on her during their 9 year long relationship. There’s cheating (a lot of it), beautiful people (so pretty!), cross-straits relations (he’s Taiwanese, she’s Mainland Chinese), and now even a famous third wheel (Xiao San) outed. Variety show host and model Kai Le (known as Butterfly) is the only female artist under Show’s agency and Grace outed that Show cheated on her with a same agency girl. Of course scrutiny was immediately on Kai Lei and within 48 hours she admitted it by posting a sincere apology to Ms. Grace Chow and saying sorry to everyone who loves her. Dang, how about NOT sleeping with a taken man, that’s easier than after the fact public apologies, no?

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