Kang Daniel Fans Upset His Dating News Was Delayed Until After His Comeback and They Spent Tons of Money Supporting Him

Now this is a great dating news story to ponder the give and take of fandom. Kang Daniel confirmed that he is dating Jihyo of top girl group TWICE and of course the two consenting adults are free to date to their hearts pleasure. But Kang Daniel fans are pissed because his just had a comeback 10 days ago and the news of his dating was actually photographed by Dispatch on July 20th but not released until August 5th, so Dispatch knew before his comeback and released the news after his comeback. Those who understand K-pop know that fan supporting during album releases/comebacks/debuts are super important as diehard fans go all out to make sure their bias has successful sale numbers. So Kang Daniel fans feel hoodwinked that their support was predicated on his dating news being kept from them. It’s a legit gripe – Kang Daniel CAN date anyone he wants, but his fans also CAN support him based on him not dating and can choose to leave his fandom upon his dating. It should be information freely given so fans can make their own decision, support or not support. What do you think? Continue reading