Ranma 1/2 Dorama Reveals Poster Specially Drawn by Takahashi Rumiko

Fifteen years after Takahashi Rumiko finished Ranma 1/2, the story finally gets a live-action adaptation (better late than never?). As a special treat for the fans and the production, Takahashi put pencil to paper and specially drew a poster for the dorama based on the poses of the live-action cast. Gosh, that is so sweet and really apropos. The dorama SP airs in early December and stars Aragaki Yui as Akane, Kaku Kento as male Ranma, and Natsuna as female Ranma. Below is the character chart, which confirms that everyone’s favorite directionally-impaired Ryoga isn’t going to be in it. Neither is my fave adorably forward Shampoo and her cute cat ways. What’s hilarious is that panda papa appears to be played by a guy in a panda costume. LOL, where are the special effects people when you need them. Continue reading