Final Set of Songs from the King Flower Soundtrack are Released

One of the reasons King Flower is such an easy watch for me is that I absolutely adore its sountrack. Every song, every instrumental, this drama just hit all my happy nodes with its song selection. Sadly its one of SETTV‘s lower rated Sunday night dramas in recent years so I doubt it’ll get a full OST release. *pouts and makes sad face* Luckily all the songs have been available off the respective albums of all the collaborators, though I’m lazy and do love an easy access to the official OST, not to mention it usually comes with cool goodies from the production company. I don’t always have the same taste in music as my friends or family (my sister loved the Fated to Love You OST but I was strangely repulsed by it, while I loved the Drunken to Love You OST but it didn’t move her) but I do love sharing the songs I love in case there are folks at the Playground who also love it. I also adored the Office Girls OST but it was only Genie Zhou‘s “Free Falling Entity that Wants to Fly” from that album that is the standout rock star.

The less that is said about Miss Rose the better, and even that OST was as middling as the drama was. It wasn’t terrible but it was singularly boring, which should have been a warning beacon of the drama itself. I think the great KF soundtrack owes itself all to Terry. LOL, I’m pretty much going to give credit for anything good in KF to Terry, because let’s not kid ourselves, who else deserves the acclaim? I’ve provided links to download some songs already here (Aaron Yan‘s “Memorial Day” the song for Terry-Liang Yen, S.H.E. “A Woman Like a Girl” the ending theme). Here are the links for the latter introduced subtheme songs – James Wen‘s “Why Bother” which is the song for Guan Jun-Da Hua, and my favorite new song of the bunch Olivia Ong‘s “Don’t Change” which is the song that is for Terry-Da Hua. I rather appreciate the simplicity of how KF doles out the music because it always hits me right in the gut. I actually am obsessed with finding the instrumentals for this drama, I don’t even know any of the names but some of the piano or violin pieces are utterly captivating. Some convey the right sense of melancholy, others are hopeful and charming, and some just match up to Terry’s angst perfectly. Continue reading