First Drama Stills of Chen Xiao and Chen Qiao En in Period C-drama Queen Dugu

Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi are not the only upcoming drama onscreen coupling of top Taiwan and China stars, another period C-drama has been filming alongside Legend of Fuyao that is also getting plenty of attention for it’s female centric narrative and gorgeous leads. Chen Qiao En plays the titular Queen Dugu (or Empress Dugu) based on the real life political love story of Dugu Qieluo who married Emperor Wen of the Sui dynasty who loved her so much he never took a concubine. This is clearly not a palace concubine intrigue type of drama but it is nice that romance actually did happen in the highest echelons of power thousands of years ago.

It explains why Chen Qiao En and Chen Xiao are in couples garb for many of the drama stills, more cute than cloying, and it’s also adorable that she’s acting with the hubby of good friend Michelle Chen. Not to mention Chen Xiao is killing it right now in hit C-drama Nothing Gold Can Stay playing the more frustratingly loveable lovelorn male lead in the history of C-dramas. Goodness is he one track minded in love and all the more awesome for it, can’t wait to see him do the same here except as the all powerful Emperor of Sui. Continue reading