The Pretty Cast of Delightful TW-drama Pleasantly Surprised Get Sexy Wet to Celebrate Ratings Win

Leave it TW-dramas to allow the drama leading lady an official reason to grope her abtastic leading man’s bare chest in broad daylight. The look on Puff Guo‘s face as she’s stripping off Liu Yi Hao‘s shirt? That’s the natural expression from all ladies who appreciate a nicely rendered gorgeous male form, even Lene Lai is all like “can I touchy touchy, too?” The cast of the hit Friday night SETTV drama Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) gathered for a fanservice celebration after last week’s episode 4 broke 2 in ratings as the fantastic and easy-to-watch drama raked in the audience. It’s already gotten higher ratings that its Sunday night cousin Fall in Love with Me with Aaron Yan and Tia Li which is a rare feat indeed since the Sunday night time slot is the most coveted and always gets higher ratings since more people are watching TV that night in general.

I adore Pleasantly Surprised but have conceded that it’s not a drama that makes me want to write about it every week, hence my lack of impetus to recap it. What makes PS lovely is the synergy of everything working: leads Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao have sweet chemistry and their characters are wonderfully constructed, the script is simple without being dumb, the directing feels effortless and pretty, and the eye candy cast has everyone doing their jobs without any bad acting stray weed sticking out. When I say eye candy cast, I really mean it and you’ll believe me when you check out the pictures below which includes one where all the male leads are shirtless and the amount of handsome faces and taut abs on display will curl your toes. The cast enjoyed a water fight outside of SETTV studios last week to celebrate the great ratings and give the fans some leggy ladies and buff guys to drool over. Thank you SETTV! Continue reading