TW-stars Lene Lai and Nylon Chen Hold Lovely Wedding Banquet in Taipei

There’s another wedding to gaze upon with plenty of finery and glamour coming out of Taipei. Taiwan acting stars Lene Lai and Nylon Chen, perpetually second leads in idol dramas but definitely the leads in their own personal lives with each other in finding a happily ever after. Lene donned two wedding dresses for the event, one with long lace sleeves and an insanely gorgeous feather and gauze mile long train, and the other a strapless textured confection that reportedly weighed 10 lbs and caused Lene to ache like the dickens the next morning after wearing it all night. Congrats to the couple, who registered their marriage officially earlier this year but who says a belated wedding banquet can’t be a total win in visuals and fun. Continue reading

The Pretty Cast of Delightful TW-drama Pleasantly Surprised Get Sexy Wet to Celebrate Ratings Win

Leave it TW-dramas to allow the drama leading lady an official reason to grope her abtastic leading man’s bare chest in broad daylight. The look on Puff Guo‘s face as she’s stripping off Liu Yi Hao‘s shirt? That’s the natural expression … Continue reading

Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Golden Bell Awards in a Star-studded Ceremony

What is that you said? I can’t hear you over the ear splitting screaming still coming out of my mouth for the last 24 hours, give or take a few. I thought I had long since stopped caring whether deserving … Continue reading