Kim Hee Ae Confirmed for Epic SBS Drama with Secret Love Affair Production Team

When something works as well as Kim Hee Ae‘s collaboration with the production team (PD and writer) of her last two dramas in Secret Love Affair and A Wife’s Credentials, why mess with a good thing, right? Sure she should change it up but I think there’s room for one more potential gem between them before viewers might get tired of it. I love Kim Hee Ae so much and hopefully SBS will be hands off and let this team present their style of nuanced storytelling which has brought accolades to cable network jTBC.

Kim Hee Ae is finally confirmed for the upcoming Mon-Tues prime time SBS drama War of the Brilliant Minds (tentative title), originally schedule for 50-episodes but now slimmed down to 30-episodes as the production team elected to forgo the lengthy childhood segment component. Bummer for that since Kim So Hyun would be a dead ringer for child Kim Hee Ae, but the production has decided not to start the drama in the 1970’s and instead focus only on the adult life of the heroine character. Casting is currently on for the leading man described only as an actor in his early 30’s. Continue reading