Jo Yeo Jung is Striking and Decisive in First Poster and Teaser for KBS Drama Woman of 9.9 Billion

The drama title is Woman of 9.9 Billion but it’s accurately Woman of 9.9 Billion Won, and that makes it roughly 9 million USD and boy is there a difference in three zeros missing. It’s still a crap load of money and what female lead Jo Yeo Jung does with her unexpected largess seems to be hiding it and causing accidents while being pursued by Kim Kang Woo, while baddies Jung Woong In, Oh Na Ra, and Lee Ji Hoon seethe and plot around her. I’d categorize this one as a psychological action thriller with makjang melo tossed in because the female lead is apparently searching for love despite suffering heartache and disappointment. Aren’t we all, and rarely do we run across 9.9 billion won in the process lol. The drama looks gritty and great if you like this sort of ride. Continue reading