Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin Exchange the Tense Darkness of OCN Drama Train for Cheery Marie Claire Korea Pictorial

Thanks to the addicting and well-drafted parallel worlds thriller drama Train, I’m over my Kyung Soo Jin allergy and reinvigorated with my Yoon Shi Yoon love. The drama is tightly compacted in its mythology about the parallel worlds and probably falls apart in wider focus but it does so well in picking a central focus with Yoon Shi Yoon’s Do Won the good cop and then everything fans out from his emotions and goals. Do Won the bad cop and dead Seo Kyung the prosecutor mean something because we want good Do Won to catch the killer, exonerate his dad (fully), and get his happy ending with Seo Kyung. Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin have such strong chemistry it makes even a standard procedural scene crackle with energy. The drama is such a fun weekend watch, I’ll be sad when it ends in 2 weeks but so happy I found an unexpectedly stirring OTP to root for.

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