Yoon Shi Yoon, Kyung Soo Jin, and Shin So Yul Confirmed for OCN Thriller Drama Train

The leads have their tickets and will board the upcoming OCN thriller Train coming later this year. Yoon Shi Yoon will work with female leads Kyung Soo Jin and Shin So Yul in the fantasy thriller drama about the male lead who travels between parallel worlds after the person he cherishes is killed by a serial killer. Yoon Shi Yoon plays a dogged detective, Kyung Soo Jin is a capable prosecutor and Shin So Yul is a forensic cop, and together the three work together to catch a long running murderer. The is a solid cast and parallel world dramas seem to be a “thing” this year in 2020 so a different take on that The King: Eternal Monarch will help stave off the comparison.

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