Sympathy for Mr. Sexy

I was going to title this post without the extra “y” at the end of the last word. So, you though this blog was going to be PG, or at most PG-13. Well, you thought wrong! Mwahahahaha, I’ll keep it clean, I promise. But I think I already crossed that line when the cover pic of the Ultimate Bromance post included the words “Mr. Sex” on it.

I just had to run with it. C’mon, can you blame me? And you all know who it was referring to, right? Much as I think my I Lub You is sexy as all hell, the man who simply oozes sex-appeal from his very aura can only be none other than Lee Jung Jae – or shall I call him oppa?

To tie in two elements within my last two posts – i.e. my love for Lee Jung Jae and my lust for Choi Ji Woo‘s hair (or it is the other way around? – whatever, think what you will), I’ve found an awesome MV of Air City.

Now – that drama is all expectation and high hopes and big budget and bigger names – but in all that hustle and bustle someone forgot to find a competent scriptwriter. It’s like I planned the perfect wedding down to the last detail, but somehow forgot to actually prepare a program – so the entire wedding party has to wing it and improvise.

Yeah, unless lots and lots of alcohol is involved, the wedding guests/viewers ain’t going to be too happy about that. Short of it – Air City has a middling story. But hot damn did the two leads gamely perform, raise the temperature level a notch daily, and created scenes of splendor in the grass airport. To this day I do not regret watching it.

Also, it gave me Choi Ji Woo’s hair (yes, this will be a running gag). You must all watch this MV, or else I will hunt you down. Kidding, but it really is barrels of goodness because you get everything worth watching in Air City without committing another 15.9 hours of your life to get it.

Have a OTP + hair-riffic MV of Air City (it’s refusing to play on this page so click on the link and go directly to the MV- which is very well-made and involves only hot OTP moments, so nary a wasted scene of useless crap from the drama):


And as a final Lee Jung Jae-related rant (not ranting at him, but on his behalf), I am still bitter as all hell about Triple. If you step a toe into the waters of fauxcest (especially fauxcest as faux as ex-step-siblings), you go all the way, drama! But Triple decided to chicken out at the end.

Plus it decided to kill the cutest puppy I have ever clapped eyes on in a K-drama – Wal. See, I still remember that friggin puppy’s name. Damn you, Triple. I demand satisfaction (name your seconds, dude) – give me a Hwal/Haru moment in my dreams tonight!

(If the heroine names her new puppy after the ex-step-brother she is crushing on like mad, someone take that puppy and make a run for the border, it’s not going to be seeing the end credits)

I miss Lee Jung Jae on the small-screen, especially since his last two dramas were less than stellar projects in my book. Air City was frankly a failed production, but Triple was like someone conning me.

See, I thought I was getting a nice cup of café au lait, which suddenly became a steaming hot pot of hot chocolate when it was delivered (oh, the sweetness, the adorableness), but at the very end some dude with an attitude about existential crap like moving on and growing up came in and swiped my hot cocoa and forced me to drink a cup of bitter coffee.

(If this is not the OTP, I clearly should stop watching K-dramas because I know not what I am watching)

Bait and switch, Triple, you performed a bait and switch on me. Imagine the outcry if at the end of Coffee Prince, Eun Chan told Han Kyul that when she was off learning coffee-making in Italy, she met a nice Italian and she was off to live with that man forever. And Han Kyul shouldn’t be so sad, people move on, right? Wrong!

Hate you, Triple, you puppy-killing, OTP-splitting, fauxcest-skirting wannabe pretentious show. You made me care, and then you laughed in my face as I cried. (And if you makes you feel any better, Triple, hate can only stem from having loved you once, before you went and stomped on my innards).


Sympathy for Mr. Sexy — 4 Comments

  1. Wait, they killed off that puppy in Triple??!!! I only saw like 3 eps and gave up because I had no idea where the show was going and really didn’t care, but the puppy was flippin adorable. Whoever wrote Triple are just evil people, I am convinced now!

  2. Like I’ve said before, this guy IS sex, walking and talking. YUM. Cannot wait for The Housemaid. Oh, my……

    (Also, damn-puppy-killing-crapfest-complete-waste-of-time-stupid-drama. Triple, you SUCK. Yes, I’m bitter.)

    As far as I’m concerned, Air City was worth watching for the stairwell scene alone. Oh, yes.

  3. I am probably the only person who enjoyed Air City because I found Lee Jung Jae. After Air City I downloaded all his previous movies and dramas and watched them nonstop. I can still rewatch Air City and enjoy every scene Lee Jung Jae is in.

  4. Rotten puppy-killing Triple that wasted the talents of a bunch of good, not to mention sexy, actors and had lead actress who couldn’t skate. I am deeply bitter.

    OTOH, like morserachel Air City introduced me to several good actors. Not that I’m going to watch it again for them, but I made their acquaintance there. So I am not so bitter about that.

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