Jang Hyuk – MV Star Extraordinaire

Sometimes when you go searching for one thing, you find another. Since no one told me Jang Hyuk dropped a rap album a few millennia ago, no one also saw fit to let me know that Jang Hyuk lent his awesome beastly being to starring in a few MV of Taiwanese pop songstress Elva Hsiao.

Yes, Hyukie was a MV boy for Elva two years ago, when Elva dropped the album The Three Faces of Eve. I saw those MVs back then, and seriously have never put two and two together until now, since in 2008 I wasn’t watching K-dramas with Jang Hyuk. I just thought the guy was sexy as hell.

I’ll stop beating around the bush and deliver the good stuff now. For those of you who don’t follow the Taiwanese pop music scene, Elva has been around for over a decade now, and is an establish singer. She does both ballads and dance songs, and is known for her hot bod and sultry voice. I neither like nor dislike her, but she reminds me a lot of Lee Hyori, is all.

MV for Impetuous

MV for The Loneliness of Two People

Jang Hyuk looks great in these MVs, though he’s kinda slumming it and kinda cake-walking through the entire endeavor. I wonder if he was vacationing in Taiwan that month? Kidding, the man is seriously both a workaholic and a chameleon. He was approached by the director to star in the MV (after Kim Jae Won did an MV with fellow TW pop star Jolin).

In case folks think I’ve only got Jang Hyuk on the brain, rest assured I’ll be back to share goodies of my other obsessions in due course. It’s just Mr. Jang Hyuk does so much, his goodies literally rain down on us unsuspecting fans when we least expect it.

I’ll end with some cute pics of the MV couple, clearly they had fun making the mini-love story. By the way, did I mention that both ballads are very good, quite easy on the ears, and Elva does have a lovely smoky-lite voice. And no, I am not renaming this Playground “The Jung Woo Sung + Jang Hyuk Two Man Show”.


Jang Hyuk – MV Star Extraordinaire — 8 Comments

  1. One can NEVER have too much Jang Hyuk in one’s life. NEVER!

    And yay for MV’s that I can watch without hiding behind the sofa, cringing in embarassment! 🙂

  2. It’s raining Hyukie around here! Wheeee!

    OTOH, I wonder if that Guinness signing photo was the person who won a “date” with the Good from Guinness. I never did figure out how to enter that.

  3. Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. His pocket dynamo hotness harnessed for the snippet-format of the emo-MV. Yes! Even the shaggy bad hair can’t disguise the searing intensity. *faints*

    @ o-cha

    Wow! Bom reunited with trench-coat ahjusshi! What a gem of fan-service! Thanks, that was lovely.

  4. Hi!

    Occasional reader delurking here (great blog btw. i enjoy your “i lub yous” and drama-picks because a lot of the time, they’re similar to my faves too).

    Since you missed the Elva Hsiao one, just in case – do you already know about this one too?

    I think that Elva Hsiao one, and his filming the Singapore movie was all part of his packaging stint to reach the overseas market.

    He was in Singapore for a spell, filming this: Dance of the Dragon. I was in SG holidaying at that time, and (only a couple of times *blush*) deliberately chose his hotel as a venue to meet up with friends (just in case, you never know!). Thankfully, they were longtime pals used to my wackiness, and understood.

    Lousy movie, but another opportunity to showcase his sinewy hotness. You can catch the entire movie proper on some of the streaming sites, or on you-tube itself.


    Enjoy! 🙂

  5. @ momosan and jusash

    Thanks for the goodies! Yay, will definitely check both out. And jusash, don’t be shy, keeping delurking and join the playground fun!

  6. Yup, definitely remember these MVs with Elvie! Hyukie, lookin’ hot despite the dude-you-seriously-need-a-haircut-you’re-starting-to-look-like-BYJ-in-the-later-eps-of-Winter-Sonata-hahaha vibe.

    @ o-cha – Heyyy how ya doin’? I think it was you who shared these MVs over at JH’s Soompi thread! You’d post the links, then we’d spaz out en masse, lolll Good times, good times… =D

    @ ju – Hey juuuuu wassup??? XD *waves* Dance of the Dragon/the Elvie MVs was around 2008, right? Yeah I remember you posting about your Singapore Hyukie stalking, er… Good times, good times…

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