Playful Kiss Commences Filming of Youtube Edition

Some PKissers have been wondering when this longing and wistfulness for Playful Kiss will end. There is no cure from moving on from a drama-addiction, other than time and distance. It will take longer for some than for others, but the best way is to admit that you will be able to move on rather than fixating on the present feelings of nostalgia.

Playful Kiss started shooting its Youtube special edition yesterday, on October 26, 2010. It was a solo shoot for Jung So Min, as her co-star Kim Hyun Joong was still in Beijing doing promotional activities. He is due to return to the set on October 27 and begin filming as well.

The filming is scheduled to run until November 10. I’ve heard rumors that the first episode will not be premiering on November 2 due to timing constraints and will instead air in mid-November, but this has not been confirmed or denied. I will let everyone know if the premiere date changes, but for now its still November 2, 2010.

Waiting for the PK special edition is fun for me – a mixture of anticipation and contentment. I am neither rabidly awaiting its arrival, but do feel a quiet sense of excitement that its forthcoming. I’ve gotten some more BTS and other photos to share in the meantime.

[Credits: pictures from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss Commences Filming of Youtube Edition — 35 Comments

  1. thanks ockoala!!! its so been hard to ease the PK withdrawal!
    hope they could have the YT PK episode on 02nov coz i know everybody is eagerly waiting for it.

  2. thanx ockoala! your update somehow eased my longing to see them once again. i guess, i still can’t get over with this kdrama and only time can tell. i hope you’ll post diary of bsj for ep 16 too once you have it. thanx once again.

  3. oh my…. i feel the anticipation boiling up in my body again…. PK Hwaiting!! KHJ HWaiting!! 😀
    Thank you for the PK-update!

  4. thanks Ockoala , I wish the starting epi will be for november the 2nd , won’t be able to wait for a long time , I’m diying of anticipation , ahhhhh today is wednesday , I so miss playful kiss 🙁

  5. I am fine with mid-November, if it means that the cast and in particular KHJ can have a good rest and or more relaxed work schedule. That is a nice pic of KHJ and Eunjoo. I have not realised before how cute this kid, actor playing Eunjou, is. His parents must be very proud of him.

  6. Thanks a lot ockoala. I love the pix with the three of them. ( Hani, Seungjo & Eunjo)
    I miss them a lot now. Wed. & Thurs is really boring now.

  7. I now have a problem with the ending of PK .I used to get up early morning as we live in a different time zone to catch the live streaming from MBC via TVU . Of course every Wednesday and Thursday am had been full of anticipation and anxiety as well (TVU connection to MBC sometimes go crazy). Now its over on MBC, its quite unsettling . But I still wake up early . When will I drop the habit ?…Maybe never …it was good to see the early morning with KHJ.

  8. Thanks for our daily dose. This reminds me of the YAB days when DB fed our addictions.

    I would love more BTS like YAB. It really fed the craze, ne? You just fell in love the cast more and more when you see their interactions BTS.

  9. Sigh… You’re right about knowing that the feelings would go and that we should focus on that.. so why can’t i do it? sigh again… perhaps it’s because i don’t want to.. i don’t know.
    and yes, i’ve heard about the delay. some part of me want to scream NOOOO but another part of me is happy KHJ gets some rest.. but of course, he’s not resting but filming commercials and photoshoots instead.. -_-”

    anyways, for those who wants to understand some part of the fanmeeting, jina_bing_bang@soompi translated some part on one fancam… it’s the portion where KHJ answers question from the fan’s ticket stubs and mentions kissing with JSM.
    I got ecstatic when i saw her post because I didn’t understand everything without the translation because they kept being elusive when talking about it… kk.
    the way leader talked to his fans reminded me of his video message to the fans just before hwang buin had to kiss him.. kk

    ALL CREDITS to jina_bing_bang@soompi com/watch?v=OEToV78a6Yg

    I will translate from where he was talking about the kiss [around 3:20].
    In the beginning the questions for KHJ were not really questions but just comments saying that the fans are awaiting his next drama, how Japanese fans want to see him in Japan again and etc.

    The MC [Park Seul Gi] reaches into the question box and says that the comments are so global as some are written in English too.
    She gives the paper to HJ and he says:
    “Jung Yeh Jin wrote this one, So-Min Unnie and Kissing. I am envious of So-Min Unnie. My mom also likes you, Oppa KAHH!
    (this causes laughter from the audience)

    I will always support you, huh huh. Kiss scenes now flat? [**Like referencing will there be any more kiss scenes or will they be calm scenes. Sorry it was kind of hard to translate]

    What did the kisses taste like with So-Min Unnie? KAHHHHHHH!!!

    (Then KHJ mentions the seat number)
    MC: The questions for this are a little deep, aren’t they (asking the audience)

    KHJ: Kiss taste?
    MC: Yes, how was it? [around 4 min]

    KHJ: Well…depending on what Jung So-Min are before the kiss scene…Do you think it will be tasty? If she chew gum, it will taste like gum. If she rinses (rinses her mouth-mouthwash) then it will taste like rinse. Well…therefore

    MC: What about lip gloss….. [around 4:25 min]

    KHJ: Ah, I think there is a smell to the lip gloss…

    MC: Oh~ There was even a rumor saying a strong smell was used..Was it?

    KHJ: I don’t think so.

    MC: So, then it wasn’t [kiss scenes] weren’t that memorable then?

    KHJ: No, it left an impression. In the beginning.. the first kiss scene we were both awkward, during the imagination scene I kissed Jung So-Min’s bottom lip
    MC: She’s mad over there! “Stop, don’t tell anymore” (MC was re-enacting a fan she saw after KHJ made the comments) [around 5:05 min]

    KHJ: Yes, but whatever you do you increase… [**I think he means increase, to get better at something]
    (audience reacts)
    Why are you all like this? [**like what is with this reactions in a joking matter], like you all have never kissed anyone.

    MC: So did you increase..

    KHJ: Uh, I have increased a lot so now I have to fade it (gradually stop it)
    I’m not that kind of person but the director wanted it..
    MC: Of course, if the directors wants you to do something you have to do it all.

    KHJ: Yes, of course

    MC: But, I really like these kinds of questions [around 5:44 min]
    Do you all not like it (asking the audience), as the audience replies “YES!”

    The two talk some more and then the MC asks KHJ which question left an impression on him and he picked the one where a girl lost 30kg as she went on a diet and wanted a hug from KHJ. KHJ then says that these are the tennis clothes he wore [not the ones the he REALLY wore on set but the exact same outfit] which he signs and gives to the girl.

    I’ve heard about the delay as well…

      • I’ve got several more. Remember when I was bummed like, last week? (I kept thinking of those pictures of HJ and YB with babies?) I was inspired by that to write something. I’ll just mail it to soompi when I type it out. 🙂

  10. I realized that I’m beginning to notice Joon Gu more lately… HAHA! Oh well, I’m going to wait for this actor’s next project. ^^

    I can’t wait for the Youtube episodes! Thanks for the frequent update Koala! ^^

    • here’s a second version of the diary

      ALL CREDITS to jy89@viikii

      English translation of BSJ diary #16 from Baidu
      PAGE 1
      As compared to the overpowering and glorious sunlight, our non withstanding love is more dazzling.In this love filled morning, dang dang dang dang (sound of bell)
      The morning where we rode our couple bike to school
      Haera saw us arriving in our bikes, filled with jealousy, and always fooling around. Mother insists that we drink couple drinks, wear couple clothes which made my tummy hurt. Because of my eccentric mom, the intolerable things I’ve been through are not limited to just one or two, but I eventually got used to it.

      “Really not wearing your wedding ring?” “uh! Only wearing it after the registration”
      Hani probably got provoked a bit, as she loudly announced to Hae-ra the reason behind the absence of the wedding ring. The real reason was to actually tease Ha-ni in changing her major.
      “Amazing ah! Ha-ni really orbits around Baek Seung jo!”
      “Isn’t it a given that the earth orbits around the sun?”I think my over-confident answer gave Hae-ra a shock.
      “Of course. Keke. We are now husband and wife. Of course we should be studying in the same field. In the whole universe, we are meant to be.”

      Upon exiting the shower and seeing Ha-ni fiddling with my wallet, I can roughly guess judging from her expression but I shall tease her by pretending I don’t know the obvious.
      “Yah! So now you start flipping through your husband’s wallet?” Upon surrendering the wallet, her cheeks turned red and her hands started sweating. So cute, you think I don’t know? You must be up to something with my mother?Looks like I would have to put my wallet underneath my pillow tonight.

      BSJ Diary #16 (FROM
      PAGE 2
      As expected, while I pretended to be asleep, she carefully slipped her hand underneath my pillow and stole my wallet.
      By I will only find out in the morning what they’re up to. Silly Oh Ha-ni! Kekekeke.
      They already know that I’ve registered for the marriage license, they walked in feeling ashamed.
      Don’t u know you’re under my control? Silly, kekekeke
      To be frank, when u decided to change your major, I’ve already prepared all the necessary documents for the registration. Oh Ha-ni ‘s strength is that once she’s set a goal, she’ll do her very best, I was hoping she’ll even harder but because of this whole marriage registration, she’s been going around with drooping shoulders and a dull and sad expression. Seeing her this way, I couldn’t not do anything about it.
      I’ve been paying more attention to Oh Ha-ni’s movement recently. I never thought I’ll be seeing this expression of hers.
      Love is about seeing things we’ve never seen before but yet able to see them so clearly now, unable to hear them before but yet so clearly now.
      It’s because I love you that I keep teasing you, it is fun this way. I am only doing this as I wanna have a good laugh.

      Because of you, Bong Joong-gu, in front of Kris, openly announced that you are still in his heart.
      Exactly what are these two individuals hiding, heart still so firm and unswerving? An inexplicable sense of insecurity slowly made its’ way into a corner of my heart, hands firmly gripping the corner of a chair.
      My head probably shouldn’t turn that way, but to Ha-ni, I should be the only one of the opposite sex that matters, and not waste so much effort on others.

      BSJ Diary #16 (FROM
      PAGE 3
      Oh Ha-ni is still going on and on about what happened before, worried about others, afraid that Bong Joong-gu and Chris can’t get along well.
      She indeed likes helping others!
      “You should be feeling very happy for a marriage lady to have a scandal” Ah yah!I wanted to initially act like I am totally not affected by it, but I unconsciously said whatever that that had bothering me and kept welled up inside my heart.
      For an unknown reason, the usually slow Oh Ha-ni actually picked up my mood almost instantly.

      “You’re jealous!”
      The jealous I can only watch and listen while Ha-ni takes pleasure in my misfortune.
      Oh Ha-ni ah! You caught me once again!
      “Who’s jealous? Jealous?!”
      I, Baek Seung-Jo jealous of Bong Jong-gu? My voice and tone probably already gave away my secret, kekeke, but who cares? Bong Joong-gu should slowly come to realize his feelings on his own.
      “You also? I shall not disturb you and let you come to realize your feelings as well”
      Making fun of me while poking my ribs, and tickling me.

      Recently, I ran out of ways to handle Oh Ha-ni, no matter how boisterous she is, I’ve ran out of ways to deal with the situation. Slowly gaining strength… When and how did u manage to slip into my heart? Like a tree with hidden roots, quietly growing, penetrating slowly, bit by bit each day, and before I knew it you’ve filled up my heart.

      “Yah! Oh Ha-ni! Guys have pride too! Even then should we confess gently?”
      “Hurry up and study!” No matter how hard u struggle, it’s of no use.
      It seems like you’ve been studying hard, you managed to answer my questions really well. And you’re quite awesome, kekeke. You mentioned that you have a target, and even requested a Christmas date if it’s up to standard.
      This is also what I genuinely want to do, such a sincere request and expression, my heart is relishing every moment. We never had the chance to date properly before walking down the aisle. Even our marriage was planned and went through hastily. And even after marriage, we were so caught up with our studies and did nothing at all.
      “OK. It’s a date.” Each time I think of you, I’ll break into a smile. Ok, Oh Ha-ni! We shall work hard together and live happily each day rather than living each day like it’s a habit; boring and lifeless. We’ll achieve little each day but bit by bit. It may be exhausting but we’ll do our best together.

      BSJ Diary #16
      PAGE 4 (FROM

      Speaking of practicing CPR, Ha-ni’s lips weren’t that far from mine.
      “My heart is beating too fast!” There was this exact same moment when we first got married, but whenever she is at a close distance, my heart immediately starts beating really fast, similar to that of thunder and lightning.
      Afraid that Ha-ni might notice my sudden increase in heart rate, I shouted: “Yah! What are you doing? This is an emergency situation and yet you’re feeling around!”

      One, Two
      One, Two

      My blood pressure gradually increased as Ha-ni continue to compress my chest, similar to that of ice pellets raining down that goes by the name love.
      You still have more to learn, I gently pull Ha-ni into a hug, “Rest a bit before continuing, come here”
      That night while our parents are away, from the moment I pulled you close to me, and that day where we had our first kiss, you’re always on my mind. Because we’re living together, I always get to see your wet hair, your smooth and shiny shoulder wrapped around in your towel after showering, your smell linger around as you lay by side.
      You constantly appear in my mind every other sleepless night, visibly tiring. Now, whenever I feel like hugging you, I can freely do it, such days are just great. Pulling you to my chest, you’ve always been gentle and warm to me.

      But Eun Jo had to suddenly open the door, we were so startled that we got up instantly. Eun-Jo just had to ruin such a precious moment that’s hard to come by, you should be more careful even though you’re the younger brother-in-law. This little kid, he should be given some proper teaching from now on, should be told that opening a newlywed couple’s room immediately is not appropriate.

      BSJ Diary #16
      PAGE 5 (
      Today is Ha-Ni’s examination day, Mom did help me relax a bit but she is still as nervous. I know Ha-ni has been studying really hard, rather than worrying for her, I would rather wish her all the best, the outcome would probably be better that way.
      “Ha-ni ah! All the best! You motivate me to move forward each time I am met with an obstacle, Thank you with love, I wanna be with you, feel your beautiful and unselfish heart. We’ll go together to places we can’t go, do things we can’t do, this is the concept of love.

      Failed the exam to change major, took the nursing profession too lightly, this concerns the life and death of a human. Ha-ni carrying that sad and wear out expression seem so pitiful, heart turned cold. Worked hard but yet no fruitful outcome, it is indeed such a waste but it can’t be helped.

      You said you want to prepare to change to another major but yet my heart suddenly fell into deep isolation, hollow and empty. I was also very much looking forward to the day where we’re both clad in white uniforms while helping out the sick.
      How do I comfort the Oh Ha-ni who lost her motivation to work hard?
      “I really wanna go on a date with Oh Ha-ni, I am about to go crazy, but a promise is a promise, having a meal together shouldn’t be a problem right? “ My gift to you,
      “Really?” Her voice tone and expression immediately brighten up.
      Still so naïve….. kekeke.

      I waited so long for you; you have no idea how worried I was. ..
      Pricking my ears as I listen to the sounds of passersby; watch people’s footsteps, my heart hit rock bottom.
      The night became darker, I became more uneasy and restless, as if my heart was a knotted ball of fire scattered with salt and stabbed with a needle.

      BSJ Diary #16

      Seeing you standing at the doorway, how should I, without you, continue to live on. You’re scared and I just walk away, scared until your face turned pale white, throw yourself into my chest to confirm, this is the first and last.
      ‘I though you left!” Is it unexpected for someone like me who waited until so late? Cry unhappily while I hug you close to me. Silly, I know you will still come no matter how late, you will come and see me, and because of this how can I possible leave you alone and leave?
      Your heart is filled with me … All of your time also has to do with me… How can I possibly dump you all alone and walk away. Silly ! I did this because I believe and trust you.

      “I want to retake the exam! Being a nurse is a rewarding profession. Even though I suffered quite a bit while trying to save the victim from the accident but, made a new discovery in return. Because of today, she, who lost the motivation to become a nurse found a new motivation, this is too good to be true!

      Yes! I will help you, work hard and give it a shot.
      Yes! To revive and try your best is the typical Oh Ha-ni.

      This is too good, this is not because of Baek Seung Jo but because it’s you, you finally found what you wanted to do. This is a gift from heaven, you by my side, Christmas every year will forever be a happy event. No matter when I take a look, I know the person I cherish is here, the realization after working hard, I will always tell you Oh Ha-ni. Each time I gain after struggling, I will teach you, my celebration of joy, Oh Ha-ni!

      Without bright and sparkling lights, and you’re not crying to sing songs, but because it’s Jesus’ birthday that we received this precious gift – “life”, thank you for your present. Merry Christmas!
      In our back and forth sent regards lies our warm delivery of love to one another.
      Merry Christmas! My life’s most complete love, I love you.

      BSJ Diary #16
      PAGE 7 (FROM
      I kiss you,
      you kiss me,
      this wonderful and precious moment is more wonderful than what can be expressed and communicated.

      Just a little more hugging
      Just a little more kissing
      Just a little more caressing
      and I’ll be sure to listen to you more often.

      Every morning, I will firstly express and confess to you, how much I love you, watching the gorgeous sunset in the evening, confessing to you, everyday how much I wanna see you.
      Even if nothing is said, sharing a kiss, is more than enough.
      I love you, higher than the sky; deeper than the sea.
      Extremely childish words, I love you !!! Forever and ever, a promised forever.

      • In liezle’s blog i was asking what did BSJ mean by “life” in “Without bright and sparkling lights, and you’re not crying to sing songs, but because it’s Jesus’ birthday that we received this precious gift – “life”, thank you for your present. Merry Christmas!”

        I was like “is he referring to getting to third base?”
        BSJ, you’re all types of wild. >_<

  11. I have never commented in your site but I have been lurking here almost everyday for any PK related news. I have never done this with any, I mean any other kdrama before. Don’t know why. I didn’t like KHJ in BOF, didn’t like Tversion and Jversion. But loved the anime. There is just something in this kdrama that got me hooked.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the YT episodes. I hope it will premier on Nov 2. I’m very excited what they have instore for us.

    Just want to ask, was there any other kdrama before who made YT episodes as well?

    • Magz, as of right now PK’s an avant-grade using YT to further popularity. At least that’s what I surmise. So no, I don’t think any other drama has done this before, at least not on YT. Maybe they’ve done extras in the Korean video sharing portals, but that I can’t verify.

  12. i want to say Noooooooo delay please!!! i miss khj and jsm already. i can’t get enough of this lovely couple. i’m hoping that hj will date her in real. thanks for the updates koala, you’re really great!!

  13. omo! omo! in the diary which says “Without bright and sparkling lights, and you’re not crying to sing songs, but because it’s Jesus’ birthday that we received this precious gift – “life”, thank you for your present. Merry Christmas!”, does that mean they did “it” at Christmas Time?

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