Eric Returns from MS and Dives Right Into Poseidon

Leader is back! Well, technically Leader came back two weeks ago (and I spent an entire day with my twitter feed being inundated with squeals from my drama friends about his return from two years of exile military service), but today he’s really back. Eric literally put on his civilian clothes and walked right into filming for the upcoming marine police procedural drama Poseidon.

Poseidon doesn’t yet have a network or a broadcast spot, but this baby is a big-budget action drama and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got picked up quickly. Co-starring with Eric as his friend and work rival is Kim Kang Woo, and their leading actress will be Kim Ok Bin. U-Know Yunho rounds out the youngster portion of the cast, and lots of heavy-weight actors have also signed up for Poseidon.

A very intriguing cast, to say the least. The three leads are all intense and methodical actors, with Eric the least actors-actor of the bunch. Shinhwa fans don’t stone me, but I love actor Eric way more than I love boyband Leader Eric (though he was so fine I am not complaining). I feel the same way about former boybander (G.O.D. member) turned actor Yoon Kye Sang, whom I feel like just has this natural connection with the camera. Eric and Yoon Kye Sang are shining examples not to write off boybanders-turned-actors, because you never know when one might break-out and wow us.

On an unrelated note, seeing Eric reminds me of the complete media circus when he was dating Park Shi Yeon. That, my friends, completely overshadows the fan reaction over Shin Se Kyung dating SHINee‘s Jonghyun. I thought Park Shi Yeon would never make it out alive for dating Leader. Glad to see that both survived the relationship, breaking up, and moving on.


Eric Returns from MS and Dives Right Into Poseidon — 7 Comments

  1. i love his new hair…he looks adorable!….the leads are wonderful except i’m gonna pretend Yunho doesnt exist…his performance in HTTG was quite dissapointing…hopefully he could have improved and even if not he’ll be quite the eye candy….well i think Poseidon wont be disappointing in any way when it comes to eye candy …hehehehe…i’m so excited to see Kim Ok Bin on TV after so long

    • Yup, I’m pretending Yunho doesn’t exist in Poseidon either.

      When I mentioned boybanders being better as actors, I was not including Yunho. Poor boy needs to stick to boybanding.

  2. Hahaha, I’m glad you appreciated our (okay, my) twitter spazzing. 😉

    Ahhhh~ Leader-nim~~~ Not gonna lie, I prefer him as an actor too. <3

    • @#$$^%$&^##$@ You crazy lady! Thank god no one is underage here. Or that is what I’m going to pretend anyways. You can always mail him your finger condom. Sharing is caring, right!

      I really don’t think anyone under the age of 18 knows Eric anyways, they all probably think Leader refers to Kim Hyun Joong. Hee.

      • “I really don’t think anyone under the age of 18 knows Eric anyways, they all probably think Leader refers to Kim Hyun Joong. Hee.”

        Amen on that. The Big Boys are Back. I am so Glad. I was bored with watching a pretty young thing.
        Fresh from the Army, Eric looks even better.

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