Update on Upcoming Episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night

As of Monday morning (Seoul time), episode 6 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) is still scheduled to air in the evening. News on M3 have been slim pickings lately, and its likely a combination of factors, including lead actor Jang Geun Seok jetting off to Japan for the past two weekends in a row for his scheduled fan meetings.

However, a few pictures have leaked that involve a scene with Mae Ri and Jung In – and might I add they look fabulous together. If Jung In can show me he’s genuinely head-over-heels in love with Mae Ri, and prove himself her better match, I’m happy to jump ship. Except, the chances of that happening are like me winning a romantic date with Oska, less than zero (sorry, threw in a Secret Garden inside joke there).

The problem I have with any future between Jung In and Mae Ri is the icky spectre of his daddy’s weird fixation on her looks-like-her-mommy looks, and the fact that Mae Ri becomes a different version of herself to fit into his world. But of course, in any other drama, Jung In is the lead, and the weird dude like Mu Gyul is always the lovelorn second lead pining for the heroine (see Stairway to Heaven). Which is why I doubly love M3 for  NOT having the standard plucky-girl-changes-a-chaebol Cinderella storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I happily slurp up that trope any day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see something subversively adorable about M3 when it stares me right in the face.

A totally random aside – I bought a Korean drama magazine for my SIL when I was traveling, and Jang Geun Seok was on the cover (I totally didn’t buy it for him, but it sure did tip the scales in its favor). In the interview inside, he discusses a variety of things, but the most interesting tidbets are thus: Jang Geun Seok got the scripts for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Playful Kiss, and Baker King, Kim Tak Gu, and passed on all of them (not surprising, since he’s one of the most in-demand actors of his generation), and his favorite drama that he did is Hwang Jin Yi with Ha Ji Won (again, not surprising since he was great in it and totally crushing on his noona when he filmed it).

Also, this is old news, but some of you might not have known – originally Jang Geun Seok was offered the role of Gu Jun Pyo (leader of the F4) in Boys Before Flowers, and he turned it down because he wanted to play…….Ji Hoo! Yup, the role that was already promised to Kim Hyun Joong, and the PD could not make it happen, so Lee Min Ho was the second choice for Gu Jun Pyo. I’m not crying for anyone involved, because it worked out for all the actors in the end. The reason I brought this up is that M3 was offered to Jang Geun Seok back in April and he immediately agreed to do it, because even he saw the potential in Mu Gyul and how perfect he would be playing him. And I thank the heavens everyday.


Update on Upcoming Episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night — 35 Comments

  1. Waaah didn’t know those things about Jang [well only the BOF thing] I only knew that my beloved Lee Seung Gi was the first choice for Sungkyunkwan Scandal but didn’t know that GeunSuk was one of the choices, and I heard about PK but didn’t believe it since the source was a little ^^’. . … haha its somehow a little funny that he refuses all the hit dramas and choose the ones that are not really well known, but cuz of his great acting and Jang Keun Suk himself the popularity of the drama improve alot. . . Well maybe that’s what made him a good actor since he doesn’t go with the flow of the popularity that the drama gain before like BOF and PK….

    Aaah thank god the next ep. will start in afew hrs now, I have been waiting for this ep.

    • Except for a Hong Sisters’ drama, I’m inclined to believe that JGS gets pretty much every drama script that has a twenty-something as its male lead. He’s that established a young actor, ratings or lack thereof notwithstanding.

      The reason why I don’t see him being asked to do a Hong Sisters’ drama anymore is that they love him so much he’s done TWO with them, and both sides should be branching out with new collaboration partners.

    • i agree with u. sukkie chooses the drama where in he can do good, and really show his acting prowess. and i’ve always loved him for that, fighting oppa!

  2. Dude, this is something.
    JGS really needs someone to push him into doing high-rated dramas.
    Imagine he had a chance in all the dramas that burned everyone else;s ratings.
    He is something. hehe ^_^ <3

  3. omo!!….lord i can only imagine what he could have done to the character of Lee Sun Joon….not that Micky did a bad job but JGS would have made him something beyond awsome!!!….also i cant imagine anyone other than LMHMG doing Jun Pyo cuz he owned it but i also (weirdly enough) dont see him as Ji Hoo and this time not because i think KHJ did such an awsome job with it….he just doesnt fit the image…and in a way i’m glad he didnt get it cuz to be honest i think its such a clunkily written character, in the manga as well as all versions of the dramas…..i’m so glad that he’s so in demand……now i just dont want him to pick another musician again for at least another five years

  4. Wooott???? he passed Playfull Kiss…….???? oooooooouuuccchhh….
    well, since he got MGyul character now, and it’s all in the past.
    He would be a great Rui. ~ I don’t like half part of BBF, is it too much to wish for a remake with JGSin it? naah…. impossible

    • Just to be clear, JGS passed on those dramas i.e. he was offered the part and turned it down. Not the other way around. I don’t think he’s ouching on passing up any one of those projects.

      He can play JGP in BBF in his sleep. Ji Hoo/Rui is one the worst characters ever written and I am absolutely convinced is an acting black hole that no actor should touch with a ten-foot pole. Which is why it was the worst possible choice for KHJ to debut as an actor. Sigh.

      JGS would have never done Baker King, makjang isn’t his thing. The only drama I would have loved to see him so is SKKS – and playing Sun Joon. I actually am hoping Jang Geun Seok does a sageuk next. His Hong Gil Dong co-star Kang Ji Hwan is returning to sageuks next with Faith, I’m dying for JGS to follow suit. With the right project, of course.

      • @ockoala, i agree. JGS can play Jun Pyo in his sleep. lol.
        and i didn’t know he passed PK, i know for sure LMH did. hmmm…..i can easily imagine him as BSJ. and now that i think about it, JGS and MinMin together in a future project, preferably a melodrama —- whoa, that would be daebak!!!

      • you know i think the reason why the character of Rui sucks is because it so confusing..i remember reading somewhere a while ago that the mangaka had originally had him as the lead that would end up with Makino/Jandi but changed it to Tsukasa later on because he was the more popular character…..i think the shift kinda explains why Rui is so difficult get or why actors might have such a difficult time getting into

      • reading the roles JGS was offered above ,I’m really inclined to believe that it would have been very interesting to see how he would have played the role of Sun Joon in SKKS. I can just imagine him rocking it out…and yes, I miss seeing him in a sageuk again (hong gil dong is like eons ago)

      • But I love Kim Hyun Joong as Ji Hoo and of course I love him in “Playful Kiss.” Everyone’s in their right place I guess. Jun Pyo without Lei/Rui/Ji Hoo would be dead boring…

  5. it’s very refreshing to see maeri in a more sophisticated look… it’s saying out “EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!” although her hippie look is quite hip either way she looks awesome.

  6. another interesting tidbit was that KHJ was first offered the part of Momo in the Korean movie remake of Japanese drama Kimi wa Petto (You are My Pet) and JGS also really wanted that role. KHJ turned it down and it eventually went to JGS, thank God. as much as i love KHJ, i don’t think he has the acting range to play Momo whilst JGS i am confident will nail that role and might even surpass MatsuJun’s awesomeness. last time i heard, they are still looking for a female lead so the movie is put on hold for now.

    and oh, i forgot that he had a crush on HJW. i think he even mentioned in an interview that he was really in love with her while filming Hwang Jin Yi. excellent taste Sukkie! 😉

  7. I’m on a JGS craze right now. I spent my txgiving break watching you’re beautiful and was going to start beethevon’s virus but hulu won’t play it on my computer 🙁 MGY is delightful as Mae-ri. I love the seen in ep 2 where they make cat and dog noises at each other <3

  8. I so agree with everything you said! I honestly think JGS can play ABSOLUTELY ANY ROLE. I’ll be dreaming later and imagine JGS as Lee Sun Joon. I can’t contain myself thinking what if Yoo Ah In and JGS were in the same drama. I’ll faint with every single episode, I bet. HAHAHAHA!

  9. Hua.he’s one selective actor.perhaps he thinks its a challange to make MG alive and be adored.I hope he will be playing in momo,remake kimi wa petto,see if he will over pass matsujun’s awesome act.
    aw that pic or mae ri and jun in just beautiful.I can’t wait for next episode.off bed now since I can watch it tomorrow..hope nothing happen that will delay it.

  10. koala, how i wish i had that mag u bought! haha~

    n yup, not surprising that JGS turns down many roles, and many of them turned out popular too. JGS factors in his own considerations, i suppose he has no regrets. he said in an interview that he makes his decisions based on what he thinks would be good for him as an actor, n not what his fans would like him to act in. quite a cool attitude!

  11. wow!!! JGS is choosy…. never thought of that… but he has the right to coz he’s a good damn actor and very popular. as a matter of fact, fans of him and KHJ are fighting in the voting of Yahoo Buzz Award coz i think he’s leading right now. whoa… i really don’t know who’s side to take coz i love both of them.

    but in M3, i still love jung in. ^^keke it’s just that my only complaint is that he wants maeri but can’t see any sign that it’s because he loves her. so definitely maeri would not choose him at the end of 100 days. so am dying to see progress from jung in’s feelings towards maeri.

    thanx for the pics ockoala, maeri is so lovely wearing those clothes.

  12. KHJ has a very long way to go before he can even come close to the acting abilities this young man has (JKS). I truly believe he likes playing the broken hearted (unrequited love). I was so hoping I was wrong but JungIn most definitely gets the girl.

  13. I agree with everything that I read in your comment page just now but I also would like to say that I love Micky Yoochun in SSScandal. For me, he did well considering that he really has no acting background. All these young actors have their own plus and minuses and we really love them for who they are and what they bring in to the screen.

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