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Psst – I’ve got some spoilers ahead. It may or may not make you happy, but rather than rumors its definitive proof as to how the drama will likely end. You know you’ve got it bad when you’re on a bus, in the mountains, drifting snow outside, and you are desperately searching for a signal to get online. At least what happened to me was reasonable if not a sad homage to addicted drama fans the world over who happen to go on vacation the week your crack drama ends. The random bus scenes and Mae Ri on the mountain in episode 15 – that was all WACK! As pissed off as the preview for episode 15 of Mary Stayed Out All Night made me, I still wished I could recap it and discuss with everyone.

A few quick thoughts before I deliver the goodies: (1) DC Gall and Baidu was awash with fan speculation last week – none of it was actual production leaks, therefore not credible, so don’t let the crazy talk amongst angry fans or creative fan-fiction upset you, (2) I am mad not because the ending isn’t Mu Gyul-Mae Ri (it is, trust me, I’ve said it before and will keep saying it, this is their love story), but because the new writer really took their journey on an unnecessary and irrational detour to the foregone conclusion.

I hate that. I want both my ending and how they got there to be consistent and meaningful to watch. M3 lost me (and every viewer with a functioning brain) at the latter half. I can defend the first meandering and rather plotless half as the very charm of M3 for me. The last half became plot over character consistency and story development. But it’s all come to a end, and I am really sad. I know everyone came here to find a happy M3 haven, and I hope all the fans enjoy the ending (keeping my fingers and toes crossed) and have fun chatting about it here!

As an added bonus, have a very spoilerrific M3 pictures from today’s shoot in Hongdae. In case it’s not clear, Mae Ri sports a more mature look. I see time jump happiness for our Holiday Couple.

Have fun reminiscing about M3 and shooting the breeze (and any slings and arrows). A mediocre drama is very forgettable, and almost always its the truly great dramas that stay in our minds. With the exception of the train wreck dramas, where years from now I still make fun of fondly and with a snarky eye. Much as I love M3, this thing was a train wreck that I find myself happy to have enjoyed because it gave me my most awe-inducing couple of the year in Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok. Captain of the Holiday ship – signing off for now!


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  1. Thank you so much Captain.
    Yesterday i was literally pulling out my hear and crying like a baby while watching m3’s 15 (specially at the scene when mg eats his mom food, saddest and very touching scene! the best for me). I actually kind of liked this epi, you know every drama has such an epi (several such epis in most dramas) and i understand that mg is tired, it’s a little harder for me to understand mary an ji, yet i do. but this epi left me so sad and so craving for good news and hints of a happy ending, and then even if i though there would be no news in the playground, there are!!!!!
    and i love it!!!!! 😀
    if the writer has some compasion to me she will solve everything wright away, and give us at least a 90% of cutesy between mary and mg. oh please writer do, i need it so badly
    i love this drama so much, and mg and mary even more!!!! i know i will always rewatch it and love and enjoy it. i already miss it.
    last thing: oh please writer don’t let evil daddy, loser daddy and hateful mom end well, i wish them the most unhappy ending ever!!!!

  2. ockoala, thanks so much for the pics! I’ve come by this far to see a happy ending for the OTP, so seeing the pictures, I would dare say I’m a tad relieved to how it may end tonight although I’ll be curious to how they are going to get to this ending with all the wacky mess that was piled up in the previous episode

  3. 😀 I hope you have a wonderful vacation! I agree they were a wonderful couple, still I’m glad that it is finished. I can hardly imagine what zany antics they would have been forced to go through if there had been 20 episodes. LOL Thank you for your wonderful recaps they have been so much fun.

  4. lolz… I have a picture in my mind how you’re moving your gadget around in the bus to catch the best possible signal just to post this ^O^ Thank you oh Captain of the Holiday ship… ^.^

    And look at that! Mu Gyul was wearing the very thing he did the first moment they met. Awww, the memory of the fun-filled time… please, M&M, do one more mung mung-nyaong for good time sake 😉

  5. Oh Ockoala! You’re back! I so missed you!!! Everything was (er, and still is) crazy when you left us ha ha ha! MG gets the girl then huh! I don’t know, I just felt so relieved. I just hope JI is just fine though (I love KJW but I just know he’ll never get the girl, yet again. I just hope he will on his next project)…It’s chaotic as of this moment you see… I don’t think I could sleep without knowing the ending. Yes, crazy, crazy indeed! I’m just so glad you’re back! It’s really like a close friend just left…(yup, my real close friends are all so far away and now you too).

  6. ockoala, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about MSOAN. we really enjoyed every single words of yours. very entertaining! 🙂 and im looking forward for our holiday couple’s sequel (would be great if on-screen and the greatest if off-screen!) ! i believe it will happen soon again but i can also wait like forever~

  7. Thanks Captain you are STARS..for real

    yes true MG is wearing the same set when they first met..but MR is changing her hair style!!

    All the best MM Couple!

  8. Captain you drop by.I have hope now.my prediction is they plot MG-MR have the typical drama,lets meet again after several year so thats why we have those picture although I hope that its now they are together and they give a year head preview where they still together but more happy with no burden.lets rejoice everyone

  9. As much a train wreck as MSOAN was, it was one drama that kept me fully invested. I have never been this anxious over one drama as I have been over episode 15 and the upcoming episode 16. And while it wasn’t the most well written show, it will always have a very special place in my heart as the drama that gave us the most amazing, fantastic, beautiful, adorable, incredible, jaw-dropping squishy couple that is Maeri and Mugyul.

    I’ve been refreshing pages here, on Soompi and on Tudou for hours and will probably continue to do so until the final episode is said and done with and I will finally pass my judgement whether I will continue to love MSOAN to the end of time, or I’ll never watch another Kdrama ever again. It’s sad that you come to a point in the drama you love where you don’t care anymore how the story will pan out as long as your beautiful couple end up together.

    • AGREE. It’s so tragic that such a compelling relationship as Mae-ri, Mu-gyul, and Jung In had was wasted by the crazy writing. I’d be totally willing to watch this all over again if they did a remake next year…as long as the writing was better and KJW, JGS, and MGY were still playing their characters. Man, when I think of the unrealized potential of this drama…it makes me hurt inside. But thank goodness we still got a happy ending. I don’t know if I could have lived through a sad one.

      • DOUBLE AGREE. If the show had a SANE writer, the show would have been a million times better, she doesn’t even have to be a good one. Hell if the producer plucked a fangirl from some MSOAN website she would have been able to write a better, more cohesive plot to utilize the amazing cast she was blessed with. Heck, I nominate Ockoala to rewrite the show and make it as awesome as its two leads, and of course MGY, JGS and KJW would still be playing Maeri, Mugyul and Jung In, it would be blasphemous if they didn’t

        I was on my knees by the end. If the drama didn’t end with Maeri and Mugyul, I would seriously have blown a fuse and refused to rewatch it anymore, even though the earlier episodes (and really ANY episodes Maeri and Mugyul are in) are as precious as My Precious /lame pun intended.

      • download aja, sabar 1-2 hari pasti ada yg posting english sub nya, like i always did for the whole week, watching online / download from youtube without sub, then the next day hunting another youtube download for the english sub. tired, finaly i can back to my old sleeping schedule, lake of sleeping like only 2-3 hours a day only hunting for latest video upload 😛

      • @susan sama2 tp wkt it gw dl utube br HD raw with subs.now only utube without subs.somehow I understand a bit and caps helps too

      • coba cari atomsenzymes di youtube, barusan gw check dia sudah upload eng subs utk episode 15, baru part 1 dan 2 sih, memang ngak akurat banget terjemahannya, beda sama midnights-dream, tapi better than none

  10. After I’ve read all the positive comments about the final episode..kind of relieve..all my worries are gone…..so many sad rumours about the ending previously..hahaha..now i can smile and waiting for the last episode..thanks..you cheers my day..

  11. I have been constantly refreshing all possible websites to look out for the Ep 16 outcome and really thanks to you ockoala for the info……at least I get the ending that I wanted !!! else will swear never to watch another Korean drama again !!!

    Thanks and enjoy your holiday

    • Really?somehow I have the feeling they wont make OTP get separate that long.I guess they fear of our,fans,anger.what else what else?spoiler please

      • They didn’t pull a switch-a-roo during the wedding scene. Jung In actually objected to it. I don’t know what he said, but he was disowned by his father and kicked out of his house.

        Mugyul went to the wedding to stop it, but I’m not sure what happened he left without doing anything, until Jung In did something. Maeri and Mugyul’s friends told Maeri that he was there then she went to find him.

        Mugyul was at home when Seo Joon came and told him what happened then he went to look for Maeri. He found her waiting for him at the spot where she first heard him play My Precious in the park then they made up. When he gave her the necklace she kissed him on the cheek.

        While Jung In and his father were arguing after the wedding, Maeri’s father over heard the conversation about Jung In’s father being in love with his wife.

        Now Jung In’s sleeping in his office and being his cute uncomfortable dorky self and the PD walked in a he just threw his pillow out of the scene. I want him to move in with Mugyul at this point.


    • omg, OMG!!!!!! i’m dying to see it!!!!
      i’m so nervous and happy at the same time. this drama is making me crazy. i don’t know if i can endure another show like this, this addiction is almost killing me… in so a good way.
      i’m so glad with your comments, i’m really excited at this final epi, and i haven’t seen it yet!!!. maybe show is crazy but so i am, them i’m the happiest crazy being in the world, as long as i can see mg and mary together

  12. fighting!i can sleep well 2nyt..im stil waiting 4 the short recap..omg!i thought my whole holidays wil be suck!jgs 4ver,.

  13. can someone post the ending of M3 after they watch it tonight ? i am DYING to know ! in my country , the current episode airing now is ep 7 . and the website where i watch M3 has just upload ep 14 . please ! 🙁

    • Wow, that was a fast make-up, and now, all 3 are friends again? But I’m getting happy with how things are turning out as of now 🙂

      • We don’t hot kiss instead cheek kiss?come on!this make me remember 18 vs 29,sucks at the ending.where is the make up kiss since make up sex impossible and they show much MG + JI scene?come on!happy this had happy end but not that satisfied!so much hurry to finished plot and scene.sigh!crazy writter

  14. Wwkwk they add little fanservice MG&JI.crazy…are they going to change OTP,as much as I love yaoi but I worship MG&MR this time.give more lovely scene of mm couple please

  15. Episode 16 gives us Maeri, Mugyul and Jung In living in adorable blissful peace as an amazing threesome! Mary’s writer has redeemed herself completely in my eyes!

    It has been an up and down journey with Mary, frustrating and at times infuriating, but it has been an unforgettable 16 episodes. Cementing Mary Stayed Out All Night firmly in my all time favourite’s list.

    Thank you for this bizarre, flawed but yet ultimately adorable and unforgettable drama and pairing and thank you, Ockoala, for existing in the MSOAN universe and providing us with constant insightful thoughts and info.

    It has been a bumpy, yet greatly enjoyable ride.

    • FB is circulating news from Baidu that Jang Keun Suk contributed much to change the script ending in Ep 16.

      The original ending (not sure which original – comic or drama?) was MR together with JI, and MG cries in his mother’s arms. !!!! Seems that JKS suggested the addition of the MG-JI scenes and the MG-MR-together ending.

      If that is really the case, then credit goes to JKS for the drama redemption!

      • I read this somewhere here and I have to say that I’m glad that news didn’t come out before I saw the episode, otherwise I probably would not have watched it until I found out what happened in the end.

  16. After ranting last night, my heart is sighing dreamily this time around. I’m so gonna miss my Holiday couple. Thank you Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young for doing such an amazing job. And to our Koala captain, thank you! ^.^ *need to settle a bit before I can put my feelings in words ;P*

  17. now i can close my eyes and sleep tight tonite, get relax after restless night waiting the grand finale episode, sighhhhh
    i feel so exhausted after watching episode 15, long discussion with various ending, weird plot but alas, i dont care, at the end, my otp back together. the end.
    wondering if there is any other korean drama can make me feel this way again. definitely will buy this dvd, i might need it to rewatch it again as a reminder, love can be cruel, silly, stupid but it has its own way to the happily ever ending.
    i guess this is the second movie i enjoy a lot (first was you’re beautiful) and to be honest, at first i watched the teaser, i havent get over the you’re beautiful thing, feel lazy to watch it specially to see my geun suk’s new hair style, but my loyality to him push me to see it and i am not regret it.

    Thanks so much for your preview and recap okoala, hopefully we all will be gather again in other drama.

    • where did yo guys watch episode 16 of mary stayed out all night?? 🙂 im so anxious due to that unhappy episode 16 :(( i hope that there would be another jang geun seuk and moon geun young drama. they look so good together 🙂

  18. Ok, I’m officially back to being happy again 🙂 so much so, I think I might just skip watching ep 15 completely and just watch ep 16 just to remain in this happy state

  19. Omg, I think the actors actually fought for their own roles with the scriptwriter. Keun Suk left a message today (translation by hooyeedog @ JKS Baidu Bar)

    Title: Empty again

    The shooting time which was like a fierce battle now has become the past
    It was different to how I expected it to be. Everything was not that easy.
    In these two months, there were quarrels and happiness frequently
    Thanks for all going well to this day…
    Rather than to argue with people because of disagreement,
    I’d like to give a big hand to all the actors who had fought to defend their own roles against the scripts
    The result is that I had got a great consciousness and put down a work
    The first condition to be a good actor is to select a good work
    Due to this work…I received a birthright that I could not be arrogant
    The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect
    It is not possible to always get a 100
    But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript
    At last, I need to say something to the ones who standing opposite…
    The you that kept supporting me until the end… I love you
    The you that kept watching me until the end. Thank you for your hard work.
    Kang Mu Gyul…He is dreaming to be more freedom than now…
    Bye cri

    • If this is so, it would make me wonder if the cast didn’t fight for their various roles on the script, the ending might have ended up really horrendously then

    • “The you that kept supporting me until the end… I love you
      The you that kept watching me until the end. Thank you for your hard work.”

      i love it. and i love jgs he did a wonderful work and so mgy. i wonder if i’m so in love with this drama with those scripts, what would have been if they could have made their points to the writer!!!! neverless i’m so thankful for watching m3, one of my top dramas ever, and that’s because jgs and mgy made mg and mary so alive and so in love with each other.

      jgs i’m so happy to watch your journey to a happy ending. i’m still hopping to see you and mgy together soon.

      • hi jellie..

        send it to their management companies? JKS is called Tree-J
        ( can try pm Shiro on soompi , she might know the exact address ) not sure abt the rest though..

      • if it’s an e-letter to Keun Suk, you can go to his official website and leave him a fan letter (it’s free to register as regular member). Only the writer and Keun Suk can open it, so even if you propose to him, no one would know… lolz… the address is http://www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr

        If it’s a real letter, have to send it to Tree J.
        135-952 Seoul-si, Kangnam-gu, Cheongdam-dong 58-13

      • When you register as member, please put number(s) in your ID. If not, you’ll get error message (frustrating!)

        somehow, i think that for JGS who is busy till the extent that he twitters from the company account, I feel safer if I send him an actual letter!

      • For Moon Geun Young, all I know is that she is from Namoo Actors. But I don’t know how to send fanmail or whatnot since I do not speak nor read korean.

      • to shiro…I want to join but Can’t read korean letter…IDK what is the form in each coloms…huksss.

      • erika, English is on the left side, right?
        think the Korean words just say how many letters etc.

        So you need to fill in:
        ID (letters and number), password, name, nickname & email

        The rest is optional. Click “Join” and you should be able to register. As ordinary non-paid member, you can only access a few sections. Think you can leave your comments under Freeboard.

    • Shiro, thanks for sharing this information…

      Let give a round of applause to all the cast of M3 for a job well done…Jang Geun Suk is really MR. PERFECT…A very good actor, musician and now a promising scriptwriter…Maybe, he should try directing K-drama in the future…

  20. Thanks a lot Ockoala for all the information…Thanks for making my Tuesday and Wednesday mornings happy for the past 8 weeks because of your M3 recaps…Happy New Year to you…

    After ranting the whole night yesterday until 2am this morning, I can now sleep peacefully…I am happy for MG and MR…

    Let us give a round of applause to JGS, MGY, KJW and the rest of the cast of M3 for a job well done…

  21. Finally the ending.boy although have many crazy and flaws.
    1) we didn’t get make up sex,ahem kiss like way hotter that alley kiss.
    2)for me its too MG&JI scene!come on!this is M&M story so they should be making lots MG&MR lovey dovey scene for make up angst in previous ep.
    3)where the hell mom’s go?did alien took her?
    but I had quite happy end.its quite a ride and its my first time getting crazy over drama by follow every update each weeks and not going to do that again,better just wait till end ep comes.thanx to koala and all of you that makes this more fun.going to miss this.gave my big standing applause to JGS,MGY and KJW.you guys makes me hang in there and want to watch m3.hope I can see JGS&MGY reunited with much better drama.Sigh I can get good sleep now

    • erika: maybe the actress playing MG’s mom really hated how her role so much that she pleaded for the writer to make her vanish into thin air this episode :-p

      Based on what I read from some news previously, this will be MGY’s last drama project before she takes the proper hiatus she had wanted to complete her university studies, so we might not see a JGS/MGY pairing for quite a long while

      • Hi joey,

        LOL at your comment as to what happened to MG’s mom!
        I would not be surprised if that was indeed what happened. Remember you also predicted that once MR’s dad discovered JI’s dad loved MR’s mom, that MR’s dad will stop pushing MR to marry JI. You were right on the money there!

        Didn’t know about MGY’s plan to make M3 her last drama project so she can finish school. Good for her! I’ll be sad though since I’m her fan. But time flies anyway so she’ll be back sooner than we know it. Cheers!

      • Thats a sad news joey..I love MGY act but she is cool wanting to finished her school,no wonder she is smart in acting..no wonder I like her,I dislike brainless artist.haha.well I hope when she come back,someone propose her with good drama and main cast its JGS and Her *hope*

    • If it helps, you can use your imagination and notice that after MG gives MR the cat necklace, she is leaving before he wakes up — no curtain, one blanket. She later calls and asks if he minds that she stays at her dad’s house that night because he is sick. MG also seems very cheerful and willing to see what he can do to help the first husband.


  22. It’s over! 🙁
    Not the way I’ve imagined them around episode the 8th, but at list they were cute together, our threesome make it through. 🙂

    I’d could bear a passionate kiss, I really missed that! And where was MG’s mother?

    Thank you for all of you, it has been a pleasure reading you!! 🙂

    Now I’ve started to watch Secret garden, looks fun, and I would like to watch You’re beautiful, but I haven’t found a site where I could watch that yet.

    My favorite KDrama is Painter of the wind. That is where I fell in love, with MGY’s acting skills. She is very talented and very nature.

  23. Now that MSOAN has officially ended (albeit am still looking forward to our dear ockoala’s recaps), I’m both relieved and sad at the same time. Relieved that I can finally get back to normal (my family has been a tad concerned about my craze over this drama lately), and sad, cos’ we’ve reached the end of it, and no more Geun-Geun chemistry to enjoy anymore.

    All in all, I’ve enjoyed my time over here at ockoala, the community support and sharing over MSOAN has been something that I had treasured. You guys have been great, and I’m so glad I found this community. may not be a very huge one, but for sure are fiercely loyal 🙂

    • Now that we’ve got the ending which we think is appropriate, BIG SIGH! Time to say goodbye to the Geun2 couple.

      Maybe in future, who knows, they may be in a movie together.

      My heartfelt thanks to Ockoala for all your wonderful transcap which all of us have enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks very very much!!!!!… to this playground where we were given our chance to air all that we wanted about our Beloved M3.

      Last, but not least, I am so gonna buy DVD for sure!!! Thank you, thank you and thank you to all fiercely loyal fans. PEACE and LUV to all.

  24. Thank you ockoala & all of commentators… wishing you happiness on new year….
    hope see you next drama that we love together. bye!!!!

  25. wow…after i watched this drama series for the 1st time until the other episode.. ..i can’t wait to see what happen than…i’m a little bit curious and i can’t sleep either….than, i saw all the positive comment..OMG..now i feel relieved that the sweet couple MG&MR are together..hahaha..it feels like it was my victory!!!maybe because i like JKS..hihihi…

  26. i’ll sorely miss the Geun-Geun couple now we have come to the end of M3 – it’s a bitter-sweet feeling, i can now go back to my ‘normal’ life, not having to refresh all possible websites on every mon-tues nites 🙂 but can’t help feel a sense of emptiness.

    huge thanks to the community here (biggest thanks to Ockoala) who have made the journey such a memorable one! i look fwd to our next drama together!

  27. Hi ockoala,

    How we missed you! Thanks for stopping by and bringing calm to AKP.
    Yesterday, there was so much outrage over ep 15 and much negative speculation on what ep 16 would bring. I’m sorry I was one of the ones who expressed outrage.

    But like many above, I’m now so relieved that at least our favorite OTP are kept intact in ep 16….Ok, got to go for now… I’m off to look for a site where to watch this much anticipated finale episode.

    Peace to everyone!

    After dancing all around my apartment and laughing like a complete moron, I composed myself enough to see what was going on on ockoala’s playground. And yay! Koala, you visited us! Thank you so much for giving the previews, recaps, and pictures that you have. You’re absolutely amazing.

    When I first started watching the episode I was sobbing like crazy, but then ten minutes in or lovely GeunGeuns got back together! And everything from there was just wonderful!
    I’m still trying to figure out if I dreamed the whole thing.

    • I was really, really hoping that they wouldn’t drag out the reconciliation for too long and thankfully they didn’t.

      • Yeah, thank god! We never got a boating scene, so I just assumed that the during time not shown between two consecutive scenes, Mae Ri and Mu Gyul were procreating like rabbits. They’ll have such pretty babies…

  29. Thanks so very much for the wild, crazy and squee-filled M3 ride, Captain! I am still catching up on the eps and havent touched on episode 15 and 16 yet but I am already missing the cuteness of the MG and MR now…hmmm…maybe I should buy that book with 300 pics of MR and MG… That would be a great thing to have each time I need an MG-MR fix…kekeke

    In any case, story and writer notwithstanding, I’d just like to say a job well done to JKS, MGY and KJW for making us hang on each episode! They are really a hardworking and talented bunch!! Hope a better project comes for all the three of them soon!!!

    I do feel JKS’ message…it must have been very stressful to him and to the rest of the cast with all the fighting over the scripts…He has also always been very appreciative of his fans and supporters… A job well done really to all of the cast!!

    Many thanks also to all those in the community here!! It’s been great being with you on the M3 ship…Looking forward to more dramas in Ockoala’s playground… A happy new year to all!!

  30. Oh man can I relate with you. I forgot which drama it was (maybe BOF or maybe Cinderella’s Sister) but I remember it ending when I was on vacation in a different state where my friend’s wireless and my Mac do not agree. I remember waking up really early to use my friend’s computer just so I can try to read spoilers about what happened.

  31. Its such a wonderful opportunity to get to know everyone in this blog..Im really happy coz at last we have happy ending between MG-MR. and to mention some bromance scenes between MG-JI..

    I will just skip ep 15 like everyone!..BTW, i didnt tell how much i love ep 16..This episode bring back MSOAN cuteness!!

    As JKS said, hope the actors move forward and looking for them in better project soon!!Thanks MSOAN, i feel happy, sad, nervous etc for the whole two months!!
    Love JKS-MGY so much!!Take care both of you..

    I really hope there wont be any writer will ever waste the geungeuns talents after this!!You should be proud with actors and concentrate more on storyline!!


    • Hi allygirl,

      I rejoice with you because I loved ep 16 too and share your gratitude towards this blog. So, Thanks to Ockoala and to everyone who shared their comments in this blog for making MSAON an unforgettable viewing experience!!!

      And KUDOS and THANKS to MGY, JGS, and KJW for a fine acting performances in spite of the scriptwriting flaws!!!

      Until next time…Advance Happy New Year to everyone!

    • Dear allygirl
      I must agree with you on this!!! “”I really hope there wont be any writer will ever waste the geungeuns talents after this!!You should be proud with actors and concentrate more on storyline!!””

      NO MORE STONE WRITERS for geungeun couple. Let’s hope they work together very very very soon on a script WORTHY of their talents.

      Strange, but true, feeling empty already. Missing the excitement of waiting for transcaps. The 2 months was really fun though I had to sacrifice some sleep.

      Totally agree again about LUVING the GEUNGEUN couple.

      You take care too!!! Cheers to a great year ahead for all DIE HARD M3 fans..

  32. Hey, captain!!! We miss u so much.. las nyt ws terrible for us.. but but.. im here jumpin happily after reading the comments above. It’s happy ending for MG&MR, JI! Im so glad.. I’ll wait til atomsenzymes finished subbing eps 15 n 16, then im gonna watch them..

    Btw, to all of the friends i made here. Its so sad that M3 has end. Im gonna miss all of your hilarious, enjoyable comments. I hope we still gather here dropping so many comments on the next drama ockoala gonna recap. (im not sure you still do recaps in the future or not. Will you, ockoala)

    Thnks ockoala.. Im looking forward to the next kdrama you’re gona recap!! im jus happy to b able to b part of ur on board ship..

  33. Captain Koala, thanks so much for braving the uncertainties of vacation internet to bring us this place to spaz together while watching the end of our lovely Geun-Geun couple. It warms the inner-most chambers of my heart to think that you were thinking about MR and MG (and us!) during your much-deserved vacation. ^_^

    After finally getting to finish ep 16 (BOO to slow buffering! I thought I would go insane), I don’t even know what to say, too many things are rattling around in my head. I’m going to go think about it for awhile and try to get my thoughts/feelings together.

  34. I missed u Koala! Not being able to read ur recaps since u’ve been on vacay has left a noticeable hole in my Kdrama experience =) Seriously, I missed ur thoughts and fast recaps, but I’m glad ur enjoying ur much deserved R&R.

    I also believed that in the end it would be MR/MG…there was really no doubt in my mind cause like u said…this is their love story! And it would completely be screwed up if they split them up in the end…it would have been a pretty pointless story now, wouldn’t it?

    Anyhow, I still care for this drama enough to watch it to the end…just waiting for the eng subs which probably won’t come out till late this week or maybe even next week…sigh…i miss the days when i was so addicted to M3 that I wait on pins and needles for the eng subs =(

    We didn’t get the boat scene or even a hot kiss scene that we (or I) desperately wanted…all we got were pretty lame G rated kisses on the cheeck =( At the very least they gave us funny MG/JI scenes…athough it would have been WAY better if they DID share the bed! LOL

  35. First of all, let me thank you for your dedication, commitment and utter insanity. The visual of you, on a bus, pointing your laptop out the window to get a wifi signal, is priceless.

    Second of all…. *sigh* In the aftermath of the wedding ceremony and Jung In finally standing up to his father, I thought: “this should have happened in episode 8. Then the drama could have focused on a bunch of 20-somethings pulling together to do what it took to make their dreams — Wonderful Life, music career, writing career, whatever — a reality, all the while growing up and becoming adults in the process.”

    Funnily enough, I also realized that this is probably what would have happened if there was an American version of M3.

    I agree with comments that the three main actors are incredible and did an amazing ob of embodying the characters and bringing them to life — in spite of the shitty, shitty writing. It’s such a shame.

    When I think about M3 in the future, I hope that’s what I’ll remember. Mu Gyul really resonated with me and JGS is a seriously talented actor. As is the “other Geun” and KJW. I’ll definitely tune in to watch dramas that star these kids in the future… even if the shows themselves don’t do much for me.

    • I’m glad that JI stood up to his dad. I was almost as if, even though he lost everything, he gained his freedom and he had a new set of loyal friends. I was kinda excited for him.

      I would love to see JKS and KJW teamed up for another project, maybe a movie. They are so incredibly funny together. I think I laughed harder at their scenes together than most others.

      • They could definitely sell a bromance. Or a real one. Whatever floats one’s boat. Hehehehehe

      • i agree.. even though i’m rather peeved they didn’t give us any real Holiday couple boating.. the scenes between JI and MG were rather hilarious.. anyone has an opinion as to why JI was actually pleased when MG fell asleep on his shoulder :P..?
        some sort of brotherly affection I suppose?

      • When Mugyul was performing at the company in the earlier episodes, Jung In did confess to Maeri that even as a man he found Mugyul attractive 😉

      • er…. i hope not ….. the only reason i can come up with is that, MG has always been against JI, so during this period of mutual support, when MG is so tired as to depend on JI for support, perhaps JI finds it entertaining / amusing?? ………….

  36. I’m happy that the OTP stayed together but not really satisfied with the ending. I feel that much more scenes happened between Jung-in and Mugyul than with the Mary. Is this show about Mary or them?? Also, even though I love this show, I glad it ended because I was really going crazy and frustrated following the idiotic plot. Thank goodness they producer had casted JGS & MGY or this show will have absolutely no viewers. Kudos the the hard working casts and crews!!

  37. just finish watching ep16 RAW..haven’t understand what their talking coz i nid eng sub..but action speaks louder than words right?? all i know is that it has a satisfied ending…after a night of anxious waiting and expectation,.. thank u!!!

  38. my wish for today is ….ockoala back from her vacation and give us our xmas and new year present …her recaps.
    Appreciated your effort to provide us preview no matter how hard to find the signal, enjoy your vacation captain and happy new year to you and to all member of this forum !!

  39. I’m waiting for the english subs for ep 15 & 16 to come out, but after reading the live recap, and reading dramabeans’ review, I too am a bit sad the new writer took us all in a big unnecessary circle. 🙁 Amazing actors and crew, weak script. But I still love the 3 actor leads, and watching it with everyone at koala’s playground has been a lot of fun (none of my friends are k-drama addicts…and I can’t sway them to be) I still love the first half for its charm, and will finish MSOAN even if i want to chuck my computer out the window. Thanks Koala! I’m looking forward to your recaps and thoughts 🙂

  40. Oh no, why until the last episode KMG always ……………..
    Expect a more splashy scene, I want to see scenes KMG the grasp hands and take away WMR from the altar.
    Too sad, after JI and WMR cancel the wedding and they had to leave the altar with holding hand.

  41. so we finally got our holiday couple! our captain must be happy 🙂 i am glad that JI stood up for his dad. im also very happy that MK, MR, JI, and SJ are all friends now. but seriously, no boating scene?

    i’ll be sad that this drama ended 🙁 even though both of the writers were seriously screwed up -_-

  42. hey koala..
    thank you soo much for updating mary..i`m glad that i found your blog..
    i never missed your post..yeah..the ending quite made me mad..its a happy ending but why MM only kissed on cheek..duh =,=..geezzz..anyway….i love you <3..
    Mary Mary forever..yeah!!

  43. Very grateful, koala, that you started this post on AKP – hope your vacation’s going fine despite the drama addiction! I thought there would not be anything during your internet hiatus : )

    Having watched Ep 15 with absolutely no expectations, I find that I quite liked it.
    Yes, it was serious and sad, but the 3 leads were thinking over their relationships seriously, and i think the characters’ emotional struggles were portrayed well.
    It’s an Ep where MG lets out his feelings, saying that it’s not the music/career sacrifices that bothered him but that MR always had to return to JI.
    MG really did not like MR “being together” with JI, in ANY sense of the word, whether they were hugging as friends, farewell hug, whatever. Who’s to say that one cannot feel upset when seeing one’s partner being hugged by another suitor?

    And if MG’s feeling down, playing angrily on his guitar and stuffing down the Mom-cooked meal while thinking of MR, frankly speaking, he deserves it!
    Cos he did it to himself, u know. He was the one who refused to accept that MR loves him!

    And because of his misunderstanding and his feelings, MG dishonoured all his contractual obligations. Even though I’m a MG/JGS fan, I still have to say this – MG is really irresponsible in this aspect.

    Being in consistency with his character, his based-on-his-mood behaviour hasn’t improved at all. So, to me, it’s logical that JI concludes (out of concern/love) that he will not give up MR to this kind of person. Imagine in future if MG gets pissed off at MR again, then breaking up is always an easy solution to MG?
    JI’s reservations about MG’s suitability for MR has its grounds!

    And the rolling-down-mountain fulfills a purpose too, no matter how lame it looks.
    Just when MG realises MR’s importance to him upon learning that MR’s missing and goes to look for her, he had to see them together again in a compromising situation, with MR hugging the unconscious JI. During those long seconds when MG was looking at them, MG’s expression was really quite … enigmatic (and painful, of course). Even though he soon realises that MR is hugging the injured JI to keep warm, MG still doesn’t like it one bit!

    And at the crucial point when JI remains unconscious after 4 days, MG had to pick this time to ask MR to make the decision on the spot.
    Excuse me, JI had risked his life to save MR and is unconscious because of that, i can absolutely understand why the loyal and responsible MR cannot leave JI at a time like this. And while being irked by MG’s insensitivity to the timing and situation, yet i also understand and agree with one important point that MG made.

    MR asks MG to wait for JI’s waking up and that she will leave JI when he wakes up.
    MG says, if MR is indecisive now, what makes her certain that she can leave in future?
    The future holds many uncertainties and situations – if MR’s sense of loyalty/responsibility continues to bind her, when can she ever leave if JI continues to garner pity?

    And MR definitely had much serious thinking to do.
    She cannot be in love with MG and at the same time, wedding preparations with JI are going full steam ahead with no signs of stopping. No wonder MG feels insecure and angry.

    Ep 15 is really a stewing pot of deep reflection and emotions in turmoil, and I can understand why each lead is behaving the way they do.
    From the early Eps, M3 was already leading off in so many circles that the ones in Ep 15 don’t really seem that divergent to me. This may not be the only way to create angst, but Ep 15 serves its purpose. Nothing too irrational to me.

    Will look forward to watching the happy ending tonight : )

  44. Koala and all,
    I (sorry my last nick was green-carnation) never regret a minute joining this sailing boat with you guys through the smoothing air and stormy water
    Our minds keep telling us how silly the script is but our hearts never let this drama go especially our dearest couple and KJW.
    We will surely miss our Holidays couple though the drama already ended, they portrait so well how a normal couple in love is, it’s crazy simple little thing called love – knitting, bicycle, bridge, window, play ground, drinking game scenes
    Above all, I respect Koala and other comments here. I’m not sure whether I can find a more friendly play ground like this or not.
    Koala- thanks for giving us a chance to gather here
    Others – love you all and wish you all the best for our new year

    • hi adachu,

      i agree with you. our hearts and minds are telling us different things, and we have chosen (to a certain extent) to follow our hearts : )

  45. i wonder if the three leads regret participating in this drama. although they did such an amazing job, the script didn’t give them justice. and as the earlier post stated, JGS said each actor/actress had to fight for their character with the script writer. i hope they know that regardless of the shitty script and crap of a plot, their fans still appreciated their work because their talent was still able to shine through regardless..

    • p.s. i really liked JGS and Moon’s interaction in this drama way better than you’re beautiful. partly because it felt so much more natural.

    • My dear anonymous

      I do believe they went through a most challenging script but at the end, am sure they learned something out of this. Believe the course of going through the process would be more meaningful to them than the result ‘cos that 2-months camaraderi that they had would have been THEIR PLAYGROUND. Am pretty sure they appreciate the time they had together.

      Can’t help being philosophical but have to add this in “ENJOY WHAT THERE IS TODAY for IT WILL NOT BE HERE TOMORROW” Life is definitely wonderful when we appreciate every moment of our lives, isn’t that so?

      Am sure the 3 leads know where they stand. Wanna know why? ‘cos they have us fiercely loyal fans who know they can deliver despite shitty script.

      So am definitely 1000% buying DVD and gonna rewatch is again another 1000 times!!! Call me crazy ‘cos I am when it comes to GeunGeun couple.

      Maybe we will congregate again commenting on another Kdrama. What may that be? All the best for 2011 and take care you!!

  46. http://news.nate.com/view/20101229n20599

    OMG moment. What was the writer thinking?? what’s her point?? O.o That we spent 14 hours of our lives watching how MR-MG loved each other only to see MG cried in his mom’s arms?? Like she’s going to be there for him… >.<
    Thank God Suk got his way… *maybe he should be the writer and director from early on 😛 *

    summary by loveingJKS

    OH! what a boy !! KS changed the greater part of EP16 scripts. Originally #MMM should end JI♥Mary .. and Mu-gyul crys in his moms arm .. but KS changed all contents. He made JI♥Mu-Gyul scenes and other comic factors. He wear all the same clothes at the END of EP16 as EP1. And this was his behind purpose for FANS +_+ (feel the first emotions !!!!! )

    • this is really an OMG moment, shiro!! So happy that he changed most of it! I love the MG and JI moments in the last ep!! If I recall correctly, JKS’ ideas got included also in some of the YB scenes…he can make a good director someday, methinks hehehe…

      • seriously???? lizzyd and rory’s mom, are you reading this? if JKS had not fought for MG, then we would have had a rare 2nd lead wins the girl ending.. hmm, hope that didn’t sow discord between JKS and KJW though..

        but honestly, it would not have made sense… foreign broadcasters paid for JKS and MGY.. no other.. why would they even think of such a ‘twist’? I just cannot understand…

      • yup, i love the ending in Ep 16! Much better than I had expected anyway …. ….

        All the parts i like (the wedding no-go, the help given by the 2 male leads to one another and their petty bickering and finally their friendship handshake) were changes from JKS?? what a pleasant surprise! way better than the original rotten ending!

        methinks JKS already has the potential for directing. 1 or 2 years back, JKS submitted a short 4 mins self-directed video clip for a Korean film-making competition, and he did it anonymously under another name. He got Silver for his work.

    • JKS knows which side his bread is buttered. It is all about fans and he loves and respects them.

      This doesn’t surprise me because when I saw the BTS where the two guys are taking MR’s drunk dad home, I kept thinking to myself, “Who is the real director here?” I was impressed with his input and comments, so much were the parts we loved like the laughing at JI and roaring when dad threw up him. Those were among the best parts of the scene.

      It will be great when he gets to where he is in a controlling role in the works that he does. At that time, I think we will see him ascend to an even greater level. I see directing and producing in his future.

    • omg, just read it!!! thank goodness jgs had his way. i would hate m3 insanely if it ended like that. “MG cried in his mom’s arms” WTF!!!!!

  47. The full translation of the news
    Translate into English by hooyeedog @ JKS Baidu Bar

    The last episode of MMM was written by JKS “Keun Suk, you can be a writer!!”

    KBS 2TV MMM is over. Mary came back to Mu Gyul in the end, which made the audiences who felt pity before got a little bit comfort from the happy ending.

    But this ending was hiding a huge secret. That is Jang Keun Suk made a great contribution to the ending of MMM Ep.16. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Ep.16 is written by Jang Keun Suk.

    Jang Keun Suk revealed, “The shooting of Ep.16 started two days before MMM broadcast and the last episode didn’t have enough time to tell the whole story. I always kept thinking ‘how to act it out well? Can I do so?’ Also have to show a little different side of Mary and Mu Gyul from the previous time. ”

    Therefore,”when I rested in the lounge, I rewrite the script. I suddenly added the comedy scenes of Mu Gyul and Jung In.” because it was rewritten by Jang Keun Suk, MMM had a perfect ending. Jang Keun Suk actually is MMM’s director and writer.

    Originally Mu Gyul and Jung In hold a grudge with each other. It brought an impact of fresh sense because of the comedy scenes. This was like a gift to MMM fans who felt sorry for the last episode, which made them very happy. To it Jang Keun Suk said with satisfaction,” wasn’t it a romance comedy? This is the shortcut and the correct answer as well.”

    From what Jang Keun Suk said, in the last episode of MMM, Mu Gyul was supposed to be dumped by Mary, and then cried in his mom’s arms. Because of Jang Keun Suk, Mary made a 180°shift.

    What well worth seeing was that Mu Gyul wore all the same clothes at the END of EP16 as EP1. In order to give a feeling of freshness to the audiences, not only the clothes but the same accessories appeared on the screen again. To the audiences it seemed to play a finding fault games.

    Mu Gyul suffered a lot all along his way. Once again coming back to shoot at Hongdae, when there was 10 hours before MMM broadcast., Jang Keun Suk suddenly proposed his changes. Before playing in MMM, he often suggested to the director, “Let’s do it like this”, which showed him an ambitious actor.

    Jang Keun Suk’s active participation was totally out of his ambition and affection to this character. According to this work, a condition of the negative evaluations or the falling watching ratings surely would cause to lose enthusiasm in the stand as an actor. But Jang Keun Suk wouldn’t be like this. Before feeling regret and dissatisfied, he knew how to analyze the work.

    Now Jang Keun Suk is busy with overseas fan meeting and his next work. Jang Keun Suk regarded MMM as his stepping-stone. What kind of development and progress will he have? We’re really looking forward to it.

    Oh, so so so proud of you, Suk… 😀

    • What I also find impressive is the power he wields. Where do you find an actor with the pull to totally change the direction, feel and script with only a few hours to go.

      I suspected the MG / JI scenes came from him after hearing his BTS comments on how JI and MG should end up together. It was too funny!

      • really? there was such a bts? can you give me the link? i used to watch msoan but then gave up when i could sense more “undercurrent” of tension between Jung In and Mugyul than MG and MR. i’m not a fan of their bromance maybe because JGS is looking too feminine and im still clinging to the last hope that he isn’t gay or anything..

        but to have JGS actually poke fun of that “chemistry”.. hmm, maybe now i can take it.

      • Yes, a very unique actor …. perhaps it is a combination of his years of acting experience, his education (being in a movie-making university course) and his own personal charisma ….

        he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to drama!

    • Really?no wonder it so different.he should took over the script from the start,he surely can make it way better.this makes me adore him more.I hope I can see another great colabo of geungeun couple.

    • “But this ending was hiding a huge secret. That is Jang Keun Suk made a great contribution to the ending of MMM Ep.16. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Ep.16 is written by Jang Keun Suk.”

      “Therefore,”when I rested in the lounge, I rewrite the script. I suddenly added the comedy scenes of Mu Gyul and Jung In.” because it was rewritten by Jang Keun Suk, MMM had a perfect ending. Jang Keun Suk actually is MMM’s director and writer.”

      “From what Jang Keun Suk said, in the last episode of MMM, Mu Gyul was supposed to be dumped by Mary, and then cried in his mom’s arms. Because of Jang Keun Suk, Mary made a 180°shift.”
      wooooo ! Thank God <3

    • Thank you Shiro for the translation.

      Indeed JKS made the ending simpel and light hearted happy ending. Welldone to him…. and thank you!

  48. I really regret watching this drama. Final episode sucks! Why does the writer write it this way. Why JI hospitalized? What is point of going a big round and then Mary is with MG? It should end at ep14.

    • well, too bad for you …..

      i thought many dramas go round and round in plot twists and turns.
      so if you don’t like going a big round, perhaps next time you can choose a drama that goes from the start to the end in one straight line, and you can finish it in one episode.

      • Right on, Ivy dear. am fully behind you on this. Nobody calls it a drama IF it is a straight line, right? Rom-coms are meant to be crazy, funny, highly dramatic etc. etc. !!!

      • Right on, Ivy dear. am fully behind you on this. You don’t call it a drama if it’s on a straight line!

    • lol if you consider that big round, you should have watched “Loving You A Thousand Times”. There’s so much going on — the female lead was a surrogate mother, she got fired from her job, she married the brother of the couple whom she sold her baby, her in-laws don’t like her, her mother-in-law had alzheimer’s disease, she had amnesia, she committed suicide, and to end it all, she almost died of cancer but in the end, she still lived happily with her husband! Welcome to the world of Korean drama!

  49. Finally, i saw last epi raw. Here are the things I love about it (spoilers ahead):

    1. first hug at mg’s house. Guys, what a hug, I want one like that for myself , sadly when I thought he would kiss her ji calls 
    2. when mg sang I will promise you in the park. Kind of when he sang my precious, and all those sweet memories. Sweetest scene!!!! I was so moved!!! It brings so many tears to my eyes, yet I was smiling all the time
    3. second hug in the park. Love it!!!! there’s no words, I’m speechless. And then the scene at mg’s. I love everything… and the miau at the end!!!! You’re so cute sukki cat 😉
    4. ji trying to sleep in his office couch!!!! You’re so funny ji, why can’t you always be like that????
    5. ji arriving at mg’s house suitcases and all, rules of the house and driving the bus. Even if I don’t understand a word of what they’re saying, I was laughing like crazy
    6. mg and mary cuddling in the couch, mg’s face awesome ;). Sadly his boat eyes didn’t work, why writer, why????
    7. last walk with cheek kiss…..

    For the moment I love this end. Still I want some hair treatment, some hot kiss, some made out, and a cruel ending for the parents involved… I think it was too short. I can’t believe it ended. What am I supposed to do 24×7 if not watching, discussing, thinking, goggleing, commenting this drama? I guess I will get back to normals. But I feel kind of empty, I enjoyed this madness so much, it was the first time I watch a drama while airing, and as much as I like and love other shows, not one made me feel like this. Happily madness is not ended, not yet, I still have to watch episodes 15 and 16 sub English, and wait for koala’s recaps… yes captain I miss you so much, it’s not the same watching without your recaps, but I hope you enjoy this holidays and will wait for you patiently. And of course reading the comments of all m3 followers do help me a lot. And then I will begin to watch all the drama sub Spanish!!! No guys, it’s not over till it’s over!!!

    Mg, mary and even ji, and all the crew you gave me wonderful moments, thank you so much. Show you’re a little silly but lovely heart warming show, I love you so much, and I’m gonna miss you more: thank you for this 2 months of crazy. mgy I discovered you, I will keep and eye on you, have a lucky next project. Jgs, what can I say, you really rock!!! Best actor, singer, face, smile, voice… eat a little more, and get some rest, I will wait impatiently for your next drama, movie, song or whatever you chose to do, I will always support you. Fighting!!!!!

    I’m afraid I write too much!!!! So Mary Christmas and Happy New Year in the playground 😀

    Holiday couple saranghe!!!

  50. how is your vacation? hopefullu u and ur family are having good time there.

    I am glad that M3 happy ending in final epi. All of M3 fans had been worried for the ending and OTP.

    Now everyone can smile…….

  51. Hi moom:
    I wasn’t wrong after all. I am so happy that JGS listened to his fans. I also read that this is not the final chapter only their beginning. He fell in love with the character but did not read the entire script which he apologizes for but has learned from. This is the best pairing of two actors. MG would’ve never sold out musically.

    • hey rory’s mom,
      glad you’re back 🙂 Suk signed up for the drama cos of free-spirited MG but I think the actors were only given a rough characterisation and synopsis when they first start.. so no one will actually know how the writers, who write as they film the drama, will eventually flesh out the characters.. Guess he picked a large sour bitter lemon this time 🙁

      anyone knows if this is typical of all korean dramas? Aren’t all actors given the full plot before they start? M3 is so badly written that i;m sure nobody had an idea of the full plot at the beginning.. they were just so giddy abt the dream cast and the ‘unusual’ premise of the drama, that they forgot they had to tell a good story as well…

      bah, talking abt it makes me feel so bitter for the actors…

      • The author is heading his manhwa in that direction and while you are probably right about the synopsis, I believe what the author is saying is marriage is more important than living in sin and first love is not necessarily right love. OLD fashioned way if thinking but his comic has put MG to the side for now and MR is totally into JI.

      • It seems to me that this story was different. He did not want the disappointment of his fans.

  52. rory’s mom, your prediction is correct..MR have fooled MG if Keun Suk didnt step in at right time!!
    He is a great actor and know what audience wants!!Even the ratings, script etc affect him, he didnt give up..still analyzing the script and come up with best script in short time.why the writer cant think??
    Sukkie must have stressed after read so many negative comments in ep 15 written preview!!They shoot ep 16 in two days!!great achievement!!
    Sukkie, let you make your own movie/drama!!

    • writer, how could you think to break up MG-MR..Its sh*t and nonsense..dont tell me that you wanna give different ending!!after 14 episode, we as viewers dont expect any fool plot!!damn you writer, i dont have enough word to bashing you!!

      • to be able to do that in 10 hours…..I hope he is not too stress.

        And thank god that JKS was able to change the ending… When I first saw the news that he changed the script, it was truly shocking in the sense MR ended up with JI…I might need a new laptop (because the old one is 100% totaled).AND such JKS have such talent, I hope that we can see it one day.

        I might also have sworn off kdrama drama for good……..I enjoyed this drama in the very begining and not even JKS can make me finished it if the episodes didn’t worked for me.

        MSOAN is only the 3rd kdrama that I completely finished to the finale.It make it to the list because I only lost interest in the 2nd last ep.The ending warranty that I rewatch after the sub is completed. Should it not ended as it is, nothing is gonna make me touch it again.

        I’m so not gonna follow the manhwa….

  53. No regrets. I love this drama no matter what! I like Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young as solo artists but the moment I watched them in SBS Drama Awards 2009 & Baeksang Awards 2010, I already knew they have this unexplainable chemistry. I wasn’t surprised when a lot of fans in Korea, most especially overseas were drawn into them during MSOAN. Of course not all were pleased with MSOAN…what do we expect? It’s target viewers are young viewers and those who are young at heart!!! (raise your hand if you belong to this category! haha) Episode 16 is a treat for all JKS-MGY fans out there! I suggest don’t just read recaps…watch subbed videos too so you’ll understand why there are still people out there who go ga-ga over these couple!

    Kim Jae Wook is awesome too! I watched him in Coffee Prince, Kingdom of the Winds (with Song Il Gook oppa) and Bad Guy and he’s a talented actor indeed. You can place him in a historical drama, romance-comedy…name it and and he’ll do great!

    [To those who haven’t watched these JKS-MGY clips yet:]

    2009 KBS Drama Awards

    2010 Baeksang Awards

  54. Mary and Mu-gyul ended up together as they were supposed to, but that made it a crappy ending for me. Episode 15 made me dislike Mu-gyul so much for being selfish, immature and irresponsible. Yeah, I get that he has trust issues and doesn’t want to get hurt because of his mom, but still… Mary didn’t have the greatest childhood either. She had to deal with her dad’s stupidity and now Mu-gyul’s? Whatever~

    They break up and get back together. It’s the thirteenth time? Why bother? The relationship is doomed to fail.

    Ugh! I’m going to pretend I didn’t watch this drama.

  55. It is too bad for us but great for her that MGY is going on hiatus to go back to school and graduate; therefore we will not see anything new from her for a while but JGS will be busy after the New Year so he won’t be out of sight for long. I will repeat myself and say Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jang for bringing forth this wonderful talent. Singer, actor, scriptwriter and director. Wow!! COME TO HOLLYWOOD KID!! OR BROADWAY!! WE LOVE YOU IN THE STATES TOO.

    • Ha, JGS has the ambition to be an internationally recognised actor, so believe me, sooner or later he will be there at Hollywood!!

      Us fans will be following his career with a very interested eye!

  56. I don’t understand the way I am feeling right now so I decided to write. YAY! It’s over but Damn! It’s over. That keeps going through my head. I miss them (MR & MG) but in my imagination they are living a day to day bohemian lifestyle. They will have loyalty to help them every time they break up because MG can’t see anyone else in his life except MR. I believe the reason we did not see “hot” kissing is either because of PD or JGS. After all in the real world he is good friends with MGY so maybe it was too difficult for them. I am cool with it cause we can all use our imagination if there is only one bed in their home.

    • Yeah no hot kiss but I guess sukkie trying to give best ending by solving all problems in one go although there are still few left…but still no hot kiss,somehow at the end when he kiss MR cheek I see he really want to give MGY a hot kiss because he kiss her cheek different.ah I hope they make a special movie or something.

    • What kind of actor are you if you can’t kiss someone (even a buddy) with conviction? Kidding. I thought that there were at least 2 scenes that required a kiss- when she came back and told him that was her decision and when he gave her the cat necklace. The “I’ll break the heater” scene would be a less necessary third. He stared at her so intently in those 2 scenes that it was almost strange he didn’t kiss her.

      • LizzyD I spot 5,1.when MR comes and said this is my answer.it suppose MG give hot hug followed by hot make up kiss,2. when MG give cat pendant and after that MG should give sweet kiss ever,3.after the weds,MG runs after MR and give another hot and sweet hug they suppose have hot and sweet with add happy tears kiss.4 when they cuddle MG looks at MR and give sweet kiss with smile.ah at last,5.when they walk together,after give cheek kiss MG not satisfied so he pounds on MR and give great liplock right there infront of public.if they do that I’m satisfied and goes to heaven

      • @ LizzyD and @Erika

        Agree with your comments here. But since it did not happen and to lessen my disappointment, I just assumed that one of them or both of them got cold and did not want to spread the germs!

      • Erika- you are right. Heck, let’s just add a hot kiss for every scene they’re in. heehee I’m just going to assume they were making out whenever they weren’t onscreen.

      • totally agree. specially when MR comes and said this is my answer. he looks at her with so much intensity, i almost kissed my laptop!!!!

      • To be honest, I’m not the kind of person who finds kiss scenes absolutely necessary to show the love between two people. I grew up in Asia and I say this being someone who is absolutely not conservative at all, seeing two people kissing is just…well, awkward for me. But I guess in the end it all comes down to your personal taste.

        I’ll quote Abhishek Bachan here. “Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they want to express their love for each other. So in the West, they would kiss, and they’re in love. In India, we have a song. Isn’t that more interesting? You have this intimate moment, and suddenly … snap, cut … you’re in the mountains singing and dancing!”

      • @lizzyD yep yep and they do have make up sex,just see how MG curl up in the bed smiling.haha he finally got it.

  57. I loved the end…so much. It’s really bittersweet now…’cause I already miss MG&MR. I would say…JGS acting really shines and for what I can see, he’s a really good guy and has a kind heart. Those two have something special together!!

    To everyone in this blog… I would say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It was an honour to be with you guys and share this experience. I’ll miss you for sure!!

    Last but not least…Koala..thank you for your hard work and your commitment and….above all, thank you for giving us this little virtual space where everybody can dream and smile and forget the hardness of the real life.

    A Big Kiss :*

  58. Still have not watched ep 15 and 16 properly. Reading all you have said about JGS saving M3 from a horrific ending and writing the script himself on the eleventh (or tenth rather) hour proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he deserves all the adoration, love and faithful support of his fans. I have NEVER had such love for an acting personality. All this really stems from his passion for acting, dedication to all other aspects of his work, multiple deep talents and very, very huge warm doses of CHARISMA.

    I once watched a variety programme where JGS was asked how he would profess his love to a girl. He said he would write. True enough he wasn’t lying when he said he likes to write – wrote the script did he? I had the impression that he is the kind who likes to read, write and think about things. An intelligent person who thinks about how to do what he wants to do, better. That’s why he deserves my attention like no other.

  59. Ladies I’m back!!
    I just have one thing to say- WHERE IS MY ARMY??? !@#$$!$@@#!@
    I am almost speechless and it’s very very hard to render me speechless. I’d first like to say that I already loved JSG to bits, now I worship and adore him as well. I swear to always buy his DVDs (and future cd we all know is coming) no matter how crap they are. I also would like to petition for an all JSG drama – he writes, directs, and stars in it. I would order the d-cut version of that x TEN, before it even airs.

    Everything makes sense now- the MG + JI live-in comedy. MG wanted to please his fans, plus he probably got a good laugh out of it. Remember when he said he wanted a JI + MG ending, continuing where they left off at the end of ep 2? What Mary said makes sense too- “As for Mu Gyul and I, nothing has changed. We’ve broken up 12x, this is the 13th time we’ve gotten back together.” Remember, it’s exactly 1 year later. They kept saying Mu Gyul dates for no more than 1 month. He still does that, except now it’s the same girl he goes back to the next month. Slightly quirky sense of humor, I love it!!

    As for why/how he wields so much power? I am guessing it’s because ALL the actors were on his side. If the actors won’t act out what’s in the script- you either have nothing to air, or you give in. Besides the fact that MGY is his buddy, I’m sure she and the others all realized that the original script was crap and the ending would leave a lingering negative effect on their careers and make the fans furious. I’m not a JI- shipper obviously, but I think having Mary end up with him would negate the entire concept/premise/SOUL of the series. It’s a romantic comedy- where’s the romance or comedy in marrying someone when your heart is with another? Plus, it’s false advertising as well- because you’re not delivering what you promised the fans at the start.

    Lastly- @ JSG, you’re off the hook for picking a crappy production because you made up for it with everything you did for us in the end. That was your get out of jail card, used. PLEASE TREAT YOURSELF (and thus us) better next time!!

    • Hey LizzyD, good to hear from you. I still have not watched Ep 15 and refuse to but I want the DVD as well and I agree with you about the other actors cause in his message he thanks them for fighting for their roles. He should have done the whole thing from start but oh well. I am watching Baby and I cause it is the only one that makes me happy other than Happy Life.

      • RM, you should watch epi 15.. I did ( after I knew the ending :)) and survived.. even though MG was a stubborn ass, I think JKS did some decent acting there..esp his scene where he ate his mom’s food and held back his tears.. this kid is good..

    • hi lizzy,

      let me guess why you need your army…. …. so that all of you can march to Korea and give JGS a big hug and kiss for redeeming Ep 16? 😀
      (while on the look-out for those damned writers too)

      and everyone in the army needs to take your oath “I swear to always buy his DVDs and CDs no matter how crap they are. ”

      “I also would like to petition for an all JSG drama – he writes, directs, and stars in it” – add singing to the list!

      i didn’t understand the breaking up 12 times part but now i do, thanks to your explanation.

      JGS is the best!!

      • That should definitely be our swearing in oath. Wait, did I just form another fanclub for him? I’m way too old for this…
        Also, the 12 breakup thing, that’s just my guess. He never said that’s why he put that in there. It was just she said it without sounding sad or resigned so it seemed strange. And then after that she says that the thing that has changed is that Mu Gyul now has more courage (something to that effect). I’m assuming she means courage in terms of being more able to and willing to face the unclear aspects of reality and learning to commit.

      • ha, lizzy, you didn’t form a fanclub – you formed an ARMY!!!!
        with all sorts of miscellaneous weapons i.e. kitchen knives, pitchforks, axes and what else?

        guaranteed 100 times more powerful than a fanclub, with the ability to defend our dear JGS and chop all adversaries into pieces! ha!

    • Totally agree with you on everything. Ooh thanks for you explanation on the 12x breakup. That is too cute that he always goes back with her.

      JKS is the best!!!!!

  60. P.S. Someone asked about reading the whole script before signing. I’m quite sure all they get is a character sketch and some sort of an outline. The writers write as it’s filming/airing so there’s always the possibility that something will change. Of course there is the occasional drama that is pre-produced in full, but that is rare. The other thing is that JSG’s last 2 dramas were by the Hong sisters. I’m sure he didn’t have to worry at all about those so he’s probably a little spoiled (without realizing it). He probably had no idea things could and would get so bad. I’m sure he’ll be more careful in the future, as he said himself. This experience was 100x more traumatic for him than for us. Plus he probably felt an extra load of guilt for roping MGY into it. I don’t think she’d have done this drama if not for him.

    • Totally agree! They should not have chosen the sweetest looking couple on this planet (ok I exaggerate) for us to fall in love with if they were gonna make us unhappy at the end. Oh wait did I just define kdrama.

      • No! You didn’t exaggerate! I loved them to bits. Baby and me made me crack up except for the part he cried because everyone knows if JSG cries, I cry. And I’m not even a crier. Besides the fact that the two actors are adorable, it was SOLD as a romantic comedy with them in the lead and on the covers of everything!
        Who the !#@ wants to watch a series that ends with the girl marrying one guy while in love with another? I don’t give a !#@ if it’s more “realistic”. Real life sucks, that’s why I watch dramas!!

      • ‘They should not have chosen the sweetest looking couple on this planet (ok I exaggerate)’

        – It’s not exaggeration if it’s true.

    • it’s funny though cos someone rightly pointed out that at the initial press conference, someone asked KJW how he felt abt playing 2nd fiddle to JKS etc.. ie everyone know then that it WOULD/MUST be a MG/MR ending cos that’s what the foreign broadcasters paid money for.. so this ‘news’ abt an initial MR/JI ending sounds a bit iffy,no?

      • What??!! He should feel privileged to appear in the same drama as such a bright, shiny, adorable star! (fangirl speaking)

    • yeah.. i feel bad for JKS.. cos it seemed tht MGY signed on mainly becos he’s in it.. and then it turned out crap.. infact, I think that some MGY fans felt that JKS, in a way, ‘tainted’ MGY’s ‘solid ratings’ reputation.. cos M3 had such lousy ratings..

      • Yes, MGY signed on mainly because of JGS, but she signed on a few months later than JGS, and JGS did not in any way persuaded her or egged her on to do it.

        in short, my point is, JGS cannot take on the responsibility for MGY’s actions/decision – she’s a grown-up, independent actress who should be able to think for herself. And yes, both of them made a mistake in choosing this drama, but JGS should not bear the guilt for both.

      • We’re not saying he SHOULD, we’re thinking he probably does because I’m sure her decision to do this drama had a lot to do with the fact that she wanted to work with him.

      • The lousy ratings is because of the storyline and the scripts. I heard nothing but praises from the critics and netizens for these actors. If not because of them, I don’t know how lower the ratings would go. They’re the only reason M3 has such loyal followers. I think the fans should place the responsibility for the low ratings where it should be… >.<

        And Lizzy was right. I think Suk didn't think about the script that much because in his experience, the script was the responsibility of the writers and the writers he had worked with were able to deliver. Hwang Jini, Hong Gil Dong, Beethoven Virus, YB… why would he think differently this time? I'm sure for his next acting project, he would take a closer look at the scripts and the writers…

        Anyway, yeah, MGY is an adult. She's not new in the industry. She said she accepted the role partly because of JKS. But if she didn't see the goodness of the role, I don't think JKS's presence would sway her. The character depiction, raw storyline, etc that they were given in the first place must be very good to be able to rope JKS, MGY, KJW and KHJ to take part in this drama. It's really too bad that the writer and director were not up to par… *bitter again*

      • bad ratings or not. i don’t regret they choosed this show cause they gave me the most wonderful couple in kdrama world, and outside it. i can’t imagine this year’s ending without m3. bad or good it was a drama cack or me

    • thanks lizzyD for your comments, it makes me understand that 12 breaks. i haven’t seen epi 16 with subs.
      and i’d completely join your army…. and buy and watch every thing jks does, but it will be no crap because he gets magic of everything, good or not

  61. Rory’s mom and lizzyd and everyone else here, wanted to share this with you ladies —
    I was reading around abt this news and some fans were doubting the authenticity of this news and brought up some valid worries-

    1) which party is the one that broke the news abt this? Why only now?
    OR who will benefit the most from this news? KBS? so that they can pacify unhappy fans and everyone will feel happier abt the happy ending scripted by Suk and hence nullify some of the negativity plaguing MSOAN, thereby improving its reputation overseas? perhaps there is a purely financial incentive for them to uncover this ‘secret’ to fans?

    2) some were also worried abt the effect this would have on JKS reputation. Would he be deemed as difficult to work with? who only wants HIS way and hence cause a problem for him in the Korean entertainment industry? will he be blacklisted and all writers and directors shun him as a result?

    Hmmm.. it may not be as simple as it looks … Hope things will turn out alright for Suk.. I would hate for him to be made use of and suffer as a result

    what do you ladies think? I’m feeling a bit concerned abt it..

  62. When I first read it, I was really doubtful too. Not about whether he could do it because he’s TALENTED IN EVERY WAY (fangirl speaking). But I was really shocked they’d consider such an ending. On the other hand, the last few eps did feel like they were trying to change up all the characters in a way that COULD lead to that ending. I think I mentioned before that I felt like the writer was trying to make JI into a hero, while turning MG into an irresponsible, selfish, and unlikeable guy. Credit to JSG for playing it with so much heart that I loved him despite it all. Ok, it’s also true that he could play a psychopath who murders newborn babies for fun and I’d still side with the character because babies can be very noisy and all. Anyway, I don’t know what to think.

    I’m not really too worried about his career. His fans are pretty loyal and you know at the end of the day- it’s all about the money. Plus I’m sure the other directors and writers (espec Hong sisters) who have worked with him before would vouch for him.

    • I still don’t understand why writer 2 suddenly wanted JI to be human and adorable and make MG the ass? something wierd going on in there, me thinks..

      and seriously.. can an actor really just change the script 24 hours before the last epi ends and just get EVERYONE in the production crew to follow exactly what he wants.. I mean all this includes filming, crew, actors and editors to cooperate.. I find it too ‘dramatic’, honestly.. is JKS seriously that powerful? I’m very impressed..

      • Besides the actors wanted the change of scripts, maybe the PD was also tired of dodging the crap the writer threw at him. So when Suk proposed the change, he was totally behind him. And so the pissy writer devilishly agreed with two conditions: no hot kiss! no boat! ;P

    • I agree again, he probably can’t keep up with all the offers so I doubt that he will be blacklisted. As far as the press goes, KBS and writers of MSOAN know the power of a fanbase. I believe the writer wanted to insert KJW as lead character because she liked him. Screw her! MGY had just come off of Cinderella Sister and wanted something quite different so I know she did her best to not let bitchy writers make MR into a heartless bitch. Oops listen to me I’m cursing.

      • It’s ok, you should see some of the other forums. They’re cursing her and all her future offspring. The were at generation 18 the last time I checked. Plus I learned all sorts of swears I had never heard of before. People become very creative in their rage.

        I can’t write Korean. You think if i find a dictionary and string all the Korean curses into a sentence and sent it to the writer- she’ll get my meaning? Heehee

      • Oooh…following your theory from a few posts down that JSG rejected her advances, does that mean KJW did….NOT? heehee kidding. He’s probably just less outspoken. Plus, he’s not 1st lead status yet. Here’s to hoping he gets his own series next.

      • actually lizzyd, there was some ‘noise’ abt what power KJW’s management wielded for writer2 to increase his air time so much.. I don’t really mind… cos he’s so nice to look at as well

  63. I hope you ladies are right.. apparently the Korean entertainment industry is really ‘dark’ and baaad things can happen to people…i’m just being a worrywart.. don’t mind me..
    very glad I have JKS fangirls to discuss things with.. thanks ladies 🙂

    • I agree that the Korean industry is scary (as is the case all over Asia), but I also think that it’s a business and they’ll always think of the bottom line first, which is money. They don’t give a !#@2 about JSG, but he’s bankable right now and that’s what matters to them. Works for me because I’ll buy…erm… support him any day.

      • yep it’s scary that makes some of artist commist suicide…you must have strong heart to be able to survive there…glad that JGS and MGY made it and they can be true to themself…

  64. WOW…

    Jang Geun Suk is THAT powerful or it’s could be a normal procedure in Korea? I mean, he was “only” an actor in this production, wasn’t he? If it’s true, then I am very grateful to him, but I just can’t believe, he could do that. The production line sounds also very firm, 10 hours before the airing? No wonder they all looked exhausted 🙁 , MGY at the end with her bag falling down, looks like a proving.

    As for my feelings, until episode 14th, I’ve rewached the episodes, but after the 15th, I just couldn’t yet. It was a BIG failure. Episode 16th helped a little bit, but just a bit. But I’ve lost my interest. 🙁

    Reiven, Zoe,

    Thanks for the link!!! I just finished watching You’re beautiful, I’ve couldn’t stop watching it! 🙂 It was entertaining, I’ve laughed a LOT! Jeremy’s character was my favorite! 🙂

      • LOL me the same, first taekyung second taekyung’s hair and clothes …..also there was a bathing scene there hahahha love it,

      • Taekyung’s clothes most probably come from JGS’s own closet and I don’t know whether to find it amusing or terrifying.

  65. Maybe the second writer was a psycho fan and JGS rejected advances. Maybe they did want to shut him up cause he voiced his opinion but found last minute tension amongst the stars. Maybe producers agreed with JGS even though writer did not and in that case guess who wins.

    • OMG! You are my long lost sister! That’s exactly what my real life sister said! Of course she’s an even bigger fangirl. She actually refers to JSG as “my brightest star”. I’m not even kidding. She’s married with 3 kids too. Sometimes I worry she’ll abandon her family and run off to stalk him in Korea. heehee

      Or their little people reported the fan opinion and they realized no one was going to buy the dvd, OST or anything else if they ended like that. Or maybe they got one too many death threats? heehee

    • I think you’re right abt the producers bit, RM.. There is a Japanese investor on board and we know how crazy hot JKS is in Japan right now..would really be financial suicide if JKS did not get the girl..

      • Back when I was going thru gall.dcinside, I read something about their shares dropping in value between ep 14 and 15. Money has the loudest voice on Earth.
        LizzyD, I have this whole fantasy world in my head involving JGS and I have never been happier in my life but no one else knows so I consider myself normal.
        Awhile back someone mentioned how KJW reminded them of their grandfather so they couldn’t get into him and the same for me. His high cheekbones are my dads and mine. I DON’T like them, but KJW is attractive.

      • RM- it’s ok, no one’s ever gotten arrested for their thoughts. hahah Actually, I don’t have those kinds of feelings for him. I kind of just want to sit him next to me, feed him many sandwiches, pet his shiny hair and make him sing me some songs. Ok, that sounds REALLY bad, but it’s totally PG. My plans for Gong Yoo and Yoo Ah In…?? Not so much. 😛

        Not just Japan- he’s huge in Taiwan and China and other Asian countries too. They have good taste in those countries!

      • I so agree with this…JKS is so hot right now, with all the sold out FMs there (multiple FMs at that)…. so if I am the Japanese investor, I will make sure that I get the ending that will makes all those fans very happy…and I think JKS knows that too.

        I also had the feeling that the Japanese investor is a major investor in the production..so maybe that’s why JKS can have power to do those changes…

        But, his powerful charisma can work too by convincing (maybe just a little convincing will do) all the actors and production staff to do an alternate ending that most of the fans will like…

        Oh whatever, I am just happy that Suk did it (i’m a fangirl hehehe). He is just being him, thinking much of what fans are feeling and always do what he thinks need to be done. Congratulations to him and to all the cast for a job well done!!

  66. I was shocked that JKS actually wrote and directed the last ep.well,I can see that he is studying well in his university since he made use what he have learnt in this ep 16.
    But by writing the last ep and directing it himself,the writer and the main director will be totally irritated by him.Even though they have done the bad job(totally BAD),they are still leaders for this drama.after all,they are much older than him and have more experience that him.for them,Who is JKS?he is the actor that become famous just because of 1 drama.YAB.

    But this drama destroyed some of JKS repulation.It must be really hard for him to continue this totally crap drama.And if you noticed,all the stars who are some age with him(lee min ho,lee seung gi,kim hyun joong,etc)have at least two successful dramas.Hope he will do another drama as soon as possible and hope it will be successful.

    • You know, I think there’s a bit of meaning lost in translation and also in the way entertainment news articles tend to over-exaggerate in their writing style.

      [“when I rested in the lounge, I rewrite the script. I suddenly added the comedy scenes of Mu Gyul and Jung In.” because it was rewritten by Jang Keun Suk, MMM had a perfect ending. Jang Keun Suk actually is MMM’s director and writer.]

      Somehow I don’t think that JKS usurped the director’s position.
      He’s already so bogged down by the acting and the re-writing of Ep 16.
      Can anyone clarify this?

      “But by writing the last ep and directing it himself,the writer and the main director will be totally irritated by him”
      – well, I’m sure there are many people and thousands of fans who are equally irritated by the writer for such a rubbish script, so who cares about whether they will be irritated by JKS. And JKS saved Ep 16, and probably the life of the writer too.

      By the way, JKS other drama Hong Gil Dong is equally well received, except that he was the second lead.

      And if you check out wikipedia, JKS has a long list of dramas and movies to his name. JKS has been acting since 10 years old, which gives him 14 years experience in the industry.

      • ” well, I’m sure there are many people and thousands of fans who are equally irritated by the writer for such a rubbish script, so who cares about whether they will be irritated by JKS. And JKS saved Ep 16, and probably the life of the writer too. ”

        well,i am just talking about how the writer might feel for JKS.and yes!for us,the writer is sooooo irritating.Don’t we even have army to kill her?I also want to kill her too.

        I know JKS is famous actor.And have many notable roles like Eun Ho, Chang Hwi,Gun Woo.But he was second lead.However,his acting was so good that I know he got awards for every role he played.
        Yab made him internationally popular actor.i was sad that M3 is his second drama as lead actor but turned out to be like that.I love him sooo much that I want him to be successful in everything that he did.

        no hard feelings,after all we are fans of JKS.sorry if i say sth wrong ^^

      • it’s ok, minnnie, you don’t have to apologize, no hard feelings ^^

        i’m probably over-reacting, and I usually defend JKS tooth n nail : D

      • true true.. he was actually offered the lead role of boys over flower but he turned it down. This shows that its not only us who noticed and appreciate his talents but also the production company there. Eheh… JKS fan.

    • Echoing the other comments, he had more than YB under his belt. He received praises for his acting in Hwang Jini, which is a drama that made him known in Korea. Hwang Jini is the drama that gave him his hard-core fans, actually. JKS DC Gallery has just celebrated its 4th anniversary ^^

      And he had not only dramas in his career life, but movies too. He also won Baeksang Award in 2008 for Best New Actor category for Happy Life.. ^^

  67. I’m not sure what to make of these thoughts about the motive behind the release of news on JKS changing script of Ep 16.

    (1) which party is the one that broke the news abt this? Why only now?

    – i thought JKS released the news on his company’s Twitter or blog or something like that?
    It was released on the last day of filming i.e. Tues 29 Dec at around 4 pm or 5 pm plus?
    He was sharing his thoughts and feelings about the end of the filming? And being his usual charming and frank self, he mentioned the arguments and the difference of opinion about filming and thanked the other actors for fighting for their characters.
    So this news came directly from JKS and not other parties?

    JKS also mentioned that he felt guilty towards his fans, and the director/production crew were “shocked” to hear him say this.
    Not that he regretted choosing M3, but that he (or the drama?) could have done better in many ways.

    (2) some were also worried abt the effect this would have on JKS reputation. Would he be deemed as difficult to work with? who only wants HIS way and hence cause a problem for him in the Korean entertainment industry? will he be blacklisted and all writers and directors shun him as a result?

    I’m not worried abt JKS reputation – he’s had a fantastic one so far.
    And yes, he makes suggestions about filming on the set, but that’s like, offering suggestions/alternatives and not shoving them down the throat of the director / writer.
    JKS has much more sense and tact than being so abrasive or offensive.
    I don’t think he has any major inter-personal issues with any of his fellow workers.


    “and seriously.. can an actor really just change the script 24 hours before the last epi ends and just get EVERYONE in the production crew to follow exactly what he wants.. ”

    – well, it does sound a tad unbelievable and dramatic, but Korean filming crews are notorious for doing things so last minute. So last-minute changes are possible. All they have to do is agree on the scene / plot directions and make up the lines as they go along. I hear that in some rare cases, for some movies or directors, they don’t even have a script and the actors just decide their own lines!
    So possibly JKS made his suggestions and the crew might have decided to adopt them

    And lizzy, i wanna say thanks for all your hilarious comments – really enjoyed them : D
    So your sis is a big fan of JKS too? Is that a coincidence or you forced her to watch JKS drama? Haha~

    “Ok, it’s also true that he could play a psychopath who murders newborn babies for fun and I’d still side with the character because babies can be very noisy and all.”
    – LOL, agree!!! And i can’t stand noisy babies/toddlers! I told my sis that the only time babies/toddlers are angels is when they are asleep. More like devils when they are awake and screaming the house down. And I nicknamed my 3-year old nephew “Terrorist”, because he’s one. After he’s done playing, the house looks like a grade 8 hurricane had gone through it – utterly destructive little boy : D

    “I kind of just want to sit him next to me, feed him many sandwiches, pet his shiny hair and make him sing me some songs.”
    – … …. Why does this sound illegal? LOL. I have a mental picture of JKS with a collar chain doing your bidding : p

    • You and lizzy made me LOL-ing with the noisy baby bits ^O^ I love my nephews, but more so when they’re in their sleepy mode than in their running-around mode 😛

      And you know, watching Itaewon Murder Case, even as my mind told me Pearson is the killer, other parts of me refused to believe it and were convinced it’s Alex who’s the killer… ^O^ Ask me now who’s the killer, and I would still say Alex hahaha ;P *fangirl stubbornness ^.^;; *

      “I kind of just want to sit him next to me, feed him many sandwiches, pet his shiny hair and make him sing me some songs.”
      – … …. Why does this sound illegal? LOL. I have a mental picture of JKS with a collar chain doing your bidding : p

      LOLZ… someone has a secret desire to be Sumire to Suk’s Momo? ^O^

      And for no 1, no, Suk didn’t say this through twitter or his message or anything. It’s the media who broke the news. It can come from their interviewing him, or someone else spilled the beans and they asked Suk about it.
      In his message he only said about how the actors defended their roles against the scripts. It was also through the media that he said sorry to the fans. He said he didn’t regret taking part in M3, only sorry that it could have been better. But he learned something from this experience, he and MGY showed what chemistry is all about, and his acting in this drama was no less than awesome (in another piece of news, the director even praised him about how natural and pitch-perfect his acting was, complete with his tone of voice, body language, etc ^.^). So as a fan, I’m truly fine with it. The problem is with the writer, not with the actors ^^

      • Ok friends, get your minds out of the gutter! I told you it was all PG… until someone mentioned a collar. Maybe I can borrow the handcuffs from episode 8… I mean… just for sentimental reasons, not to use of course.

        Lastly, it’s only illegal if 1. they’re underage, 2. the other person is unwilling. I’m clear on 1. and 2. I’ll have to work on….

      • Oh but the gutter is such a lovely place to be especially with handcuffs lol. Sure sentimental reasons. BTW how are you so sure he would be unwilling lol.

      • That’s easy- it’s my drama which means I’m lead and everyone (except psycho writer) knows that the leads always get together. Besides, I’m very very persuasive and everyone knows that the attractive smart woman always gets what she wants. He might play hard to get for a little but HE WILL SUCCUMB. heehee

    • lets hope so…but it will be hard to reunited them again..MGY going on hiatus to study..sigh…at least geun geun couple in the same drama again would make me really happy

      • YES, please another drama of GEUNGEUN couple would definitely make a lot us leaping for joy!! Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

  68. I don’t know what to think really about it really. I’m not at all doubtful that JKS couldn’t do it cause we know he totally can. And definitely new he was frustrated with the script and everything. The timing just seems iffy with when it was released and with all those rumors about the ending. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that MR/JI ending would actually come out cause it didn’t make any sense with all the promotion about mr/mg’s love story and everything as obviously the know that fans love them as the couple of the story? wouldn’t think that investors would like that and sure KBS wouldn’t want that.

    Only reason I think the writer wanted that ending was cause the manhwa writer wanted that ending but seriously so frustrated with that kind of thinking cause the drama isn’t the same as the manhwa. Obviously this new writer decided to ignore the whole first half of the show. Doesn’t make any sense.

    Lol at everyone’s comments about JKS ignoring her advances.

    Totally love JKS even more than before. Definitely totally love that he wanted to make sure we enjoyed the drama and felt guilty about not doing is best? Awww he is totally the sweetest guy ever! Plus he is talented and smart and goodlooking etc. Of course they would want to market him. He’s sooo popular and who wouldn’t love him? Totally not worried about his career at all since he is definitely a hot commodity right now so they will definitely still offer him many roles.

    • Oops forgot to mention still loved ep 16. Love all of the ideas that JKS contributed to the ending. He definitely saved the drama. 🙂

  69. Jang Geun Suk is a Leo-born person (August 4)…He is a born leader and loyal…Leos strive for perfection always and they have convincing power…No wonder why he was able to persuade the director and scriptwriter to follow his lead…He is also loyal to his fans…

    JGS keep up the good work…He is also famous here in Singapore and in Manila…More power to you…

  70. missing the Captain much!!! Wonder what she’ll say with all the M3 updates here 🙂

    Happy new year to Koala and all on M3 ship!!! 🙂

  71. The difference between manhwa and this drama is almost night and day. MG’s mom is not in manhwa yet. Mary is no pushover in the manhwa. My question is why didn’t they stick to manhwa story?
    I am relatively new to kdrama and I am wondering if there has ever been such a love for another drama like the love fest we have going and all over the net.

    • I haven’t read it, should I? I was going to blacklist her too, for influencing the already stupid writer. Please don’t anyone punch me for this- but the online response to this drama is, in my opinion, relatively small in comparison to some other dramas. I think at the very least it’s a much smaller group. Boys Over Flowers, You’re Beautiful and more recently Sungkyunkwan Scandal had a much crazier and larger fanbase and voice online. That’s just my opinion. The YAB fans even managed to get a D-cut dvd set pushed through.

  72. I don’t mind who changing script of Ep 16. because it’ s happy ending and MR &MG shipper. JI’s great. & SJ’s good. Nice OST. So we have more fun and happier for our new year cerebration……….I didn’t like Ep.15 and rumor for Ep.16 ….felt… unhappy.

  73. @ Ivy from above, actually if hugging and kissing JSG is the plan, I’m thinking we don’t need the whole group of us. I will be the representative and kiss/hug him enough for ALL of us. I promise I’ll do a VERY thorough job.

    • Hilarious!! I wish I could tell you the part of his face you must…………….
      About my post, why make MG so loveable in the drama and MR. In the manhwa he is abrasive from the onset and that lettuce head he gave MR in manhwa was a bouquet from another girl and he turns around and gives it to MR in front of that other girl and MR takes it and beats him with it. My point that they are not so loveable in manhwa but in drama they were honey to our tea.

  74. I think we dont have to worry about Keun Suk career..One of the best example is Hyun Bin.his drama, ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ get high ratings around above 40%..then his ‘World Within’ drama with Song Hye Kyo & ‘Friends, our legend’ did not do well in term of ratings..but look at him now, his ‘Secret Garden’ loved by many people and have good ratings!

    The actors still loved by the netizens even their drama is not success. I can confirmly said that Keun Suk will be offered with more better project in future..SUKKIE FIGHTING!!

    Im gonna watch KBS Award tomorrow..See you there SUKKIE!!

      • So much about ratings, really that’s only in Korea. Fiercely loyal overseas fans don’t bother with that too much. “””We just love everyone who love MSOAN, JKS & MGY!!””

        I believe the 3 leads appreciate their time spent and work together & that it is ‘cos of the challenging script that the GEUN2 couple actually ‘rise to the occasion’ with outstanding acting which us fans have managed to enjoy! I thoroughly enjoyed the cheekified “bromance” between JKS and KJW. Had me in stitches!! Thanks to our beloved JKS and his witty ideas.

    • Wait, BTS 17? I’ve only see 6 or so… where are the rest? Why don’t I know about this? What kind of fangirl am I? Why is no one sharing? Is it because I threatened to go kiss/hug him by myself? I take it back! I want more! Pretty please?

  75. At first you made me so worried about our jks’s future. And then you made laugh like crazy!!! Thank you guys!!!
    I don’t (wanna) think this gonna affect jks’s career. Cause he has a huge fanbase and brings money, yes in the end it’s about money. But I feel the sting. Cause at first I only thought about how talented he was and wow much he cares about his eels.
    Btw thanks to a koala’s post I’m watching hong gil dong, I’m in 17 epi, and from epi 4 till now I’m completely into it, so exciting!!!! The thing is as much as I like gil dong all I can care is about prince chan hui, I’m head over feet for him, yet I’m so afraid for him, sometimes I think he’s good and sometimes bad. I can’t decide. I’m afraid he goes to the dark side, cause you know power is such a b*tch. I only want for him a happy ending, but from what I read the ending of this drama is controversial, many hate it, and a few like it. so yes, I’m afraid. But jgs you’re wonderful, you made my cry when you’re sad or suffering or almost dying, and you made me smile when you smile. What an actor. Thanks for the recomendation
    Last thing, me too saw Itaewon Murder Case, and there jgs give me the creeps, I never thought his wonderful smile would scare me to death, but it did. The night I saw IMC I can’t sleep at all. Me thinks they do it together, as much as I want jgs to be clear. But this movie shows how versatile he is. The Happy Life is my favorite movie, LOVE IT, jgs is so HOT in there. Really hot. It’s a wonderful and beautiful story and Did I mention jks looks hot when he sings. HOT. HOT…. Hot

    • HGD’s ending was like a roller coaster plummet for me. I loved the show to bits, especially the friendship formed between Gil Dong and the Hwalbindang and Chang Hwe, but the ending…GAAAAAAAAH, I still have nightmares about it. I couldn’t stop nagging about it on my LJ in the aftermath. I was actually worried that Mary’s ending was going the way of HGD.

      And Prince Chang Hwe holds a special place in my heart as his emo-background music introduced me to Park Wan Kyu’s Fate, and indirectly to my new favourite band, Boohwal and their super amazing vocalist, Jung Dong Ha.

      • i do love this Fate song, specially cause it plays on my prince’s scenes, so touching and moving… but then what you said makes me more scared about the ending… i don’t want to suffer, yet i’m afraid i will…
        but tell me it’s the kind of ending that makes you hate the show? i mean like if mary ended with ji i would really hate m3 (so happy they didn’t cause 14 episodes made me love mg and mary so much!!! :))

      • I knew about the ending months before I watched the show and when the time came I thought I was prepared to accept it, but I wasn’t. I was crying inside as the last two episodes played. Not to mention that Chang Hwe was wearing that dorky hat through the whole final episodes. Hiding his amazing hair was the downfall of Chang Hwe.

        I don’t know if I would have hated it, but my opinion of it would completely change. Like Mary would no longer be the adorable coupling of Maeri and Mugyul; in the back of my mind I would always have that nagging thought that as adorable and amazing as Mugyul and Maeri are with each other, the don’t end up together and that would have spoiled the whole thing for me.

    • I love Happy Life so much that I looked at ebay, online shops, etc for the special edition DVD. Took me 7 months to finally find it in a little shop in Seoul. I even dragged my travel companions all around Seoul to find that DVD ^O^ How hot is Hyun Joon, right? that tattoo behind his ear drives me crazy… hahaha ;P

    • “Gave you the creeps”? PUL-eeeze! I know the REAL reason you couldn’t fall asleep after watching JSG….we all have the same fantasies, it’s perfectly normal, don’t worry. hahahah

      • ha ha, i can’t denied. i’m always having night and day dreams and fantasies about him, some inocent some not so ;).
        but it’s true he scared me in itaewon murder case, the scene where he is representing how alex kills the guy is terrible

      • It was amazing in that scene. One second his eyes were all psychotic as he stabbed the dummy, then another second he was like “uh-uh, busted”, then in another second, his eyes turned innocent again as he faced the prosecutor…

      • very amazing acting, as expected, from dear JKS….

        i believed he was innocent, right up until the scene where he demonstrated stabbing the dummy at the crime scene. only the murderer would know how he killed the victim, and Pearson stabbed the dummy in exactly all the right spots and right number of times. my mind simply froze!

    • “But jgs you’re wonderful, you made my cry when you’re sad or suffering or almost dying, and you made me smile when you smile. What an actor.”


      In complete agreement with you – what an amazing actor!
      And really, when JKS smiles whether in character or in real life, he simply makes me smile too : )
      Love him so much!

      I wished very very very very much that it could have ended in a happy way (not going to spoil the ending for you), but i had to accept that because i can see how the whole plot just builds up and moves the characters into the ending. The controversial ending does NOT make me hate the drama, because the drama was really fantastic, and also because I’m not an emo person and I don’t fall apart emotionally because of a drama.

      It is in the process of watching the drama and the unfolding of the plot, the process of experiencing the vivid characterization and experiencing all that happened to the characters, that is important and wonderful, so I would NOT give up the process just because of the ending episode. Be courageous and follow our Prince Chang Hwe to the end, i think you’ll still love Chang Hwe after your internal rationalizations. It’s just as what Lizzy has said, even if JKS acts as a murderer of babies, we’ll still tell ourselves that babies are terribly noisy and love JKS all the more : )

      But after that HGD ending, in my mind, i re-created a happy ending that i wanted, and also developed my own plot for a Chang Hwe sequel where all the main characters are alive and well, and how Chang Hwe found the love of his life in the end (after many dramatic tribulations of course). It helped me : )

      • For me personally the difference between the whole series of HGD and the final two episodes is jarring, and I wonder sometimes if it was written by the same people. I still love the drama a lot, and not just because of JGS, and I will still watch it again. But I don’t think I’ll be rewatching the final two episodes.

        LOL funnily enough I had this whole epic story planned out for a sequel where everyone didn’t die and Gil Dong and Chang Hwe (and his sexy bodyguard) continue being macho bffs, but unfortunately enough I never got around to writing it yet.

        Was your sequel just in your mind too, or did you actually write it down and post it somewhere pray tell? 😀

      • Ivi i saw you write an alternative ending i will wait until i ended hgd and then read it. i like to imagine endings or sequels myself when i don’t like one character’s ending (i use to be one of the characters sometimes ;))
        you know i’m in epi 20, so close to the end, and i can’t imagine how it will end. i’m a bit nervous for chang hwi’s sake. but no doubt is an amazing story and our prince is as good as ever. and no matter what i will love him. what kills me is to know he has a very difficult path in front of him, and whatever he choses to do may bring a bad consecuense, i wanna confort him cause he feels so alone, and the lady noh is always giving him bad ideas (i really hate her). the king mad as he is i feel pity for him and for hgd’s father.

        “even if JKS acts as a murderer of babies, we’ll still tell ourselves that babies are terribly noisy and love JKS all the more “. that’s right in fact as pearson he looks great, if he is a killer (i guess in real life he is with alex), he is a very sexi killer!!! (shame on me for thinking so all along the movie) and yet i wish until the end that he wasn’t. plus i love his hair style as pearsson

  76. Now that it has finally ended, here are my thoughts. I had a love/hate feeling for this drama. I loved watching my two fav actor/actress JGS/MGY but hated the script. Too much time was focused on all of the “minor characters” and not enough on the three leads. Since this show was based on a mangwa, any one who reads mangas will know that parents are always in the background. The focus is always on the couple and their struggles to be together. If there is a love triange, then focus will be on all three leads. There was way too much airtime wasted on the bickering/whiny/selfish character dads and flighty character mom.

    Also, several episodes back SJ and MG’s band mates noted how mature he had become. But yet, every chance the writer got, they had MG throwing hissy fits whenever Mary looked at JI. For example, instead of starting the final episode with Mu Gyul storming off in a jealous rage, the writers could have shown his maturity by allowing him to use his heart, as SJ said, and not his eyes to trust in Mary. MuGyual could have confronted JI about the situation. JI senses the tension and immediately releases Mary out of the back hug. As Mary approaches MG he holds hand out for her to wait while glaring at JI. JI could have retorted with, “I still have 10 days as legal husband”. MG clenches his fists while Mary turns and says, “director”. JI gaze into her pleading eyes and defeatedly tells mary that he will send divorce papers over to her place in morning. Then disappears into his bedroom. MuGyul and Mary go back to his place with her convincing him that its over and then suddenly all the built up fluff begins. Next morning, MuGyual’s character goes back to being cool w/o the jealous hissy fits. Next day, devil dad finds out what JI does through housemaid and cause problems by intercepting divorce papers.. etc.. etc.. Which is far better than having JI go into woods, MG once again finding JI/Mary in compromising position, then storm off. The coma thing did not have to happen. There were far too many possibilities that could have been explored. The coma scene is a writer’s block cope out.

    At the beginning I wanted MG/Mary pairing. Because they are my fav actor/actress. However, MG’s character was so poorly written that I was hoping she get with JI. In the end JI fell in love with Mary (not for business as in beginning). He would have treated her far better than MG. She helped him overcome many of his weaknesses and would have helped him grow despite daddy warbucks kicking him to the curb.

    MuGyual jealsous drove me crazy. It was obvious to everyone around him that Mary was in love with him. If he wasn’t so stuck on himself he would have noticed. Also, there is nothing romantic about an overly jealous boyfriend. How can their love survive if he breaks up with her everytime she looks or speaks with another man. She says they broke up thirteen times? let me guess, she asked another man what time it was, he throws hissy fit and break up. Man in coffee shop asks her if she wants cream or sugar, MG comes in and only hears “sugar”, throws hissy fit and break up. Poor Mary.

    I feel sorry for the three lead actors/actress as they did their best trying to save a sinking ship. However, it happens to the best. Like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp who despite setbacks in acting in some poorly written movies went on to becoming major stars. I know the same will happen with JGSuk and MGY. They will be more selective in future roles and then go on to becoming the best in their field.

    • yup, yup, yup…. how come they opted MR choose MG when it’s very obvious that JI’s character is far better than MG’s?! and have broken up 12 times?! didn’t you ever think that their relationship is destined to fail. well… i guess, we’re watching drama called…. love is blind. heheh!

      such a waste of talent of three great performers in a poorly written story.

    • If I’m not mistaken, what she meant by breaking up -making up 12 times is a year passed already since the last time we saw them made up and they’re still together through good/bad times. I think that reunion at the playground pretty much redeem MG’s character a bit. He admit that it’s not that he didn’t trust himself. and apologized to Mary. JI came into Mary’s life a little too late, I think, MG already stole her heart with that harry potter kiss. :p

      • ‘He admit that it’s not that he didn’t trust himself. and apologized to Mary.’

        *sorry* I meant he didn’t trust himself and apologize to mary. Eeekkk…my mistake.

  77. Sorry one last thing about the coma thing, by MG demanding an answer from Mary it only made his character insensitive to a fellow human. That man was in a coma… geez! I’ve seen plenty of movies/dramas example “chuno” where the two rival lead will cause a truce if the other is deeply wounded. Because they know how deeply the lead female cares for both characters so the unhurt rival will show some compassion as not to appear as a total jerk.

  78. So I was rewatching M3… I know I need to get a life. But I was wondering, where did the gloves Mary made for MG go??!! The last I remember seeing them was when MG threw them in the trash. I always assumed that he fished them back out and they would reappear again. Did they and I missed it?

    Lastly, I noticed at the end scene when Mu Gyul suggest they break the heater so they can go back Mary’s preferred method of keeping warm (cuddling), I SWEAR that is a bigger bed? Anyone with a good eye confirm this??

    • Hi LizzyD:
      MGY kept them as memory (blue mittens)
      Definitely bigger bed. I think that last line by MR about it being hot was meant to be delivered as sexy hot.
      I agree about getting a life. I watched Baby and Me, Happy Life and The Longest 24 months and I am still not satisfied. I watch MSOAN until ep 8 and the other 8 episodes skip to good parts only and still refuse to watch Ep 15. I cannot stand Shinhee (i think that is her name) so I haven’t repeated YAB.

      • RM, really? was wondering abt the mittens myself.. thought he threw them away and that was the end 🙁
        having said that, wonder if JKS actually kept them since MGY made them for him 🙂

      • gosh, i read wrongly.. MGY kept them? shoudn’t JKS have kept them instead? I suppose men are less sentimental

      • RM please do watch YAB is the best drama ever, and if you like jgs well i’m speechless about his acting looks and singing in YAB. i fell for him because YAB. please give YAB a try
        for Park Shin Hye she was adorable with her “hyung nim”, not so good and actrees as mgy but a dear

    • No, I mean in the show. Did we see them again after MG threw them away? I thought that MGY made them and gave them to MG as a gift. It was in a news article, but could be fake I guess. I don’t know why she’d want them if they’re not her size. I’d rather have the cat necklace as a souvenir if I were her. Actually no, I’d rather have JSG as a souvenir….hahahah I’m so going to get arrested.

      And Mary’s last “But MG, it’s hot…” comment I took it as a girl’s way of getting a guy to do what she wants…in this case, lower the heat. I don’t think we need to place any bets on who wins that “argument”.

      I’ve noticed some JSG fans don’t like Park Shin Hye. I think she’s adorable and I love that series. She’s nowhere near as good an actress as MGY but I like her a lot. I’d like to nominate Jung So Min (aka Oh Ha Ni) for his next lead. Although that might be cuteness overload. However, she has shown a great willingness to make out readily and repeatedly with her costar. I think this is a wonderful trait to have. After all, what’s the point of being an actress if you don’t enjoy making out with your hot costars? I’d do it for free… no, I’d PAY to do it. heehee (*running to hide before the cops come)

      • lizzyd, about the gloves.. it is true that MGY made them for MG..in a BTS earlier, she was knitting the gloves and was asked why she was personally knitting it for MG and she quickly said, ‘ no reason’… really cute… JKS even teased her that since she was always knitting away in between scenes, she should set up a Mae Ri knitting factory..

        in the show, i’m afraid they never made an appearnace after MG seemingly threw them in the trash

      • Zoe, go here to a transcrap of that video.

        @Mittens, they never reappeared…one of many things last writer made no connection towards the end since she was hung up on JI’s character having more air time with MaeRi than MG. Writer must have skimmed thru the first half of script to miss the mittens and many other poignant moments of the OTP’s past indicating their growing love for each other and no one else. Not even JI’s money or his creepy dad’s. Also like the drinking scenes from beginning, should have had one between OT3 to celebrate drama success after hand shake. Then JI will definitely see that his love for MaeRi is nothing compared to what MG and MaeRi have for each other (not condoning drinking here by any means 🙂 ). They are adorable sober and more so when drunk!! That they spent the night together and didn’t even know it….missing the lovely holiday couple so gonna re watch their great moments the early days eps up to KISS and bed moments and my version of taking down curtain. Yup all gutter comments in here I’m with y’all there with popcorn and drinks! 😀 :D. When MG brought blanket for JI due to so much tvu lagging and my little Korean knowledge, I seriously thought they were prepping for MG and MaeRi boating time!!! 🙂 Yup you can see where my brain was and what I wanted from this show! LOL till ck mentioned that it was heading in bromance couple boating time, now that would have been some kdrama twist. LoL Love M3 and all that JGS and MGY brought

        Ok enough of my 2cents since y’all have said what I think of this show and the actors..and refrain to say about writer. Thank you Captain Koala and MG-MR-shippers and all MSOAN fans for making this show fun to watch and this page enjoyable to read/hangout. LizzyD and army I’ve enlisted myself altho I’m more like MG all for peace but once provoked or in jealous mode, will be throwing punches everywhere. 🙂 May we find another fun cool drama with yet another cute couple to love in the coming year.
        Happy New Year to all!!

    • seems to me and my memory that the mittens never appear again. i remember been angry at mg for never recovering them…
      and yes i think i saw a traduction of the bts where they say mgy gave the mittens to jgs for real

      • yup, the mittens never appeared in the show again.
        failing to wrap up all the minute details is a strong point of M3
        ; p

        how i wished it was all the parents who disappeared from the show, esp MG’s mum! i wouldn’t ever ever forgive her!

  79. I feel like I have to defend MSOAN ending with MR and MG. People who feel that MR should have chosen JI, just think about the type of person his father was and then ask yourself if our sweet MR deserved that kind of man because if you can get past the KJW love you will see that he was the carbon copy of his dad with some heart but nevertheless ruthless, conniving and just plain creepy. MG was down to Earth and had not matured but truly loved MR. Splitting up 12 times was a play on the fact that he could not be with a woman for more than one month and so they probably went through arguments but they know that they belong together. There is no one else that MG would rather have in his life.
    Just my opinion.

    • I think it’s sweet how everyone feels so protective of this drama. 🙂 I’m not a 2nd lead kind of girl (except Moon Jae Shin who Humpty-Dumptied my heart), so I never really pay attention to 2nd leads. There have been some I found very endearing like in My Girl and Playful Kiss. You can’t help but be touched by their unwavering devotion and in real life, you’d probably want someone like that for your friend or your daughter.

      In response to the pro-JI replies. I’d like to politely offer my analysis on why Mary should be with MG.

      1. Inconsistent characterization: The character itself was poorly written and very confusing to me. He was sometimes polite, aloof, and even apathetic. Other times he was arrogant and smirky, and still other times he was nice and helpful. For the most part, he acted like work was more important than Mary but then sometimes he’d cling to Mary as the love of his life. I had no idea what to think and thus was never even remotely tempted to cheat on my JSG.
      2. JI being in love with Mary: Here’s my take. There were moments when I think that JI possibly did “love” Mary. He had a lonely, sad childhood and in Mary, he saw the warmth, comfort, and love that he missed out on. But, I was never convinced that he loved her the way MG did. Yes, MG is immature, bad-tempered, and even irresponsible. But when he loves he LOVES. It overtakes his heart, his mind, and his life. JI needs someone to love and to be loved, but it doesn’t have to be Mary. For MG, there can be no one except Mary. That’s what I want to see/feel in my drama couple. Heck, that’s why I watch dramas to begin with.
      3. Chemistry: I didn’t feel the chemistry between Mary and JI. My sister (not the JSG- fangirl one) mentioned that JI has better chemistry with JSG than he does with MGY. I’m inclined to agree. There are arguments over whether he got too many cute moments with Mary (JSG faction) or too few (Team JI), my take is that he didn’t make the most of the moments he DID have with MGY.
      4. KJW’s portrayal of JI: (I’ve got my titanium shield up, go ahead JI-shippers, I’m ready.) The other issue for me is that KJW did not breathe life into the JI character. His fans can bash me all they want, but for the first half of the series, KJW looked like he was sleep-walking to me. When he finally did wake up, it was too little too late. He seemed as confused with his character as I was. I don’t blame him for this. There were some really good moments- like some of his crying scene. But there was no fire in his depiction of JI (Please refer to Sungkyunkwan Scandal for an example of 2nd lead fire.)
      5. The story: I think the entire story, as it was presented to us before and during the first 14 episodes, is against a JI+Mary ending. Mary made it clear too many times that SHE LOVES MU GYUL. Even if you completely ignore everything I wrote above, that one point should remove any desire for a non Holiday ending. If you’re a JI-shipper, do you want your boy to end up with a girl who is in love with someone else? Who is going to be happy in that relationship? Please don’t tell me she’ll “learn to love him”. That’s not love, that’s acceptance and resignation. I’m not even going to respond to the JI can “support” and “take care of ” Mary more argument. Take away JI’s dad’s money and JI and MG are on the same level, with MG actually having the upper hand in that he’s got talent/looks and a way to make money easily.

      There you have it. My long-ass essay about the Holiday Couple ending.

      • Wow…you summed up what I thought about MG-Mary or JI-Mary pairing. Especially the money thing. ^^

      • Perfectly said. Totally agreed. The way the drama was written, it did not make any sense for a JI-MR ending. MR didn’t love him. And JI would be settling if he married MR and he should be able to find someone that would love him back and he loves as well.

        Also i find the 12 time breakup really cute especially if it is the play on his only dating a girl for no more than a month but they seem really happy and the fact that they keep getting back together to me means that they realize that there is no other person for them but each other. definitely meant to be not tragic. Hate that some ppl say that why bother if they break up so many times.

  80. have you ladies seen the BTS of the last scene they filmed? it was the one where MR was waiting for MG at the playground.. these 2 kids are amazing.. one moment, they are clowning around and laughing when MGY dunked a snowball into a crew member’s coat, and the next moment, you have both in tears, doing their tearful hug…

    just amazed at their acting chops…

    • I read that MGY was overcome with emotion because it was the end of their work together and both of them shed real tears of sadness to the end of their collaboration together. I am saddened by the lack of press that she is getting but I am hoping it is her manager’s choice cause she will be out of sight for a bit but I have seen too many negative remarks about her looks and I cannot wrap my head around that. To me she is beautiful and one of the most talented actresses. She did a play “Closer” that I saw some bits and pieces of and she wows me.

      • aww.. so sweet.. they have been through a tough time together i guess.. and it really could have been a mega hit so i guess, they were also disappointed that it turned out the way it did..

        actually, in the BTS interview, JKS alluded to disagreements between crew and actors and even between the actors themselves abt the production ( the translation was a little confusing and my mandarin is not the best).. so it must have been rather stressful and unhappy at times..

        where did you read abt JKS and MGY crying at the end of their collaboration, RM?

      • Who in their right mind would criticize MGY’s looks? Are they seeing the same person as I am? She’s frigging gorgeous!

      • Hi rory’s mom,
        I too thinks MGY is pretty in her own simple way and definitely an superb actress. I noticed also of the lack of press (at least in the internet) about her, now that MSOAN is finished but perhaps it is all due to the low ratings. Still she is my favorite Korean actress!
        BTW, maybe it is a very slim chance, but I’m praying she wins the Daesang award tomorrow in the KBS Drama awards. I read last night in a brief facebook post, (not sure if it is true) that she is nominated for the Daesang award. Good luck MGY!!!

      • Ok, I have a confession. This was my first MGY drama. I’ve only ever seen pictures of her and heard she’s a great actress. I thought she was kind of funny-looking from just pictures. I was not very excited when they announced she’s the lead. I started warming up to her about 2 min in when she started counting to herself after they repossessed everything in her house. Then, she completely won me over with the hugest bowl of bi bim bap I’ve ever seen (and I eat A LOT). Now she looks absolutely adorable to me. She really glows onscreen and has a lot of presence. Also, she has great posture, is graceful, and has lovely skin. These are a few of my favorite things. Oh, and I love her slightly husky voice. Now I’m fan-girling MGY…sigh.

      • It was the 2nd MGY drama I watched. Since she’s so famous before knowing anything about her,I’ve come across a lot of her pics & movie posters.To be honest she looked cute but didn’t catch my eye.I passed on her just as another hyped Hallyu star.When the CS poster came out,I spent days thinking where I’ve seen this girl before.She can look really so different in her different projects.
        I started watching CS due to my friend’s recommendation & she won me over within the first scene.Really!! She can ACT!! & does her job with all her heart.May be she’s one of those persons whom you love the more you get to know her. Now I idolise her more than any other K-actress. Lovee the warmth & liveliness of her personality.

  81. Good question moom. I read so much on the internet that I don’t always know where I am at with several tabs open. I will try to find it though.

  82. Moom it was a staff member at KBS is all I could gather but if it is true who knows. If you watch BTS 17 you can see her trying to compose herself.
    Zoe: No lie but a lot of Korean, Chinese and Japanese do not like her and I believe I read it in gall.dcinside also MSOAN facebook and a JGS fansite.
    BTW yes I can read backwards translations that Google hands out but I will never go back to that site now (gall.dcinside), too busy.

    • thanks RM.. in BTS 17, i thought that pause before they did the scene was so that she could compose herself and bring on the tears for the scene.. the KBS staff said that they both teared after the filming ended as well? awww..

      abt MGY, I feel she is a wonderful actress.. but regarding her looks, it depends on how she is made up.. she can look very plain jane.. ( my husband commented that her eyes were ‘upside down’ and that she looks like a bush-baby..men..) and she looked gorgeous in the bridal dress when she was chasing MG outside JI’s place.. so to me.. her look varies, and that is why she is so versatile and believable as an actress.. will definitely be watching out for her in future

    • I sorta dig the plain-jane look. I also read that a lot of people were criticizing her clothing in M3, which I find kind of annoying because the WHOLE F-ING DRAMA revolves around an indie band, so their characters are MEANT to dress like that!

      Sorry for yelling some of that. Overly-hateful people hating on things that are just plain awesome tend to make me mad.

  83. @bashful.. yes MGY was nominated for a baeksang ( for mary AND cinderella, I think).. this little girl is a great actress.. unfortunately I tried Cinderella’s sister when it started and found it a little depressing.. may go back and finish it up after the holiday madness..

    • Thanks @moom for confirming! I saw and finished Cinderella Sister. Yes, it was despressing but it really showed the very strong acting range of MGY, even though in “Painter of the Wind” where she won the Daesang award, she already had shown here acting prowess. That she portrayed a very angtsy character in Cinderella Sister and then portrayed Mary is just amazingly awesome!!! Moreover, in both dramas, writers were changed midway the broadcasts. Still MGY delivered such convincing performances! Oh how I will miss her when she goes back to school (which I truly applaud)!
      As a J-dorama fan also, I wondered if there is a chance, when she returns to drama, she can do a remake of “Hoshi no Kinka” (Heaven’s Coins). I loved Noriko Sakai’s portrayal of a mute girl but I think MGY can equally if not better do the same superb portrayal. Go MGY!!!

      • @Moom: pls. try CS, i think it’s good. I love Eun-Jo character.
        I always adore MGY, she’s a perfect girl in my eyes, i love her real life character much more

  84. Good luck MGY i never saw you before, but i love you in mary. one of my favorites actreses, and that’s not easy cause i usually don’t like the female lead. exceptions: sam soon (my fav), go mi nan in YAB, eun chan in coffe prince, eun su in que sera sera, and now mary. other female actreses i just tolerate or simply like, but never LOVE. (i use to focus in male leads ;)) i’m going to find time to watch ciderella’s sister and painter of the wind.
    btw at first i didnt like her looks much, but now i find her beautiful and adorable and a perfect pair for my jgs. i always fight with my mom cause she says mgy is ugly and has thin and crooked legs…

  85. One last thought. The atmosphere in early interviews and bts were so happy it seems to me that the atmosphere changed in later bts. MGY was more reserved or not very talkative and they all seem different now than 2 months ago. This drama must have really taken a toll on all of them. What I am wondering is if the two regret working with each other or are they still friends. I hope you all have a great new year.
    Ockoala, can’t wait til you put your 2 cents in.

    • I think the casts & the crews were just tired in the end, I believe they had to film the last episode in like 2 days (that what I read somewhere). Moon & JGS have always been good friends way before they started filming for this drama and I don’t think they have a bad rating will effect thier friendship as they both know that it was the bad script that caused it.
      However I’m wondering are they more than friends since they seem so close to each other during filming…they just look so cute and compatible with each other it makes one wonder….

    • RM; I have also been trying to guess abt whether the actors’ relationships were strained as a result of the script disagreements but i can’t really tell as there is pathetic absence of BTS released by KBS .I also had my suspicions when JKS said in BTS 17 that even amongst the actors, there was great discussion/disagreement abt the script etc.. sad sad sad..

      have you come across any statements abt the casts’ relationship in your reading? I read a fan acct of someone watching the filming and they said that JKS and MGY seemed to have a friendly relationship ( think it was middle of drama) as they would chat and laugh between takes.

      I’m new to MGY but my guess is she is probably a fairly reserved person on camera. So she won’t be that chatty in these BTS shots anyway..any old-timer MGY fans can testify?

      Twinklefan– I think JKS and MGY only started being friends after M3 started. They did mention how they were initially shy and reserved when they first met but loosened up after 4 bottles of soju LOL.. KBS did release some’news’ abt the 2 ‘being such good friends’ ‘being very close’ and other such information but one wonders if it’s all only for publicity, in a bid to push up ratings

    • congrats to our lovely OTP.. best couple, male and female popularity and MGY, best female actress (?).. she was so emotional and cried..

      Irene, so did she eventually thank him after his ‘fake anger’ reminder? LOL

      • she did.. coz i think i heard that =)

        she was smiling when she saw JGS reaction. haha.. and the she mentioned his name =) im happyy

      • I just realised KBS gave out best couple to like, everyone? how meaningless is that? bah, humbug… someone should tell KBS the meaning of ‘best’…tsk..

        thanks berry.. will go look for the clip

      • and congratulations to both!!! you’re the best
        i almost forgot cause i got so distracted by jgs looks 😉

  86. To Reiven,

    The sequel was only in my mind, and I don’t have the habit of writing tediously long fan-fiction. Since you asked, I thought I’ll try and write it out, and I did, and had much fun in the process.

    I’m not a good writer or scriptwriter, so apologies if I tend to use the oldest plot clichés. I don’t really care, because all I want is a feel-good happy and romantic love story.

    If anyone here has not watched HGD, you may wish to skip this tediously long post, and my apologies to koala for making use of your blog space to put my attempt at HGD sequel : )

    Part 1 is long. I tried to shorten Part 2 and Part 3.
    And there are several sub-plots that I didn’t bother to add in : )

    Oh yeah, one last note, I wanted a female lead that is opposite of Yi-Nok, so I came up with a lady who is intelligent. ( i cannot take any more of Yi-Nok’s stupidity or clumsiness. How can she totally miss the fact that Chang Hwe loves her???)

    LCH – Lee Chang Hwe (Jang Keun Suk)
    CCP – Ching Chinese Physician
    DGL – Dragon Gate Lady (LCH’s senior lady mentor, forgot her name)
    POI – poisoner

    HGD Revised Ending

    To avoid unnecessary bloodshed, HGD and LCH make a pact on the mountain. HGD gives LCH 5 years to make good his promise to be a good king. LCH will ensure no killing, but HGD and band will be exiled from the country upon pain of death. In return, if LCH fails in his duty after 5 years, HGD can return to take LCH’s life.

    Sequel [ 5 years later]

    PART 1 – The meeting of LCH and CCH

    DGL gets increasingly sick, and Korean physicians fail to diagnose the reason. LCH recalls a very skilled, elderly physician from the country Ching that he had met in earlier years [past encounter can be elaborated on] and sends a letter to entreat him to come and treat DGL.

    Unfortunately, the physician is often away travelling, but he has a female disciple CCH (aged 20) who is also very skilled in the art of healing, having inherited her Teacher’s knowledge. She answers the call of the letter and travels to Korea to LCH’s palace.

    [* Note: CCH speaks Korean having travelled there before with her Teacher, and LCH knows some Chinese having grown up in Ching, so assume no problem in communication.]

    CCH employs medical investigative methods considered innovative in that era, and after a few days, diagnoses that DGL has been poisoned gradually and slowly over a long period of time, so DGL’s condition has been mis-diagnosed to be due to natural causes [mode of poisoning details can be elaborated on], and the poison has thus escaped detection. LCH undertakes to trace the culprit.

    DGL is slowly recovering under CCH’s treatment. LCH visits DGL every day and thus has the chance to spend time with CCH. He is impressed by CCH’s healing skill, professional dedication and intelligence. On the other hand, CCH has a chance to learn more about the kingdom under LCH’s rule. In all her travels, this is the first time she has come across such a benevolent ruler who genuinely cares about his citizens, and she is touched and impressed.

    Having been emotionally hurt 5 years ago, LCH still remains cold and aloof on the outside, but in the space of these 5 years, LCH has implemented many policies and initiatives to improve the welfare of his people. The following are some examples:
    – Focusing on economic development for multiple aims of increasing employment and wealth among people and increasing the country’s wealth to finance welfare projects
    – Hospital with differential pricing system that provides heavily subsidized treatment to the poor (or free for people verified to have no money)
    – Poor children / teenagers / people are, by law, pulled into some form of re-training scheme that provides labour to the various trades and industries

    LCH takes CCH on a tour of the hospital at her request, and CCH expresses a wish to volunteer at the hospital. LCH says he will arrange that after DGL’s recovery.

    LCH traces the poisoner to be someone in the palace POI [insert sub-plot on usual palace politics], who perhaps wants to achieve some political aim or have some personal vendetta against DGL. In the course of pursuit, POI breaks into DGL’s room and attempts to kill her. His attempt is foiled by LCH but in the ensuing fight, POI takes CCH hostage and escapes from the palace with CCH. LCH and soldiers pursue.

    The chase ends at the edge of a cliff. Amidst the ensuing fight, POI gets killed but pushes CCH off the cliff. LCH jumps off as well to rescue the lady. [note: sorry for oldest trick in the book. Please feel free to improvise].

    Both fall but not seriously injured. [don’t ask me why! Drama gods perhaps? Cliff not high enough?] They end up in a very remote, forested area. CCH says LCH, as the ruler of a country who needs him, should not have risked his life to save her, while LCH maintains that he owes it to CCH for saving DGL.

    Both try to find their way out. LCH gets bitten by a poisonous snake (despite his skill in martial arts – perhaps in his sleep? Or it could be while he’s trying to protect CCH). Without the tools of her trade with her, CCH sucks out the poisoned blood [note: you decide which part of the body LCH is bitten on ; p ]. CCH does this not only out of her duty as a physician, but also because she has some feelings for LCH. LCH offers some feeble protest but is unable to stop her.

    After walking for 1-2 days [insert other survival encounters as necessary], CCH’s feet are much blistered as the filmsy shoes she wears have been worn out. She doesn’t utter a word of complaint but lags behind LCH, who notices it and carries her on his back. CCH is reluctant initially but has no choice as she cannot walk anymore. Her feelings for LCH grow.

    After another 1 – 2 days, both finally come across a lone hut wherein live an old man and his wife. LCH approaches the old man and without revealing his identity, asks politely for help. The old man, seeing that both have sustained some injuries, offers them the hospitality of his humble home, and some coarse food. CCH is further touched when LCH does not complain about their difficult situation but instead shows concern about the old man’s welfare. It turns out that the old couple prefers the solitude of their home where they have spent their entire lives, and the old man informs them his son is living and working in the nearest village which is still a day’s travel from the hut. The old man only has one spare room to offer LCH and CCH for them to stay one night.

    CCH manages to clean and bandage the blisters on her feet, and the old man gives her a pair of new straw slippers initially meant for his wife. The wife has not made an appearance yet, and CCH finds out that the old lady is suffering from an illness and has been bedridden for some time. Immediately, CCH offers to treat the old lady. The old man is delighted. CCH diagnoses that the illness can be cured with the appropriate medicine, and both LCH and CCH promise to send the medicine over when they get to that village.

    Come night time, LCH and CCH are in the spare room, trying to decide who gets to sleep on the bed : ) After some debate, they try to share the bed (!) but in the end, after some tossing and turning, LCH decides to sleep outside [please insert own details ; ) ]

    The next day, both LCH and CCH reach the village and also get rescued by people from the palace. LCH sends the old man not only the medicine, but other supplies and gifts. CCH is touched when she learns about it.

    PART 2 – Return of HGD and Yi-Nok (YN)

    HGD makes a surprise trip to the palace because he has heard of CCH, the gifted physician who can work miracles. HGD brings with him YN who is poisoned, unconscious and on the brink of death [insert details of how she was poisoned].

    CCH tries ways and means to treat YN but to no avail. LCH gets increasingly worked up, not that LCH still loves YN. LCH has put his love for YN behind him already, but YN still has a special place in his heart and he is still very concerned about her. Also, HGD and YN are the only true friends he has now.

    HGD sees the interaction between LCH and CCH, and comes to the conclusion that these two have feelings for each other, but the blockhead LCH has not realized nor admitted it. HGD lets slip to CCH that LCH has once loved YN deeply.

    CCH experiments medicine on YN, but on one occasion, such experimental efforts worsen YN’s condition. LCH flares up at CCH for putting YN in further danger. CCH misunderstands that LCH still loves YN, and exchanges sharp words with LCH. CCH is hurt by LCH’s temper flare-up, and is determined to stake her life on YN’s recovery, to the extent that she takes the same poison as YN, and experiments medicine on herself. CCH keeps her condition a secret, but only for a couple of days before the rest find out. LCH is super furious with CCH for risking her life. He realizes the extent of his love for her but does not say anything.

    To cut long story short, CCH manages to find the cure and save YN and herself. Once YN has fully recovered, she and HGD stays at the palace for a few more days to visit and reminisce about the past. Since LCH has fulfilled his pact, the 2 guys settle their differences. Insert more misunderstandings between LCH and CCH over YN.

    Finally, all the misunderstandings and jealousy come to a climax and upon resolution, LCH and CCH confess their love to each other.

    PART 3 – Love & tribulations

    LCH and CCH enjoy a period of sweet love, which is the calm before the storm. More complications arise. LCH is under pressure from his court and country to marry and for procreation, but he cannot make CCH his queen because CCH is not a Korean. The whole country is against their marriage.

    CCH comes to realize LCH’s predicament, and tells LCH that so long as he loves her, marriage is not essential and she will remain by his side forever. But LCH has to marry. CCH, recognizing that LCH has his ruler responsibilities, tells LCH to marry and take a queen, on the condition that he must choose a queen who is kind and will not harm her and their children (if any) in future. LCH agrees.

    [Insert complications relating to LCH, queen and CCH]

    But in the end, LCH did choose a kind queen who co-exists with CCH peacefully.
    And LCH and CCH live together in bliss, forming their own family.


    • Did you already have this written or did you write it out on a whim, because for a “summary” so to say, it’s incredibly detailed and funnily enough, better than some of the fanfictions I’ve seen people post as completed stories. If you do decided to type it out as a fanfiction one day, I’m sure it’ll be phenomenal (and perhaps the second HGD fanfiction in existence) .

      But thank you for taking the time to show me. All this talk about HGD has made me feel like watching the show again, since now I have nothing to look forward to on Monday’s and Tuesday’s anymore 🙁 I’ve been considering Sungkyunkwan Scandal as well, have you seen it?

    • hi reiven,

      like i said, the complete story is in my mind, as in, really complete with all the scenes etc that i enacted in my mind, perhaps that’s why there’s enough details. so i wrote a summary.

      not sure what a completed fanfiction looks like, but i guess i won’t be writing any more on this (lack of audience!).

      I haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but may try ….

      i tried to watch some of the dramas recommended by koala, but only successfully completed City Hall (hilarious, good and worth the time). I tried Flames of Desire and Giant, but stopped mid of 1st episode, because I really cannot stand heavy-duty drama, especially super tragic one like FoD.

  87. Sorry, the female lead’s code name is CCH and not CCP as indicated in the legend. I was confused.

    Also to clarify that LCH does not love the queen, only CCH : )

  88. Moom,

    “I just realised KBS gave out best couple to like, everyone? how meaningless is that? bah, humbug… someone should tell KBS the meaning of ‘best’…tsk.. ”

    Netizen award was more confusing, even for the nominees. 🙁

    Here, you can download the show(no english sub. 🙁 ):

    Oh… oh… How good the storyline’d have been, with a better scriptwriter. 🙁

  89. I always have this problem of rooting for the “lesser” guy, so to speak. In YB, I rooted for Shin Woo. In SKKS, Jae Shin. And of course in MSOAN, Jung In. I stomached the first two dramas, knowing well who’s gonna end up with the lead actress. But in MSOAN, oh for the life of me, I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore somewhere along the middle.

    Here’s the deal: ppl like us REALLY LOVE watching dramas. And along the way, with every drama we finish, we acquire a more discriminating taste. That’s why we choose carefully before starting a new one, checking the plot, the lead, and the reviews about it. I’m no JGS fan, but he’s really good. That’s why I decided to give this a go.

    I never expected it to fall apart at some point. They should totally re-do this drama, take out all the unnecessary stuffs and add a little spice to the story. Man, I hate wasting the time, the effort and disk space to download a 700-mb-per-episode drama with a mediocre script.

    • Please see the discussion for Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok at the KBS 2010 Drama Awards to read about what went wrong. 🙁

      • I’m sorry if I offended you, but I was just saying what I thought about the whole thing. I’m not saying this is JGS’s fault, for I’m sure he’s a victim of this too. Let’s face it, You’re Beautiful is at least a hundred times better than M3.

        Imo, such stellar casting deserves no less than an amazing script. But looking to the brighter side of things, I’m sure the leads would REALLY do their best in their dramas that are yet to come. 🙂

  90. Just done watching M3..all i can say is two thumbs up!
    JGS and MGY are damn gorgeous together on and off screen and
    their acting..are just amazing!!
    Looking forward for more of their future projects together 🙂

    Btw..nice site!

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