Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong at the MBC 2010 Drama Awards

MBC held its 2010 Drama Awards yesterday, and I can’t let the year end without a shout out to Dr. Baek Seung Jo and Nurse Oh Ha Ni. Our Playful Kiss newlyweds showed up at a rather tame and comparatively lackluster event (since MBC was the ratings laggard behind SBS and KBS all year).

Kim Hyun Joong took home a Netizen Popularity Award (alongside Han Hyo Joo), and Lee Tae Sung took home a New Actor Award (what now? – the boy has been acting for years! – oh right, this is the same network that gave Kim Nam Gil a Best New Actor award for Queen Seon Deok, so I get their reverse logic here).

Min Min (Jung So Min) was nominated in the Actress category but didn’t win. And the PK couple lost out to the Pasta couple for Best Couple of the year, which I can’t say I disagree with, since Lee Seon Kyung and Gong Hyo Jin was my second pick behind the Holiday couple for my personal fave couple of the year. Now that we’ve got the hardware discussion out of the way, let’s talk about fashion, shall we? Min Min, my darling, you are seriously giving me palpitations. And a urge to go all snip snipping away at your dress.

On on hand, you are so naturally radiant and gorgeous, even wearing a potato sack your natural beauty shines through. But you have a lovely curvy figure, and that blue-whitish goddess dress with all those extra folds and drapes does nothing for your figure. It weighs you down, and hides your luscious curves and makes it look bigger. Don’t ask me how, that dress is not working. Burn it when you get home, okay? BUT, you still look lovely, my dear.

Hyun Joong, on the other hand, is working for me big time. Love the hair, love the tux, love the smile – boy is handsome and can do no wrong at awards shows for me. Unlike Jang Geun Seok, who I have to hear that the coast is clear before I will check out a picture of him at any awards show (though his look at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards rivals Kim Hyun Joong for young and rocking it in a tux).

A fond farewell for the sweetest young couple of 2010 – Seung Jo and Ha Ni. I look forward to both Min Min and Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming projects, whether together again or individually.

[Credit: all pictures of the respective news agencies as identified]


Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong at the MBC 2010 Drama Awards — 82 Comments

  1. Welcome back Koala & Happy New Year to everybody. ^-^

    All I have to said is seeing them together just make me misses PK very very much. Oh, we had so much fun together in here back then just seem like yesterday. I guess it is time for PK marathon. LOL

    Thank you Koala for a great year with all of your recaps. May New Year bring us joy & happiness and many more great K-Dramas ( Cannot wait for Hyunmin together again someday).

  2. Have a blissful New Year Ockoala! May God bless you and your family the abundance of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH in God. And of course GOOD HEALTH all year round…

    Thank you for all the updates of Hyunmin couple in 2010. I’m really looking forward in your recaps for both of them this year if they have chance to work again or individually.. While reading this, i feel sad for these two especially for not winning best couple in MBC award & of course newbie actress award for Minmin. I really miss this couple. I hope to see them again on screen.

  3. Happy New Year Ockoala!! Wish you and your family all the best in 2011.

    I was hoping that they would win the Best Couple Award but oh well, at least we got to see them together again. I agree with you regarding So Min’s dress. Not only it does nothing for her figure but it made her look older as well. Hyun Joong, on the other hand, looks absolutely stunning in that tux.

  4. Happy New Year to all especially Hyunnies and Minnies and of course to you Ockoala! All the best for you!

    Both Hyunjoong and Minmin are stunning on their outfits. As usual, they look like a prince and princess. Oh I was hoping too that they get the best couple award but yeah, the important is we see them together again.

  5. I was spying in another blog that there HJ’s shoe still had the price tag on it and he and his assistant were working to take it off during the show. XD
    Oh HJ, your quirkiness is precious.
    Is it me or is he looking a bit thinner? D:
    I really hope he takes his year easier than the last two years.

  6. “A fond farewell for the sweetest young couple of 2010….” Captain Holiday- you’re breaking my heart here!! What about our Holiday Ship???!! 😛

    Welcome Home! We missed you more than you will ever know.

  7. Dear Ockoala,
    Wishing you and your family have A Very Happy New year 2011.
    Thanks so much for your great work that you did in 2010.
    I also wish for Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min and all their fans + all my fellow pk lovers at this playground all of you have A Very Happy New Year 2011.

    I was looking forward to MBC award 2010. For me hj and sm they both stunning that night. I like their out fit. SM’s dress is elegant. May be we have different taste.
    Although both of them did not win form PK, I will always say CONGRATULATION for their nomination form Playful Kiss. We cannot read korean and we cannot vote for them at MBC website as we are oversea fans. That was why hyunmin couple won at Innolife award, because all of us can vote easily.
    I had seen some videos (by perfect) live at MBC award focus on HJ. I saw So Min and LTS too. So Min was sitting between HJ&LTS. I don’t know how was their feeling toward each other at that moment, for me by seeing that I miss my PK moments so so much.
    I also had seen the pictures of JSM & LTS did presenter toghther on the stage.
    I wish HJ did presentre with SM together instead, why?
    Its will be very lovely and honour if hyun joong and so min ( as they are main leads in MBC Playful Kiss drama, which hit world wide in youtube special) walk together on the stage to present the award.
    Thanks for posting this Ockoala. Visiting to your playground is one of my habits now, there is no doubt that I will be your fan at 2011 too.
    Hopefully we all can have full of enjoyments again as we all had that last year in this playground.
    May god bless you and all.

  8. Not cute couple at all. haha swear to God, when i watched the Taiwanese version of It Started With A Kiss and They Kissed Again, the acting of these two trying hard actor and feeling cute actress really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, no chemistry at all. haha

    • Haha. Well, that’s your opinion and not fact. Fortunately, others feel differently, and feel the chemistry between these two. And fortunately, a lot of people feel So Min is cute and very talented.

    • er..i think u are on the wrong thread? lol. the TW version made me cringed..esp when the girl starts to talk. Jung So Min is wayyyy better.

      • I heard a lot of people liked So Min’s acting way better than the girl in the Taiwanese version. I’ve never seen ISWAK and never will only because it’s way too long. Needless to say, So Min is a very good actress, and she made me feel for Ha Ni, even during the times when I became annoyed with the character’s obsessive heart. I think So Min is really somebody to watch. Javabeans, Girlfriday, and OcKoala like the girl, and well, their opinions are usually something to note because they articulate their thoughts pretty well.


    Love HJ!! always (especially for having the price tag still stuck on his shoe ;))

    And totally agree with MinMin’s dress.. too heavy on her… but she did wore killer heels there (finally!!)!

    i’m gonna look forward to HJ, MinMin, and ockoala’s future projects ^^

    Everybody enjoy this first day of a brand new year^^

  10. Can I just say that even though I love KJH but sometimes when the man smiles he gives off a zombie-decaying body-vibe, it’s creepy.

    And the dress is unflattering on So Min.

    Mrs. Koala! I am so glad you got back home safely.

  11. btw, i think the dress looks good on JSM. she keeps it plain and simple.. 🙂 many refers her as the “goddess”. i’m gonna second that.

    • Make me third the motion…Yes, she’s truly like a goddess there and the more I see her beauty constantly, the more I seen her looks like Catherine Zeta Jones..Very lucky guy who wants with her for life emotionally and financially.

  12. Happy New Year, chingoo!

    Hey, what do you know, JGS was dashing at the KBS Awards! I know, I know. I was shocked. A perfect tux. A perfect look. Everything was great! I was shocked, bb. Shocked, I tell you! I’m torn, here. On one hand, omg so handsome, on the other hand, I think I’ll miss his crazy outfits. Looks like our baby has grown up?

    Dude, did you see YAI?

    ACK, why do I have these huuuuuge noona crushes for all these boys?

    • who’s JGS are you talking about? Did you read this article? eeeeeh i think you are in the wrong thread.

      KHJ is one of the best fashionable artist in korea. He fits all the suits for him. Whatever he wears, he is perfect handsome, dashing, stunning, prince, whateverrrrrrr.
      both KHJ and JSM are gorgeous in terms of wearing any kinds of outfit. PK couple is the best for 2010 but so sad, they not win the couple award huhu..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

      • Did you read the article? I quote, Jang Geun Seok, who I have to hear that the coast is clear before I will check out a picture of him at any awards show (though his look at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards rivals Kim Hyun Joong for young and rocking it in a tux).

        I was talking about him. 😉

    • Oh Sere, honey! *pats ourselves on the shoulders* our boy HAS grown up and outgrown his Lady Gaga crossed with Billy Idol gear. *tears of ambivalent joy*

      God, the day has finally come that Jang Geun Seok looks as amazing at an awards show as we all knew he could and would. I can’t stop staring at him (and at Moon Geun Young). Perfect couple in every way.

      Yes, I did see YAI. SO. FERREAKING. HOT. *melts*

      Gah, too much eye candy at these awards. If Jung Woo Sung and the Athena cast had shown up at the SBS Awards, I would have combusted.

      Happy New Year, my dear Sere!~

      • IKR! Ambivalent joy. You took the words right out of my mouth. I feel like a proud aunt who wants to still pinch his cheeks, but refrains to do so at the very last moment because the guy is an adult now. How’s your noona crush? Still hanging in there? Cos whenever I see him, YAI, SJK, JIW (and the list goes on and on. I’m so ashamed), mine flare up again. It’s not faiiiir! 😉

        Haha! Well, that’s totally understandable. I Lub You is still super-handsome. How hot is he in Athena? *fans self*

        Oh btw, my only resolution for next year is to go back to twitter and spend time with y’all even when I’m feeling meh. I miss youuuu.

        Happy New Year to you too! ♥♥♥♥♥

  13. Happy New Year Ockoala and beloved PKssers!

    I prefer So Min’s Hani a zillion times to the taiwan version’s. So Min is perfect as Hani. The Taiwan girl on the other hand looked crazed and acted crazed most of the time. I abandoned it halfway cos just couldn’t empathise with her. The Jap version’s was even worse omg the Jap Hani’s voice was so shrilly I’m surprised glass windows didn’t shatter when she walked past them.

    I don’t understand why there are so many So Min haters out there. Give the girl a break; what has she ever done to you? She’s new and I think she’s lovely and a great actress. I started watching PK cos of KHJ but ended up a fan of So Min. Ppl hating on So Min should go find a So Min hate blog to write their views. Otherwise it’s just wrong here. That’s just my opinion.

    • Hello mayssenger, happy new year.
      I agree with u, I came to PK because of HJ and then I love so min same as I love to hj. I know there was bashing comments a lot to sm. But we all love her, right. Now I found so min’s fan blog may be u had already known, if not pls visit there……..
      That blogs has many lovely comments for Jung So Min. Her fans are very positive there.

      Me too, I am looking forward to My Princess, also wish Ockoala do recap for that drama hahahaha

      • yeap i totally agree with u! she’s such a nice girl.. she’s decent..and humble.. i think people should give her a break..and stop bashing on her. she’s not too bad for a newbie in the acting industry.. people are taking the ratings for PK too seriously and simply assuming that PK sucks and that is when they start to talk nonsense..criticizing their acting. i like MGY so i watched M3 but the drama itself didn’t leave a great impact on me..i find it kinda boring..there were some funny moments in the drama but ep1-4 wasn’t that nice..it picked up from ep 5. well at least PK’s 1st ep wasn’t boring.. idk why some claimed that the 1st ep is boring! i would like to see the limelight on JSM in future.. looking forward to seeing her in more projects..and of coz seeing her working with KHJ again! 🙂

    • the jung so min bashers out here imho are die-hard fangirls of either hyun joong or another fandom which i would not mention here. (but i think it is more of the latter). needless to say they are not that many, but like to troll whenever they can under multiple guises. I even suspect it is just one or two persons, eheh.

      • I think other fandom didn’t vote for this couple. I read in soompi at khj & other girl thread that their fans vote for hyunjoong but not the couple. They voted pasta couple but i read one of their sisters or berks oppause their plans not to support hyunmin couple.

        I think all bashers came from this thread since they don’t want khj to be paired by other girls. So sad, minmin is their targets which is not deserving for all bad comments about her. I wish minmin is one of the class A actress in korea this year & hj as well.

  14. Anyway guys I’m really really looking forward to My Princess next week. YAY!!!! Going to root for the leads all the way. I rooted for Jung In in Mary and ended up very sad. LOL. So no more 2nd leads for me. Btw I read from Dramabeans that the lead guy’s nickname is Mr Hand Towel. So hilarious! cos he’s supposedly boring and bland hahahaha

    And in case you like Taiwanese dramas Love Buffet is showing right now. So if you don’t mind the lead THINKING ALOUD in many many many scenes, you might want to catch that. It’s so strange….when she thinks aloud, other characters actually don’t talk to her; they very conveniently talk to her AFTER she finishes thinking…..and she thinks thinks thinks pretty long every time she starts thinking. LOL

  15. I love this couple. I hope jung so min will pursue her acting career this year. I wish them all the best. I miss them together

  16. I felt so sad when JSM present the award with LTS not KHJ. It’s maybe because of KHJ’s grandma who passed that day?..I wonder also why KHJ trying hard not to talk and glance her since they are sitting next to each other. I really love this couple and I missed them badly. I hope they are still communicate to each other even as a friends…Both of them are gorgeous in mbc award. They knew how to carry their outfits.

    • I don’t think he was trying hard not to talk or look at her. There were actually a few instances when he did look at her and interacted her, but just not too obvious. You have to take into account that the event ran for hours and we only saw snippets from fancams and the broadcast. I don’t think we need to be concerned too much about what they do or don’t have. As long as they came away from the PK experience having a good and respectable impression of one another, then, it hasn’t been so bad. While I hope they remain friends, it’s also okay if they don’t. At least they bonded even in those short months of filming. And who’s to say they can’t reconnect later in the future 😉

      I don’t particularly like So Min’s dress. It makes her look old, and the dress is just not pretty, in my opinion. However, it’s not to say the dress made her look any less attractive. She was still gorgeous and what a beautiful back! Her posture … the way she carried herself with such grace … wow. Hyun Joong looked dashing, but the hair I wasn’t digging. I like it a little more messy like during his fanmeeting. 😉 Still, he looked great for the most part.

  17. is something wrong with me that i like JSM gown, she looks so pretty and elegant wearing it, i also like her hair and simple make-up
    for KHJ, he is The Most Popular Style Icon of Korea for 2009 and 2010, so what can i say , but i can see that his is sad, the talk about his grandmother passing way after o before the awards night might be true but his family wants to keep it private so no news from the media
    if ever is true, condolence KHJ and to your family

  18. I was looking forward to So Min taking advantage of her youthfulness, freshness, petite figure and to dress for that …instead of a gown with so many pleats and low back that is shouting maturity if not for the color white . I hope she wasn’t trying to look wifey to HJ . There will be plenty of time years from now for that kind of attire .

    I kind of notice that in the many awarding events -the not so young actresses sometimes wear girlish outfits ,while the young ones try to look mature .

    But she looks good that night and sad she did not bring home any award . Well,there is always a next time ,big time maybe .

  19. Hi Pkissers! I’m so pleased to bump into you here. It has been quite awhile! Missed our cute OTP Hyunmin SO MUCH… I was kinda sad about the cancellation of the Taiwan promo to get a chance to see them together, but upon learning the cause, I was glad they did. Judging from HJ’s appearance at the MBC awards, it was painful to see him looking thinner from their YT filming. Whatever he does, his fans will remain unconditionally supportive of him attaining his goals and dreams but I think they would rather see him healthy first and foremost.

    I need to rave — I’m unhappy about the lack of Hyunmin pictures at the MBC awards. They were actually seated next to each other… but WHY so few videos of them and chopped? I saw more pics and film of HJ and Duckie together! So frustrating! I was taken aback seeing MinMin and Duckie walking hand in hand to present an award. Should it be with HJ instead? It was like stepping into the twilight zone… nothing made sense… partners switched the wrong way… like our OTP were not even there …. was it just a PK dream?

    • I am glad that u back to this playground. I agree with ur comment…..
      Since I had seen SM and LTS on stage, first thing came to my mind was, why was not HJ. It was really hurt to PK fans, because after Taiwan matter , that was a last chance for us to see hyunmin couple toghter on stage in 2010 . This is 2nd disappoinment again after Taiwan fun meeting did not happen.
      When hj was in WGM he did preformed and present with HB at 2008 MBC award, I saw that on YT.
      It is pretty natural for any co-star to present or perform after they work together drama or ect….. (I think HJ will not take excuse for his health this time, since he already attended that event at MBC award)
      What’s wrong with PK co-star?
      Only I can think in positive way that “Are they dating in real life?”
      If is true I will not comment anything because that is their personal life.
      If not, I feel so bad for so min and worry for furture PK fan meeting that they need to work on at oversea countries. Will its be come true or not,?
      We will wait & see.
      Recently I found JSM’s fan blog u can see above. I am very happy to visit there because I love hjsm so much. There is many PK, SMHJ’ fans and comments are awesome also LOL, I think u will enjoy.

      • Sandi, you do know why HJ didn’t go to Taiwan and wasn’t up to par during the award show, right?

    • I would like to make another observation comparing the volume of pics and videos released for Mae Ri and Mu Gyul to the delight of their fans. We PKissers were starved! The MBC event would have been an excellent promo opportunity for PK so I don’t fully comprehend why PK’s marketing group missed that big time! They could have taken lots of photos of Hyunmin which would create press buzz and make the fans super happy.

      Sandi, thanks for mentioning Simply So Min’s website. I was thrilled to discover it too. Special thanks to the devoted fans who created her website. We Minnies love you!

      • Hi Tea Cup, it is my pleasure to share the lovely blog simply so min. I really want all my fellow PK lovers to be happy after we all got sadness and painful by MBC award.
        Hope to see u around.

      • Sandi – actually i’ve been visiting that site everyday since i found it. love our minmin and will always be her fan. see yah!

  20. things i noticed in the MBC awards night, watched all of the fancams:

    1. HJ seemed sad at times.
    2. LTS and HJ kept chatting with each other, with SM in the middle.
    3. LTS and SM seemed closer.
    4.HJ and SM there was hardly any interaction. just polite smiles and gestures.
    5. HJ seems to ignore/hardly looks at SM. weird!

    what happened to our OTP? I understand this is a public event, so not expecting a lot. but i was at least expecting some cute moments. the aura was awkward. was there some time warp involved? eheh!

    i really get what you are saying….the MBC awards was such a huge letdown after the cancellation of the PK taiwan promo…I think it will be a very very long time for us before we can see any more promo that will include BOTH of them. From the way things are going, I don’t think we’ll be seeing more NEW spazz worthy moments..because things seem to go against our OTP, sigh!
    oh and I DESPISE MBC for their popularity-based decisions on deciding the winners. I mean its their fault their shows for the year sucked in the ratings department…boo MBC!

    • Poo, as you can see I’m on a roll! Like you I practically watched every video released from the MBC awards. However, the choppy recording of Hyunmin together was quite noticeable; everytime SM made an appearance the video was abruptly cut or shortened. Apparently, we did not fully see their actual interaction as with the video taken of HJ & TS. Also, HJ was consciously aware of being filmed, so maybe he was being careful with his interaction with SM. I don’t see him treating her indifferently since that is not his nature.

  21. Aah! A PK post and I see all my favorite people up there 🙂
    First of all, Ockoala here’s wishing you and yours a very happy new year! May 2011 be a blogtastic year for you (and for lurkers like me who don’t come out of hiding much but really really really enjoy all the discussions here!)
    Also a shoutout to mayssenger, itadakimasu, kn, a-fan, yeisha, allenif, jeankaycee, and all the others who I spazzed with in the PK days. Happy new year guys, may the drama Gods bring me into your orbit some time soon again.
    Cheers all!

    • Sorry, happy new year to all the regulars on this thread. I love reading all your comments even when I’m not watching the dramas…..

      • Annyeong!! Happy New Year to you too!!!

        yeah i know what you mean… so nice to see fellow PKissers messaging again ^^

    • thanks Juno for sharing this link. seeing those pictures did the magic of vanishing my disappointment (of course, i wish more of them would show up) … haha… my happiness is shallow, i’m so easy to please especially with Hyunmin… now there is proof they really interacted with each other .. thinking HJ could be oblivious of SM looking so gorgeous beside him is inconceivable .. no way… i bet he wished they were still filming PK…

  22. hi everyone, it’s been a while that i haven’t visited this site..and so i missed PK terribly sooo much!..boy, am glad to have read all your comments here and my heart is racing fast again because of our HyunMin couple!!! ^__^…can’t get enough of these two really! want more pics, videos and just about anything about them!

    hhmmm..juz some words to say about Minmin’s dress, i think she looks stunning! the dress has emphasized her lovely figure especially her “front assets”..she really got it! ^^..and of course KHJ looks dashing, especially his 4Dness activated when right on the spot he was standing and his staff helping him take off the price tag of his shoes..kekekke..oh KHJ, you truly are adorable! (sarap pisilin ang pisngi mo! – love to pinch your cheeks!) ^__^

    oh thanks a million to those who shared the link to the blog of So Min!..i will for sure be visiting this site often..hoping for more HyunMin moments to spazz about!..kekkee..oh am really hoping to see them together again very soon – PK promotions perhaps and all..aaahhh..dreamminng…

    anyway, thanks again Ockoala for providing this venue for us PKissers to just hang around and dreamm about our OTP..glad to be back here again. ^^

    Happy New Year everyone!..Expecting and believing for more Grace and Favor and Blessings for us all in this year 2011!..GBU! ^__^

  23. My favorite couple this year and for the coming years, hoping for PK2…love them both especially HyunJoong Oppa!!!saranghae, Happy New Year….

  24. Yes I agree with Raxelle, the way Hyun Joong looks at Min Min is like he misses her very much and he is thinking that she is so beautiful. Too bad he cannot show her more affection and attention in public otherwise some of his fans may be jealous and angry.

  25. Hi, I’m from Sri Lanka and I Loved PK very very much. And actually I do like to know moremabt them Please if u can joint me to ur PK fan club.

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