Possible Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes of Secret Garden

I have been very lean on providing any Secret Garden updates during the holidays, whether its my thoughts or previews. The drama is doing gangbusters in ratings, and is quite a hot topic of discussion, whether about certain scenes or subject matter.

I’m not prepared to share my thoughts at this time, other than to say that I am almost all caught up on SG now. Call it serendipity, but a very game-changing spoiler was dropped at DC Gall today and immediately picked up by Baidu. The original post was taken down shortly thereafter, leading credence to its veracity.

I can tell you that regardless of whether this was Kim Eun Sook‘s actual plot for the remaining few episodes, writers have been known to rewrite dramas on the fly to circumvent leaked plot, so take this with a grain of salt. If this is true, it can still be re-written. If it’s false, then we’ll have a good laugh at believing this.

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of SG:

Joo Won’s mom, in an attempt to protect the family wealth, fires a secretary who has been like a family member. That secretary harbors a grudge for the dismissal, and plots revenge on the one thing Joo Won’s mom treasures the most, her son Joo Won.

Joo Won has just returned to Korea (he is 21), and is trapped in the elevator by the secretary, who then sets the building on fire. After receiving the alarm, the local firefighters rush to the scene. Ra Im’s dad saves Joo Won from the trapped elevator, but he is trapped by the collapsing building debris, and dies. It is in fact Ra Im’s father who died to save Joo Won’s life.

After an investigation reveals that this incident was caused by someone close to the family, the Kim family descends into chaos. While trapped in the elevator, Joo Won was suffocated by the carbon monoxide and the heat, and was close to death. When he witnessed the ahjusshi who saved him get burned to death before his very eyes, Joo Won loses his memory.

After Joo Won’s accident, his grandfather gives him LOEL Department Store to run, in an attempt to revive his interest in life. Joo Won resumes living a normal life, but he has flashes of a shadowy memory that he can’t pinpoint.

Back to the current timeline – Ra Im begins to avoid Joo Won. She even kisses Oska in front of Joo Won, telling him that “my oppa treats me the best.” Ra Im tells Joo Won that if he cannot be the Little Mermaid, then he should just leave. Joo Won continues to pursue Ra Im, and her cold treatment causes him to shed tears.

Ra Im is treating Joo Won coldly because she cannot bear for Joo Won to regain his memory, afraid of how much it will hurt him. She doesn’t want Joo Won to feel guilty and indebted to her, so she avoids him. The Dark Blood production calls Ra Im, and she discovers that it was all Joo Won’s effort which got her the part. She declines the offer to join the production.

Director Lee feels sympathy for Ra Im, and arranges for her to perform the car stunt she has been asking to do. During the stunt, the car malfunctions. Joo Won hears the voice of Ra Im’s father, pleading with him to stop Ra Im. Joo Won runs to the filming location, but the accident has already happened. Ra Im is unconscious and the car has burst into flames.

Joo Won regains his memory at this time, and he realizes that the person who saved him from the elevator was Ra Im’s dad. Joo Won jumps into the burning car and saves Ra Im, just like when Ra Im’s father saved him.

Next, it’s several years later…..

My Thoughts:

This is my face after reading the above: O_O

End of thoughts.

[Credit: spoilers from DC Gall, translated into Chinese by Baidu Secret Garden bar, translated into English by me]


Possible Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes of Secret Garden — 22 Comments

  1. I love spoilers and this one is a wammy. Only thing getting me is I think the body switch has to have something to do with the ending. THANKS

  2. happy new year, ockoala!

    i’m glad you’re almost caught up with SG! i’m so in love with it still…actually more in love with the OTP and their crackling chemistry than anything else. i’ve never seen two actors so well-matched that i’m kinda wishing that they’ll be a couple in real life. (and this is coming from someone who swooned over Binnie and SHK during world’s within, so what does that say about my cheating heart? sigh.)

    as for this spoiler, i find it so cliched and predictable that i’m just not buying it. hehe. what i do know, and this has been confirmed, is this:

    (taken from SG soompi thread, i’ll just cut and paste it below)
    a concert of Oska ..
    it will also be a concert for OST of secret garden with 2000 fans gathered on 15th Of Jan . the OST performancers will be there as well as the cast of Hyun bin , ha ji won and YSH~ will be there and YSH will also be as Oska performing his concert for this esp to be aired on esp on 16th Jan . There will be gifts to be in lukcy draw lol i think they also giving out the tracksuit that is sew one thread by one thread and other sovineors ..The audience and cast will also be together to watch the esp aire on 15th after the concert !
    ***end of spoiler***

    anyways, however the story will end, i will always thank SG for giving me an OTP that i am so in love with. ahhhhh….every time JW/Binnie stares at RI/HJW with THAT look, my stomach turns and my heart beats so fast…its kinda ridiculous. 😉

  3. I must be the only person salivating like a rabid doberman over this. I love my emo melodrama angst! Heh. Gimme more!

    This said, I doubt this is accurate. I remember all those random untrue spoilers about Chuno when it was airing.

    • Hahaha, I knew you’d feel this way. Honestly, girl, you were made for wuxias (sorry for the tangent) which are heads and tails the KING of delivering emo melodrama angst.

      I mean, look at Yang Guo and Xialongnu. They may not be my fave Louis Cha novel OTP, but they sure give love a good name. I’m sure when YG lost an arm, you were all clapping for the sheer angst of it all. Not sadistically, of course, but the increasing level of shit that happens to that boy does make the melodrama junkie in me feel sated.

      I am 50/50 on this being true, but 10/90 on this happening now that the spoiler is out. KES HATES her shit being spoiled, and is notorious for screwing with her story to thwart the spoilees.

    • mousie, if writer does this to us, I will feed HER to the alligators, not Seul.

      If Ra Im goes all Nobel Idiot, screams will be heard across the K-drama universe.

  4. This is another, going-to-noble-to-save-the-person-i-love-just-to-have-angst plot device…. I love this drama but if its going this way I will really be pissed…. Hoping this is not tue…>_<

  5. Ok… I just want to make sure no one dies, right? Because of M3, that’s what I see whenever I hear “spoiler”-the lead dies. My heart can’t take it. I have tried not to watch or read any spoilers for this show until it finishes airing. There will be a happy ending??

  6. AMAZING, it is all becoming clear now as to why Ra Im’s dad swapped their bodies, i wonder if it rains during the scene or maybe Joo Won goes to find rain :s

    im pretty sure this is going to happen didnt Ra Im’s dad say that his daughter is ill, so he did this in an attempt to save his daughters life.

  7. The beginning makes sense, as it has already happened. JW mom has already told Ra-Im about the incident with her father (sorry if that’s a spoiler) 🙁
    It makes sense if the next episodes are as told in this spoiler.. things will begin to make sense ^^ *finger crossed*
    But maybe this is too good to be true, surely a k drama never pans out this easily?

  8. Thanks for the heads up ockoala!

    This was me after reading the spoiler: “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO”
    OoO (how do you make a face with my jaw on the floor?)

  9. I am late for SG usually. Although I like the main actor HB and actress HJW I only watch when they are in the normal characters ( means they are not in body switch).
    I like epi 13&14.
    After I read Possible Spoilers, I feel HUMMMMMM….. will someone die (I did read fm Han Cinema long ago about it RI’ll may die in SG ending, but I will keep saying …. Nooooooooooooo….. I want happy ending only please….

    Thanks for your great work as usual, Ockoala.
    I like your thought…. 0_0….. I cannot believe that u always have different awesome ideas. hahahaha….

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