Retrospective: Song Seung Heon and Kim Hyo Jin for Mind Bridge 2009 Collections

While going through my oppa files recently, I made a belated connection that the girl he was paired up with when he was the spokesperson for Mind Bridge, a Korean preppy clothing line, was actually Kim Hyo Jin! I was floored, because I found that model actress totally gorgeous and charming at that time. Which was NOT what I thought of Kim Hyo Jin based on her performance as Seo Jun in Mary Stayed Out All Night. Pukey would be how I describe my reaction to her.

All that means is that Kim Hyo Jin did a great job, with very limited resources to work with since Seo Jun was the most underwritten character amongst the leads, and totally superfluous to the story. If I remove Seo Jun from the plot, M3 would remain pretty much intact. This is not a Kim Hyo Jin post, but a chance for me to share some of my treasure trove of Song Seung Heon pictures, which so happens to include some gorgeous pictures of Kim Hyo Jin. If you all accept that he is mine, all mine (and until anyone has watched ALL of his dramas, multiple times each, then there is no point in challenging me for co-share opportunities). 🙂

My oppa is currently rocking it on My Princess, delighting viewers who have never watched him act before with a self-deprecating turn as a diplomat with a serious juvenile sense of humor at the most inopportune times. I always knew he had it in him *wipes away proud tear of happiness*


Retrospective: Song Seung Heon and Kim Hyo Jin for Mind Bridge 2009 Collections — 12 Comments

  1. Lol. Miss Koala, you win! But I can’t help to feel the same pride for SH!

    Many thanks to his diplomat role… who would have thought our SH ever get to wear even hotter suits in a drama…especially after his pitiful role in EOE? Gah, such a treat. *faints…no, dies rather*

    Uh yes, first time I heard Kim Hyo-jin’s casting in M3, I thought she was a familiar face…remembered her Mindbridge modelling with SH.

    Keep rockin’ oppa! 🙂

    • She’s Yoo Ji-tae’s stable (I think now 2 yrs, and counting) gf.

      Her dramas are less memorable to me (first noticed her in family sitcom Wuris Family), but movies-wise … she was also in with Lee Byung-heun and Choi Ji-woo in Everyone Has a Secret.
      And more recently in the movie – 5 Senses of Eros(?)

  2. Seriously, Won Bin and SSH are Ageless. Went back and watched AGAIN and they still looks the same. Just checked in Wiki, and hell! i was not even 16 or out of school yet when the drama got released. Now……. I am almost at a stage in getting Ajumma tag.

  3. goodness! is that one fine piece of meat or what..

    sorry, can’t help it. anyone who has watched ep2 of my princess would prolly, shamelessly, get a hold on him… *lusty*

  4. I thoroughly approve of this retrospective! Hoping this turns into a long-running series with the model (won’t mention which one above — guess) offered in various states of undress…

    Why so handsome, SSH? WHY? wai?

    Kim Hyo Jin’s legs are really thin! And freaky straight. And she has no calves.

  5. Why the more I see him, I some times found to see choi si won ?
    I saw his Happy Together few yrs ago, and when I watch MP now guess I must agree with you, he is ageless!

  6. Ockoala, can SSH look any hotter? Whoaaaa! He should keep this look, and the one in MP… suits him better than any that he had ever donned before.

    Thanks for this pic post! 😉

  7. You know, that last set of pics with the bow ties and glasses makes me wonder if he also should take another comedic role as a Professor.
    Not that Prof Mc Hottie is not fabulous. I lob him, too.

    But put Hand Towel in front of a classroom of college aged students, maybe nursing a broken heart, put him in an inappropriate situation so rumors start that he is gay, cue all business female returning student who is forced to go back to school in order to inherit the family antiques business, um, have someone throw up on someone, and we have a SHOW!

  8. Song Seung Heon, you really have a very handsome unique looks, your thick dark eyebrows and attractive eyes gives you the most greatest charm, to be so manly, tall in height, charismatic, dressing and walking with elegant style. An actor who is so brialliant and multi-talented always love and bless by the worldwide millions and millions surrroundings fans will give you the greatest support!!!!!!

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