Upcoming SBS Drama Midas Holds its Press Conference

I wonder if SBS is doing the right thing, dropping a mid-week premiere date for Midas. Dream High continues to climb in ratings and is nearing the end of its run, while The Duo is just getting started and is a genuinely well-made sageuk, and I expect the ratings to jump once the adults lead by Chun Jung Myung show up.

I hope there are enough ratings to go around, because (1) I automatically want any Jang Hyuk drama to do well because I love him so, and (2) Midas really does sound more interesting than I initially gave it credit for. On the heels of its premiere, the stars of Midas showed up for their press conference, so let’s check out some pictures!

Visually, none of the pairings jump out at me in a wow way, and I’m actually a teeny bit dismayed that Hyuk’s co-stars keep getting young and younger. To the point where I think Lee Min Jung is right at the fine line where I think she looks too young standing next to him, hence I’m not feeling the romantic chemistry. It’s strictly oppa-dongsaeng between them based on the stills. But once you split the leads up, Jang Hyuk and Kim Hee Ae look lovely, and No Min Woo and Lee Min Jung look charming.

I’m definitely watching Midas, but unless this drama blows my socks off, I doubt I’ll recap it since I haven’t finished My Princess yet and work has¬†me swamped up to my neck in projects.

I also wished the entire cast had made even a smidge of effort to coordinate their outfits, because it’s just all over the place as is, what with the ladies rocking the bold colors next to the soft prints, and the men going for edgy but really hodge-podge suits.

Midas premieres tomorrow on SBS, but frankly I’m more pleased that this means Athena has finally¬†ended and my I Lub You has been freed from the clutches of Taewon Entertainment. *throws confetti* Though after what SBS just did to What’s Up and Poseidon, I am technically upset at the station, but I still want SBS dramas to do well since the production companies worked so hard on them.

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Upcoming SBS Drama Midas Holds its Press Conference — 13 Comments

  1. Oh yes, I’m shipping them already. ^^ God, that OTP is doomed from the start. What are we going to do?

    Re: What’s up and Poseidon. I can’t believe SBS did that. Are they completely nuts? I mean, okay, that timeslot hasn’t had stellar ratings, but…but…What’s up! Poseidon! Let’s leave What’s up aside for a second, but Poseidon? Even if the plot sucked, Eric is back from his army duty and don’t the geniuses at SBS realize how many fans he has and would watch anything he’s in because they’ve been in withdrawal for 2 years? I…what? The mind, it boggles! o_O

    I was looking forward both dramas. Why is that lately the things I want to watch don’t get aired, have abysmal ratings and/or just plain suck? What is this? And the funny thing? The projects I wouldn’t have given any credit surprise me and I’m hooked.

    • It seems like lately dramas go two ways… either the plot and writing is decent and the cast totally ruin it or there is a star studded cast and the writing, directing, etc is bad. It’s so difficult to find a drama that can actually have a good cast and writing, but then that’s all subjective.

      There are a lot of people who loved Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but I didn’t like it; but I did love Joseon X files and Giant & many people didn’t like it.

      • LOL, I don’t think many people actually watched JXF or Giant.

        I cannot fathom anyone watching either drama, from beginning to end, and not thinking that both were outstanding works on its respective genres.

        JXF and Giant were probably the best two dramas I watched in 2010. Maybe in a long time. JXF bumped off another drama to enter my top-10. Both are magnificent.

  2. you know i’m sooooooooo shippping the cancer boy love nurse who wants revenge pair i could care less about Jang Hyuk *ducks at fans throwing rocks*….even though i still dont know if i’ll be watching this I have to admit that the two previews they released looked good…..o and dont even get me started on SBS…….I’ve been raging about What’s Up and Poseidon for hours now…idk when i’ve ever been this upset with a station before!….it doesnt help this follows just in the heels of the news about City Hunter

    • I keep telling myself I can’t hate them too much because the SBS people gave me Kyung-soo/Tae-sub in Life is beautiful and that’s one of my favorite pairings of the year, if not ever.

      I’m raging about What’s up and Poseidon, though. Gah, so torn.

      • I agree Kyungsoo-Tae Sub were the most beautiful gay couple i’ve ever seen on korean tv (not that i’ve seen any others) but I give more props to Kim Soo Hyun there and that was just a beautifully done drama all around….SBS was doing really well the last two years with some good dramas but I think they’re looking at dramas that are bigger cash cows now…in which this still doesnt make any sense cuz how could they pass up an Eric-Kim Kang Woo-Kim Ok Bin drama??

      • Yeah, she deserves all the praise. ^^ Still, SBS aired LiB even if they interfered somewhat in the filming/writing bits, but let’s face it, the KS/TS storyline was controversial. Not from my POV, of course, but I can see why there were raised eyebrows.

  3. Ah, Midas. I really want to watch it because Lee Min Jung & No Min Woo… but knowing that the cutie puatootie Min Woo is going to die a slow and painful death… I don’t know if I can handle watching him die.

  4. Shoot the stylist. Assuming there was one. The ladies look like they are wearing sacks (and sleeveless sacks in February!?) The guys are badly tailored. NMW’s jacket fits nicely but OMG the skinny pants. Hyukkie’s jacket is a loser. I’m starting to sound like a fashion maven, and I’m not – but even I know sad when I see it.

  5. i ‘m watching Midas purely because of the presence of No Min Woo.
    and i will continue to watch the series up to his last appearance…

  6. no min woo looks so cool n vibrant. han yoo yi looks so gorgeous. this drama is kind of hard to understand. just watch for no min woo oppa.

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